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Your Gene Autry dreams are waiting below:
NOTE: This is a FRAUD! Guys real name is "Ahmad Ogunmuyiwa" He already stole from one guy. 9-11-19


September 2019 Newsletter
For 12 years our newsletter has gone to more than 20,000 Firearms Collectors, Enthusiasts, Historians and Professionals Worldwide. We now reprint over 6000 Vintage Gun Catalogs, Books and Manuals from the 1840s to the 2000s 
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Calls From The Wilds
wowBack issues: you can view the newsletter on our website. For a downloadable copy of our catalog of reprints or manuals this will take you there. Also, we have Interesting downloads at our website. Please forward this letter to your friends.
Most Internet Browsers – Firefox, Edge, Opera etc – have decided to truncate, or cut off, the bottoms of long emails. There is a tiny note at the bottom allowing you to retrieve the rest of the email. Rob and Abby

war dogThe War Dog - Military War Dogs have been fighting alongside our men and women in uniform in many of our conflicts. In WWI they were called Ambulance Dogs, they were trained to find wounded soldiers in No-Man’s land after a frontal attack. In WWII they were trained in many disciplines; scout, tracker, sentry and messenger. According to Military records War Dogs saved 15,000 lives during this conflict.
In Korea there were only one War Dog platoon deployed consisting of about 28 dogs. Of those 28 dogs on patrol, thousands of ambushes were averted. Thousands of lives were saved.

Vietnam K9 Memorial Wall

viet nam

During the Vietnam War 4,234 “War Dogs” were deployed. They had one main mission, to save the lives of our men and women in uniform. They did Abbytheir job well, it is estimated they saved over 10,000 lives during this war. As the War was winding down an order came through that all the troops would be pulling out, the troops were ecstatic. All the dog handlers ran to the kennels and hugged their battle buddy and said “Buddy we’re going home”. A few weeks later an order came down from Washington DC to leave the dogs. The handlers couldn’t believe it, however the order stood, sad but true.
The problem was the K9’s were classified as equipment and it was customary when the units are being pulled out and excess equipment is not needed any where else it was left behind. With the dogs being classified as “Equipment” they fell under that rule.
honor wallTo honor these well trained K9’s that saved so many lives the Michigan War Dog Memorial erected a Black Granite Wall with all their names and tattoo numbers to recognize them for their service and sacrifice to our country. They will be forever memorized and will “Never be Forgotten”.
Today the War Dog is referred to as Military Working Dog (MWD)
During our visit to pay respects to the dogs who savedJack so many lives we were overwhelmed by the care and respect this cemetery offers to our faithful servants. We should also thank the dedicated people who maintain the cemetery. Some of the headstones date back to the first World War and carry forward from there. The oldest stones, having been made of Michigan sandstone, eroded over the last century and are difficult to photograph, but an example from 1939 is to the right. We should add that there are police K9 dogs, real service dogs and others who served noble purposes buried here along with the war dogs. All are deserving.



Johdan Thsies has an 1894 Colt SSA for sale.
NOTE: This is a FRAUD! Guys real name is "Ahmad Ogunmuyiwa" 9-11-19
SSAThis is what he says about the revolver: "Black powder factory engraved Colt SAA's single ssaaction revolver. Good mechanics with all 4 clicks, and the bore would rate good to very good. The old holster is in very good, to excellent condition, for the age. The engraving is still very nice, on this gun. Good, readable barrel address, patent dates, caliber marking. Factory engraved, black powder Colt single action revolver .45cal, with neat old SK and Co. Monogrammed, double loop holster, and pearl grips, shipped in 1894. The gun has a nickel finish, beautiful old pearl grips, and nearly full coverage factory engraving."
Price: $2250     Location: Nebraska City, NE
(this is not a paid advert, just a favor to a reader-ed)
The link to Mr. Thsies's email is highlighted at the start of this article.


