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 The View from Here. . .
Summer 2018
The Summer of Our Discontent
This seems to be the summer of our discontent (following the winter of our discontent). In fact, discontent seems to be the dominant energy. Discontent, or worse, downright outrage and hostility.
Has the United States become collectively addicted to outrage? Sometimes it seems that way. We watch the news and become outraged over something. Someone disagrees with us, and we become outraged. We seek out others who share our outrage, we incite and encourage each other in it—we bond over it—and the outrage just grows and spills out all over the place.
We just can’t seem to cordially agree to disagree anymore, or tolerate (let alone, respect) any view other than our own. And the concept of civil discourse or reasoned debate seems to be totally passé. Instead, it seems we divide ourselves into groups, and violently defend our position against those who think otherwise. Instead of listening, we merely stand and shout our views at each other. Perhaps we think that whoever shouts the loudest and longest wins?
Even the self-proclaimed spiritual and religious folks are not exempt and, worse, their outrage can also be fueled by a significant dose of self-righteousness, as if they believe they are personally speaking for God.
How Did We Get Here?
This state of affairs has been building for a long time, with lots of help from the good old Uranus/Pluto square, which over the past few years has been shining the light on many things we don’t want to see or accept, prompting us to release deeply repressed emotional energy, heal unhealed wounds, and release or change everything (beliefs, self-definitions, expectations, relationships, jobs, organizations, institutions, etc.) that does not serve us or work for the highest good.
All of these imperatives are difficult and disturbing for human beings, who cling to the known—no matter how awful the known might be—because they fear the unknown. We see or hear of something new or different, and we project all our fears onto it, running around like Chicken Little fearing and exclaiming that the sky is falling!
The more the world around us appears to be in chaos and flux, the more we feel like we are walking downhill on gravel, unable to find sure footing, and fearing that suddenly our feet will fly out from under us and send us plunging down (to be hurt and humiliated). We crave control, stability, and security to feel safe. The more uncertain we become, the more fearful, reactive, outraged, and blaming we become.
And as the Light continues to shine on everything that was hidden—in this great time of Revelation—there are so many things to be outraged about: figures of trust and authority suddenly revealed to as pedophiles or sexual abusers; corporations polluting the environment and poisoning consumers for the sake of ever-increasing profits; politicians who forsake their constituents and the planet to make policies benefitting only those already wealthy and powerful; random mass shootings and acts of terrorism; human trafficking; powerful drug cartels and violent gangs… the list just goes on.
Each new revelation, and each new situation presented to us, has the potential to trigger deep unhealed wounds and reserves of emotional energy—unexpressed rage at “the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” shoved down into ourselves over a lifetime and never released in any constructive or appropriate way. We now have the choice to be aware and release the energy appropriately, or to get caught up in it again and add to the antagonistic atmosphere we’ve created.
It’s A Vicious Cycle
Long gone are the days when we only had the 6- and 11-o’clock news on four channels on TV, with additional details only available in the daily newspaper. We would hear about something bad, we would “tsk, tsk” and shake our heads about it, and then turn our attention to matters at hand, like cooking dinner, paying the bills, playing with the kids, or socializing with friends.
Now we have “news” 24/7 on countless channels, although most of it is not really news, it’s commentary. The media tells us what we supposedly need to hear (and seemingly celebrates the worst in human behavior), and then we have 24 hours or more of “experts” telling us what we should think about it. If we aren’t outraged by something we heard on the news, the commentators will convince us why we should be! Years ago, talk radio set the format for inflaming rhetoric, to draw listeners in and incite fear and outrage, and it has now been taken up by televised media.
And while the media beats the drum all day about the latest outrage (and why the sky actually IS falling!), we move into fear, project our fears onto the situation and expect the worst possible result, get our deep unexpressed anger triggered, become outraged, and then spew and churn that outrage, blaming and demonizing someone as we go, thus adding our own energy to the already blazing fire.
