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PEACE TALKS ~ July 2018

This Week and Upcoming
 Featured Event


Saturday, July 7th ~ Saturday Sweat Lodge
Saturday, July 7th ~ Monthly Fire Ceremony 
Saturday, July 14th ~ Work Day for SunMoon Dance
July 20th-23rd ~ Seymour SunMoon Dance
Saturday, August 4th ~ Saturday Sweat Lodge
Saturday, August 4th ~ Drumming Circle
Saturday, August 11th ~ Native Nurturing Young
Seymour SunMoon Dance

2018 SunMoon Dance
 July 20th-23rd
Center For Peace
Seymour, TN
led by: Steve Citty 


"Vibration moves in and through all things; is all things. At the physical essence of our existence, the atomic and sub-atomic levels, there is only vibration. We are vibration and we are constantly harmonizing with vibrations in our near presence. That is the magic of the dance. The Drum carries the vibration of the Tiwa chants of ancientness and we resonate with that vibration as we discover the potentialities of our own beingness and remember who we are."
~ echo
We are grateful to Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow for his clarity, and courage and for his magnificent gift—this way of discovering our true relationship with and in all things, and ultimately, ourselves.

The Sun Moon Dance, which comes from the vision of Joseph Rael, is a dance of introspection and peace leading to personal discovery and growth. The time of introspection afforded in the four day dance helps break the crystallization of forms that holds us in the places we are stuck, allowing new awareness of the Vast Self to come into consciousness seeding a deep Inner Peace.
By dancing and fasting from food and drink for the time of the Dance, we heighten our awareness and allow ourselves to remake our personal world even as we call the vibration of peace to the land we dance upon.
When we dance we are the truth of breath, matter and movement. By dancing on land that has been used for Dance before, we are placing ourselves in a vortex of Spirit energy. This vortex calls us higher up in vibration as we follow the steps of those that have danced on this land before our time. The land calls us.
If possible, you can arrive on Thursday, July 19th. You must be here by 12 noon on Friday July 20th.  If that is not possible, please contact Steve.

Saturday Sweat Lodge ~ July 7th
 From ya-native.comSaturday Sweat Lodge

July 7th, 2018

fire starts @ 10am

(come help cover the lodge)
go in lodge about 11:30
Led by: Steve Citty
Firekeeper: Hannah Dunemann 
The fire will start at 10 am. We will go in the lodge when the stones are hot (usually about an hour to an hour-and-a-half. You are encouraged to come early and prayerfully prepare for the lodge.
Please bring towels, a change of clothing, and food to share.
Suggested Items to Bring:
  • Two Towels
  • Men are requested to wear swim trunks, gym shorts or something similar.
  • Women are requested to wear a skirt or dress. (Something for inside the sweat that is modest and you don’t mind getting muddy.)
  • Change of clothes (Preferably long sleeve and covers all of the legs to keep from getting the feast area dirty)
  • Covered Dish for the Feast
  • More information
It is appropriate to bring tobacco, a small gift, or monetary gift for the fire-keeper and lodge master, both of whom offer their services to the people as a gift. 
We use lots of wood for the fire; supplies like herbs (sage, tobacco, cornmeal, etc.), drinking water, and more. If you are feeling abundant, a donation ($10-$20) would be appreciated. Donations are used to support the Sweat Lodge and the Dance Away Program.

There is never a charge for Ceremony. If you are not feeling abundant, PLEASE do not allow this to prevent you from coming.
Monthly Fire Ceremony ~ July 7th
 Fire Ceremony
 Saturday, July 7th
 6:45 pm
~ led by Katy Koontz
The purpose of the FIRE CEREMONY is to heal and purify both the planet’s physical oceans and the oceans of cosmic thought.
At 7 pm local time, fire elders light ceremonial fires at each of the Peace Sound Chambers around the world. Those present watch the fire in silence until it burns out, giving to it what we want to transmute in our lives and staying open to the messages and teachings it brings.
Come to the fire ceremony if you enjoy focused meditation, if you are looking for new ideas and insights, if you seek to release and transmute something that does not serve you, if you want to join in the service of healing the oceans (both physical and cosmic) or if you’re simply called to participate in a ceremony that honors this powerful elemental force.
We suggest you arrive by 6:45 pm.
All are welcome.
Donations are appreciated.
July 14th ~ Work Day
Working hands
Work Day

