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 The View from Here. . .
Easter 2020
Keep the Faith, Baby!
As if we hadn’t had enough change in the last 10 years, we now have the Great Cosmic Pause! Those who have tuned in to astrologers, other metaphysical practitioners, and spiritual advisers—and those who have been reading Tunnel Vision for the past few years—should be well acquainted with the idea that we are in the midst of great change, The Great Shift of the Ages, with humanity undergoing gigantic (and needed) changes in every aspect of life.
There has been a lot of speculation about “how” the Great Shift and the Great Awakening would arrive: everything from a humungous solar wave that immediately changes everyone’s neural pathways (and instantly makes us all kinder, gentler, and more compassionate) to ETs landing on the White House lawn and giving us technology that moves us instantly from the Dark Ages to Our Future as Galactic Beings. And let’s not forget the idea of the Rapture, where the Righteous are instantaneously transported to Heaven!
It seems unlikely that such a huge shift—yes, Revolution—in human consciousness would happen overnight or without humans, themselves, working through their own mental and emotional garbage, healing, and changing themselves from the inside out. No matter what the catalyst or process, though, nobody saw it coming in the form of a tiny little virus that would bring the entire world to a sudden stand-still as we all shelter in place, watch all of our structures and institutions fail around us, fear the worst, and pray for the best.
If we take the Higher perspective, we can almost see the Divine Inspiration behind this simple, yet amazingly effective, mechanism of hitting the Universal Pause Button and giving the entire human race a giant Time Out. It’s important to note that this is NOT Divine Punishment (that is a figment of human imagination, because the Divine is all about Love).
But yes, it is Divine Inspiration and a Divine Opportunity for all of humankind to pause, rest, reflect, reconsider what’s important in life, get back to basics, and reset our priorities. Time, too, to recognize that we are, indeed, All One, despite differences related to nationality, race, religion, gender, socio-economic status, and, of course, political party. This corona virus is an equal-opportunity “service,” and as never before, we are All in This Together!
Can we finally learn to put our differences aside and work together for the common good? At least it is encouraging to see that the medical community is not only heroic in this crisis, but also setting the example for global cooperation in the race for treatments and vaccines. And it is heartening to see communities and neighbors putting differences aside to help one another… which is exactly what we all need to do. As Benjamin Franklin said during the American Revolution, “If we don’t hang together, we will surely hang separately!”
The Devil is in the Details
There is no doubt that this situation is extremely challenging for everyone, and downright harrowing for many. It is causing fear, hardship, and even desperation for millions of people in many ways, and on an ongoing basis. It is relentless and—truly—there is no end in sight at this point. Thousands are dying, and many more are undergoing excruciating illness with long, slow recoveries. (We don’t even want to think about the medical expenses!) Millions have lost their source of income and the ability to pay for shelter and food for themselves and their families. Fear, anguish, and desperation are high—which is totally reasonable and understandable, even as it is counter-productive.
People celebrating milestones and rites of passage in their lives—holidays, weddings, births, anniversaries, birthdays, proms, graduations, sports games and championships—have had to cancel, reschedule, or turn to video options for pale substitutes of the original planned celebrations. It is heartbreaking that even those who are burying loved ones have had to go it alone, without the support of family and friends, because of fear of spreading the contagion.
Almost every aspect of life has been totally disrupted for everyone, including suddenly having to work from home (if you are lucky enough to still have a job), attend classes from home, cut off visits to friends and family, eliminate all other activities outside our homes… all while trying to stay upbeat, healthy and fed. Even grocery shopping has a “new normal,” with shortages of supplies, ordering ahead online for pickup or delivery, and wiping down and sanitizing everything (and everyone) that comes into the house. Not to mention washing our hands so often that the skin is peeling off!
All of our lives have been tossed into the blender (with the lid off!) and bits of them are now sticking to the walls and ceiling, unreachable, unusable, and irretrievable. And we are all being tested to our limits. As we move through this surreal situation, we will all find out more about ourselves—our strengths and weaknesses, our failures and successes. And yes, we are allowed to complain!
