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ACFN Newsletter February 2018
ACFN is Growing
295+ Franchises and growing!
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ACFN Corp. Office
Sixth Floor
255 Julian Street
San Jose, CA 95113
Phone: (888)794-2236
ACFN Welcomes 5 New Franchisees!!
Jan 2018 Class
Congratulations and best of luck to:
Djuro - BC
Franchisee Review | Enjoying the process
Growth is in the air & expectations for 2018 are high!
2017 was a strong year for ACFN. We are entering 2018 with multiple plans to continue pushing growth, add new revenue streams, improve our value proposition to host locations and expand into new markets. We have high expectations from 2018 but first let’s recognize our top performers for 2017:
 Largest franchises by number of ATMs(1)
#1 Scott R & David Z                         61 ATMs
#2 Bryan & Bonnie D                         57 ATMs
#3 Bao L & Amy D                             54 ATMs
#4 Michael & Kristen D                       53 ATMs   
#5 Marco S                                        47 ATMs
As a group the top 5 in 2017 continued to grow and improve their ACFN businesses adding 31 ATMs. As of 12/31/17 they own and operate 272 ATMs compared to 251 for the top 5 in 2016 an increase of 8.37%. Congratulations on building a successful business and we look forward to your continued growth! 
(1)Based on number of ATMs installed and operational as of 12/31/2017.
Fastest Growing (2)
#1 Jeems & Arthur L                         +23 locations
#2 Eric & Lauren P                            +21 locations
#3 Jody T –                                      +19 locations   
#4 Tarek A & Mohamed A                  +18 locations  
#5 Jonathan B & Audra P                   +16 locations
#5 Anthony P                                    +16 locations
Growth is a key element in the success of any business and you have hit a home run. Congratulations and thank you for doing a great job growing your business in 2017.
 (2)Recognizes franchise owners that added the most ATMs to their network in 2017.
Most profitable franchises(3)
#1 Marco S CA
#2 Michael & Kristen D MD
#3 Scott R & David Z GA
#4 Mario M & Angelo T NY
#5 Michael R NV
Creating a substantial residual income that improves quality of life is the main reason franchisees join our business. Congratulations to the above for achieving that goal. Think big act even bigger and let’s continue growing$ 
 (3)Based on total income paid from ACFN to each of these franchises for calendar year 2017. 
Organic Growth + Acquisition = a strong 2017$
In 2017 our marketing team lead by Jim Diltz continued to deliver steady results securing contracts to place ATMs at a total of 310 new locations. In addition we signed a deal in May to acquire one of our largest competitors in the hotel space. Benefits achieved by this acquisition include: 
  • Total number of accounts purchased - 268
  • Number of franchisees participating – 84
  • Total cost paid by franchise owners - $4,257,538
  • Total capital required to operate these ATMs – $2,523,577
  • Total capital investment by all franchisees - $6,781,115
  • Increase in income for participating franchisees - $2,026,648 per year
  • Increase in income as percentage of capital invested – 29.89%
I want to thank each and every one of you that participated. Thanks to you the transaction was a smashing success $$
We continue to cash-in on DCC$$$ But we need to do more!
As of the writing of this article we have 112 ATMs doing DCC transactions. Participating Franchise owners are being paid 1% of the amount withdrawn and this amount will increase to 1.5% as soon as we get to 150 participating ATMs (let’s get this done guys……!)
This is a fast changing group as more units join every week. To best present the benefits franchisees are earning by adding DCC I pulled a report for the last 30 days.
DCC earnings for the top 5 ATM locations in the last 30 days:

This is 100% in addition to your regular revenue from surcharge so this is serious money!
If you don’t like the Visa and MC fees that are assessed on international transactions and deducted from your earning then DCC is the perfect offset. Any location paying a lot of Visa and MC fees should be programmed to process DCC ASAP so you can start earning this revenue against those fees. Call tech support NOW to get the ball rolling to higher profits in 2018$
2017 was a good year and I am sure I speak for all of us when I say that we want to build on that and have an even better year in 2018!
Work hard – work smart – do it now!
Jeffrey Kerr
CEO & President, ACFN
Growing my business from eight machines to 47
I am an 8-year franchise owner based in Las Vegas, Nevada, and recently added my 47th machine.  I am honored and flattered to have this opportunity to share some of my knowledge and background with each of you.  Finding my business was somewhat of an accident, but I am so grateful to be part of this wonderful business model, as it has given me the freedom to own my own business and have that “sky is the limit” mentality.  The majority of my machines are located in smaller hotels off the world-famous Las Vegas strip.  Mostly known as “convention center hotels”, there are thousands of travelers, in and out, weekly.  The high traffic locations are what carries my business and has put me on the road to success.  
When I first started I had only eight machines! Growing my business from eight machines to 47 was no easy feat; it took hard work, determination, I believe much of my success was my desire to increase the number of machines. Finding and contacting as many prospective quality locations as possible is key!
With the help of ACFN following up and their quick response time, my business was expanded exponentially. In the end, we grow the business one location at a time, so patience is of the utmost importance! The key factor when expanding this type of business is patience.  But, once an ATM is installed, the greatest factor for success is customer service and building strong relationships.  In fact, the relationships that you build with your clients must be held to the highest standard possible.  I personally believe that this factor stands above all the rest. My relationship with each business is a special bond, built on a mutual respect and admiration. Always being available, being friendly and providing a hassle-free environment for my clients is a necessary part of the job. When a problem arises, I resolve it with urgency, ensuring that every machine runs efficiently and has minimal down time.  
I’d like to thank ACFN for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  This has become my passion, my life and my livelihood.  
Mike, ACFN of Las Vegas
Note: This article was written by the #5 franchise on the list of highest earning franchises for 2017!
ACFN • 111 West Saint John Street, Sixth Floor • San Jose, CA 95113
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