The Art of Seer Series
 This Month's Feature:
Toltec Candle Fire Reading & Diagnostics
With Irma StarSpirit Woman
Thurs. Sept. 20th * 7pm-9:30 pm
Our ancestors used many systems to do intuitive readings by reading from tea leaf to crystal sphere. Every month I will be teaching a series of intuitive ways to read, consisting from different methods and tools, such as working with eggs, crystal spheres (obsidian & clear quartz), water gazing, crystal grids, rocks and feathers.
Join us this month to learn how to work with Toltec candle fire reading as a diagnostic tool.
These techniques are use to foresee to offer insight to your client. A time to understand what to look for when reading and scrying the eyes with the candle, working with the different shapes and images that arise, working with the Tonal and Nagual of the client.
Remember everything in shamanism is alive, everything is living energy of Spirit as it also has vibration. An interconnection is made by opening up our channels to the Great Spirit, Universal Energy within us. We all can foresee the unseen some of us have this as a natural ability which we are still developing it as so am I. 
Some of us are taught these skills in order to open our natural psychic abilities which are dormant, the ability is there, trust is important, to allow the energy to flow.  Becoming "The hollow bone", where energy can just go through you as received through the higher power in order to become a healer and seer,  not to use as personal power but to help humanity and community.
It is time you remove those obstacles that you are perhaps are not allowing to open. Seek and explore through your higher self and your connection to the Great Mystery.  Take the leap of faith in knowing you are one of a kind in this world, manifest your gifts and use them as they are intended to be shared. Walk the walk, talk the talk and always walk with beauty.
Calendar of The Art of the Seer Series
Thurs. Sept. 20- Toltec Fire Reading
Thurs. Oct. 11th - Obisidian & Crystal Spheres Scrying
Thurs. Nov. 8th- Egg Cleansing & Reading
Thurs. Dec. 13th- Crystal Grid Reading
Thurs. Jan. 17th - Feather Auric Reading & Diagnostics
Thurs. Feb. 7th- Rock & Water Gazing
Limited to 12 people
Cost: $45 per class
Or A package deal of 4 classes (select classes) for $155 (must be paid in full)
To Register: Irma at
Location: SFR Soul Haven
56 West 45th St, Suite 1703
Btw 5th & 6th Ave.
Lobby Doors open at 6:55 pm until 7:10 pm thereafter lobby doors close.
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