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PEACE TALKS ~ May 2019

This Week and Upcoming
Featured Event
Saturday, May 4th ~ Saturday Sweat Lodge
Tuesday, May 7th ~ Monthly Fire Ceremony
   Upcoming Events
June 21 -23 ~ The Dragon Dance of Creation
July 19-22 ~ Seymour SunMoon Dance

  The 2019 Dances at the Center For Peace have all been created on line and are ready for you to register, or to look at the dates to make your plans.
  Click the link above to see all of the dates and find links to each dance.
Women's Web of Life Dance

Center For Peace, Seymour, TN

May 24-26, 2019

It is through stillness and movement that we begin to see the interconnectednesses among all things”
Dance Chiefs – Jennilea Beem & Heather Robinson

  •  Can you see where you want to be-yet can’t see the steps you need to take to get there?
  • Do you begin things only to find yourself unable to finish them?
  • Do you feel stuck and unmotivated, but finally ready to become the woman you’ve dreamed of being?
  • Or perhaps you’re incredibly happy and want to celebrate, dancing that gratitude into your life and into the world
Many Dancers have said that in the Women’s Web of Life Dance they have accomplished this and much more. The Dance can assist you in both healing your past and taking steps toward your dreams, bringing you to your amazing future.
The Women’s Web of Life Dance is a Dance given in a vision to two elders. It is not a Native American ceremony. It is a ceremony about looking down the threads of life, both forward and backward, and seeing all the possible consequences of our choices. It is about seeing, understanding, and ultimately taking responsibility for what we set in motion. It is about gaining understanding of how everything we do affects the strands next to us, across from us and, indeed, the whole web of life.
Although the Dancers and crew are women, men are invited and encouraged to support by helping to prepare the Dance area on Friday, serving in the kitchen during the Dance, participating in the feast on Sunday, and in other ways.
The contribution for this Dance is $295. This covers the expenses necessary to hold the Dance.
There is never a charge for ceremony. Payment options are available when arrangements are made in advance. There is also a work exchange program in place at the Center.  
If this Dance calls to you, please contact the Dance Chiefs at
Coming in June!
Saturday Sweat Lodge June 1st
 From ya-native.comSaturday Sweat Lodge

June 1st, 2019

fire starts @ 10am

(come help cover the lodge)
go in lodge about 11:30
Led by: Sarah Franklin
Firekeeper: Hannah Dunemann
Lodge Elder: Steve Citty
The fire will start at 10 am. We will go in the lodge when the stones are hot (usually about an hour to an hour-and-a-half. You are encouraged to come early and prayerfully prepare for the lodge.
Please bring towels, a change of clothing, and food to share.
Suggested Items to Bring:
  • Two Towels
  • Men are requested to wear swim trunks, gym shorts or something similar.
  • Women are requested to wear a skirt or dress and a shirt that covers the shoulders. 
  • Change of clothes
  • Covered Dish for the Feast
  • More information
It is appropriate to bring tobacco, a small gift, or monetary gift for the fire-keeper and lodge master, both of whom offer their services to the people as a gift. 
We use lots of wood for the fire; supplies like herbs (sage, tobacco, cornmeal, etc.), drinking water, and more. A donation ($10-$20) would be appreciated. Donations are used to support the Sweat Lodge and the Dance Away Program.