Thanks to John Campbell


New Additions

 All the contributors who, over the years, have lent us originals, scanned their originalsheh for us and even sent us money for the project are the backbone of what makes us successful. This month we want to thank Sam Unangst for sending us a scan of his Iver Johnson manual, and to Ed Cornett for sending two more big boxes of old catalogs!
Some people have rightfully asked why we have added so many manuals over the last few months. There are two parts to the answer, we get loads of requests for manuals we haven't yet added so this is an effort to help those who make the requests. Also, honestly, we sell loads of manuals and that keeps our heads above water. I'll add more catalogs soon. Oh, I should mention that most of the retailer catalogs we sell (not those issued by the gun makers) sell rarely. For example, if you read the letters in the Rants and Raves, the Stoeger a fellow ordered is only the 4th copy we've sold in 10 years. Many titles we've never sold. Rob
Don't miss getting a copy of the Grave torpedoes papers... 
Grave 1881 and Coffin 1878 Torpedoes Patent Papers  
Winchester M21 History & Serial #s by WT Francis Co. 1981
Arthur Turner 1978-79  
Browning 1980s GP Comp Manual- English, German, French, Italian, Spanish Text  
Browning 1993 6.35mm Baby Manual- French and English  
Browning c1980s GP Series Manual- English, German, French, Italian, Spanish Text  
Charter Arms AR7 Explorer Manual  
Cobray M-11 9mm SMG Ops & Maint Manual No.2  
Crosman 380 Rocket Spear Sea Gun Speargun Manual  
CZ 75 9mm (Para, Luger) Pistol Armourer Manual  
CZ Skorpion Pistol- SMG Manual  
Dan Wesson .22, .22 Mag, ,38 Spl, .357 Mag. Revolvers c1980 Manual  
Dan Wesson 14-2 & 15-2 Revolver Owner's Manual  
Dan Wesson Large Frame & SuperMag Revolver Manual  
Dan Wesson Model 1911 Series Pistol Manual  
Dan Wesson Small Frame Revolver Manual  
DPMS Rifle Manual- Multiple Calibers  
Dragunov 7.62mm SVD Sniper Rifle Technical & Service Manual  
Enterprise STG-58C Rifle Operation Manual  
German 2002 Shooting Hand Weapons ZDv 3/12- Schießen mit Handwaffen ZDv 3/12  
German Machine Gun MG3 Training - machinegewehr mg3  
Glock 1992 Armorer's Manual M17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 & 17L  
Glock c2002 Armorer's Manual Update- G17-G36 details below  
Iver Johnson c1982 TP .22 Automatic Pistol Manual  
M1 Garand 1997 U.S. Rifle, Cal. .30 Manual  
Machinenpistole MP2-MP2A 1975 Manual- TDv 1005/004-14 in German  
MG 131 13mm Flugzeugmachinengewehr 1941 Waffen Handbuch  
MG 151 & 151/20 20mm Flugzeugmachinengewehr 1942 Waffen Handbuch  
MG 81 7.9mm Flugzeugmachinengewehr 1944 Waffen Hanbuch  
Rifle, Automatic, .280in EMI (CEAD) 1950 Provisional Notes (UK)  
Scotti-Isotta Fraschini 12.7mm Machine Gun (in German)  
Rants and Raves
 (Dear Abby), When will you mail? Negative feedback this week if not. cjhavershop (Ebay, of course)

Dear Cathy, We print to order over 6000 titles and it takes a few days to manage that. We received your order at 12:15 am, Thursday morning. We worked this weekend and your order was printed yesterday. It will go out today, Monday at 4pm. We hope this is satisfactory. Abby
(Dear Abby), Ok Thank you. Please inform buyers of the delay. All we get is a message that says “you have paid but the seller has not mailed...”. other purchases are mailed that day or the next when I use eBay.
(Late, right! Yessum, I'll get on that immediately!) 
(Dear Cornell), So, when I ordered on the (Stoeger 1934 reprint) Ebay it showed you had some volumes already printed and in stock, and you received immediate PayPal funds. Then you write to me later how the catalog is “print on demand” and I have to wait for it to come up in the printing queue. Please explain to me how this isn’t something like “bait and switch”? Thanks in advance for your explanation. Frank Srebro- majordomo58 on Ebay
Dear Frank, Thanks for your email. Your order will go out this afternoon. Abby and I reprint to order over 6000 old publications so it is impossible for us to keep an inventory. In fact, most titles sell only one or two a year (we've sold 4 of the 1930 Stoeger catalogs you ordered in the last 10 years) so if we had an inventory they would deteriorate.
Our ebay advertisement tries to let you know what to expect (please see below) and I am sorry if that wasn't clear to you, we certainly don't intend any sort of "bait and switch". The "number available" declaration at ebay is their insert, we have no choice but to accept their format. We've been selling on ebay for 15 years but we are not Amazon, we simply try to provide a service available nowhere else. Cheers, Rob Mouat
Image of our Ebay advertisement:

