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 The View from Here. . .
Summer 2017
When the Shift Hits the Fan
Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by all of the chaos out there? Are you exhausted from trying to keep up with everything that’s happening, and feeling like everything is totally out of control? Does it feel like you, and your life, are being turned inside out? Do you feel just a bit like the proverbial frog in the blender? Does it look like we are all on a fast train to Hell, rather than moving toward the Light and the Golden Age of Humanity??
If so, you are not alone! You are feeling exactly the way you’re supposed to be feeling, and you’re observing exactly what you’re supposed to be observing. It’s just that your conclusions are based on the Old Paradigm and past experience and past programming, rather than on the New Paradigm.
Yes, the Shift has pretty much hit the fan! And we all have to do our best to duck or we’ll get that stuff all over ourselves!!
The ending lines of the 1989 sci-fi time-travel movie, Millenium, starring Kris Kristopherson and Cheryl Ladd, summed it up:
                This is not the end.
                This is not the beginning of the end.
                This is the end of the beginning.
Leave it to the android and/or half-man/half-machine character, Sherman, to see it accurately… probably because he’s not emotionally invested in it all! As the saying goes, it’s hard to navigate the swamp when you’re up to your *&^%$ in alligators!
Anyone who thought “all this chaos” (aka The Shift of the Ages) was going to end anytime soon has been indulging in wishful thinking. The Great Shift out of the Piscean Age and into the Aquarian Age is just getting underway, and those of us who have not paid attention to the many opportunities for meaningful change (and have not been letting go of everything that doesn’t serve us, including our erroneous beliefs and fears) for the past few years are feeling it the most. That’s not to say that those of us who have been working with the energies—and some of us have been working with them for decades—aren’t feeling it, too! It’s a staggered thing, and the waves of change hit everyone where they are (and where they live)!
The Symptoms of Shift
The symptoms of this Great Shift of the Ages are varied and complex, and they affect us at every level from the global, to the national, to the personal, and simultaneously, on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.
The most obvious global and national symptoms are the apparent chaos, the apparent rise of fundamentalism, the increasing polarities and divisiveness and Us vs. Them sentiment, and the rise of dramatic violent events. Add to that the ongoing economic issues that most people are still experiencing, and the ever-widening gap between the haves and the have-nots.
Everything that is out of alignment or self-serving/detrimental to others is becoming obvious to everyone, even those who want to stay in denial. In fact, those things have to become more and more starkly obvious BECAUSE so many want to stay in denial. This is the great wake-up call, and there are a lot of heavy sleepers out there!
The Light has been turned on full Force, and we can’t help but see all those roaches that have been hiding in the dark for so long! Unfortunately, the solutions aren’t always clear, as some approach solutions using Old thinking, rather than New thinking, and the Old simply won’t work anymore.
It All Starts With The Personal
The pressure is building from the waves-upon-waves of high-frequency energies that have been coming in to the planet—they have been coming increasingly since the end of last year in rolling, escalating waves, and every being on the planet is being affected and changed. The planetary alignments and transits, such as the effects of the powerful Uranus/Pluto Square we’ve barely completed and the two potent eclipses coming up in August, add their energies to the mix.
If you’re lucky, you don’t consciously feel these energies, because those who are sensitive to energies are having a hard time. Whether consciously sensitive or not, they can trigger everything from upset stomachs and digestive systems to headaches, aching joints, sleeplessness and/or crushing fatigue, heightened empathy (sensitivity to other people’s energies and pain), and increased allergies and reactions to foods.
On the mental and emotional levels, the energies trigger the opening of old, unhealed wounds; memories and feelings from past, unresolved issues and situations; and abuse and trauma rearing their heads again, even when we were sure we had already healed them. Old, buried anger, rage, and resentment show up to be felt again. Tempers flare and frustration and irritation sit close to the surface. Worst of all, fears come prominent and will engulf us, if emotional balance and higher perspective are not maintained.
We are being required to heal ourselves at deep levels, to release old outdated beliefs and heal unresolved issues, and to let go of/walk away from situations and people who no longer resonate, who are no longer in alignment, and who are no longer supportive and loving. And to make sure we do, these situations will get worse and worse, until we realize they won’t change, and we throw our hands up and say, “Enough! I’m outta here!” Yes, there is an element of surrender required, which most of us resist with all our might.
The Great Restructuring
Everything we have known, including ourselves, is being slowly restructured. It is inevitable, and resistance is futile! We can go ahead and revamp/restructure/reorganize it ourselves or let go of the old willingly (and, perhaps, grieve over the loss), and make it easier on ourselves… or we can hold on and wait for the wrecking ball to sweep in and take it away! It helps if we can trust that anything or anyone that goes away needed to go away, that it is really for the best, and there is something or someone even better waiting to come into our lives. Trust is really important, because the New sometimes takes a while to come in, and we can “dilute” what we manifest if we go down the rabbit hole of anxiety, despair, and self-doubt..
