Jumping Into the Abyss 
Poems By The Being in Dreaming
 Toltec Dreamparty 2019

 (From Top Left Row)
Yuna, Claudia, Daria, Liz, Patricia, Christina
Fatima & Alex
Myth of Purity by Yuna
Lightning strikes as it trembles and shakes the plains of purple canyons.
Yet I stand serious and conscious
That I am a traveler, from a far away place
that is yet so familiar.
I lean forth over the cliff of violet ice
One way, I get seduced into the void
The other, I slide down a steep mountain of emotion.
Gazing at the startled horizon, not a word is said.
Only the thunder speaks
before I, as I stand.
The static the lightning emits gets scraped and propelled into the abyss or forgotten emotions and untold secrets.
My blue cloak floats with the wind as my hair does too.
I lean further and let myself be carried,
as I am only a passenger of this universe. 
As I descend, the override of air make my lungs feel heavy. The air was filled with lies.
Or so it seemed.
Still I am unsure if I was the one holding my breath.
As I collapse heavily on a new place,
I emerge
from the glowing grass and white flowers,
I cover my eyes with my hand as the sun smiles,
I am now present, in a glamorous place.
Where my white cloak holds a blissful freedom in the way it harmonizes with the breeze.
I am gifted with the eternal bliss, Of beauty and nature.
The elegance of Life and Joy surrounds us all.
everything seems beautiful in my eyes,
 the reason being is that I know, I know I am not being lied to.
And I am given the reminder that,
Not all that Shimmers is Gold
Con el Viento que lo Toca Todo
With the Wind that Touches it All
by Claudia
Con el viento que lo toca todo
Se extingue el aliento de una vieja historia.
Una historia en la que me es difícil enraizar y pertenecer,
En donde sólo hablo el lenguaje de la tierra que me vió nacer.
Con la fuerza de los cuatro vientos
La tierra se levanta girando en movimiento circular,
Me dejo envolver en un tornado y lo dejo todo;
Me permito convertirme en todo y un poco más.
El viento me da alas que me llevan
A donde mis pies quieren caminar,
Hacia los senderos infinitos
En los que mi alma se atreve a soñar.
Desde las alturas miro el brillo de pequeñas luces
Que titilan en el paisaje de una nueva ciudad,
Como las constelaciones en las estrellas
Veo los patrones y conexiones de las almas de esa ciudad.
Salto sin miedo con la imagen en mi mente
De ese brillante mapa estelar,
A donde el viento ha susurrado mi nombre;
En donde soy tierra y libertad.
With the Wind that Touches it All
With the wind that touches it all 
The breath of an old story extinguishes.
A story where is hard to be rooted, and is hard to belong
In which I only speak the language of the land where I was born.
With the power of the four winds
A circular motion lifts me off of the ground.
I allow the tornado to engulf me leaving everything behind,
I allow myself to become it all, and little bit more.  
The wind becomes the wings that take me
To where my feet want to walk
To paths that are as infinite
As my soul dares to dream.
From the altitude I see the glimpses of shiny little lights
Lights that twinkle in the landscape of a new land,
Like the constellations of stars that are high up in the sky
I see the patterns and connections of the souls of the land.
I jump without fear
With the image of that stellar map in my mind,
To where my name has been whispered,
To where I’m freedom and earth.
Dreaming by Daria
Burning fire, with some air.
Transmutation in full force.
Water, clouds, moon and care.
Gives me energy and hope. 
Just tune into elementals.
Sunsets, trees and color blue. 
Violet sunshine is essentials.
Just be water-it’s all good!
Becoming Dust by Liz 
Riding naked
The comfort of soft companion, 
No holding
No attachment
Standing on your back
The warrior
Cat-skinned queen
It all just comes, 
Cash & crystals
The cosmic bottomless hand-tooled leather satchel
Having all, giving some,
Needing none
Mud-caked queen
Union of sacred opposites
Mother of white colt,
Lighting Bolt
Becoming Windhorse
Under stars on open plains
Becoming dust
My Time by Patricia
I am walking on the path marked by my past.
Rocks are rolling everytime my feet touch the soil.
They take away my sorrow, my anger, let it go.
I'm climbing the mountain as I climb my problems.
And when I'm done, I am at the edge of my new path where connection and light bring me my new time.
Give More Than Take;
Forever in a Supportive Role
by Christina 
Up the mountain, I go. To give to strive.
Give and support.
People need me. (And I need them.)
The trudge up the mountain is hard. Onward I go.
I can do it. So I do.
The mountain is strong, sharp, and steep.
I zig, and I zag, back and forth.
When I get to the top, I see everything.
All is crystal clear.
I leap up and for some time that is where I go.
I keep reaching up. I keep moving higher. 
No weight can take me down.
I am as light as a feather. And then, I am suspended in clouds.
I am lighter than a feather and still for a moment.
I start to move around, boundless.
I move past a volcano. It spews great ash.
I move between the particles. 
Each grain is a stepping stone. The heat does not take me.
I zig-zag. I maneuver through all the spaces.
All that is, in between.
There is Eagle. We fly with Eagle. We hold Eagle.
Anywhere it wants to go, by its side and under its wings.
We fly.
I land on a stalk of wheat.
It glows golden from the sun's rays. 
Sometimes almost seeming transparent.
It's quite beautiful and breath-taking.
The warm glow is intoxicating and vibrant.
Next, I submerge in water.
It's quite crowded. The forward motion continues and becomes more buoyant.
Bubbles are everywhere.
We hug each other and keep each other near.
We roll with the flow, wherever water goes, along its many paths.
A siren goes off, like an ambulance.
The sound ripples out. It moves in all directions.
And for a moment all goes blank.
Is that sound real? Is it true?
Should I be alarmed?
Another moment, there is nothing but pure sound.
Space envelopes and it goes on and beyond.
It fills all within and in between. And at the end...
All are in a petri dish.
Organisms vibrating in technicolor.
Integration by Fatima
Up in that mountain 
 My children are calling my name
they yearning to come home
So we jump together into the abyss
Into the deepness of the river 
Where the wind and water meet
in the flow of a dark subconscious current, 
together as one.
For Air has always been my freedom 
Hearing all my past selves speak, the burnt ones, 
the mutilated ones, the cut ones, the sacrifice 
ones, the killed ones. 
They were all happy to exist, to be who they 
were, the way they were, with no regrets
I will come back once again
It is safe to  be
I will be born one more time.
And I’ll do again.
Freedom Is by Alex
Freedom is like, 
the quenching of thirst...
the nourishment of hunger...
the restful healing of great sleep...
the feeling of a cleansing warm shower...
a hug from someone you love...
the wholeness of your spirit...
the zestfulness of your sensuality...

Freedom is,
a transformational life-giving force...
It is light...
freedom is love and love is freedom...
Jumping Into the Abyss by Irma
Inside within, without
Fear pushed to the side
Take the leap
Close your eyes
Just one second
As the black eagle attention becomes one
Luminous fibers and threads of light
We ride the lightning
The thunder breaks all barriers
Into the Infinite kindness of the Universe
Riding with the wind
Carrying the fire of heart
The magic behind the breath of life
Earth mother protects us all
Planet within planet
Voices and songs of Celestial Star Beings
Encoded with vibration and light
The journey is our gift from the Great Creator
Fierce leap into the abyss
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