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Bleecker & Sullivan
Register Now!
Don't miss it. Limited Places Are Still Available.
Empower your essential soul
and heal the soul of the world
Dear Friends and Life Seekers,
I am truly excited to personally invite you to take part in a one-of-a-kind event
that I believe will change your life and will give you the encouragement
you need to embark on a real emotional, spiritual and physical breakthrough.
I am so glad to offer this workshop together with two close friends that I admire their work. Join us to uncover and achieve your life passion and purpose.
The event will be held on
Thursday- Sunday - November 2-5, 2017
in a magnificent Tuscany resort
Places are limited so register as soon as possible.
The Empowerment Summit
Itzhak Beery - USA
Leading Shamanic Author, Healer and Teacher
Michael Stone - Canada
Leading Radio Host, Shamanic Teacher of Trance Dance, and Gabrielle Roth’s 5Rhythms
Alessandra Capelli - Italy 
Leading Shamanic Counselor and Life Transformational Coach

Be the creator of your new reality!  

Join three leading teachers of Ancient Shamanism, 5Rhythems Dynamic Movements and Life Advancement Counseling in a rare 4 day seminar that offers you deconstruct your old and un-useful life narrative and re-author a new story that is more spiritual, authentic, interconnected, Empowering and soulful.
The path of personal empowerment - according to ancient shamanic traditions - is through the gift of embodying the wisdom and spirit of the five elements: Fire, Water, Air, Earth and that of the Spirit that lives in all things.
In this highly experiential and creative seminar we will be exploring the gifts of the elements through elemental Shamanic ceremonies, movement, sound and shamanic journeying processes.
This work will change the way you experience your life. It will give you the tools and inspiration to fully live authentically, and fully live your life purpose.
In this Empowerment Summit you will: 
  • * Experience 5Rythems Dynamic Movements healing power
  • * Transcend in Shamanic ceremonies of the 5 Elements
  • * Learn what stops you from re-writing your life story
  • * Experience your authentic self in action
  • * Discover your self-expression, transformation
  • * Tap into your essential soul and the soul of the world.
The seminar is in English with simultaneous translation in Italian.
Learn more about:
Michael Stone
Alessandra Capelli
Itzhak Beery
Il Cicalino, Maremma, Tuscany, Italy
Register Now for The Empowerment Summit!
Don't miss it. Limited Places Are Still Available.
Seminar prices:  
€ 360 (Membership included)
Group facilities:
€ 300 each for couples
€ 280 each for groups of 4 persons
€ 220 each for groups of 10 persons
Full board hospitality at Il Cicalino: € 340
included: swimming pool, restaurant, coffee breaks, and more…
For any question please write/whats’app phone to: -  + 39 333 5900 700.
Skype name: Imajons (Alessandra Capelli - Firenze)
Sept. 5. Shamanic Healing Support Group
Sep. 9-10 - 
Shamanic Bodywork. Intensive training for healers with Irma StarSpririt Woman 
Sept 21Free intro Class NY Open Center
Sept 28 - Soul Mending: How to Heal Spiritual Traumas with Soul Retrieval 

Oct. 8 - Omega Institute- Sunday Night Lecture Series at the Ram Dass Library
Oct. 15 - The 19 Annual 
NY Shamanic Gathering In Central Park
November 2-5 - 
The Elementals: Shamanism 5Rythem and Personal Empowerment with Michael Stone and Alessandra Capelli- @ Il Cicalino, Maremma, Tuscany, Italy
Nov. 11-18 "
Ancient Mysteries Revealed"
Cruise and Seminar-at-Sea
 (indicate my name when registering) 
Dec. 6th Health secrets and tips from the ancient shamanic tradition for modern times @JCC Manhattan.
Dec. 22- Jan.2, 2018 Unity in Diversity@Sivananda Ashram in the Bahamas. 
​Jan. 4-17, 2018
Shamanic Healing Expedition to Ecuador. - Andes & Amazon
Feb. 4-9 - Kripalu Center. MA

Bleecker & Sullivan  •  214 Sullivan Street #2A  •  New York, NY 10012
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