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Valentine's Day 2017                                   Three Ways to Love Your Creativity

There's a coloring page at the bottom of this newsletter. That's for you from me.
Dear ,
Here's an idea for Valentine's Day. Buy yourself chocolate and flowers... oh wait, that's what I'm doing.

Here's another one: Fall into love with your creativity and let your love show in these ways:

1. Realize your gift:
Here's a scenario I see often in workshops and creativity coaching:
A participant creates a wonderful work of art or a beautiful piece of writing and then they dismiss it. They don't see the beauty of what they've done because they are comparing themselves to others, or they are seeing through perfection-colored glasses and listening to an inner tyrant who is NEVER pleased - even if things are their very best. 
Or maybe they delight in what they've done temporarily and then store it away never to see or read it again. (Time for an intervention from your Muse)
2. Retrieve something you've glossed over.
One of my clients and Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach, Janhavi McKenzie, created this beautiful Peas mandala you see above. I imagine seeing it on calendars, tile trivets, flags, t-shirts, mugs, etc.  I implored her not to just place it in a folder and forget about it. I could stare at this for hours, delighting in it's pea-topia.  
Belief in your work can go further than just talent. You've seen things less wonderful than this beautiful pea-piece multiplied and selling big.  Things like this become a signature, a trademark, a success when artists  SIMPLY because they believed in them. How much do you believe in the beauty of what you've done?
But more than commercial success, our works remind us of the beauty of our soul's signature. They deserve attention at the very least.
What do you have that is a treasure but you've stored it in the dark and lonely reaches of your closets and drawers? Go on a treasure hunt! Revisit your writing, art, quilts, crafts, photography and be in awe of yourself.  If that's hard... pretend it's not, or just crack the door open to awe. Light some candles, drink some champagne.
Imagine you are a fan of yours. What would you say to yourself? Say it over and over and over until it speaks louder than the inner tyrant.
3. Cherish it, share it, display it.
When you're ready, consider sharing it in whatever way makes sense to you with one other person or the world. These days that is easier than it ever has been. Go ahead... love what you've done enough to be proud of it. Even if it's just a little at a time.

Obsess About Your Creativity
As If It's Your Lover
"You become what you think about all day long."
~Ralph Waldo Emerson  
Suggestion: Think about your idea until there's nothing you can do but succumb to pleasuring it into existence.
"I learned to trust my obsessions. It is surely a great calamity for a human to have no obsessions." ~Robert Bly
What are your obsessions telling you? Make a list - check it twice... or 300 times.
“Here's a haiku /palindrome I wrote called, "Obsession."
 Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob,
Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob,
Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob”
~Jarod Kintz
Are any of your obsessions silly? If not, can you create one that is?
Take a moment RIGHT NOW
and think about what you love
about your creativity. 
Repeat, repeat. repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat,  repeat,  repeat,  repeat,  repeat,  repeat,  repeat,  repeat,  repeat,  repeat,  repeat,  repeat,  repeat,  repeat,  repeat,  repeat,  repeat,  repeat,  repeat,  repeat,  repeat,  repeat,  repeat,  repeat, ignition, drive, act, devote, ready, fire, aim!

Love yourself enough to give yourself time to be creative. Creativity is one of the most surest ways of having a love affair with the present moment.. Believe that you deserve it, and if that's hard for you to do...pretend.
I know a crow obsessed with wild laughter.
 The sun is obsessed with waking the morning glories.
And the midnight toys with alley shadows and colorless mystery every chance it gets.
“Love! Love until the night collapses!”― Pablo Neruda
A Love Poem Prompt:
First - Make a list including: a street name, a fruit, an animal,  a phenomenon of nature, three unique verbs, adjectives about a memorable dining experience, a few phrases that just come to you, your favorite sensual word, a few other favorite words delivered perhaps by a cupid pierced Muses.
Next: Weave these words into a love poem, no care for perfection, just write it. Let it be mysterious with occasional grounding in the recognizable, like good poetry is.
Then: Share your poem  (optional). 
Feel brilliant (required).

 Nights Collapsing,
The Cupcake Lady Adds the Crescent Moon to the Night Sky in Taos

We will be playing with this watercolor technique in Taos.
Bringing More Creativity into Your Life Can Be Easy, Fulfilling, and Fun
 Do everything with so much love in your heart that you would never want to do it any other way.
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Uber Bliss in Taos

Mindfulness and Creativity are a beautiful marriage - the present moment meets the perfect collaboration of creativity and fulfillment. Both do best when paying attention, tapping inner resources, shifting our self-talk to creative talk, thinking differently, and pouring ones self with abandon into creative action in writing, art, improv, laughter and yoga.
All of this happens at the Mabel Dodge Luhan house where creative greats throughout the ages came to restore their creativity and draw inspiration from the enchantment of Taos.
Join me April 9 - 13, 2017 in Taos for Creativity, Mindfulness, a private concert and some of the best food you'll ever eat. 
More information here
Coloring Page for Valentine's Day
Click on the image for a download of a PDF - print it on linen or nice paper. Use markers, paints or pencils and find yourself a little more centered in a wild world.
Dear Ageless Creativity Seeker,
Although creative experts and zealots often proclaim: “Color outside of the lines!” there are reasons to color inside the lines:
• Because you want to. It’s centering to color inside the lines, you don’t have to feel pressured to think about what “outside the lines” is supposed to look like. (Always follow your own joy, let experts follow theirs – coloring
outside the lines just because you were told to is sort of like thinking inside the box …think about it).
• When you’re scattered and need to feel centered, coloring inside the lines gives you a symbolic and literal container, boundaries and a sense of safety. It can bobulate you on discombulated days.
• To practice focusing on a singular space.Right now our focus is like a blender running on high with a lid. It's all over the place.
• Just to relax and not have to think.
Often when the mind is focused on a motor activity such as coloring, intuition will sense an opportunity to deliver a dazzling insight. You may notice that when you are driving, taking a shower, glue-gunning flowers on philodendrons, or doing housework - a creative idea or three spring up. Same principle, but coloring seems to draw upon sparks of deep seated genius that might be wedged under two worries and four self-criticisms. Those are good sparks…light up!
Happy Valentine's Day,
Jill Badonsky
 Jill Badonsky, M.Ed. is an internationally recognized workshop leader, creative consultant, and author/illustrator of three books on creativity 
She is founder and director of Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching. 
She lives with two cats and a bougainvillea. 
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