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MedicineWay Community Council
with Irma StarSpirit Turtle Woman
Nov. 14th * 7pm - 9pm
Come join us as we open the doors to Our MedicineWay Community & Family for strength within the education of wellness and healing practice.
A space of council, share and unite in trust with each other to participate and explore what feelings arise dealing with any emotional anxieties, disempowerments or any complex issues that might arise in your life as well as within your healing practices.
As we sit in council with each other as newcomers, elders, community members, all are welcome. Whatever your in need of, as we provide a safe and sacred space to enter into deeper understanding of each medicineway path. Whether you are in need of help, council or are a healer that needs to share solutions of the heart. Let’s work together and identify the needs of one another.
This invitation is open for all to come and help each other as we work with intention to provide a network of like minded people, to create a bond and a relationship to your individual leadership within your community. A place to offer services you can share with others. Evaluate and improve your practice with actions of your individual cultural practices, be open to work with them in a dynamic way of improving your life’s path as well as others. Open and share your traditional wisdom that has been passed on from generation to generation by use of walking the sacred path of truth and life to bring balance and harmony with all living life forms and all our relations.
Are we put here for something else? The Spirit world is real, we are the ones to tap into it and we are the ones to balance it and restore it within the body of each living being on this planet and within the cosmos.
Cost: $20
Location Given to Registrants
To Register email Irma at
Limited Space Available
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Shamanicfirereiki  •  P.O. Box 701354  •  East Elmhurst, NY 11370

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