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Legacy Cacao

The World’s PUREST Premium Cacao

Ceremonial-Grade Royal Mayan

Whole-Bean Sipping Chocolate

ALL natural superfood – coffee & energy drink substitute
100% Organic •  Non-GMO • No Side Effects

Legacy Cacao
 Cacao is the most nutrient and mineral-rich natural food on the planet.

Feel Better, Perform Higher, Live Longer

The recent explosive popularity of cacao is due to its many benefits:

  • Athletes use cacao for performance enhancement + accelerated recovery.
  • Career professionals & high-achievers use cacao for mental acuity, agility & energy.
  • Health-conscious consumers use cacao’s nourishing qualities for:
  • Mental health – Natural mood elevator & anti-depressant that reduces the stress hormone cortisol (found in coffee).
  • Brain health – Boosts brain blood flow for focus, memory, creativity.
  • Heart health – Regulates blood sugar & circulation.
  • Cardiovascular health – Anti-inflammatory & thinner properties help prevent blood clots, bad cholesterol & artery hardening.
  • Vital organ health – Liver, kidneys, pancreas.
  • Prostate health – Enlarged or urination flow.
  • Nervous system health – Clears & heals.
  • Immune system health – Strengthens immunity.
  • Oral health – Hardens teeth enamel.
  • Skin Health – Complexion + Doubles time in sun before burning (reduces skin cancer risk).
  • Anti-Aging – Build/rebuild collagen & carotene for shiny hair & strong nails.
  • Hormonal balance (PMS, puberty, menopause, etc.)
  • Sex drive enhancement.  
Legacy Cacao
It’s WHAT’s Inside

Cacao is Ultra-Rich in Minerals

  • More calcium than cow’s milk.
  • One of highest concentrations of magnesium in any natural food source.
  • 40 TIMES the heart-protective antioxidants of blueberries.
  • Highest plant-based source of iron.
  • Plus over 700 compounds.

It's HOW it's Made

Ancient Mayan Secret Recipe
Farmed & Produced in Accordance with the Mayan Calendar

Follow the ancient process of growing, harvesting, crushing, meditating, and processing that is vital to the quality, integrity and performance of the world’s PUREST premium cacao.
Legacy Cacao
Unlike 70% of cacao, no child slavery is involved with the
making of this product. 
A Grander Purpose

Legacy Cacao is a “fair-profit” company that redirects a significant amount of the revenues to the local Mayan farmers in Guatemala to help them rebuild from genocide.

Email / +1 917 558 5303
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