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Moving Body Salon
We are all taking a holiday memorable weekend and then it will be time for the next.....
Moving Body Salon !
Friday, June 1
7 pm
Summer is just getting started and hope you will
join us for an easy night
with artists
sharing their work live,
in real time,
with real people.
Let's all cherish and enjoy
our creative resources for this wild world we live in.
Artistic expressions may be raw, fermenting,
fully cooked, and more. 
June 1 Performers include: 
David Belmont, Memoirist
Ali Fischer, Dance
Eelka Lampe, Poet
Jennifer Maeve Moloney, Dance
Norman Salant w/ David Belmont, Music
 Suggested Donation:  $10-$20/person
Bring snacks & a beverage (or more)
Performances, conversation, schmoozing... 
who knows what else will MOVE us!
The next
Moving Body Salon will be in July :)
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Moving Body Resources  |  112 West 27th Street, Ste. 400  |  New York City, NY 10001  |

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