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Forgiveness is the fragrance flowers give when they are crushed. ~Rumi
Hi Creative Souls,
For the past three weeks, the complimentary calls I held in response to the election gave us the community to write, make art, and share what's working for us. They were geared to offering support, inspiration, and to shift over to creatively thriving BECAUSE of our shock. Shock is a great wake-up call to kindly step-up our existence.
Two calls left:
12/2  Friday 9:30 pacific/12:30 Eastern sign-up here
12/3  Saturday 8:30 pacific/11:30 eastern sign-up here
Lines are limited so if you don't get on the call, I'll be making a podcast to share highlights and to get you energized about creating everything from a haiku to a new reality. Everyone who signs up will get a link.

I decided not to circulate the recordings because the personal nature of the sharing wouldn't be appropriate to send out into cyber-land. I did want to pass on a few things I thought were helpful to me, and maybe will be to you.
Thoughts from Calls:
  • Find creative community - Consider having fund raising potlucks in conjunction with poetry readings, art,  and music. Sharing my writer friend, Jennifer Simpson's latest action: "I'm dedicating myself to hosting parties... building community. We need each other in face to face interactions. Last night's party is going to turn into a rotating fundraiser potluck parties for a variety of organizations we want to support"
  • Make time to be creative for your own peace of mind, strength, expression, clarity and attention to what matters. Creativity lifts us and gives us perspective, resourcefulness, and courage.
  • Omkari Williams: "I'm using this as a time to find what's lovable in the unlovable."
  • Osha Hayden: "My mantra is: I am a channel of light. Light is surrounding me.
  • If your emotions are all over the map, you're not alone. What you focus on, becomes your world. Choose carefully.
  • From our Guided Relaxation into Creativity, poet, david brydges wrote:
    Mind is sky

    eagle is thought
    soar soar soar
  • A thought from david: So this antithetical political force can and will be counter balanced by a strong artistic community continuing to keep the flame of truth and beauty alive.

Art during our Mandala Call from Bo Mackison


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Some Ways You Can Find Community Your Stoke Your Creative Fire
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More Creative Juju Here
Treasures Shared from the Creativity Support Calls
 From Dr. Angi ^
Kate Calgary wrote this:
A Pause
This is just about a pause,
how suddenly a conversation stops
as  if all that went before
is tipped and scattered
when the weight  of words spoken
melt into a single beat
of the speakers heart.
Nightmares and dreams
live in the pause
between words,
a vast multi layered landscape
without sound
with color and motion.
A pause is Ginger Rogers’
 half circle glide
when swirled in the arms of Fred Astaire.
Footfalls disappear
as she leans back
and the audience sighs.
A pause is the scent of a cabernet
that promises to fill the mouth,
the clear blue space between clouds,
the delicate skin inside a wrist
before the hand blooms
muscled,  useful, replete
with bones and joints.
A pause is the electric seconds
after thunder
before lightening
snaps its’ whip
From  earth to sky.
Lucy Young:
We are Golden people in this new Age of Aquarius bringing our gifts as beautiful reminders for ourselves & others. We are on an arc of building love to carry us; a time of sharing, caring & taking action. Reaching for the sky, continually opening to fly above& bring insights down to our hearts & our creativity.-----I love the writing prompts!
Kathleen Hueser: I love to fly into the galactic sky stretching my elastic tether out to touch the poetic golden arches of love as a gift that uplifts me toward freedom!
Stephanie Christenson The Poetry of Life

The poetry of life
is the same
as the poetry of love.
We move within the heart of the god
who lives within,
who resides in each golden molecule
of the galactic sky's stardust
of which we are each made.
We are the poetry
of the stars and the sky.
We are the arc between
each Being gifted to the Earth,
who has chosen to fly from the stars
to reside within clay.
We are the poetry of life,
the same as the poetry of love.
Vivian Solowey Liebenson
When a gift is left in the road,
The poetry of light begins to emerge.
Channel your golden distress and fly beyond the wall.
Peggy Lynn  Humanity Calls: We have a golden moment in our galactic universe, To channel our light with poetry and verse! Our gift to humanity is that we really do emerge - It is our destiny to begin on this road to fly and surge!
And from Laurence Ferlinghetti sharing as inspired by david brydges on Facebook
My friend, Jeffrey Joe, shared this yesterday. I think it's true about many things creative.
“Everything a writer learns about the art or craft of fiction takes just a little away from his need or desire to write at all. In the end he knows all the tricks and has nothing to say.” ~Raymond Chandler
***The moral - Just go do your creative stuff driven by your intuition, your needs, your passion, and your vast resource of wisdom inside of YOURSELF! Stop thinking someone else is the expert of your creativity. Thank goodness I never took any writing courses - I wouldn't have written three books.

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With love, Jill Badonsky
Jill Badonsky, M.Ed. is founder of Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Certification training, author/illustrator of three inspirational books about creativity. She is an internationally recognized retreat leader, yoga teacher, renegade muse, and award winning inspirational humorist.



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