 SATURDAY, July 11th
Final work Day for the SunMoon Dance
Join us as we gather to prepare the grounds for the Seymour SunMoon Dance.
This work day can be applied to Work Exchange for the Sun Moon Dance. If you wish to use it for another dance, please contact the Chief of that dance. (Information available on the website.)
This is the final work day before the dance. A lot of work has been done on the Dance Arbor, specifically, the roof. Now we need to haul off the scrap

Contact us by email SunMoon Dance
  • Clean up the construction scrap at the Dance Arbor
  • Split and stack firewood
  • Prepare the Dance Arbor
  • Mowing needs to be done
  • Clean and set up the outdoor shower
  • Clean the composting toilets (sweep, empty trash, replenish supplies, clean seats, look for wasp nests etc)
  • Weed eat around meadow, Sound Chamber & arbor
  • There is also work to be done at the house, such as cleaning the kitchen and gift shop.
  • Sweep and tidy up Sound Chamber
Great way to participate in the life of the Center For Peace.
Coming in AUGUST
August 4th ~ Drumming Circle
Native Nurturing Drumming Circle
at Knoxville Soap Candle and Gifts
August 4th
led by: Nan Citty
Join us in Bearden at Knoxville Soap Candle & Gifts for a Native Nurturing Drumming Circle with Nan Citty of the Center For Peace This will be an introduction to drumming circles with a focus on hand drums, singing, and directional chants. This is a family event and children are welcome. You may bring your own drums.
More information
The general public is welcome to attend this educational event at no charge.
Native Nurturing has been offered at the Center For Peace since 1997. It was begun based on Nan Citty’s vision of bringing the experience of the Dance to our children. These events provide a hands-on experience that includes drumming, chanting, storytelling, and lessons on a variety of ceremonies.
August 11th ~ Young People's Dance
 Young People’s Dance
Saturday August 11th
Do the Dances at the Center For Peace Interest You?
Want to learn more?
The Young People's Dance is the perfect opportunity to have a great time with your family and the Center For Peace family. Come and learn with your children in a peaceful, safe environment.
The Young People’s Dance is a one-day Dance beginning with a sweat lodge at 10 am and ends in late afternoon with a feast and a giveaway. We will dance in the Arbor.
Most Ceremonial Dances at the Center are traditionally a time of fasting, but because this dance is for our young people, water and light food will be offered between Dance rounds for any dancer who feels they need it. Adults who feel called to dance to honor our youth are welcome.

Dance Chief Nan Citty, LCSW, has participated in native-based ceremonies at the Center for Peace and abroad (in Brazil, Israel and Ireland) for over two decades.  Other dancers, drummers, singers, fire tenders, and chiefs who actively commit their time at the Center for Peace will be helping us with this Dance. Grandfather Joseph has blessed these children and us all with his teachings.
The cost to put on the dance is $25 per person $100 for family of 4 or more.There is no charge for ceremony.
If you have questions, contact Nan Citty at 865-405-6809.
DRUM Dance ~ August 31-September 2
Friday August 31 – Sunday September 2, 2018

Center for Peace, Seymour, TN
 Calling all Dancers!

