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The Mabel Dodge Luhan House
Hi Creative One,
"The object isn’t to make art,  it’s to be in that wonderful state that makes art inevitable." ~Robert Henri
I think the Mabel Dodge Luhan House in Taos, New Mexico makes that state possible.
Creative minds from Georgia O'Keefe and D.H. Lawrence to Ansel Adams and Dennis Hopper came to there to be inspired. The placement is magical in relation to the mountains, the sky, and easy access to the dining room where the food is so good, people get quiet. Come experience the inspiration for yourself.
I'm an introvert, so thinking about going to a retreat can be intimidating to me. If you're one too, you can hide in your a room filled with Mabel-charm whenever you like, but if you're someone who is drawn to this work, chances are you're going to want to hang out with these kindred spirits in a non-competitive environment where your creativity is nurtured, your spirit of adventure is rekindled, and your funny bone is tickled. Taos is enchanting and a good place to reconnect to your creative self, take time to relax among the majesty of mountains, and be pampered for a change. Both men and women invited.
Three retreats to choose from:

July 12- 16, 2016 .........Camp Creative Thunder
February 15-19, 2017... The Muse in Winter: A Creativity Retreat (Filling fast)
April 9-13, 2017 .......... The Inner Muse: Yoga, Guided Meditation, and Creativity
July 18 - 22, 2017 .........Camp Creative Thunder - sign-up now for next year and start a monthly payment plan that makes the registration cost easy. FULL - Watch for Camp Creative Thunder in 2018!

The Muse in Winter
Wednesday - Sunday, February 15 -19, 2017
Taos in winter means snow, fireplaces, and cozy writing and art making. The sunsets are beautiful this time of year.

More information here about The Muse in Winter
The Inner Muse

Sunday - Thursday, April 9- 13, 2017
Meditation in concert with the imagination can connect us with a rich resource of creativity that takes our ideas and our lives deeper. Yoga can quiet the mind enough for our creative instincts to be heard. Writing and art in an atmosphere of meditation and yoga becomes an effortless adventure with satisfying results.

I'm convinced that the mix of meditation, yoga, good eating, and creativity was how I overcame health challenges without conventional medicine so I'm passionate about this retreat.  

It's early enough to start a low payment plan for this and the February retreat. Write me and I'll personalize a plan for you.

More about the Inner Muse
Camp Creative Thunder

Tuesday - Saturday, July 18-22, 2017
Each summer afternoon there's often a thunder storm that cools the air and reminds us of the creative electricity we have inside of us. Art, improv, writing, yoga, your own private concert, spontaneous eruptions of silliness.

 Camp Creative Thunder 2017 is full. Email to be on the waiting list or for 2018 information.
that's all
And the food is fabulous.

The Muse is IN  •  3023 1st Avenue  •  San Diego, CA 92103

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