There is never a charge for Ceremony. If you are not feeling abundant, PLEASE do not allow this to prevent you from coming.
Monthly Fire Ceremony ~ June 7th
 Fire Ceremony
 Friday, June 7th
 6:45 pm
~ led by Katy Koontz
The purpose of the FIRE CEREMONY is to heal and purify both the planet’s physical oceans and the oceans of cosmic thought.
At 7 pm local time, fire elders light ceremonial fires at each of the Peace Sound Chambers around the world. Those present watch the fire in silence until it burns out, giving to it what we want to transmute in our lives and staying open to the messages and teachings it brings.
Come to the fire ceremony if you enjoy focused meditation, if you are looking for new ideas and insights, if you seek to release and transmute something that does not serve you, if you want to join in the service of healing the oceans (both physical and cosmic) or if you’re simply called to participate in a ceremony that honors this powerful elemental force.
We suggest you arrive by 6:45 pm.
All are welcome.
Donations are appreciated.
Dragon Dance of Creation June 21-23
21-23 June 2019
Center for Peace, Seymour, TN
The Dragon Dance of Creation: Embracing the Elemental Forces is based on the Native American Medicine Wheel and is inclusive of many beliefs and traditions. It is a Mystical and Transformative Dance that helps you identify, connect with and expand your Creative Soul by interacting with the Elements of Fire, Water, Earth, Air and the Void in a direct hands-on manner in the Dance Arbor.
The Dragons will show up to support you as they hover metaphorically over each Element encouraging you and protecting you.
  • Dance through old beliefs that keep you captive in the present.
  • Create space within your Heart and Head for new ideas and inspiration.
  • Get in touch with your Creative Soul.
  • Create Medicine tools.
This Dance is about unleashing your Creativity and expressing your personal Self in a safe and nurturing space. There is deep freedom available when working with the Elements while dancing inside a Medicine Wheel especially while Dancing the Summer Solstice-the longest day of the years.
There are many ceremonies and parts of this Dance that can lead you, allow you to Fly with the Dragons and move into realms that you may not normally access.
At each Directional Element there will be items with which you can interact and use to create temporary or permanent tools, symbols and artifacts for your altar, desk or home. These are intended to help remind you of your Dance and move forward into your future.
As Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow, says: “We as human beings (two leggeds) were born for dancing. The effort that we use for dancing is energy that Mother Earth and Father Sky use to live in our physical bodies-so keep on dancing.”
The Dance will begin on Friday afternoon of the Summer Solstice-the Longest Day of the year. We will Dance, Sweat, Create and be together in unity for the weekend.
The Donation for Dancers is $365.00 (a dollar a day for a year of Creativity).
For Dancers over 65 years or under 18 years the Donation is $200.00.  The Dancers will sleep in the Arbor and fast from food and water for the duration of the ceremony.
If you choose to Crew instead of Dance, the Crew Donation is $50- if you are over 65 years or under 18 years, the Crew Donation is $30. This includes your food and camping fee.
Here are some words from those who attended the first Dragon Dance:
“I didn't know what to expect at the Dragon Dance. I was nervous going into it. It's always strange when the dance changes form.
The dance for me was easy, fun, flowing and sweet. I had no idea how much it affected me until I got home. I felt like I broke though a creativity barrier and tapped into a different part of my brain.”
JacKaline Stallings, Healthy Living Yoga Instructor- Long Time Medicine Dancer

“I was given the gift of dancing the Dragon Dance of Creation in November of 2017. In my experience everything is about intention, and this Dance is an opportunity to step into a Sacred Space for the purpose of CREATING. Whether you resonate with Dragons or not, everyone can benefit from this powerful and life changing Ceremony.
As the Dance unfolds, Candy as Chief, with support from the Crew, creates a safe space in which Dancers are given the opportunity to reflect upon and let go of thought patterns that no longer serve. Free Form dancing in the Arbor, carried by the Drum and connection with the Elements of the Medicine Wheel, clears the way to create and manifest what you would like to bring into your life.
For weeks after the Dance, I felt inspired, supported, and experienced lots of energy and fully stepped into the process of creating myself anew. Over one year later, these gifts are more present as I continue to move forward in my journey. I encourage you to gift
yourself the Dragon Dance of Creation. See you there –“
Margarita Di Vita, Spiritual/Inter-dimensional Coach & Steward of the Star Dance
“I loved the Dragon Dance because it reminded me that I am a co-creator and that all I do is in creation, including my thoughts. I felt full and vibrant afterwards, and I was a drummer. There were times we could swear, above the clouds, we heard roaring. And it was remarkable that the center tree in the arbor had all of its leaves when all of the trees around it, and in the area, had already lost theirs. There was so much magic that weekend it's hard to put into words.”
Keli Semelsberger, Owner Charlotte Comedy Theater & Medicine Woman Dance
I invite you to come and be with us for the Dragon Dance in June. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me:
Register online here!
I hope to see you, Dance with you and Create with you in June!
With Love- CanDragon
 Coming in July!
Seymour SunMoon Dance July 19-22