All that fear and outrage just goes out into the atmosphere like a nasty, black cloud containing a contagious virus! Is it any wonder that Mother Nature creates volcanoes and hurricanes, spewing and churning energy, just as the earth’s human inhabitants are doing? The turmoil in nature is a reflection of the turmoil churning and spewing within humanity. And what does it take to clear out all of that collective negative energy?
How Do We Break Out of This Cycle?
Recognize and Accept What’s Happening—As with any addiction, the first step is to recognize we are in its grip, and that it is extremely detrimental to our health and well-being. Physically, the unrelenting stress of continual fear, outrage, and hate wreaks havoc on the body. But the biggest problem with outrage—especially self-righteous outrage—is that we are completely convinced that we are right, that our outrage is totally justified, and that anyone who is not equally outraged for the same reasons is, basically, too stupid to “get it.” That is powerful mind candy for the ego! And when outrage is present, the ego is running the show, because outrage stems from judgment, fear, and disempowerment (victimhood), which are all reactions of the ego. We become outraged because we fear the worst, we blame someone for creating the situation, and we want someone to fix it, and make everything better, so we can feel safe again.
Step Away From the News—Reduce your exposure to the addictive “substance”! Limit the amount of time you spend immersed in the news and the commentary. Continually subjecting ourselves to discussions about a disturbing situation around the world is like creating self-imposed PTSD. Repeatedly hearing “how bad it is” or “be afraid, be afraid, be afraid,” does nothing to help us resolve our thoughts and feelings in any healing or constructive way, it merely drowns us in those negative feelings that are evoked. And because drama—the more scandalous and/or bloodier, the better—drives viewership and advertising dollars, the news is so slanted toward coverage of everything that is horrible, bad, and wrong, that it creates an extremely distorted view of the world and our fellow humans. We can remain aware of current affairs with very little exposure to the “programming” of the “news.”
Recognize Whether You Have Power to Affect the Situation—Our fears grow when we feel out of control and disempowered, and we want someone who does have power and control to swoop in and fix it (the way we think it should be fixed). When we feel like we can’t control a situation, we often turn to whining, moaning, and complaining (and expressing outrage!), because somehow by being agitated we feel we are “doing something.” Perhaps it’s a form of self-medication! But we all know intuitively that whining, moaning, and complaining merely keeps us victimized and prevents taking any real action to bring change. (And, fearing change, perhaps that’s another reason we do it!)
Remember the truth of the Serenity Prayer: “Lord, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things that I can, and the wisdom to know the difference!
Most of what we hear on the news is not under our individual control and, in fact, we probably have no ability to have any impact at all. That is a recipe for disempowerment. We really do need to relearn how to accept what we cannot control, even when we hate it and fear the worst.
Step Into Your Super Powers—Outrage is useless and debilitating unless we use that energy to galvanize ourselves to do something useful. When we identify ways we actually can have an impact, and we take action in those instances—writing letters and petitions to members of Congress, campaigning to help elect legislators we like and trust, volunteering for a soup kitchen or homeless shelter, lobbying for programs to protect the unprotected, for example—we take back our power and we channel and focus that outrage into creating positive, meaningful change. Mothers Against Drunk Driving is a great example of channeling powerful negative emotions into something meaningful.
The best thing to come out of the backlash over the 2016 election is not the outrage, loathing, and downright viciousness still being expressed (too often by self-professed loving and spiritual people), it is the fact that it has galvanized so many formerly apathetic citizens to become involved in politics through activism, donations, campaigning, creating political coalitions, or actually becoming candidates.
Be Mature Enough to Agree to Disagree—We used to be able to have a conversation with those who disagreed with us, but that seems to be a thing of the past. Now, it seems, we can’t have a conversation; we simply have shouting matches, with each trying to impose his views on the other. Why do we feel so threatened when others disagree with us, and why do we feel so driven to convince them that we are right, especially when they are as unlikely to change their minds as we are? We can create much more civility and peace (and don’t we all profess to want peace?) if we can recognize and accept that everyone has a right to his own opinion, even if we think that opinion is ridiculous!
