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The Muse is IN
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Meeting Up with Your Muse on the French Riviera 
If You're Looking for the Taos Retreat... it's HERE..
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Arriving in the enchantment of a country you've always wanted to visit is a natural aphrodisiac to a heightened sense of creativity.  
I will capitalize on that energy and teach you loose and easy methods of generating sketches adding simple watercolor painting, effortless creative writing that captures the feel of the adventure, and smartphone photography. My approach uses intuitive techniques that inspire fresh directions, free your creative voice from rigid standards, and will capture the enchantment of France with a joy-filled experience of creative flow.
For the hesitant beginner to the seasoned artist/writer wanting a fresh approach.
The Light Side of Creativity
Find your creative soul along side kindred spirits, experience being a creative kid again with playful adventures all planned out, art scavenger hunts, afternoon lulls with pastries and cappuccinos at French cafes, an Italian market, and uncrowded fanciful destinations discovered and coordinated by the seasoned expertise of the delightful, Carlo Roberts.
 You will be given permission to leave behind perfectionist tendencies and enter into creativity with abbreviated whimsy, intuitive freedom, effortless play, and added fancy. 

 This Adventure is for You if You:
  • Would like to experience the French Riviera with a creative twist and new skills that last long after the adventure is over.
  • Want to learn how to bust through creative blocks that keep you from freely expressing your authentic voice
  • Need a little boost in beginning to or returning to a creative endeavor.
  • Would like fresh off-beat and whimsical approaches to your art and/or writing, using blind memory, blind contour, non-dominant hand, upside down drawing to turn-off the critical mind.
  • Would like to experience short walking tours, enhanced by the mindfulness of a premeditated creative perspective.
  • Want to capture professional looking photographs within minutes using a smartphone app. .
Meet Jill Badonsky
Hi! I’m the author/illustrator of three playful but profoundly practical books on the creative process, creator/director of Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Training, creativity workshop leader, and. inspirational humorist who teaches retreats in New Mexico, at the Omega Institute, and wherever they’ll let me bring my crayons.
My specialty is removing the pressure behind the creative process so you are free to experience the joy and discovery of drawing, painting, writing, and photography without getting hung-up with perfectionism, comparison, or fear. I make finding a creative voice and the generation of creativity, easy and addictive and experiences away from home fun and filled with creative surprises.
I've been working with hundreds of individuals and groups since 2004 to free creativity not only for the arts, but for every aspect of life. I enjoy the adventure of life as an artist of being alive and want to share that with you.

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The Muse is IN  •  Kensington  •  San Diego, CA 92116

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