The Drum Dance is one of three native based vision quest dances given to us by Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow, a visionary and teacher from the Tiwa, Pueblo tradition  to help us learn to look at the path we walk on this land, on this journey.
It is a fasting and visionary Dance that allows us to tap into Spirit’s guidance.  In this time of chaos and fear, with one country or person set against the other, it feels that there is little we can do to restore the peaceful co-existence that we know that Spirit wants us to experience. 
Friends of the Center

We are asking for sponsorship through monthly donations.
These donations do not need to be large but if those who love the Center for Peace could help by committing a few dollars on a monthly basis it could be the difference between always hoping that someday we will be able to build or provide those needed areas (i.e. showers, sleeping areas, restrooms) and actually making it happen.
If you have participated in any of the programs, offerings, and events that occur on an ongoing basis at the Center for Peace you have already felt the personal blessings from these activities. Our mission is to be a Spiritual Center for our community which extends to anyone open to this learning path.
2018 Dances at the Center For Peace

Beginning in the early 1980's Joseph Rael ~ Beautiful Painted Arrow, a Visionary and Mystic of the Ute and Tiwa Pueblo people, began traveling the world sharing his Vision of Peace Sound Chambers and his insights about the healing power of Ceremony.
To assist people seeking personal experiences in the Spiritual realm, he began leading sacred, non-traditional Dances that Spirit brought to him in Visions. For 15 years he traveled the world leading three sacred Dances which came to him in Visions: the Long Dance, Drum Dance and Sun-Moon Dance.
Since Joseph's retirement in 1997 the work has grown and many of Joseph’s students, with his blessing, have now received Visions of different Dances of their own.
May 25-27
Women’s Web of Life Dance
Chiefs: Jennilea Beem & Heather Robinson

August 31-September 2
Drum Dance
Chief: Brenda Sue Whitmire
July 20-23, 2018
2018 Seymour Sun Moon Dance
Chief: Steve Citty
November 2-4

Dragon Dance of Creation 
Chief: Candy Barbee
August 11th January 19-20, 2019
Long Dance
Chiefs: Colby McLemore & Katy Koontz
In this issue:
This Week and Upcoming
Seymour SunMoon Dance
Saturday Sweat Lodge ~ July 7th
Monthly Fire Ceremony ~ July 7th
July 14th ~ Work Day

Coming in AUGUST
August 4th ~ Drumming Circle
August 11th ~ Young People's Dance
DRUM Dance ~ August 31-September 2
Friends of the Center
2018 Dances at the Center For Peace
Calendar at a Glance
Facebook Group
Council Members
Chanting in the Chamber
The Center For Peace is a 501(c)(3)  not for profit corporation. Your donations are tax deductible.

We exist on donations.
If you have ever come to the Center For Peace and liked what you found, PLEASE consider donating now; either a one time donation, or set up an ongoing donation through PayPal. 

Calendar at a Glance
Saturday, July 7th

Saturday Sweat Lodge
Fire starts at 10am in lodge about 12:00
Saturday, July 7th
6:45 pm
Monthly Fire Ceremony
Saturday, July 14th
Work Day for Seymour SunMoon Dance
July 20th-23rd
Seymour SunMoon Dance
Saturday, August 4th

Saturday Sweat Lodge
Fire starts at 10am in lodge about 12:00
Saturday, August 4th

@Knoxville Soap & Candle
Sunday, August 5th

Work Day for Young People's Dance
Tuesday, August 7th
6:45 pm
Monthly Fire Ceremony
Saturday, August 11th
Native Nurturing Young People's Dance
Facebook Group


Council Members
The Center for Peace is a non-profit religious corporation in the State of Tennessee. Donations to the Center for Peace can be claimed as deductions from income for income tax purposes.
Active Council Members of the Center for Peace:
Nan Citty
Knoxville, TN
Steve Citty
Knoxville, TN
Dona Hodges
Sevierville, TN
Teresa McKee
Lenoir City
Heather Robinson
Seymour, TN
Jeanne Robinson
Seymour, TN
Perry Robinson
Seymour, TN

Chanting in the Chamber
The Peace Sound Chamber is available for chanting, vision quests and ceremonies of many different types.
You are encouraged to come to the chamber and chant, drum, meditate or simply sit (the chamber Spirits love it); please check first that there is not something already scheduled. Please call at least two weeks in advance to reserve our facilities as usage requires council approval
Center For Peace  •  880 Graves Delozier Road  •  Seymour  •  TN  •  37865
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