2019 SunMoon Dance
 July 19th-22nd
Center For Peace
Seymour, TN
led by: Steve Citty 


"Vibration moves in and through all things; is all things. At the physical essence of our existence, the atomic and sub-atomic levels, there is only vibration. We are vibration and we are constantly harmonizing with vibrations in our near presence. That is the magic of the dance. The Drum carries the vibration of the Tiwa chants of ancientness and we resonate with that vibration as we discover the potentialities of our own beingness and remember who we are."
~ steve c
We are grateful to Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow for his clarity, and courage and for his magnificent gift—this way of discovering our true relationship with and in all things, and ultimately, ourselves.
The SunMoon Dance comes from a vision of Oneness and Peace. Joseph brought this vision of the SunMoon Dance to the Center for Peace and many other dance locations around the world. 
The Seymour SunMoon Dance is an intensely personal experience that allows the participants time to experience themselves as beings of light. There are no other responsibilities, and no facilitator describing the experience to you. It is your experience.
Joseph established a requested give away of $750 for the dancers. No one who is called to dance will be turned away because they cannot pay the requested give away in cash. The dance leader offers a Work Exchange Program as one way to provide your give away. Additionally there are scholarships available to assure that if you are called to dance there will be a place for you in the arbor.
For information on these programs, contact Steve Citty.
Phone: (865) 300-4424 (this is my work phone so please leave a message or simply send a text message including your name.)
If you plan to come to the dance as a dancer OR as a helper, register now. 
Friends of the Center
We are asking for sponsorship through monthly donations.
These donations do not need to be large but if those who love the Center for Peace could help by committing a few dollars on a monthly basis it could be the difference between always hoping that someday we will be able to build or provide those needed areas (i.e. showers, sleeping areas, restrooms) and actually making it happen.
If you have participated in any of the programs, offerings, and events that occur on an ongoing basis at the Center for Peace you have already felt the personal blessings from these activities. Our mission is to be a Spiritual Center for our community which extends to anyone open to this learning path.
2019 Dances at the Center For Peace
Beginning in the early 1980's Joseph Rael ~ Beautiful Painted Arrow, a Visionary and Mystic of the Ute and Tiwa Pueblo people, began traveling the world sharing his Vision of Peace Sound Chambers and his insights about the healing power of Ceremony.
To assist people seeking personal experiences in the Spiritual realm, he began leading sacred, non-traditional Dances that Spirit brought to him in Visions. For 15 years he traveled the world leading three sacred Dances which came to him in Visions: the Long Dance, Drum Dance and Sun-Moon Dance.
Since Joseph's retirement in 1997 the work has grown and many of Joseph’s students, with his blessing, have now received Visions of different Dances of their own.
May 24-26
Women’s Web of Life Dance
Chiefs: Jennilea Beem & Heather Robinson

August 30-September 1
Drum Dance
Chief: Brenda Sue Whitmire
June 21-23
Dragon Dance of Creation 
Chief: Candy Barbee
September 14th
Native Nurturing Young People’s Dance
Chiefs: Nan Citty & Sarah Franklin
July 20-23
2019 Seymour Sun Moon Dance
Chief: Steve Citty
January 11-12, 2020
Long Dance
Chiefs: Colby McLemore & Katy Koontz
In this issue:
This Week and Upcoming
Women's Web of Life Dance
Coming in June!
Saturday Sweat Lodge June 1st
Monthly Fire Ceremony ~ June 7th
Dragon Dance of Creation June 21-23
 Coming in July!
Seymour SunMoon Dance July 19-22
Friends of the Center
2019 Dances at the Center For Peace
Calendar at a Glance
Facebook Group
Council Members
Chanting in the Chamber
The Center For Peace is a 501(c)(3)  not for profit corporation. Your donations are tax deductible.

We exist on donations.
If you have ever come to the Center For Peace and liked what you found, PLEASE consider donating now; either a one time donation, or set up an ongoing donation through PayPal. 
Calendar at a Glance
Saturday, May 4th
Saturday Sweat Lodge
Fire starts at 10am in lodge about 12:00
Tuesday May 7th
6:45 pm
Monthly Fire Ceremony
May 24th-26th
Women's Web of Life Dance
Saturday, June 1st
Saturday Sweat Lodge
Fire starts at 10am in lodge about 12:00
Friday June 7th
6:45 pm
Monthly Fire Ceremony
June 21-23
Dragon Dance of Creation
Facebook Group


Council Members
The Center for Peace is a non-profit religious corporation in the State of Tennessee. Donations to the Center for Peace can be claimed as deductions from income for income tax purposes.
Active Council Members of the Center for Peace:
Nan Citty
Knoxville, TN
Steve Citty
Knoxville, TN
Dona Hodges
Sevierville, TN
Teresa McKee
Lenoir City
Heather Robinson
Seymour, TN
Jeanne Robinson
Seymour, TN
Perry Robinson
Seymour, TN

Chanting in the Chamber
The Peace Sound Chamber is available for chanting, vision quests and ceremonies of many different types.
You are encouraged to come to the chamber and chant, drum, meditate or simply sit (the chamber Spirits love it); please check first that there is not something already scheduled. Please call at least two weeks in advance to reserve our facilities as usage requires council approval
Center For Peace  •  880 Graves Delozier Road  •  Seymour  •  TN  •  37865
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