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“Instructions for living a life. / Pay attention. / Be astonished. / Tell about it.” 
~ Mary Oliver
The Uber Scoop:
July 8 - August 19, 2020
2 pm pacific/ 5pm eastern Zoom Wednesdays  - All Recorded

Hi Creative Friend,
Finding Uber Bliss™ combines creative expression with mindfulness practices to effortlessly awaken a fresh creative voice and move through the challenges of creative blocks in art, writing, and life.

Right now we need community and what better way to take care of yourself than to give yourself creative time.   

Easy, engaging, and unique “missions” deepen your connection to your creativity, the people around you, and life.     
 What's in it for you: 
  • Finding more mindfulness (freedom, contentment, self-compassion, love of life) while getting more creative.
  • Having souvenirs of finished art, writing, and smart camera photography with an intuitive approach that bypasses immobilizing perfectionism, overwhelm, and difficulty focusing).
  • Laughing AND being inspired for seven weeks with kindred, supportive people.
  • Losing yourself in the timeless, ageless, virus-less process of creativity.
  • Focus, concentration, and showing-up for your creativity becomes easier in this structured environment where new like-minded friends are in community and sharing inspiration.
For all levels from intimidated beginner to seasoned creative wanting a fresh approach.
We will play with the freeing structure of right-brain drawing, creative free-writing, loose watercolor painting, collage, and off-beat Smartphone assignments to deepen both your creative voice and your connection to life. 
This is one example of Finding Uber Bliss:
"I make jewelry.. . As hobbies goes it makes me feel connected to something ancient. I think it was our first stuff as a species, something beautiful without function accommodating our transient lifestyle.
It’s not so much about the result it’s about the creation process, which requires focus, patience, humility. It’s good for my sanity."
-jewelry maker
This journey is good for your sanity. It is shared in live webinars where the participant, is guided through six stages filled with stories of wisdom, creative adventures in low pressure writing, art, photography and daydreaming, and profound playfulness. Each class is an hour and a half.

Hold your place for Finding Uber Bliss: This class fills up..
Seven Weeks includes a recording of all sessions, a hard copy (in the US, PDF overseas) of the updated  Uber Bliss Guide- Filled with prompts, quotes, and Uber Blissness.

Paid in Full $325
OR Two Payments of $162.50
No refunds after July 1. 2020
The Journey of Uber Bliss Levels Includes:
  1. The Art of Paying Attention 
    You will participate in simple guided art, daydreams, writing, and smartphone photography that awaken your attention to the present moment and surprise you with the results.  

  2. Building an Inner Sanctuary 
    Cultivate an inner world that is rich with imagination, intuition and liberation from your struggles and the weirdness of the world.  Feel more effortlessly creative, centered, and calm. 
  3. Cultivating Creative Inner Talk
    Our inner talk is responsible for both our happiness and our willingness to create. You will learn simple techniques that make adopting helpful self-talk more realistic. A Reminder Journal will be a constant companion to realign and retrain your thinking in the interest of more creativity.

  4. Tilt Your Head and See Differently: One of my favorite ways to teach creativity is to give prompts that elicit different ways of seeing things. You will enjoy how easy it is to find new ideas, story-lines, and perspectives both for creativity and for life.  

  5. Creative License and the Freedom to Express a Thousand Ways
    We will immerse outselves in our newly found creative and mindful skills by choosing from lots of sketching, painting, writing  exercises according to our interests and intuition.

  6. Celebrating Finding Uber Bliss!
    We will talk about how creativity can impact our relationship with the world around us and make a difference by sharing our creativity with others.
"Uber Troopers" are awarded PDF art "badges" after completing creative missions for each level, making the prospect of small rewards a fun motivator and a nostalgic return to childhood adventures. 
The poem on the right side was made from lines written by 12 participants in the last Uber Bliss Class. Click on it for a closer look --------^
 Finding Uber Bliss
When immersed in the flow, we experience a freedom like no other. The more we create, the more this freedom spills over to other areas of our existence with courage, clarity, and kindness. 

Why the Name?

“Über” is a German word meaning "over", "above" or "across". 

When the transportation network, Uber, created a new association to the word, I was concerned people would be think Uber Bliss was related to a taxi cab service and considered changing the name. Instead, I kept it since both the Uber transportation network and Finding Uber Bliss, "transport" people to places that will make them happy.
Consider that you are about to get a lift to a new way of existing in your world.
Blissful Wishes,
Jill Badonsky
Jill Badonsky, M.Ed. is creator/trainer of Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Training program, inspirational humorist, internationally recognized retreat leader, multi-media artist, certified yoga teacher and author/illustrator of three books on creativity (not counting Finding Uber Bliss).
Accepting applications for the Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Training See more here
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