Remember that our opinions and judgments about anything and everything have more to do with our accumulated experiences, our world view, our beliefs, education, upbringing, and emotional baggage than with the actual issue or situation, per se. In the end, most of us want the very same things—the opportunity for happiness, love, success, and the chance for a better life for ourselves and our children—but we may differ in how we believe that can be achieved. Instead of moving into extreme polarity, with an all-or-nothing superior view, we will all benefit if we can learn to work together, and to collaborate to bring about what we all crave, rather than entrenching ourselves in our particular view and refusing to try to find common ground.
Focus on the Positive—Focusing on everything we hate about the world, and expressing that hate and outrage into the world, merely creates more to hate. By immersing ourselves in the game of “Gee, ain’t it awful!?” we literally fuel what we don’t want and help it to grow in our awareness and our lives until we are completely consumed by it. By focusing on what we like in the world, appreciating the good things, being in gratitude, and taking actions to create more of what we want, we water those “seeds” and help them grow. Outrage and hatred have far more detrimental impact on those having those feelings than on the object of those feelings. Isn’t it better to feel good? And if not, what emotional payoff might you be getting from all that outrage?
Remember to Trust—Learning to really Trust that All Is Well is crucial in these challenging times if we want to keep our sanity. It is not up to us, individually, to solve the world’s problems, or even the problems of our country. It is not in our power and it’s not our job. It’s hard enough to solve our own problems (and perhaps that’s why it’s so seductive to focus all our attention on the problems “out there”). There is much wisdom in the AA saying, “Let go, and let God.”
When we Trust that all will be well—even if there are seeming setbacks—we can relax, breathe, and gather our forces to focus on making our own lives better, and those of our loved ones and others around us. That’s where we have our greatest power and our greatest impact. Better to take action where we can, and let go of what we can’t personally control or fix, and let God/the Universe/All That Is handle it!
Remember Everything Comes in Cycles--Progress never goes in a straight line. It zig-zags. There is always contraction after every expansion. And, although it may feel like we are taking one step forward and one (or two!) steps back, we never go back quite as far as we were before the expansion. As with any dance, when we shift back to the foot behind us, it is merely to collect momentum to launch ourselves forward again! So it is, too, with this crazy dance of life!
Remember to Love and Remember to be Kind! (And not just for those we love and with whom we agree!) 
Who is Ellyn Dye?
I am an Intuitive Coach, Public Speaker, Author, Reconnective Healing® practitioner, and a Practical Mystic.
A Near-Death Experience (NDE) in 1985 expanded my psychic abilities and created an ongoing link with some very loving—and humorous—Guardians of humanity and the ancient wisdom, who gave me a huge amount of information about life and the evolution of mankind, and continue to guide me.
I bring this knowledge and connection to my clients and audiences, along with over 30 years’ accumulated wisdom and understanding of metaphysics, life on earth, and Who We Really Are.
I am the author of the metaphysical fantasy novel, The Search for the Crystal Key—an adventure about believing in yourself and the power of Love; and I am currently writing a new book, Creating Heaven on Earth... One Soul at a Time; A How-To Manual from the Perspective of a Near-Death Experience.
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 All content copyright © Ellyn Dye, 2018.
In this issue:
The Summer of Our Discontent
Who is Ellyn Dye?
The U.S. Pluto Return: Redefining the County
I Understand You -- Oh, Wait! Maybe Not!
NEW on My Website. . .
It's Eclipse AND Retrograde Season!
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Companion Articles
The U.S. Pluto Return:
Redefining the County
As you all know, we are collectively going through tremendous, deep changes, thanks to the Uranus/Pluto Square.