We are receiving upgrades in “software” and “hardware,” and we’re not used to how they work. We are being asked to go inside and learn to listen to our hearts, to put our egos and logical minds (and ALL the programming and outdated beliefs through which they operate) in the back seat where they belong, and rely on our INTERNAL GUIDANCE SYSTEM. We are being pushed to learn how to listen to our Hearts and tune into our own intuition, our own knowing. This is like a long-unused muscle that needs to be exercised: the more we use it, the more finely tuned it becomes.
It’s not a question of destroying or eliminating the ego, but merely putting it in its place, as an advisor in the back seat, while the Heart drives the vehicle. Think of it as our internal GPS. Remember when you first used GPS in the car? You probably didn’t quite trust it. And now, you feel comfortable driving into the unknown, knowing that “Ms. GPS” will get you there by the fastest route! We have to use the upgraded internal system to navigate in these new energies, in this new paradigm, in this New World. The old system (tribal beliefs and egoic belief in control) doesn’t work anymore, because it is based on old maps. When we lead with the ego, we make wrong turns, and we risk running out of gas or even hitting a brick wall.
Fear is the Greatest Obstacle
In this process, fear is the most challenging aspect, because we all have fearful experiences from this and other lives, and we have media and entertainment outlets constantly cranking more and more fear into the very atmosphere. We must rise above it or drown in it and, despite what we may think when we are caught in its grip, it is a choice! Fear is always based on something remembered or taught (programmed), projected into the future under “what if” worrying and worst-case scenarios. Fear is not real; it is an emotional response to the horrible things we tell ourselves might happen.
Fear is also the most dangerous and detrimental aspect, as well. Fear of the unknown is as old as humanity, and we are swimming in the unknown—and we will be for the foreseeable future. As rapid change occurs, many of us turn around and make a grab at the old, trying to hold on, rather than flowing into something we can’t see or predict. Many prefer a miserable “known” over an unknown that might be good(!) and will fight to preserve an awful existence! We become immersed in fear and remain locked into all that is crumbling beneath our feet, our fear rising as our footing erodes. All of the “bad actions” out there (and those that we, ourselves, do) come from a place of incredible fear.
FEAR = Face Everything and Rise!
It is time for us to rise above this paralyzing fear and learn to trust that each and every one of us is completely supported and meticulously guided. Fear debilitates us. When we are in fear, we are cut off from our guidance, and we are tuned into another station that will lead us into more grief and trauma, even as we try desperately to control everything around us through our egos and conscious minds. We have to let go and trust. Yes, we have to surrender—that is, we surrender our ego's illusion of control and ALLOW the help that is always available. We must allow our Hearts to show the way.
Spiritually, many are undergoing crushing dark nights of the soul, and entering new, deeper realms of despair and depression, losing the will to continue, because it appears “nothing will ever change or get better no matter what we do.” There is an increasing tendency toward isolation and dropping out, just when we all really need to step in and engage, to strengthen our spiritual reserves, and our connection to and trust in God/the Universe/All That Is. The key is to learn to feel the incredible, ongoing support we already have!
As humanity reacts to the incredible amount of rapid change and faces the prospect of the unknown, too often people give up true spirituality and connection for fundamentalism, intolerance, false gurus, and rigid rules. This is the “go back” response: In the face of rapid change and having the notion of control ripped from our hands, the first reaction often is to project all our fears onto others who are “not like us,” and try to retreat back to some previous or imagined comfort zone. . . and some retreat farther than others. In the U.S. we often see those who appear to want to go back to the 1950s, believing it was a better time when our society worked and wasn’t as messy as it is now.
The truth is, there is no going back! Evolution always moves forward toward more freedom and more respect and equality, and we are in a period of fast-paced evolution. “The good old days,” will never come back, and, in fact, they probably weren’t all that good in the first place (except for the few at the top of the heap with the money and power). But those days were KNOWN and understood, which is why it feels appealing to go back.
We must let go of our fear of the unknown and fear of each other—or face it and rise above it—and turn away from focusing on what others are doing. The national obsession and fixation on what is going on in Washington or what celebrities are doing keeps us in a constant state of disempowerment and keeps us from focusing on healing ourselves, shifting our beliefs, and creating a better life and world for ourselves. It’s easy to sit on the sidelines and criticize or worry about what others do. It’s hard to work on healing ourselves.
