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July 2018 Newsletter
For 12 years this newsletter has gone to more than 20,000 Firearms Collectors, Enthusiasts, Historians and Professionals Worldwide. We now reprint over 6000 Vintage Gun Catalogs, Books and Manuals from the 1840s to the 2000s 

Calls From The Wilds
Back issues: you can view the newsletter on our website. For a downloadable copy of our catalog of reprints or manuals this will take you there. Also, we have Interesting downloads at our website. Please forward this letter to your friends.
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Who says building a border wall won't work?
great wall
The Ming Chinese built one with 25,000 watch towers over 500 years ago and they still don't have any Mongol Raiders... of course the darn Manchus climbed over the wall and got in to establish the Qing Dynasty but they still don't have many Mexicans. I was joking, don't get excited, I'm not making political commentary.



How Sad and Pathetic and, oh yes, Stupid Too...
 Thanks to Zach Klaus


Meteotsunami hits Grand Traverse Bay in downtown Traverse City, Michigan...




A Pun Jab
Two antennas met on a roof, fell in love and got married. The ceremony wasn't much, but the reception was excellent.
A jumper cable walks into a bar. The bartender says, ‘I'll serve you, but don't start anything.'  
Two peanuts walk into a bar, and one was a salted.
A man walks into a bar with a slab of asphalt under his arm, and says: 'A beer please, and one for the road.'  
'Doc, I can't stop singing 'The Green, Green Grass of Home.' 'That sounds like Tom Jones Syndrome.' 'Is it common?' ‘Well, It's Not Unusual.'  
An invisible man marries an invisible woman. The kids were nothing to look at either.
Deja Moo: The feeling that you've heard this bull before.
I went to buy some camouflage trousers the other day, but I couldn't find any.
I went to a seafood disco last week...and pulled a mussel.
Two fish swim into a concrete wall. The one turns to the other and says, 'Dam!'
OK, time for the Quintuple Pun of the month:
Mahatma Gandhi, as you know, walked barefoot most of the time, which produced an impressive set of calluses on his feet. He also ate very little, which made him rather frail and with his odd diet, he suffered from bad breath. This made him (are you ready?): "A super-calloused, fragile, mystic, hexed by halitosis."


thanks to Jim Buchanan


Hey! Has anyone got a Come-Along?

