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ACFN Newsletter June 2017
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ACFN Welcomes 5 New Franchisees!!
 ACFN Welcomes 5 New Franchisee !! 
Congratulations and best of luck New Franchisees
J  Bragoli-Old Bethpage, NY
T Gits-Medinah, IL
T Weber-Geneva, IL
M Riddle - Greenwood, SC
A Akyildiz-Los Gatos, CA
ACFN on the Rise By Jim Diltz, VP of Marketing @ ACFN
In addition to the massive acquisition ACFN is involved in that many of you are aware of, we are continuing to increase our market share by closing organic deals with steady, measured progress. Just last month we brought in 39 brand new contracts so even with the pace of the acquisition we have not slowed in the least. A continuing interesting trend is the increase of competitor replacements.  Over the past 12 months 37% of our new ATMs replaced a competitor, this compared to 33% the year before.  The proportion of competitor replacements continues to grow and is due to many factors however we can sum it up to our unique business model, a most powerful differentiator.
Our business model is your weapon; wield it proudly because through every type of economy we have the competitive advantage and will remain the best choice among full service ATM providers.  Embrace the fact and adopt the mindset that ACFN is the only national ATM Company that does not outsource any phase of our business to a 3rd party. We are the only ATM provider that has the flexibility, agility, and direct relationship of a local company as well as the reputation, resources, coverage, and strength of a large, national firm.  Bottom line is that with ACFN their ATM will be up and running more often which will result in more transactions, increased guest service, and ultimately higher profits! This is your competitive advantage and should be emphasized whenever possible!
I would like to emphasize one area in particular where you can help us close more deal for you - Providing information about the current ATM while performing a drop has proven to be extremely useful.  Including information about the ATM model, the surcharge, any ADA violations, and the EMV status is critical for us when speaking with potential clients.
Below are some recent marketing updates you should be aware of.
  • Park Hotels – Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc. (NYSE:HLT) (“Hilton”) announced the completion of the spin-offs of Park Hotels & Resorts Inc. (NYSE: PK) and Hilton Grand Vacations Inc. (NYSE: HGV), resulting in three independent, publicly traded companies.
The above headline is from January of this year and this shakeup of one of the largest and most prestigious hotel groups in the world is a major event in the hospitality industry. Hilton Hotels is comprised of the following brands: Hilton, Conrad, Embassy Suites, Doubletree, Waldorf Astoria, Hampton Inn, Homewood Suites, Hilton Grand Vacation, and Hilton Garden Inn.  This restructuring greatly increases the opportunities for us to increase our presence within these groups.
The numbers below for Park Hotels speak for themselves.  67 hotels with an average room count of 522.  It doesn’t get any better than this.  More great news is that our main contact at Hilton has now moved over to Park Hotels and he is very confident in the capabilities of ACFN.  We have had the opportunity to bid on 2 hotels so far, one with 600 rooms and the other with 400 rooms, and we have won them both!  This paves the way for our ultimate goal of being their exclusive ATM provider.



  • Historic Hotels – In a previous article it was mentioned that ACFN earned the distinction of becoming the exclusive endorsed ATM provider for Historic Hotels of America. Here are some quick highlights of this group:  Founded in 1989 with 32 charter members it is now a group of over 275 and growing prestigious properties located in 45 states that must meet prominent criteria to become a member.  This organization had never endorsed an ATM company before 
So choosing us definitely demonstrates our ability to meet the needs of a wide array of hotels. Since being endorsed we have been able to add 7 ATMs including a hotel casino which is a location with enormous volume. Be sure to target any Historic Hotels in your area of operation.
  • 300+ Room Hotels – Focusing on premium placements has earned us forty (40) new hotels with 300 or more rooms in the last 12 months. This is the cream of the crop folks and each hotel we win helps us solidify our position as the largest and most reputable ATM company serving the hospitality industry.
  • New Placement Types – Always be on the lookout for new placement opportunities even if they do not meet the traditional mold. The reality is that strategically placing an ATM where there is substantial foot traffic will yield ATM usage. I am happy to report that we have gained traction into two new industries over the past few months. One is public transportation and the other is parking garages.  We have already received a verbal commitment and just finalizing the paperwork to install 16 ATMs along a public transportation line in a major metropolitan area with a proven track record of thousands of passengers. This lead was generated by the franchisee and is a perfect example of our “boots on the ground” system paying off. We are going to install our first parking garage later this month in the San Francisco financial district and anticipate great results which we can springboard into future placements. 
Let’s plan on having a huge second half of 2017.  Please stay diligent by performing timely drops with purpose, generating leads, and providing excellent service to your clients.
Jim Diltz
VP of Marketing
Franchisee Review “Flexible and Open Partnership"
Cracking the top of the charts.... and continuing to rise!

It is amazing to think we have been with ACFN for 8 years now. We have to say for that amount of time we have learned a tremendous amount about
business, marketing and the power of the brand. In learning all those things, ACFN has been a true partner and has been with us every step of the way. Aside from giving spectacular support and tremendous detail about
potential leads, they have been there with us helping determine the best strategy to manage each location and helping us land new potential locations.

One of the key things that has benefited our partnership has been the ability to be flexible and open. As new opportunities have opened up through acquisition, we have been there to partner with ACFN to take part in them and help not just grow individually, but see the brand that supports us grow which in turn again only benefits our ability to market with new leads. When they hear you are with ACFN, they are willing to listen. Also, it has been equally important to be open about locations to know how to make the best out of them and know how to handle them when it is time to just walk away from them. Being that we have had to make adjustments with certain locations over the years, it has helped to have a partner like ACFN help us navigate and get through the situations with the best possible outcome.

In the end, being flexible and open and building a lasting relationship with a partner like ACFN has been a big reason for our consistent growth through the years. We are excited about our recent success early in the year through partnering with ACFN and are eager to build on the momentum as we work through the rest of 2017 and beyond.

Seabrooks from NYC
ACFN Franchisee
ACFN • 111 West Saint John Street, Sixth Floor • San Jose, CA 95113
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