So What Can We Do?
Our salvation comes in removing our focus from “out there,” where we have no power or control, and refocusing on what we want in our own lives and taking steps to manifest those things. Instead of focusing on what we don’t like, “out there” or closer to home, we need to focus on what we like and what we want more of in our lives. Remember, our attention and focus is a powerful, creative tool, and we get more of what we focus our attention on! Let go of judgment and approach everything—even those things that may bring us pain—with curiosity, openness, and query: “What would I like better?” “How can this get any better?” Merely asking the question brings powerful creative forces into play.
We are at the point where we can and must choose: Do we want to continue to be buffeted around by others, or do we want to get out there and practice being the powerful creators that we are?  
Everything starts with individuals. As we raise our vibration, empower ourselves, and make our lives happier, we help raise others up. As more of us do this, the situations and circumstances that are built on and sustained by lies, erroneous assumptions and beliefs, and fear will lose their power and quite literally fall away. As we withdraw our energy from those situations, we cease to feed their existence. And as we place our energy, focus, and money on the things that we support and believe in, those things will, in turn, grow.
As we live in greater peace within ourselves and our lives, we help create more peace. As we put aside our differences and fear of others not like us, we begin to work together to create a better life and more happiness for everyone.
And that is where we are heading: toward greater freedom, support, peace, and happiness for everyone. It could all change in an instant, if we would all refocus, heal ourselves, release fears and erroneous beliefs, and fully embrace who we really are! We are all divine, powerful beings who have been playing the game of being small and living in lack and struggle. It’s time to take off our masks and see ourselves and each other in our true essence, and start living through love and compassion rather than fear and competition. We can do this quickly or we can take the long, bumpy, not-so-scenic route!
It's just a choice! And we are making the choice every day, by what we do, what we think, and where we focus our attention.
Be careful where you point that thing!
 All content copyright © Ellyn Dye, 2016.
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In this issue:
When the Shift Hits the Fan
Like What You See?
 Life Happens When You're Busy Making Plans
Begin With Releasing the Belief in Lack!
Watching the Media Circus from a Different Perspective
On My Website. . .
Who is Ellyn Dye?
 Life Happens When You're Busy Making Plans
Have you noticed that in the past few months—probably since the start of the New Year—everything happens faster and faster, and things just seem to fall away? Another way to put it is, “Humans plan, and God laughs”! Time is flying by so fast (wasn’t Christmas just a couple of months ago?) that life for many of us is in constant hyperdrive… and so is our manifestation!!
These days it is very prudent to remember the words of the Sage: “Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it!”
That’s been happening to me lately, and may have been happening to you. I am fortunate and grateful that the things I’ve been wishing for—and receiving—are things I’ve really wanted! But change can be time-consuming and stressful, even when it’s change we want.
So… that’s why you haven’t heard from me in a while! The months have flown by, while the Universe orchestrated the manifestation of many things that I have wanted for quite some time, and I am delighted to say that, as usual, the Universe provides in greater splendor than I might ever imagine for myself!
It’s taken me decades to learn that the Universe has a far better imagination than I do (and I’m pretty imaginative!), and that it is always better when I, as a minister I know and love says, “don’t tie God’s hands” with a long, detailed list of requirements and simply ask for the essence/qualities of what I want. It's always best to let the Universe work its magic for us!
I hope that all of your changes are changes that you want, and that you are delighted with the results! Let me put that another way: I KNOW that all your changes are what you want, and you will be delighted with the results... and I hope that you consciously want them and that you will be delighted sooner rather than later.
That’s just the way it’s working out. Even when changes seem “bad” and seem “forced on us” we can be sure that our soul wants the changes, and that we will ultimately be delighted. It’s just that sometimes that transition time can be painful, grief-filled and harrowing, when it isn’t a change we consciously knew we wanted! We have to learn to Trust that things are working our magically for us, even when we can’t see it; even when it looks exactly like the opposite is happening!
The Two Great Eclipses in August
As you can see by the main article, this trend of change, change, change isn’t going to end anytime soon. In fact, with two very, very powerful eclipses in August, it is likely to accelerate even more. And you thought it couldn’t all speed up more than it already has!
There are hundreds of articles out there about these eclipses, and you can read them and discern for yourself. Some say this will mark a huge turning point, that the eclipse energies will come in like a giant tsunami and push us all along in a rush.
And some say that spirituality finally will enter our political arena. Some say that these eclipses mark the final end of the Piscean Age and the end of the “hybrid period” as we’ve slowly moved from one to the other. I hope those are all true!