train wreck



New Additions

 All the contributors who over the years have lent us originals, scanned their originals for us and even sent us money are the backbone of what makes us us successful. This month we want to thank... Rex Barber and Alex Croman
American Rifleman 1935 April
Beretta 1985 Firearms
Browning 1910 Automatic 22 Rifle Manual- Spanish
Browning 1996 Gun Catalog
Browning 1998 Gun Catalog
Browning c1970 FN High Power Pistols
Browning FN c1930s Product Line (in French)
Dale Wise 1967-8 Parts Collection with clear Cutaway Drawings
Eley-Kynoch 1952 No 40 Price List
Franchi 1978 Fine Firearms
Freedom Arms c2002 Revolver Catalog
G.C. Dornheim Munitions 1930 Aktiengesellschaft (in English)
Gamo c1997 Air Guns
Handbook of Commercial Casting 2nd Ed 1993
Hartford Arms 1925 Pistol Flyer
Hornady (PDF) Handbook of Cartridge Reloading Rifle-Pistol Fourth Ed 1996 Vol 1
Hornady (PDF) Handbook of Cartridge Reloading Rifle-Pistol Fourth Ed 1996 Vol 2
Hornady (PDF) Reloading Manual Vol 3rd ed 1980
Lanber c1988 Gun Catalog
Load Map .357 Magnum (Max Ave Pressure) USA Midway 1999
Load Map .45 ACP (Max Ave Pressure) USA Midway 1998
Load Map Luger 9mm (Max Ave Pressure) USA Midway 1998
Lyman (PDF) 2002 48th ed Reloading Catalo
Lyman (PDF) c1991 Cast Bullet Guide
Modern Reloading (PDF) 2nd ed by Richard Lee 2009
Rob Mouat
For those of you who buy our publications on eBay and not our website, please be aware that we have not added any of the new publications we processed during the last four years to ebay. Why? It is too expensive to advertise more then we do and it is a royal pain to add new items to eBay. Furthermore ebay commissions (including commissions on shipping!) are high and the bookkeeping is onerous. Buy from our website, please!
From The Times (London) forwarded by Jim Buchanan:
Novel War Devices
The Inventions Department of the Ministry of Munitions receive almost every day ideas of the most novel kind. All are carefully considered. Some are useful, but almost nine-tenths are wholly impracticable. In an article on the subject, published in the  Ministry of Munitions Journal , it is said that the following suggestions for dealing with hostile aircraft have been received: the clouds are to be frozen artificially and guns mounted on them; heavy guns are to be suspended from captive balloons; the moon is to be covered with a big black balloon; aeroplanes are to be armed with scissors or scythes, like Boadicea’s chariot; heat rays are to be projected for the purpose of setting Zeppelins on fire.
One of the most popular suggestions is to attach a searchlight to an anti-aircraft gun, get the light on the object, and shoot along the beam: but unfortunately the path of a shell is quite different from that of a ray of light. Most elaborate “decoy” schemes are sometimes worked out for the confusion of the enemy, comprising in at least one case sham factories with chimneys and hooters complete. To prevent the polished lines of a railway showing at night the last carriage of the last train, according to another correspondent, was to camouflage them by dribbling blacking as it went along. Other proposals were: a balloon carrying magnets hung on strings to attract the rifles out of men’s hands; a shell to contain fleas or other vermin inoculated with disease; a shell with a man inside it to steer it at the target; the squirting of cement over soldiers so as to petrify them; the sending of snakes into enemy trenches by pneumatic propulsion; the throwing of live-wire cables among advancing infantry by means of rockets. Germany should be attacked in one case by making a “tube” all the way, and in another by employing trained cormorants to fly to Essen and pick out the mortar from Krupp’s chimneys.
One correspondent sent quite a number of original methods of repelling attacks, including a series of nets spread in front of our lines which could be drawn so as to enmesh the Germans, and a lawn-mower as large as a Tank to make mincemeat of them. The purpose of the article is to warn off inventors of this sort, and frequently they are genially argued with.


Rants and Raves
Thanks for the AR7 manual which appears to be printed in colour. Your advert states the publication is four pages but I only received one sheet of paper inserted in a glassine envelope. While the cover was designed to fold in half the image of the parts on the back were obviously meant to be viewed as an open document, therefore I cannot fathom why you could claim the manual is four pages and not two, possibly three if you fold the cover and while the price is not unfair I do believe you should be honest when advertising the piece. Antony Smedley

Dear Antony, Ah, we can see how that might cause you dismay but we have a happy solution to the problem. Please find the open end of the plastic envelope and reach inside grasping the paper, then carefully remove the two pieces of paper which have, combined four sides or "pages". Cheers, Rob Mouat