This IS the Great Shift! (Isn't it exciting?)
This is the Great Awakening and the Great Shift! The good news is, this is the break-down phase, not the end result!
Anyone who thought it would be an easy transition—or that all the hard parts were over—hasn’t been paying attention! The energies for the Shift have been building for a long time. They really heated up in the 60s, then again in the 80s, 2000s, and pretty much nonstop since 2012. And all that turmoil has just been prelude to what we have now!
The energies have been urging us for decades—and particularly in the last decade—to reassess everything in our lives, from the personal to the national to the global, to determine what does and does not work for us, what does and does not support us, what we truly value, where we have been hypocritical (and need to stop), who we really are, and who we really want to be in the world… and to TAKE APPROPRIATE ACTION to change our lives and live authentically, according to those determinations. But have we done that?
Unfortunately, no! We still have a narcissistic “me-first” culture. We still have a plutocracy that funnels the wealth and resources to the very few. We have created a world of hamsters on the wheel who have no time for rest, relaxation, family, or creativity (and we call that living), and we have legions of homeless and poverty-stricken people who are ignored and forgotten (and often loathed). We still have Big Pharma that creates lifelong customers rather than cures, and a “health-care system” that favors the wealthy and does not emphasize prevention and wellness. We still have elected officials who take care of the corporations and donors instead of the people they are elected to serve. We still have a justice system that blatantly discriminates, and the highest rate of incarcerations. We still have warmongers/profiteers at the top, and we still have children in cages at our borders (in the U.S.A.)
Individually, we have a culture of addicts, with addictions to drink, narcotics, sex, weed, food, television, social media, consumerism, and cell phones—all the result of self-loathing, insecurity, mental imbalance, and spiritual malaise. We have religions, beliefs, and philosophies that result not in loving each other, but in hating each other.
Our current physical separation is a beautiful mirror of the mental and emotional separation we have created increasingly over the last 2 decades with each other over our superficial differences of race, color, religion, gender, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, and politics. We hate people without even knowing them, we separate and distance ourselves because of our fear and erroneous beliefs about ourselves and others. Anyone with a different opinion (or any difference) is seen as the enemy, as we churn hate and fear into the very atmosphere.
And now it seems like Mother Nature has just said to all of us (paraphrasing what many parents tell their kids) “Okay, I’ll give you something to really be afraid of… and it won’t be something silly like people who are different from you.”
No, we have not collectively done the work we have been tasked to do, because we’ve been too busy, too lazy, too self-absorbed, and/or too busy judging and pointing the finger at everyone else. We watch “reality TV” to escape reality, and we obsess over the lives of celebrities to avoid looking at our own lives and doing the work we need to do to heal and grow.
And Now for the Cosmic 2x4!
The Universe gives us lots of suggestions for cleaning up our act, usually through nudges, hunches, intuitive hits, dreams, vague ideas, and yearnings. Those suggestions tend to get more and more urgent (and overt) as time goes by, if we don’t pay attention. The situations, beliefs, and activities we are being urged to leave become harder and more intolerable, to help us overcome our resistance and fear of change to take actions for our Highest Good. And at some point, if we still resist the changes we need for our Highest Good, we get hit with the Cosmic 2x4!
This time, because it’s so crucial that these changes get made, we collectively got the Cosmic 2x4, and we got the rug pulled out from under us for good measure. Are we paying attention now?
Again, it’s not Cosmic or Divine Punishment. But when the time has come for change, and we haven’t gotten on the train, the train will simply run us over. And many are feeling exactly like that has happened.
The Great Cosmic Time-Out
We are now getting the time to refocus, reprioritize, and pay attention to what we’ve created in our lives and what we haven’t! Many are going through a very pointed, very scary Dark Night of the Soul. We are being forced out of our comfort zones in extreme (and sudden) ways. We are being forced to surrender—surrender our illusion of control, our egos, our self-delusions, and our belief in our institutions and, possibly, our belief in ourselves (at least as we conceived ourselves to be). Dark Night of the Soul, indeed!