I can only advise that we all simplify our lives as much as we can; tune out from the media circus that distracts and disempowers us, and only generates fear and uncertainty; de-clutter physically, mentally, and emotionally; eat lightly, drink lots of water, rest as much as our bodies want, and sink back into the Flow.
Doing those things will carry us to new and wonderful and unimagined places! I’ve seen it in my own life: when we do this, life just keeps getting better and better!  
Begin With Releasing
the Belief in Lack!
 As we move deeper into the Unknown Zone, the energies beliefs, memories, and fears associated with lack are coming up to be healed. In order to heal, they must be viewed and released. As with anything coming up to heal, the key is to observe, recognize the issue for what it is, bless it, and release it. We must recognize it for the illusion it is and let it go. If we latch onto these things again and give them more energy when they float up into our consciousness, we merely retain and recycle the energies, beliefs, and fears, often strengthening them. And life just gets harder and harder as we churn it all around again.
When we have actually experienced lack, it is really hard to overcome those beliefs and fears, because the experience was painful and the memory is strong. When we feel lack, it is hard to imagine changing those circumstances, and our minds work overtime (using experience and programming), trying to control the situation. But it isn’t our minds that will help us bring change.
We have been taught for centuries that there isn’t enough to go around, that we must feed ourselves by taking from others, and that the control over our circumstances lies with others. We have been taught that we are not enough, that we are not worthy to be happy or to have more. Most are not even aware of the many, many lack-related beliefs we hold, or of the way those beliefs hold us back and shape our world in a way we don’t want.
Time to Refocus on What’s Important
We have established our society on a series of incorrect assumptions that serve the few, rather than the many, and it is up to us to release those assumptions and replace them with new ones. How many of us have heard since childhood that “it’s a dog-eat-dog world,” that “you have to claw your way to the top,” that “life is a struggle,” and “nothing worth having comes easily”? How many of us were taught we had to try to control everything in our environment, including what people think of us, in every moment? As if that were possible!! Have these beliefs and assumptions made us happy? Have they worked for us? Or have we walked away from ourselves, or figuratively sold ourselves to the devil, to play in that sandbox of powerlessness and want because of our deep-seated fear and belief?
These beliefs may have a basis in truth, passed down genetically from our long-ago ancestors who had to survive in the wild. But we’ve come a long way, baby, and we no longer have to fear being eaten by wild beasts while trying to trap some food! We no longer have to live our lives by those assumptions. These are belief systems (BS) that we can and should release. Like everything, we have to adapt and change to our new environment in order to thrive. And truly, the environment we now find ourselves in is NEW! The old rules no longer apply; the old beliefs no longer serve.
We must identify these erroneous beliefs—assumptions so deeply programmed and ingrained that we think they are FACT—and we must release them. We must free ourselves from abusive relationships and situations, where we give our power to others and reinforce self-doubt, shame, and unworthiness. We must learn to follow our inner guidance and allow ourselves to be happy, allow ourselves to thrive—and, perhaps most important, to believe we can create a better life.
Yes, there are still too many places in this world where deprivation and violence still thrive. Shame on us as humans—and isn’t it funny that many believe humanity is the highest form of life in the Universe! That would be sad, indeed, given the way many humans treat each other!
If you are lucky enough to not live in those areas, then start counting your blessings, see your situation from a higher perspective and, yes, it wouldn’t hurt to help those who are less fortunate in whatever way you can!  
Watching the Media Circus from a Different Perspective
 The political media circus is the perfect example of powerful distraction. We are collectively encouraged to focus on, and emotionally react to, every little tweet that comes out of Washington and every horrendous action taken around the world. Why? Because it sells advertising! And, whether by design or as a side effect, it keeps us on an emotional roller-coaster, it keeps us in fear, and it keeps us disempowered. We have no control over what our President or legislators do. We have no control over the actions of nasty and/or unbalanced people out there, whether down the street or on the other side of the globe.
Yes, it is empowering to take action when we can, to write letters and make calls, but we have to let it go once we’ve taken appropriate action, because we have no other ability to affect the outcome. They will do what they want to do, and too often it appears they don’t care about us. Our most effective action is in the ballot box, and many even believe that doesn’t count for much, because elections are fixed. We must each decide for ourselves what feels true and right, and this has never been truer than in these times of Twitter wars, Facebook memes, and “fake news.” It’s all a gift from the Gods to make us learn to use our own discernment!
Whether we take those actions or not, the moment of power is NOW, and the focus of power is with ourselves and in our own lives, rather than anyone else. When we all figure that out, and stop allowing ourselves to be derailed by the media circus, the more powerful and effective we become, and the more energy we have available for creating meaningful change in our own lives and in the world.
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