AH Logo

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Letters From Readers
Dear Rob and Abby, My copy of Tranter Cartridge Firearms- Black, Guerin, Michaud arrived this morning in good order. I am impressed by the very high quality of the printing and presentation. Apart from the valuable reference material it contains the book will sit very well in my bookcase alongside my other reference works. A big thank you to you both for making valuable out of print material available again. Regards, Martin
Dear Martin, What a pleasant way to begin the day for us. Displays of appreciation are so rare today that when a customer takes the time to say something nice it touches our hearts. Thank you for your kind comments. Cheers, Rob
Dear Abby, Trying to find out if any of your readers have heard of or seen the name "Samuel Harper".  The gun is a beutifully built side -by- side,  sidelock/side hammer, underlever 10 gauge cartridge gun. It is marked "Sam'L Harper-- London". It has beautiful fine English scroll on the hammers, sideplates , and action, which is also sculpted. The barrels are Damascus twist . The gun has a gorgeous piece of English walnut stock with a splinter forend. I'm sure it is a "cottage built" gun, but can find absolutely nothing about Mr. Harper. I've contacted several "in the know" side x side collectors to no avail. Thanks Very Much, Michael A. Hall, Battle Angel Designs, LLC 208-597-4069 * 334 Sky Hawk Dr. Spirit Lake, Idaho 83869  email Michael
Good day. I would like to ask you some questions about the gun made in the workshop by Alfred Davis (from J.Blanch and son) Gun and Rifle Maker. I have a gun built in this workshop and I would like to sell it. If you would be kind to me some information related to the gun I would send you pictures of the gun and all the information I own. I am coming from Serbia and I hope for further cooperation. By: Marko Mijanovic
Hello Marko, We are publishers of old catalogs so we don't do research for people. If you can send me pictures I'll put them in our newsletter going out next Tuesday. Perhaps a reader can help you. Cheers, Rob
(Dear Rob) Good afternoon, I sent you pictubestures of a gun. I'll ask you to let me know if your pictures have come to me and tell me your opinion about the shoot. Everything can help, if you know an old weapons collector, you can give it my e-mail address and get in touch. I will send you pictures and all the information I have, and you can send me pictures of the foreign catalog when it comes out. If my catalog or you help me sell, I'm willing to give you a percentage after sales. Thanks in advance every help and information is welcome. Marko

Dear Marko, Thank you for the pictures. The ammunition pictures seem to show different gauge shells and one, I think, shows a bullet. Would you please tell me if one barrel is for shot shells in 12 gauge and the other a rifled barrel? What shape are the bores in (the inside of the barrel)? How much money do you want for the gun? Best wishes, Rob




barrelsammo(Dear Rob) The gun uses four different caliber, with the help of inserts that go into the tube. The belt pulled out of the buttocks and automatically returns it after removing it. I'll paint you all and make one shot to see what it looks like. Rob
(Dear Rob) The gun is a 16mm caliber upper tube without gearbox, and a 32mm lower hose. With reducers 32mm upper hose and 9mm floppy filling bottom hose. The pipes do not have a spiral. 
So, Dear Readers, I am not very knowledgeable about these guns and the only Alfred davis catalog we have is from 1925. The hammer guns sold then are different than Marko's gun and nitro-proffed as well, so I assume his is much earlier. can anyone advise Marko about his gun, its value and how he should sell it? As he mentioned, he is in Serbia which leaves a lot of questions about any purchase from abroad. What do you think? Rob
Abby, I received both of the packages you sent me. I enjoy looking through the old catalogs, they are a wealth of information. I will be ordering from you again as soon as I track down what exactly I want to know about some of the antique guns I own.  Thank you, Dan Pinkham
(Dear Abby) Iver Johnson c1897 Gun CatalogIs the Iver Johnson model 66 Trailsman in the book? Rpevans55 (Ebay)
Dear rp… The Iver Johnson model 66 Trailsman was made from 1958-1974, this catalog is from c1897 so you would need to select one of the later Iver catalogs we reprint. Rob Mouat
(Dear Abby)Iver Johnson c1971 History & Gun CatalogIs the iver johnson trailsman 66 in this book? rpevans55 (Ebay)
Dear rpevans55, No, I'm sorry that is a historical catalog of guns made in the different eras. The one you want is in the Iver Johnson 1967 Color Flyer. There is also a parts diagram in theIver Johnson 1958 Component Parts Catalogwe do. If you cant find them at ebay, buy this 1971 one and tell me in the order to send you both the above catalogs instead and I'll take care of it for you.
Hi Rob, This is the Krico you helped me get. That 53 Akah is a great catalog. Thanks again,  Joel




