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The legendary band Zap-Pow
has a new album out called ZAP-POW AGAIN
A must-purchase for your reggae album collection.
Don’t miss out on your very own copy of the most current
and traditional reggae sound out of Jamaica.

ZAP-POW AGAIN consists of a new reggae sound that no one has heard yet, as well as some of their former reggae hit standards. The new songs, all originals, were written by the current band members Dwight Pinkney, Glen DaCosta, Richard Johnson, Gibby Morrison, Evrol Wray and Geoffrey Forrest.
ZAP-POW: Seated from left: Glen DoCasta – Saxophone, Fiona Forest – Backing vocals, Geoffery Star – Lead vocals. Standing from left: Arnaldo Bolt – Drummer, Richard ‘T. Bird’ Johnson – Keyboards, Leebert ‘Gibby’ Morrison – Bass, Everol Wray – Trumpet,
Dwight Pinkney – Guitar.
Watch out for the 2018 ZAP-POW WORLD TOUR, with these phenomenal musicians.
Zap-Pow members have been playing around the world with other well-known reggae international artists such as The Wailers, Bunny Wailer, Israel Vibration, Black Uhuru, Muta Baruka, and many others. It is now their time to forward together and play their new and established songs FOR THE WORLD!
ZAP-POW: from left: Richard ‘T. Bird’ Johnson – Keyboards, Fiona Forest – Backing vocals, Glen DoCasta – Saxophone, Geoffery Star – Lead vocals, Dwight Pinkney – Guitar, Arnaldo Bolt – Drummer, Leebert ‘Gibby’ Morrison – Bass, Everol Wray – Trumpet.
Distribution info
“ZAP-POW AGAIN” their new album, is distributed by VPAL OF VP RECORDS. It is also available on iTunes and at Amazon. You can also go to Website for the latest and greatest Zap-Pow news, and to purchase the new album.   
Album liner notes
“Yes, You Can go back There Again…
Revivals and reunions are often excuses for desperate musicians to relive past glories. NOT SO with “Zap Pow Again”.
The current incarnation of pioneering Reggae Group Zap-Pow is anything but a group of desperate musicians. Founding member Dwight Pinkney, OD, and original members, Glen DaCosta, Richard Johnson and Leebert Gibby Morrison, plus an all-star line-up of young talented singers and players of instruments: Geoffrey Star – vocals, Everol Wray – Trumpet, Fiona Forrest – backing vocals and Arnaldo Bolt – drums, teamed with Dave Peters, manager to bring to life, once again, one of the most relevant and important groups in reggae history.
“Zap Pow Again” serves as a reminder to past fans of Zap-Pow’s power and an introduction to new generations of fans, that reggae is still relevant and glorious. The album contains eight new tracks (all originals which were mixed by the ‘quiet giant,’ Grammy award-winning engineer Christopher Daley), and seven standard Zap-Pow recordings from the Golden Era.
Old fans will be pleased to see “Sweet Loving Love” (an instrumental- steppers classic), “Let’s fall in Love”, Pinkney’s reggae classic, “How Could I Live,” and smash world hit, “This is Reggae Music,” included in the line-up.
One of Zap-Pow’s main strengths remains the band’s astounding musicianship and this shine’s through in Pinkney’s guitar work, Gibby’s bass-and-guitar contribution, DaCosta’s fine solos, and the flawless arrangements which dance through all reggae’s various modes.
For new fans, the album is a treat. “Overworked Underpaid” is new but keeps to the roots of the band in its feel and execution, while “Reggaemania Jam” is a great introduction to classic reggae for the new generation, with its horns licks and infectious beat beckoning to the dancing fans.
The incredibly tight horn section, which Bob Marley use to engage to enhance his arrangements back in the days, are reflected in “Brother’s Keeper” and the tribute piece “King of Reggae”. The track “Compatible” sounds like the ideal reggae cover until you realize that it is all original and “Just Do It” offers shades of Eddy Grant and Steel Pulse but with the Zap- Pow flavor and a fresh mix. Zap-Pow still has a message to deliver and that is best felt in “Price of War”, an earnest and heartfelt expression of the band’s ethos.
Like all the best reggae albums, this CD is a mixture of message songs and love songs, the eternal ‘Peace and Love’ message and the love aspect belongs to Beres Hammond on the track “Lets Fall In Love”. Even at this early stage, the style he would use to dominate reggae was already established in the Zap-Pow sound.
Zap-Pow are respected internationally and throughout the Jamaican music industry and were honored with a Prime Minister’s Independence Award for their pioneering role in establishing and popularizing reggae worldwide.
It has been too long without Zap-Pow, but clearly it was worth the wait. This album will sit in pride of place in my collection”.
A. Charles
This album IS STIRRING UP the reggae scene ~ going back to the Roots.
Produced by Zap-Pow in the infamous town of Kingston, Jamaica, deep in the city neighborhoods known to produce great long-lasting reggae music, the CD was mixed and mastered by Grammy-winning engineer Chris Daley and features a new and modern flare of reggae incorporated with the long-missed sound of real roots reggae.
The design of the album was created by Neville and Nesta Garrick. Neville designed most of the Bob Marley albums, as well as those of Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer and countless other international reggae stars. Neville and Nesta captured the intensity of the blast that this album is going to have on the reggae loving public. The design captures the rebirth of the new Zap-Pow band.
The original ZAP-POW band was formed in 1969 by bassist Mike Williams and guitarist Dwight Pinkney. Pinkney, formerly of The Sharks, who on a 1966 Studio 1 session collaborated with the Wailers (Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, and Bunny Wailer) in recording the Monster hit “PUT IT ON”, among many other hits.
Pinkney and Williams had previously played together in the Winston Turner band. The band’s name came from a comic that Williams had read. Later recruits to Zap-Pow then included David Madden (trumpet, vocals, another former pupil at Alpha Boys School, who had previously recorded with Cedrick Brooks under the name ‘Im and Dave’) Glen DaCosta (tenor saxophone, vocals flute) a schoolmate of Madden was later introduced to the band by Madden. Max Edwards (drums), also a former pupil at Alpha School and Joe McCormack (trombone) was brought into the band. Several singles were released in 1970-1971 including the hit “Mystic Mood” and “This Is Reggae Music” and in 1971 their debut album, Revolutionary Zap- Pow was released on the Harry J label.
Over time, Zap-Pow engaged several lead singers to augment their vocal force including Winston “King” Cole, Milton “Prilly” Hamilton, Bunny Rugs and Jacob Miller. In 1975, Beres Hammond joined as lead singer and in 1976 they produced the album “Zap-Pow Now” for Island Records which led to many local and international engagements for the band, notably in Canada, where they received countless rave reviews. Max Edwards left in 1977, to be replaced by Cornell Marshall. The band split up in 1979 with Beres Hammond going on to a very successful solo career as did Pinkney as a guitarist. Williams recorded solo as Revving Mikey Zap-Pow, while working as a journalist.
The horn section of DaCosta and Madden were regularly used in recording sessions for other artists including Bob Marley & the Wailers. They also recorded prolifically as individual session musicians, often being used by Lee “Scratch” Perry for sessions at his Black Ark studio. Madden went on to release solo albums, as did DaCosta. Williams died in 2005 at age 61. In 2007 the band was honored at the Prime Minister’s Gala on Jamaican Independence Day. In 2016, spearheaded by Glen DaCosta and Dwight Pinkney, assisted by Dave Peters as Manager, the band is now reinvented with a new album, “ZAP-POW AGAIN”.
P: 239-601-2639
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