Those in the United States are simultaneously undergoing a deeper change: the redefinition of who we are as a nation, our position in the world, and what we think our country should stand for and do. Since 2008, long before the Uranus/Pluto Square kicked in, Pluto has been in the sign of Capricorn (we got the economic crash shortly after that). This placement has to do with power (its use, abuse, and who has it), the status quo, and all kinds of institutions, governments, banks, corporations, organizations, etc., etc. All of these things are coming under Pluto’s merciless scrutiny.
On top of that, in the next few years Pluto will return for the first time to the exact position it held at the founding of the United States. What did Pluto in Capricorn bring us last time? The French and American Revolutions!
There are eerie similarities between the positions of the British Government/country in the late 1700’s and the US Government/country today. The wealth was consolidated at the top. The British also had accumulated enormous debt during the Seven Years War against France and, to pay that debt, had turned to empowering and favoring its corporations, such as the East India Company, while oppressively taxing its subjects in the Empire. All of these actions sparked the American Revolution.
The United States is collectively in the process of a revolution and, if we’re lucky, it will not be a bloody one, but rather a revolution of ideas, values, and focus. When we get through this Pluto Return, this country is likely to be very different, one way or another, and we are, right now, in the messy and difficult process of determining that.
I Understand You --
Oh, Wait! Maybe Not!
Back in the 60s there was a great poster that I wish I’d bought at the time. It was mostly text, a discourse on the difficulty of communication. A shorter version of the sentiment came in the classic line from the movie, Cool Hand Luke: “What we have here is a failure to communicate.”
The poster’s commentary started out, “I know you think you understand what you think I said, but…” and it went on from there, about how no one really understands anybody, and no matter how clear- thinking and concise we think we are with our language, we seldom actually communicate what we think we are trying to communicate, because the other people receive it through all of their own filters and understandings. It really is a miracle that we manage to communicate at all, and in the recent past it seems that there’s not much effective communication going on at all.
The increased use of emails, texts, Facebook comments, and tweets only adds to the problem. Those who have studied these things have found that only 7% of all communication is based on the words we use, while 38% comes from tone of voice, and the remaining 55% comes from other things, such as facial expression and body language.
You see the problem! When we rely on texts, comments, and emails, we miss 93% of the communication taking place! Anyone who has posted a sarcastic remark on Facebook and had it regarded as serious knows this, and no amount of emojis is going to change it!
It was fascinating to watch the deterioration in communication, camaraderie, teamwork, and morale at my office over a ten-year period, as email changed the way we communicated. Before the heavy dependence on email, people would walk down the hall to consult with other staff or use the telephone. These interactions helped us get to know each other and the jobs we all did, created a sense of teamwork, and helped us work better together to understand and fulfill the agency’s mission.
A switch to open offices compounded the problem, as people further avoided face-to-face conversations, even between supervisors and their staffs, because of the noise and lack of privacy. That created a dog-eat-dog, everyone-for-himself mentality, based on not really knowing each other or where others were coming from, that was in no way relieved by periodic attempts at “team building” through parties or outings with required attendance!
As with everything else, our individual beliefs, expectations, experiences, judgments, and emotional baggage color and filter our communications with others, whether we are the communicator or the receiver.
We assume we know what the other means, and we assume that we are making ourselves clear and they understand our words and actions in the same way they are meant.
But our assumptions are often wrong and can really trip us up!! I had a funny example of this recently, when I had several different people come to visit me last spring. I have a clock in both the guest room and the guest bathroom. Twice, I noticed that the guest had moved the clock from the bedroom into the bathroom. I assumed that they just had not seen the smaller clock in the bathroom or, perhaps, could see the larger bedroom clock better.
When I thought to ask, I was flabbergasted! It had nothing to do with seeing a clock in the bathroom. It was because the bedroom clock ticked, and they found it too loud to sleep! They had moved it into the bathroom so they couldn’t hear it!