Stoeger 1934

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The 2018 Annual Compendium of issues is ready for you!
The Snail Drum Magazine for the Luger
The German Army and Navy used the Lange Pistole 08 (LP.08) from the years of 1914 until 1918. During the First World War the LP.08 was developed into a Combat Assault System that was issued to the Army Sturmbataillone (Storm Troopers) and the Navy Marine-Infanterie (F:99).
lugerIn years of 1915 to 1916 the German military developed a 32 round magazine to enhance the firepower capability of the LP.08 (A:1008). The Trommelmagazine 08 (TM.08) was manufactured and supplied to the German Army in 1917 and 1918.
The use of the title Trommelmagazine 08 incorporates the descriptive German meaning of trommel indicating a cylinder or drum. Because of the physical configuration collectors refer to this device as a snail drum magazine.
The utilization of the TM.08 enhanced the assault capability of the LP.08 in the service of the Sturmbataillone. The WWI German military were impressed with the success of the LP.08 system as a trench assault weapon in the hands of the Stobruppen (Shock Troops) (A:1007). This weapon combination was truly the forerunner of today’s submachine gun (F:99)... read more in ARMS HERITAGE MAGAZINE - Volume 8, All Six Issues, number 5.
Read this and dozens of other terrific articles in Arms Heritage Magazine. A year subscription costs a mere $19 and you can have access to this year plus the last eight years!
Letters From Readers
Dear Abby, Thank you so much for all the effort you have gone to following my initial order and the understandable mix-up.  When I just looked at my ebay account I didn't see the order as I wanted to leave you more good feedback.   I guess I must have gone to your website and by-passed ebay?   Not quite sure sometimes how all of this stuff works.  Please let me know if there is a way to give you more stars. Elizabeth
Dear Abby, I don't understand a lot of your customers.  You plainly state that your catalogs are reprints.  Some people get them and then complain.   I have ordered several old Savage Arms catalogs from you and have been extremely pleased with them!  Keep up your good work!  Oopy 38
Dear Oopy, I haven't a clue why people act the way they do, especially those who criticize the production then get around to what really bothers them- usually they didn't read the ad and then complain, for example, that the Savage 1969 Arms Gun Catalogdoesn't have serial numbers to match their gun! Go figure... Abby
 (Dear Abby), I just read through the letters section (August 2019 newsletter-ed) and there was a "Tommy" looking for an old Weatherby guide or catalog with a lady sitting atop an elephant.  I assume he was correct in Weatherby and not an old Barnum & Bailey catalog, so, with that said, in your spare time, (LOL), you can give him my email and maybe myself or one of the other members of the Weatherby Collector's Assoc. can help him out.  Keep up the great work you two! BTW, if I was a bigshot attorney I would help my parents out financially and let them enjoy retirement. And yes, you have my permission to forward this to your son.......................Thanks, Curt Hopkins  
Hi Curt, Thanks for your thoughtful note. Hmmm, retirement. Actually, I think we like doing what we do and would not know what to do if we didn’t have a “job”. I guess some people are just designated to be workers and find enjoyment having obligations. After all, we aren’t slaving away in a basement somewhere, we make our own hours, enjoy interacting with customers (most of them, anyway) and feel we are contributing to history by preserving history. We like our work and although we could “retire”, we don’t want to. Oh, and he did offer! Best, Rob and Abby
(Dear Abby), Hello, I see that a person is looking for a Weatherby catalog. eBay has one for sale:  Weatherby 1969-70 Fine Firearms Catalog $19.95. (cut and pasted from eBay). Good luck,  Richard Lyons
Thanks Richard, the ebay ad is ours. The guy wants a copy of the specific Weatherby catalog with the photo of a particular person in it. I couldn't find the pic... that was what all this was about. Cheers, Abby
Hi Abby, I paid for a PDF version of the Winchester mdl 94 take down it said it would be sent to my Email to print off have seen nothing or is it coming in the mail . cheers, John Mundy
Hi John, I sent another link to a copy just now. We use Wetransfer to send these large files so please make sure you didn't delete it with all the other spam, also see if it goes to the spam folder on its own. Please let me know you got this copy. Best, Abby
Abby / Rob, I really enjoy your monthly newsletters. Keep- up the good Work. Down to business, I’m looking for a Repair/Service Manual for a Winchester Model 43, Bolt-Action Rifle. Caliber is .218 Bee. If you have it, I’ll take two copies. Please let me know the cost and I’ll get a check to you boo-coo pronto. (I’ve had too many bad encounters with Pay-Pal.) Tom Tahaney
Sorry Tom, I don't think I've seen one for the m43. Thanks for the good word. Best, Abby
Hi Abby! I've been searching around in good old google on the topic of archery associations... and I came across your page. I’ve recently put together a list of all the archery associations (field, hunt, target, youth etc) in every US state and listed them by state, and also the global and countrywide bodies that support them! Dave

