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Etana Declares That It is
‘Reggae Forever’

rfg"Reggae Forever" is authentic Roots & Culture, Reality and Lovers Rock at its best. Coming from Etana, one of the leading voices in Reggae music and an unconventional songwriter whose lyrics span the spectrum of the sensual to the spiritual, the cultural to the political, the album will certainly move you. Etana, often called the Strong One, is a ground-breaking artist who continues to trod her own path, shattering expectations with 14 inspiring new songs. The album’s first track sets the mood for the set with riddim, melody, lyrics and soulful vocalizing. Listen to her take on the socially infectious ‘Spread Love’, the motivational ‘Carry You’, the provocative ‘Burned’, the artistry of ‘Soldier’ and ‘Fighting for Nothing.’ She balances these tracks with the seductive dancehall flavor of ‘My Man’, ‘No Money No Love’ (feat: Nutty O), and ‘6 Mins – 21 Secs’; And for added variety is the Ska beat on ‘You Are The One’.

"Reggae Forever" is an empowering collection of songs, each with the quality to stand out on its own. It is refreshing and in keeping with the popular Jamaican saying, ‘Forward Ever – Backward Never.’

Written by: C. Danny Breakenridge.


1. Free Pt 2
2. Fighting for Nothing
3. Spread Love
4. Carry You
5. You’re The One
6. Sprung
7. My Man
8. Soldier
9. Good Enough
10. Burned
11. No Money, No Love
12. 6 MINS : 21 SECS
13. Destination
14. Jah Love (I Know)

Produced by Freemind Music LLC
Executive Producers: Shauna McKenzie Morris
Under Exclusive License to Tad’s Record
2017 Freemind Music © 2017 Shauna McKenzie / Freemind Music
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Instagram: @etanastrongone
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