Because of my experiences—I actually like the tick of a clock; it acts like soothing white noise for me—it never occurred to me that the tick of that clock would be annoying!
As we continue in these challenging times— particularly as we travel the current Mercury Retrograde period, which wreaks havoc with communications—it is wise to remember that our assumptions (even when we don’t realize we are making them) are not always correct, and that we can’t always figure out why someone does something or what someone means! And when we take the time to ask questions to try to understand, we often receive interesting information that blows our assumptions out of the water! 
NEW on My Website. . .
I've posted three new presentation videos that were live-streamed to Facebook: A presentation to the Edgar Cayce Forum; a two-hour presentation about my NDE to the Williamsburg IANDS group (that gave me time to really get into the details of what happened and what I learned); and an updated 2-hour presentation on The Great Shift (aka, WTF is Going on Out There?)
Looking Forward to Holiday Giving.....
My 2019 travel photo calendars will be ready soon! There are 7 of them, from Alaska, Bermuda, Cathar Country, France, Grand Canyon & Sedona, Ireland, and Jamaica.
And, of course, my metaphysical fantasy novel, The Search for the Crystal Key, is an adventure for all ages about believing in yourself and the power of love, with tools for living and information about how life works that I received during my NDE. Available now in paperback, EPub, and  Kindle! This is a great life "primer" for those "new kids" ages 10 and above! 
 Downloadable mp3s of my Journey Through the Tunnel presentation and guided meditation to go through the Tunnel of Light, feel the unconditional Love of Home, and bring it back to planet earth. 
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My Articles published in the Predictions Issues of The Sedona Journal of Emergence—on the Other Articles sub-page under the Tunnel Vision Newsletter tab.
It's Eclipse AND Retrograde Season!
The planets are creating a roller coaster ride for all of us this summer! And the best thing we can do is keep our sense of humor, remain flexible and patient, and be a bit more introspective than usual.
Just in time for the high heat of summer (in the northern hemisphere), it’s been the perfect time to S L O W   D O W N, rest, play, smell the roses, think about how far we’ve come, and finish up all those half-done projects to clear the decks for a new start in September. Not so bad, right?
Three Eclipses in Four Weeks
The big news is the eclipse season we’ve been in with new moon solar eclipses in Cancer on July 12 and in Leo on August 11, with a difficult full moon lunar eclipse July 27 in Aquarius between the other two.
Eclipses shake things up. They herald big (often sudden) changes in our lives and usually bring endings and beginnings. We don’t feel affected by all eclipses, only the ones that occur in our Sun or rising signs or that transit our natal planets. Even if you aren’t affected by one, you can probably look around as see people who are!
Retrogrades—Time to Reflect!
Every planet retrogrades for a time every year, some for a few weeks, and some (the outer planets, Saturn through Pluto) for a few months. The outer planets affect us on deep unconscious levels, so we don't really feel the affects, while the inner planets (Mercury, Venus, and Mars) affect our lives on a day-to-day basis.
This summer, we have six planets retrograde, seven if you want to count Chiron! That’s kind of a record, and the sheer quantity of retrograde planets is a big clue to stop rushing forward and take a pause for a deep breath and reflection.
Saturn Neptune, and Pluto have been retrograde for several months already and will stay that way into the Fall or longer. Uranus retrogrades August 7 until 2019, and Jupiter moved direct on July 10. The ones affecting us the most now in our daily lives are Mars and Mercury:
Mars, June 26-August 27—Energy, forward motion, initiation, and momentum falls off.
Mercury, July 26-August 18—Be careful with communications and details; don’t sign important papers, if possible; don’t buy any electronics.
You can certainly do a lot of research on the internet about eclipses and retrogrades to find out what they mean and how, and when you will feel the impact. Research, after all, is one of the things that is well-aspected and good to do during a Mars or Mercury retrograde period, along with anything else that includes going over things already started, such as reviewing, revising, or re-evaluating.
Like What You See?
Why Not Give Something Back?
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