The last issue of Tunnel Vision discussed the huge Saturn/Pluto Conjunction that started the year off with a bang and will strongly influence the entire year. Pluto is death and transformation (not to mention corruption, which we are seeing on many levels), and Saturn tends to usher in the mid-life crisis and a forced "waking life review,” as it tries to show us the error of our ways and how we can self-correct. It seems the whole world is undergoing a mid-life crisis right now, and it really is painful!
This is “the breakdown phase,” and there, on the wide-screen TV in the living room, we can all see the breakdown in our government systems, our leadership, our medical systems, our corporations, our economy, and our way of life. We can clearly see who is served and who isn’t, where we are prepared and where we aren’t, what is working and what isn’t, and in many cases, why that is. If we were apathetic and complacent about all this before, that apathy and complacency has been stripped away. The Veil fell, the Light went on, and we can’t help but see what’s in front of us.
Oddly enough, we are also seeing what and who IS working, and who the heroes are: all those in the medical and emergency services who are on the front lines helping people with this illness, as well as the people working overtime in manufacturing and shipping, the truckers, the grocery store people and, of course, the restaurant staffs and delivery folks. Lots of these people aren’t deemed to deserve a minimum wage of $15 an hour, and here we find ourselves dependent on them! We have people stepping up to keep food banks going, to help the less fortunate, to share supplies with their neighbors. So many people in so many walks of life are stepping up and showing us Love in Action!
This Too, Shall Pass!
Despite how it looks and feels right now—and it is deeply painful for millions of people—this really will pass. The sun will definitely come out tomorrow, and we will see better days. We are strong, we are resilient, and we’ve got this!
Make no mistake, though, it’s not over yet, and things will never be the same again. That’s a promise! We will all come through this and we will all be changed from this. Most of us will have a really clear idea of what’s important to us and what isn’t, and what we might need to change in our lives. We may discover new depths in ourselves, and new interests and skills, maybe even new dreams. And we will discover what we want and expect in our leaders.
So let’s not focus on trying to regain what we’ve lost (remember that surrender part?), let’s look for the best use of our time during this strange, surreal, and possibly anguishing pause. Remember, resistance is futile! We have to accept What Is, and then come up with a game plan.
For years, so many of us have cried out for a little peace, for life to slow down, to have a chance to rest and recoup, to spend more time with our families, to discover and use our creativity … and now we have it! (Remember that adage: Be careful what you wish for, because you might get it?) So let’s use this time to our advantage! See the side article for some suggestions.
Above all, Keep The Faith, Baby!
We will come out of this collective Dark Night of the Soul and, truly, we will be better for it! We can choose how we respond to this crisis. We can choose how we use our time and how we think about what we are collectively undergoing. Let’s choose Love and Hope, rather than Fear. Let’s choose to make the best of it. Let’s focus on creating the world that we want to see, and being the person that we want to be.
And if you start to feel overwhelmed with the burden of it all, the wonderful Louise Hay shared a great mantra that she said she would repeat under her breath all day, when she was facing a challenge, and it always made her feel better (and proved to be true, even though she couldn't see it at the time). Perhaps it will help you, too:
“All is well.
Everything is working out for my Highest Good.
Out of this situation, only Good will come.
And I am Safe.” — Louise Hay 
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I am the author of the metaphysical fantasy novel, The Search for the Crystal Key—an adventure about believing in yourself and the power of Love; and I am currently writing a new book, Creating Heaven on Earth... One Soul at a Time; A How-To Manual from the Perspective of a Near-Death Experience.
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In this issue:
Keep the Faith, Baby!
Who is Ellyn Dye?
We Will Rise Like the Phoenix
How Can We Use This Strange, Difficult Time for the Best?
My Website. . .
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We Will Rise Like the Phoenix
 I am one of the truly lucky ones: I still have my income, I have food and shelter, and I even have enough toilet paper. Not everyone is as lucky as I am. I am keenly aware that there are so many people who are undergoing financial disaster and tragic losses, and it breaks my heart!
