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Life is your art. An open, aware heart is your camera.
A oneness with your world is your film.
Your bright eyes and easy smile is your museum.
” ― Ansel Adams

The Uber Scoop
 "I did the online version a couple of years ago and loved it!" ~Kim Flowers
Hi Creative Friend,
Finding Uber Bliss is both a process and a destination: A process of seeing and living in the world as an "artist of being alive"; and a moving-breathing destination of tranquility, joy, and liberated inventiveness. Finding Uber Bliss is knowing how to access unconditional happiness and then practicing it so it is a more familiar part of your life.
The journey is shared in live webinars where the participant, or “Uber trooper”, is guided through six stages filled with stories of wisdom, creative adventures, brushes with the absurd, enlightened/relaxed contemplation, guided daydreams and deep, profound playfulness. 
If you're a fan of creativity and mindfulness , you're in the right place. If you're looking for a high pressured cookie cutter program like a zillion others out there, this ain't it.
Uber Bliss is
  • Discovering the way an artist experiences life by being engaged in the process, not just talking about it. An artist cultivates:  
    • Resourcefulness
    • Resilience
    • Finding brilliance in the unexpected
    • Perseverance
    • Courage and confidence
    • A lasting experience of ever-new joy
 Uber Bliss is also immersing ourselves in the kind of loose and free art and writing I like to do for escape and enjoyment, free from rules, rigid techniques, and perfectionism.

Finding Uber Bliss is the solution to the angst and fear we are feeling. You will find yourself in right-brain drawing, writing, painting, and photography no matter what level of experience you're at, not only for the flow of creativity but for the   peace,  healing, and transcendence that comes from being in the creative process. 
Is Finding Uber Bliss for You?
Finding Uber Bliss is for you if you want:.
  • Decrease your stress and fear and increase your experience of calm, peace, and serenity for health, enjoyment or enhanced creativity.
  • Explore deeper levels of intuition, imagination, creativity
  • Find a greater experience of meaning, expression, and connection in your life - these have been documented as three essential ingredients for happiness as we grow older. 
 The Journey of Uber Bliss Levels Includes:
  1. The Art of Paying Attention 
    You will participate in simple guided experiences that awaken your attention to the present moment through guided daydreams, easy writing exercises, right-brain drawing, and optional instruction in simple smart-phone apps). All of a sudden paying attention becomes a mindful experience of creativity and brilliance.
  2. Building an Inner Sanctuary 
    When nothing or no one on the outside can steal your peace of mind, when you have an inner world that is rich with imagination, intuition and liberation from your struggles, you will feel more effortlessly creative and calm. We do that on the journey!!
  3. Cultivating Creative Inner Talk Our inner talk is responsible for both our happiness and our willingness to create. You will learn simple techniques that make adopting more helpful self-talk more realistic. You will design a Reminder Journal that will be a constant companion to realign and retrain your thinking, and I guarantee, it will change your life or exalt great things you're overlooking.
  4. How to Tilt Your Mind and See Differently One of my favorite ways to teach creativity is to give prompts that elicit new ways of seeing things. You will enjoy how easy it is to find new ideas,story lines, and perspectives both for creativity and for life. You think you're clever now? Wait until you make with these wily and witty tools.
  5. Creative License and the Freedom to Express a Thousand Ways: We will immerse outside in our newly found creative and mindful skills by choosing from lots of sketching, painting, writing  exercises according to your interests and intuition.
  6. Celebrating Finding Uber Bliss! We also talk about that all important part of life: Having meaning. It keeps alive longer and happier. This brings it all together and shares it with the world in one of many ways including abandoned art, or simply reaching out to someone else with what you've learned. Connection - it's another vital part of life for joy, even if you're an introvert. 
Uber Troopers earn "badges" after completing creative missions for each level, making the prospect of small rewards a fun motivator and a nostalgic return to childhood adventures. 
 Finding Uber Bliss
When immersed in the flow, we experience a freedom like no other. The more we create, the more this freedom influences other areas of our existence with courage, clarity, and cunning. ~Jill Badonsky
Why the name "Uber Bliss"?

“Über” is a German word meaning "over", "above" or "across". 
When the transportation network, Uber, created a new association to the word, I was concerned people would be think Uber Bliss was related to this service and considered changing the name. Instead, I kept it since both the Uber transportation network and Finding Uber Bliss, "transport" people to places that will make them happy.
Consider that you are about to get a lift to a new way of existing in your world.
Blissful Wishes,
Jill Badonsky
Jill Badonsky, M.Ed. is founder of Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Training program, inspirational humorist, yoga teacher and author/illustrator of three books on creativity with a spiritual twist.
Accepting applications for the Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Training See more here
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