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Dr. Laurie Moore
Resurrect and Rebirth!
This NEW program is for people
who are ready to shift life in all ways. By getting to the trunk in the living tree, cleansing and allowing a new generating map, we shift all, thus all branches of life change!
This  Intensive one-on-one 12 meetings shifts life for you. In twelve meetings you can powerfully yet enjoyably delete the core blockage bleeding into all life areas so that you:
  • Renourish, regenerate, and resurrect the life branches of prosperity, love, awakening, goal fulfillment, taking next steps and next leaps with love, wellness, service, money and life-fulfillment.
  • Return to your Soul Light instead of your Will as a Guide
  • Learn to Receive the Immense Love, joy, prosperity, wellness and support life has wishing you to allow so this can now be showered upon you.
  • Become a clearer receiver of communications from all life forms.
  • Live in balances of surrender and creation as one energy.
  • Experience yourself as a marriage between soul, universal light, and body mind in harmonies replacing old battles. WELCOME NEW UNIVERSE WITHIN.
  • Be the generator of good as non-preferred contrasts intensify on earth.
 The results: A happier, fuller you, generating service, love, joy, prosperity, love, wellness in a deeply new cleaner , clearer more effective way. 
Here are some sharings from clients, colleagues, and mentors who were touched, shifted or fully transformed by meetings with Laurie.
Read Some Here. 
 Here are some too.
Scroll down for some more at this link

Time Frames and Rates Here


Transmission Feng Shui Art
Each time you look at the painting you are receiving assistance for your awakening and positive shifting.  REQUEST AN ORIGINAL DESIGNED SPECIALLY FOR YOU.

Contact Info
Dr. Laurie Moore
831 477 7007
As Seen and Heard On ~
Dr. Laurie Moore  |  41 Conference Dr.: P.O. Box 102  |  Mt. Hermon, CA 95041  |
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