Here it is: Global and US Archery Associations and Organizations 
(Dear Abby), I'm buying 2 books from the same seller and the shipping goes $6.68 for each additional book. That's overpricing for shipping. If I buy 4 books that would bring the shipping, way over priced. How do you justify your shipping for each additional book? Valderaymo (ebay)
Dear Valderaymo, I think your question deserves a detailed answer. We reprint over 6000 old gun catalogs, manuals and books, but, because we haven't weighed and measured each one, we can't predict for Ebay how much additional weight and size an additional publication will add. That is why when more than one item is purchased we ask the purchaser to let us know so we can refund any overage. Does that make sense? Cheers, Rob
Abby, My order of Speer manuals 1-4 arrived yesterday. These reproductions are beyond impeccable. Great work! Your husband is a lucky man! You look fantastic in that photo with the ‘60s-something Dodge! Many thanks, Rob Mermelstein 
Hi Abby, Greetings from across the ‘Pond’. Thank you for my latest reprint, as good as always. Good crisp images show the quality of the original pamphlet you copied, despite it’s great age. Only problem is finding the money, and the space, to buy a rifle in every calibre listed!!!! I always recommend your website to my friends whenever they want catalogues or manuals relating to firearms, I don’t know of any other site that provides the reprinting service you do, or the great customer service either. Keep up the good work.  Tim Read P.S. Please feel free to use as a recommendation from a happy customer.
Dear Abby, Re: Harvey Shaw Successors c1920 (Australia) Gun Catalog. Hello, The catalogue has arrived. Do you know the year that this catalogue was printed? Thanks, C. Mayo
Dear C., The title has the date, c1920 in it, that means the book was published around 1920. The "c" stands for circa, meaning about.
(Dear Rob), Re:  Remington Model 1870 US Rifle - Navy Rolling Block Manual. Can you tell me if this manual has information regarding use of 22 cal. ammunition in this weapon. If yes can you share that information with me. Thanks, Bruce   bruce1940ford (ebay)
Hi Bruce, there is no mention of .22 ammunition in the government manual for this weapon. There wouldn't be if they didn't buy the few that you mentioned were made. Rob
Rob, Thanks for checking. That was what I thought. I have one of these rifles and am gathering information about them. Thanks again. Bruce
Dear Rob, RE: Casimir Weber- 1907-8 Moderne Waffen und Munition- Zurich, Suisse . Hi, I would buy this copy, if you send it for free to Switzerland. Is that ok 4U? Regards, Dan heisser-preis (ebay)
Dear heisser... How very kind of you to offer but, I'm sorry, we no longer ship overseas through our ebay account, besides shipping to Switzerland costs more than the book! Rob
 Dear Rob, I am interested in this item and "Hopkins & Allen 1911 Arms Co. Repair & Parts Catalogue." Will you ship them together to save shipping costs and what would that cost be? Thank you. gomoglem192-7 (Ebay)
Dear Gomog... We combine shipping- you buy whatever you want and Abby will refund any excess postage, just let us know you bought more than one. I can't tell postage because I don't know where you live... postage to Ohio is less than to Australia. Rob Mouat
(Dear Abby), Any literature or books on Schimel air guns? Thanks, Tom
Tom, Possibly. I entered the name in our search bar and came up with nothing. However, it is possible they may be in retailer catalogs where we only noted air guns in the index. If you can give me where they are from and when they were made perhaps I can find some ads for them. Would that help? Abby
Dear Abby, Re: Webley Automatic Pistol Manual. What year of webley automatic pistol is this for. Each year had some very different setup and breakdown steps maui-mudpup (ebay)
I'm sorry, I don't know. Webley neglected to date the piece. Cheers, Rob for cornellpubs
Hmmm ok that my issue. Im interested in your product if it works for a 1908 which is what I have thanks maui-mudpup
Dear mauip... We have another but I'm not sure it is on ebay: Webley 1906 Model Automatic Pistol 6.5mm & .32 cal Manual. Do you think that would work? Rob
Sorry I dont think so the 1906, 07 and 08 all seem to have very different breakdowns. but thank you maui-mudpup
