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Center For Peace
Sing to the Trees
April 14th - May 13th, 2020
The House of Mica Peace Chamber, in concert with Birdsong Peace Chamber, Center for Peace, Oca De Paz Peace Chamber, Sweet Beautiful Waters Peace Chamber, and with the support of Geraldine Rael, eldest daughter of Beautiful Painted Arrow, is putting out this global call to SING TO THE TREES. As we honor the trees, we bring healing to the human lungs and our capacity to breathe. We recognize our interconnectedness with the natural world and all beings. This practice helps us step into the awareness of the One-ness of all creation and embrace what is in front of us without grasping or aversion, as we affirm: "My nature is loving awareness.”

WHY: It is time to honor the trees. It is time to go within and discover our true nature as pure loving awareness. The lungs of humanity and the lungs of the planet need healing and support. This practice is, in part, in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

WHAT: We are asking people around the globe to join together in this practice to create a global song to the trees. People may begin the practice when they hear of it. You may do the practice for one day, for one week, or the entire month. Some people may choose to do the practice whenever they can, while others may choose to do it regularly at sunrise, sunset, noon or midnight.

HOW DO I PARTICIPATE: The "Singing to the Trees" practice can be found at
If possible, we encourage folks to make this a daily practice for the period of April 14 - May 13th. Depending on public health guidance for your location, you may do this practice inside as you look out at a tree or you may do it outside. You may do the practice alone, with family members or in groups.
If you are in a community with a peace chamber or are a member of a dance community, share how you plan to participate with the chamber caretaker or dance leader. They will share information with us.
You can also share your plan for participating by emailing us at the
We will post information on the House of Mica website about how the practice is being taken up across the globe, including a list of the places where it is being done. People are welcome to share with us their experience with the practice and with the person's permission, we will share highlights on the site.

You are welcome to post how you are participating on the project's Facebook page: Global Tree Meditation and Loving Awareness Practice. You can connect with others doing the practice, upload pictures or videos, share your experience and feel like part of a global community.

We will conclude the month of doing this practice with a Global Virtual Meeting on Wednesday, May 13th. Check the website for details about this.
We are grateful for the power of community and the power of collective action.
We offer prayers for all those who are suffering from COVID-19 and gratitude to the health care workers and caretakers who are acting so courageously and compassionately.
We give thanks to our spiritual elders, especially Beautiful Painted Arrow and all of the enlightened ones.

With love and blessings to all,
The Council of the Center For Peace
Center For Peace • 880 Graves Delozier Road • Seymour • TN • 37865
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