When I feel myself starting to whine about things—feeling stuck in the house, missing human interaction and social activities, being bored—I give myself a minute to feel my feelings and then I pull out my Gratitude List or start looking around on the internet for things to be happy about. We can always choose whether to focus on the full half of the glass or the empty half of the glass. It may not change the amount of water in the glass, but it will change how we feel about it and what we do next!
Recognizing what we do have, rather than focusing on what we've lost, gives us hope and gratitude. It empowers us to recognize that, even though we can't single-handedly solve the challenge in the moment, there are always things we can do to help ourselves and others.
Despite all indications at the moment, we are collectively moving toward the Golden Age. Remember that anything that isn't working for the good of all has to be dismantled before better things can be put into place. The breakdown phase is always messy and generally painful, particularly because we all strongly resist change, even when the changes will make things better. We're funny that way!
It's interesting to me that we are collectively undergoing our Dark Night of the Soul over Easter weekend, which is so rich with the story of death and dying, rebirth and Resurrection. I know that we are all going through this process at all levels: individually, locally, nationally, and globally.
With the help of Pluto and Saturn, we will rise from the ashes like the Phoenix. If you're not into Christianity and Easter, you can see that, like Persephone, we are all going through our sojourn of the Underworld (Pluto again), and we will finally come back out into the light of day, having learned many things about ourselves, the world we live in, and the world we want.
As with everything, it will be easier if we work with the energies, rather than against them, if we surrender to the process and seek ways to heal ourselves, to use our time wisely and constructively (that includes creativity and joy), and if we focus on the good that is happening around us.
So what's good? There's a lot of good out there, from the lofty to the mundane. Here are some of the things I've observed:
I'm delighted to see that pollution levels around the world have dropped dramatically, and all because the people of the world are staying home!
Scientists around the world are collaborating to find treatments for this virus. This collaboration and work will set the stage for many other health-related discoveries.
People are realizing the importance of having a certain level of universal healthcare, and having proper disaster preparations in place. 
Gas prices are well below $2/gallon! Of course, most of us can't take advantage of that, because we aren't supposed to be going anywhere! But hey, it's good news, right?
Our elected leaders are actually focusing on "the little guys" for once—recognizing that it's the little guys who run the economy and many are now suffering severe financial hardship—and taking steps to spread some wealth around and help ease that pain.
Stimulus checks are in process, provisions against evictions are in place, mortgage and rent and car payment recesses are being offered, unemployment benefits are being expanded, and small-business loans are coming available. It may take some time for everything to roll out, but there is definitely Light at the end of the Tunnel!
We are all surrounded by heroes: all the medical staffs, EMTs, firefighters, as well as the folks in manufacturing, shipping and trucking, grocery store clerks, delivery people, and restaurant staffs who are struggling to stay open and offer carryout.
Not to mention all the others who are out there doing their jobs to keep everything running as smoothly as possible in these crazy times, like the bus drivers, and the trash removers. And it's wonderful to see them being appreciated as never before!
So many people stepping up to help in so many ways, working in or donating to food banks, setting up pet pantries so people can keep and feed their pets in the middle of hardship, making and distributing home-made masks, running errands for those most vulnerable, and even sharing their supplies of TP with those who don't have any!
Teachers and parents are getting really creative in finding ways to continue to teach and, yes, entertain children forced to stay home.
I especially love hearing about the people in Italian cities singing to each other, from their windows and balconies coming together in this time of forced isolation!
Above all, I am excited to see the rise of the Human Spirit. When we are forced off Auto Pilot and faced with huge challenges, we are shown the greatness of the Human Spirit, as we let go of our differences, embrace our similarities, and work together for the common good!
Let's not lose sight of that, because it is beautiful to behold! Stay well, you all! And remember to laugh!
How Can We Use This Strange, Difficult Time for the Best?
How do we make the most of forced isolation? How do we make the most of a time when our income has dried up, and we don't know when or how it will resume? How do we release fear and anxiety and focus on the good? 