Abby, I received the Mauser 1971, Mauser Bauer Corp, Fraser, Michigan catalog today I purchased from you via GunBroker. Wow, I am very impressed with the content and quality, and the very quick delivery. Thanks for also providing me the list of available gun publications from you. I will be getting back with you to order more info. I posted positive GB feedback for you, please do the same for me. Regards, Dan Edgar
(Dear Abby), Do you have any late 50s and 1960's browning catalogs? Woodcock391 (ebay)
Hello woodcock... We preprint over 6000 old arms catalog, manuals and books including lots of mid-century Browning Catalogs (but I'm not certain they are all on ebay). Cheers, Abby
I inherited a Swedish NIFE machine gun optical sight in original case. Do you have any ideas as to how to value something like that for resale? The one picture that I have found has it mounted on the Kulspruta m/36. I have enclosed a picture. Thank you for your time. jk50cat  (ebay)
Sorry, I have no idea. Rob Mouat
(Dear Rob) I wanted to purchase some manuals so I downloaded the .pdf. I couldn't find anyway of putting the manuals off of the .pdf into the cart. Roger McDaniel
Dear Roger, It would help to know which of our 6000+publications you are talking about. Also, did you read the description to make sure what you are trying to buy is available as a pdf? If not I can probably help, just let me know. Rob
These are the first two I spied so you can see I didn't get far in the list: Besa Machine Gun 1931-41 Instructions for Armorers 8mm & 15mm -Manualand BESA (British) 7.92mm Machine Gun Manual If I can determine how to put these in my cart, I could continue down the list. I just now scrolled to the "z's" and noticed you don't have anything on the ZB-37 which I have and was the source for the BESA. Roger
Roger, I updated the two lists, CATALOGS and MANUALS and I attached them for you to see. Remember, though, you can't download from the list itself, but everything is available at our website. Cheers, Rob
(Rob) OK, I downloaded the manuals but still do not know how to put the manual I want to buy in the cart. I guess we had a misunderstanding originally when I was talking .pdf. I never wanted to buy a .pdf, I always wanted a paper repo of the manual. Roger
Hi Roger, Well, you cannot order from the pdf “list” I sent you. You can only order from the website. The list I sent is for you to have a hard copy to look at to see what we have listed at the website. I know this can be a bit confusing so if you would rather send Abby a list of what you want she can send you an ebill to pay with your card. does that help? You can also see all the manuals we do by clicking this link. Then select the alphabet letter corresponding to the name of the manual manufacturer (the first letter of the name on the list I sent you). Then by clicking on the item you are taken to the item page where you will see an add to cart button. Call tomorrow if you are still stuck. Rob
(Rob) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! I am off to the website..Thanks
I am a collector of all sort of Webley air pistols. I now have 67 of them. Next prosject now is to find orginal or copy of all documentation of them, the manuals and catalogs. Do you have manuals for more of the Webley air pistols? I would like to buy all you can make for me. Regard, Age Kopperud. Norway
Thank you for your kind note. We have just what you see at the website. WEBLEY AND WC SCOTT - ALL CATALOGS(England) Cheers, Abby
Sir, I have send in info on my A.H.Fox 12 ga. with a letter dated 1911 from Fox With barrel tag's. It was bought in 1907 for $37.50. The gun has been in my family for years. I am trying to find it's value? I have all your books on Fox and none of them go back to Serial no. 2303! I have a letter to prove it! I have contacted the Fox Collectors Club! They have no answers? Of course they are interested but they are basing there offer on gun's A grade in the serial no.range in 200,000! This should be of interest to you as a publisher To show what is out there. Look at your Publications and the dates and serial no's. Please advise.   Edward L. Kriner
