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ACFN Newsletter December 2017
ACFN is Growing
290+ Franchises and growing!
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ACFN Welcomes 13 New Franchisees!!
ACFN Welcomes 13 New Franchisee Last Quarter! 
Congratulations and best of luck New Franchisees
Ken L - FL,   Jorge L - TX,   Sylvie L - CAN
Travis M - NV, Humphrey O - NC, Eric P. - NY
Mike F - CA, Justin G - CA, Todd Z - FL
Philip & Carmen H – TX, Brett M - KY, Nicole K - IL
Mark S - OR
600 New ATM Locations Added - Year End Review 

2017 what an amazing & successful year for the ACFN family.
We acquired our biggest competitor in the Hotels space and added close to 300 luxury hotels to our Franchisees Portfolios. We now service more than 1,700 hotels.
Our inside Marketing team also added organically 300 locations making it almost 600 new locations for the year.
We welcomed 32 new Franchisees to our expanding family
January Promotion
Join ACFN in January 2018 and get a free ATM (a $4,545 value*) with the purchase of your ACFN franchise. Call Today 888-444-2236
*To qualify to receive a free ATM you must attend our January class conducted from January 29th thru 31st and complete the purchase of your ACFN franchise in January 2018.
Happy Holidays and continued success to all our Franchisees (present and future)
NOTE: Lookout for our January newsletter as our CEO Jeff Kerr will be publishing stats and year end numbers along with a forecast for 2018 always an interesting read!
Avi Blankroth
Executive Vice President, ACFN
Franchisee Review - Running my ACFN breeze has been a breeze!
Greetings from the Big D in Texas! I began my franchise with ACFN in August 2013. I was fortunate enough to jump start my beginnings by acquiring 5 locations within a few weeks after my training. Although those initial locations were not as high revenue opportunities as I would have liked, it got me into the groove and the thirst for more quickly!  Having still owning two other full-time business when I became a franchisee, ACFN allowed me to operate yet a 3rd by basically doing all the time consuming difficult parts of running a business. I had enough employees in my other 2 endeavors and was not looking for anymore. ACFN was the perfect fit for me to develop a good long-term retirement income steadily and gradually with minimal effort and expense to do so.
Over the next 3 years I would prospect and drop sales leads as my time would allow in regard to my other business ventures.  In addition, I kept my line of communication active with ACFN for new acquisitions that would fit with my current locations.
I will have to say, after owning other businesses with employee overhead and start up requirements, running my ACFN breeze has been a breeze!  I have grown my franchise to 32 ATM’s in 2017 and exceeded my initial income goals as to when I began back in 2013. In fact, due to the success I have had with ACFN, it freed me up to sell two of my other businesses and focus even more on ACFN without experiencing a complete loss of cash flow to live on.
ACFN is not a get rich quick scheme business, but rather a solid, steady and reliably proven continuous income stream with growth as fast as one would like it to be!  The teams at ACFN from even the main switchboard (Cindy L.), helping locate the correct support individual, Roxane’s Marketing team in helping you pinpoint and acquire new locations, Jim’s Sales team closing new locations while helping set up the new locations, Gershon’s Technical support team in servicing those locations to Accounting handling of the bookkeeping of detailed tabs on the monthly transactions, commission reports, etc. are all eager and knowledgeable to help you grow your franchise.  It’s like having a full complement of full time employees on hand at a fraction of the cost to do so!
My advice is to get started soon, plot your goals, follows ACFN’s steps for building your business to get there and plan your work days to get there, it will happen!  Hope to read your success story soon!
Ron B
ACFN of Greater DFW
Ps. Want an added easy cash bonus? Refer someone to ACFN and enjoy a nice $5K referral fee!
ACFN • 111 West Saint John Street, Sixth Floor • San Jose, CA 95113
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