This situation is hitting everyone in different ways—some much, much harder than others—but we are all dealing with being home, stuck inside, without our outside activities. Single people who live alone are also facing loneliness, while families are forced into togetherness without respite.
We can still choose to surrender those fears (and our need for control), and try to make the best of the situation. That's not to say it will be really easy for anyone, but we can try! Here are a few suggestions. If nothing else, perhaps they will help you think of your own ideas. Once we accept What Is (denial won't get us anywhere), we can then determine how best to respond!
—Try to stay positive, to look for the silver linings
—Feel your feelings of fear, anguish, and despair, then refocus
—Step away from the news if it makes you fearful, anxious, or angry
—Find safe, gentle ways to relieve anxiety, anger, and frustration
—Dance around the living room (I like "I Feel Good" by James Brown)
—Focus more on what you can control, less on what you can’t control (it feels better)
—Find ways to feel joy
—Laugh often
—Practice self-love and self-care
—Use the Internet to find help; resources; uplifting messages; free exercise, cooking, or art classes
—Get back to basics
—Recognize all you’ve been taking for granted
—Create a gratitude list, and feel gratitude
—Reassess your thoughts and beliefs and habits
—Reassess the life you’ve created—does it make you happy and fulfilled?
—Visualize the life you would like to have when this is all over, and the steps you'll take to make it happen
—Spend quality time with your family if hunkering down together; play and get creative
—Take virtual tours of museums around the world
—Find comfort and lose yourself in art
—Play board and card games
—Practice patience with yourself and each other
—Give everybody a bit of a “pass” during these challenging times
—Pray, meditate, send love to all those who are suffering (including yourself!)
—Call in God, the Angels, your Guides, the ETs, and whoever else, to bring assistance and comfort
—Pay attention to what triggers you, and work on healing the underlying wound
—When you can’t go outside, go within
—Clean house, declutter, and reorganize
—Set up an eBay or Etsy store and sell all those wonderful things you no longer need
—Start that online business you've thought about, create your website, start offering services and giving online classes
—Start a blog
—Do those projects you’ve put off for so long
—Express yourself creatively
—Start a new hobby; learn or start something new
—Ask for help if you need it (allow yourself to be vulnerable) and let others help you
—Offer help when, where, and however you can
—If you've recovered from the virus, volunteer or earn money helping those who can't go out, running errands, walking dogs, helping at the food bank
—Have long phone conversations and video chats with friends and family (especially the long-lost ones)
—Catch up on your rest (remember how much you yearned for time to do that?)
—Do what you need to do to stay grounded
—Be in the Now, the future will take care of itself (really!)
—Remember that All Is Well, that somehow we will come through this, and we will all have New Beginnings!
Remember that this is the Great Shift! We really did all choose to be on the planet at this time to experience this! Many of us came to help hold the vibrations of Love, Joy, Peace, Compassion, and Collaboration. And we are needed now, more than ever, to do just that! We will all get through this together, and we can use this time to begin envisioning and creating a better world for everyone!
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Coming Soon! I presented a Wisdom Workshop on February 23 at Edgar Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) about the Great Shift of the Ages, and I focused on the Great Saturn/Pluto Conjunction that is influencing all of 2020. I will be posting the audio recording and my slide presentation soon on my website, so be sure to check back there in the next couple of weeks! 
Find something new to read! My metaphysical fantasy novel, The Search for the Crystal Key, is an adventure for all ages about believing in yourself and the power of love, with tools for living and information about how life works that I received during my NDE. Available now in paperback, EPub, and  Kindle! This is a great life "primer" for those "new kids" ages 10 and above! 
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My NEW article, 2020: When The Rubber Hits the Road from the November Predictions for 2020 and Beyond issue of The Sedona Journal of Emergence, as well as my articles in past Predictions issues, can be found on the Sedona Journal Articles sub-page under the Tunnel Vision Newsletter tab. You'll see that the message continues to be: Change, change, and more change!
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