Hello, Ed, Thank you for your email. I’m not sure how I can help you because, as a publisher, we don’t do appraisals. You say you have all our Fox catalogs which, naturally, don’t have either prices or serial numbers because they were printed before the guns were even manufactured. You ask us to look at our books, but I’m not sure what you would like me to look for. There are catalogs available listing gun prices- The Blue Book of Gun Values and the Standard Catalog of Gun Prices. The former indicates the early A grade guns have lesser value due to the lack of engraving but, as you indicate, it seems to me there is value in the fact that yours is one of the first couple of years of production. Why not get it appraised by a professional or show it to one of the big auction houses and ask them what they think? Cheers, Rob
Rob, I have contacted Fox Collectors Club. They claim to have some older But in what condition? This gun is in excellent condition. As I have said I have a letter from The Fox Gun Club that downplays thetrue value of this piece! Which is to be expected. I know what I have and am not giving it away. I have bought all your books and done my own homework. They want it but at what cost? I want to thank you for all yhe info. you have provided. Like you considering everything I am somewhat biased with this one. I have no children to leave it to. I might just donate it to a museum! It's to fine a piece to sell to someone that has no appreciation of it! I will make sure your publication will get a copy of it! Thanks for all Edward Leroy Kriner
Ed, Why not contact Rock Island or one of the other auction companies to see if you can set a reserve that would be satisfactory to you? Or you could try Gunbroker where you set whatever reserve you like. Cheers, Rob
Rob, I have contacted the FOX GUN CLUB! I have sent them pic's of it to be told they don't have any record's going back that far? I just thought you as a publisher would like to have some copy's of all the info I have! I believe it would be of some use in your book's or catalog showing just what is out there. I have been looking and this is the lowest number I have ever seen. Mainly in this condition. There has to be some value in it! As far as the Blue Book they don't have anything even close to this early gun? I think your right put it on Gun Brokers and see where it goes.I thank you and can send you some copies of all the paperwork! You might be able to use it someday? Just to show people that have interest in the FOX Gun! Respect Eddie or Cheers!
Eddie, Thank you, but honestly, we reprint old catalogs and manuals, nothing else so although you gun and documentation is doubtlessly valuable we have nowhere to put it in our files of publications. Imagine the number of individual firearms pictured in our over 6000 catalogs and manuals then think of the number of items we would have if we began logging owner's guns, it would quickly become overwhelming. We are grateful for you thinking of us though and I can tell you your best bet for posterity is the Fox club with whom you have been speaking. Good luck with your sale. Best wishes, Rob
Rob, Thank you. I think this Gun is very special as it's low serial number. It is in 95% condition and has been in the family since 1907 when my Great Grandfather purchased it for $37.50! I am trying to find out what that would be in 2019? I as I said have a letter from A.H.Fox dated 1911 along with duplicate barrel tag's! They are in my Grandfather's name! George Edward Kriner I believe this should add value to this gun? It is tight as the day it was bought. The engraving is amazing and so intricate for an A Grade gun. The checkering is worn as to be expected. It fed my family during the Depression! The Burl in the wood is great. it is truely a great fine Shot gun! Would you be interested in a copy of this information for your publication's? I can send Pic's and copies if you like. I have had Sterlingworths that were comparable but not with all the background from Fox.Please advise if you know a good reputable Appraiser? I think this info would be great in your approach to the Fox gun in your magazines? Thanks for any help you can provide Edward L. Kriner
Thanks Ed, We reprint old publications and have don't really add stories to them so I don't think there is a place for your fine gun with the Fox collection we offer. you might try Mike Rich with, he is an economical way to get your gun appraised. Or, as I said before, try the big gun auction houses or the books on gun values. Aren’t you trying to sell the gun? Rob
The End.
Rob and Abby
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