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Jamaican Reggae Artist & Producer
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EP Album Release Party"
Join Dillgin & Special Guest Gyptian with host Elise Kelly in Kingston
"Still A Work" VIDEO  
 Robert Bailey, aka Dillgin, was born and raised in Jamaica. Throughout the years, he has pursued his career as a singer, DJ, songwriter, and producer on his own label, Wall Streetz Records. As a producer, he produced many artists including Capelton "Never Get Down” and “Dutty Life", Beenie Man "Power and Shower", Sizzla "Buzz Rock Warrior", Anthony B. & The Mighty Diamonds "Pass The Kutchie”, and Luciano "Mystery Babylon", among many others. Dillgin's 2001 self-produced breakout single  “Cuss Cuss” featuring Mark Ice- was featured on VP Records Strictly The Best 27, and has taken him on tours throughout Europe, the Caribbean, Canada and across the USA.

  Released on 10/9/18

"Dillgin Creating Buzz" 
Dillgin has been on a musical high since the release of his latest single titled "Still A Work"
"The track is co-produced by the singer and Jimmy Ricks for Wall Streetz Records.“I am doing a lot of promotion in support of this song and it's paying off big time. Right now Still A Work is getting a lot of support from DJs all over the Caribbean, North America, Europe, the UK and Brazil. I'm pleased with the response it's getting,” he said.
Dillgin's international fan base is growing steadily as he recently completed a series of shows in Brazil. “Last month I was invited by a Brazilian entertainer by the name of Jahgun to perform in Brazil. It was a tremendous experience I did three shows in Salvador, I did one in Brasilia and one in a place called Sao Luis. I also recorded songs with musicians from Brazil,” said Dillgin.
 “The people in Brazil love reggae music a lot; they gave me a warm reception. I'm looking forward to returning very soon,” he continued.
Last month Dillgin released a new single titled Heart of Mine. He has upcoming performances in the UK and Europe."

Dillgin is the consummate performer and artiste. Dillgin’s music speaks to his goal of being an agent of change, using his music to spread a message of LOVE, TOLERANCE, PEACE, INSPIRATION and THE SUPPORT OF OTHERS. With a repertoire of original songs unparalleled only by few of the greats, he is also comfortable doing cover versions of songs that speak to him on a spiritual and emotional level adding his own unique flavor his experiences have wrought to whatever song he decides to draw from. Dillgin is constantly, tirelessly pushing himself to evolve as a person and as a musician. Dillgin can be found almost always in rehearsals or in the studio, when he isn’t off writing or performing. 
Relocating to California in 2010, Dillgin started over with a renewed focus on his music. He has opened for and collaborated with California Rock band, Urban Classics; consulted and worked with renowned musician Derrick Barnett, from Sagittarius and Statement Band; He also recorded with guitarist Aurelien Metsch of Wadada Music; and Producer Prynze of Paran Sounds, to complete his new album, New Day, that showcases his musical and spiritual evolution, as he give a very personal and uplifting insight into his struggles, determination, redemption, and commitment to the Most High, his family, his music, and his fans. 
Dillgin is poised to be a force to be reckoned with within the Reggae music industry. With a more mature, honed and sharpened sound, filled with emotion and notes from his life experiences, his authenticity and his unique ability to draw people in, to captivate audiences with his dynamism, emotion and talent, it is extremely hard to deny that Dillgin is about to take the world of Reggae Music by storm.
Dillgin hopes his music will remove boundaries and build bridges regardless of race, color or religion, for people throughout the world delivering a message of LOVE and HOPE. 
Jah Bless  

2018 Has Been A Busy Year
for rising star Dillgin who performed
all over the US & Europe:
May 17 - June 27, 2018
Thursday 17.05.  Hanover Germany 
Friday 18.05.        Köln - Germany
Saturday 19.05.    Köln - Germany 
Thursday 24.05.    Hanover - Germany 
Friday 25.05.  Hamburg - Germany 
Thursday 31.05.  Hamburg - Germany 
Friday 01.06.        Hanover - Germany 
Saturday 02.06.  Belgum Germany 
Thursday 07.06.  Berlin - Germany 
Saturday 09.06.    Zürich - Switzerland 
Thursday 14.06.    Zürich Switzerland 
Saturday 16.06.    Bielefeld - Germany
Thursday 21.06.    Stockholm Sweden 
Friday 22.06.         Gotland Sweden 
Saturday 23.06.    Gotland Sweden
10/10/18    Dub Club - LA, CA     
10/14/18    Club PCH
Long Beach, CA                           
10/16/18   Club Station 1640
Hollywood, CA                         
10/28/18 Citrus City Grill
Corona, CA                        
12/01/18  Club Bamboo Complex
12/05/18   Queens NYC               
12/07/18    Philadelphia         
Twitter: Dillgin1
Instagram: Dillgin
Facebook:Dillgin Tony Bailey
Management/Booking Contact
U.S. (646)240-6351
JAMAICA (876) 356-8481
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RBA Publishing & Publicity  •  P.O. Box 920  •  Arcata, CA 95518

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