Dear Abby, Thank you for all your help in acquiring these items and for being a great source for such. I do not know how you operate your business but let me support you by let you know that regarding my order there is no emergency and you can take your time as you may need. I wish you and Rob well being and the best always, Nowell
(Dear Abby) Thank you very much i just sent u the paypal . will probibly be ordering more from you now that i have your site . i love older catalogs. Robert
Hi,Telescopic Rifle Sights by Townsend Whelen 1944The book arrived today. Looks good and am glad I got it. Also AGAIN, thanks for the great service.  Thank you, John (Ebay: johnd3222)
Halo ! Cartridges for the Collector (Far West Hobby Shop) 1937I am intrested of buying your book, but find that you dont send to Sweden. I dont understan why. It is easy !Just put it in an envelop. put stampa on and post it !! Tell me the cost of postage and I will pay the total over PAYPAL. Hope to hear from you. Regards, Anders Runesson
Dear Anders, I am sorry, due to unpleasant experiences shipping outside the US with Ebay we no longer offer that service through Ebay (also, Ebay also charges commissions on shipping which has led to complaints). So, although we do ship overseas through other outlets, we cannot any longer do it here. Rob Mouat
(Dear Abby)EK, JOHN Your Silent Partner c1965 Fightin KnivesHello, is this the booklet, or just a flyer? Thanks! Zenmann101 (Ebay)
Dear zen… Well, I guess I would call it a booklet. This is part of the description in the listing (also see the listing for an index of contents): 30 pages, about 6" x 8", glossy soft-cover in full color. New re-print restored and digitally enhanced from a nice original. Printed on high quality 20# 97 bright acid free paper. Fully Illustrated. Rob Mouat
(Dear Abby)Speer 1959 Wildcat Rifle Loads Volume 4Are these spiral bound like the originals? glennbechtel (ebay)
Dear glenn, No, they are heat bound with a cloth tape that allows the book to open flat... and the book can be suspended by a single page too! Rob Mouat
(Dear Rob) Garate Trocaola & Lemes Inc, Firearms c1922 (New York & Spain)Hello and hope all is well. Might the catalog your selling have info & photos for the Garate Anitua eibar 32-20 Model 333 swing out cylinder revolver? I own this specific model revolver and I am always looking for manufacturer documentation on this revolver made by Garate Anitua. Thank you. corsairfly (ebay)
Dear corsairfly, No, I'm afraid not. Both revolvers advertised look like Webley knock-offs and are break top. Cheers, Rob
Abby, Check out my new web site, Larry Shelton, Author of book J. P. Clabrough Gunmaker, 916-933-4347
Hi Abby, Does Cornell offer discounts on, say, Volumes 2 and 3 of Arms Heritage.  John L.
Sorry John L, the cost of printing is so high due to the color content of the magazine and the fact that is isn't mass printed, but rather printed to order, there isn't enough profit in it to cover the cost of producing the magazine and printing it so we don’t offer discounts. Cheers, Abby
Hello, I am looking for Jacketed Performance from cast bullets by Veral Smith. A search result did not come up on your website. So if that is as good as it gets than please disregard my email. If you could obtain a copy that would be great. If prepayment is necessary please let me know. Thank you for your time. Ben Baker
Hi Ben, Got to the Addall website and enter Veral Smith as the author only. There are two for sale. Best, Abby
Hi Mike, No, I'm sorry to say that back in those days they only gave you a flat plan view of parts with the names. I don't know if they thought everyone knew how to put them together or if they thought everyone went to a gunsmith. I admit it is odd but that process is across the board with all gunmakers except a few that showed a cutaway. I'm not allowed to be specific under ebay rules but there are modern publications that show how to assemble old guns. Best wishes, Abby
Hi.  I live here in Michigan and I have what I believe is an original 1953 Weatherby catalog but I'm unsure. I bought it at a flea market a few years ago from a random pile of magazines. It looks to have the proper wear and age to it but I have no idea what the quality was of the original printing. I would like to sell it on eBay but I want to make sure I'm not selling a reproduction. Could you please give some idea what to look for if it is genuine? This is not something I normally deal with or run across so I'm a bit out of my depth. Any pointers you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and have a good day. Brian Butts
Hi Brian, I don't know anyone else who is reproducing Weatherby catalogs and ours have our name on the back cover so that is a clue. Yours is probably real. Abby 
email Rob or Abby  
The End.
Rob and Abby
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