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The Muse is IN
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 Highlights for Children
(When we can tap into our childlike-selves, creativity can be found

like a prize in our box of Cracker Jacks.)
~Cracker Jill

 Hi ,
 Do you remember Highlights for Children?  Most of us who do remember, read it in the waiting room at the doctors or dentists.   I used to love flipping through all the different games like Hidden Pictures TMHere's one complete with the 21st century computer validation of your find, you might want to play it just to practice focusing a bit.
I always looked forward to getting magazines in the mail when I was a kid. It was a world of writing, pictures, recipes, and a portal to possibilities, plus there was advice about boys.  It predisposed me to writing books and newsletters for the last 30 years. I love my subscribers.
Highlights for Jill's Readers

Highlight Number One: Not So Hidden Pictures  ^
In my painting at the top find: a heart with wings, two fish, a rocket ship, a window with a hat, a scaredy-cat
, two window suns, a star flower, a bird with a crown and one with a party hat, love, and a little person getting some air in a time when the world has been told to stay home.  Kinda easy, right? But if I made you focus on something other than the news, junk food, or ruminating thoughts for at least 30 seconds, my work is done here.

Highlight Number Two:

Sunday, April 19, 3pm pacific, 4 mtn, 5 central, 6 eastern
Last month we had a wonderful turn-out of poets, writers, storytellers and people listening as they colored or painted. Come join us this month for the same, but this time singer/songwriter John Bosley will be playing songs throughout the gig.  He sounds a bit like Willie Nelson, has humor similar to John Prine, but is his own unique, wily and wonderful, John Bosley as well.

Showing up on video is optional (you can see what's going on and still be off-screen), coloring pages to all who attend, and if you'd like to read poetry, prose or share some music, you are welcome. We will keep it to 4-5 minutes per person.  Register here

Highlight Number Three:

Short Creative Prompts: For daily prompts, join me on Facebook. Short enough for compromised attention spans. Example:

Highlight Number Four:
Sublimating Frenetic Energy into Easy Creative Writing 
Saturday, May 2, 2020 11 am pacific, 12p mtn, 1 central, 2 eastern  1 1/2 hrs

A drastically inexpensive cost workshop because it's my way of giving, we need it now, and I want to write with you.
For intimidated beginners, writers who can't concentrate, seasoned writers wanting a novel approach, and anyone who love words. No critique, only the spilling of feelings, thoughts, and subconscious ramblings onto the page.

Donations go to Feeding America
Donations start at $5

Let's face it. This will reluctantly be one of the most memorable times in our lives. We have been yanked out of habits and behaviors we were used to making it a good time to develop some new ones.  Also a good time to capture the essence of what we are experiencing or let it catalyze something deep inside of us completely unrelated to the virus.
Once we get over the initial shock, this can be a rich time of creative expression. But not if you can't focus or show-up for yourself because you're distracted or captive to fear. Right now structure, community, and a nurturing (non-critique) environment are crucial to our sanity and for some, creative output.

The writing prompts I design start with lists, random thoughts, and fill-in-the blank sentences so constructing poems or prose is like assembling a collage from effortless free associations. We catch the stifling inner critic off-guard by choosing to write with abandon and focusing on fun not quality - that comes later.
As we move a little beyond the traumatic onset of this temporary new reality, our wild reactions may be settling a bit.  Focus is coming back maybe 2% and it's a good time to sublimate some of the frenetic energy into writing, if you love writing as much as I do. 

Highlight Number Five
I’m making little imperfect zines, inspired by  Linda D'Amario and Austin Kleon.
I was a little intimidated until I realized the culture of Zines is to be imperfect. Consider making some too while watching Netflix or Amazon Prime...
This YouTube that shows you how. 
Here's one of mine.
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Highlight Number Six
Scroll to the bottom of the newsletter for Quarantine Humor in case there are a few you haven't seen yet.

Last highlight 
My Rose Garden  A tour of my thorns


Complimentary Parallel Universe Time:
PUT is holding the space for each other to focus on our own work in distractible times. It's a grounding feeling that makes focusing easier. You're invited. Just keep this link in a place you can find it and click on it. You'll be working on your own project.
8:30a pacific, 9:30a mtn, 10:30a central, and 11:30a eastern on Mondays. Let me know if you want to be put on the reminder list that goes out every Sunday evening. 
April 19, 2020 3 p.m.pacific/ 6pm eastern

Poetry and Music and Coloring Open Mike On-line: Free
Come share music, poetry, or stories, or  listen while coloring or
doing art. We had about 20 wonderful poets and storytellers in the March edition 30 people total- you won't be on camera if you don't want to. Just come listen to others. Sign-up here
April and May
Finding Uber Bliss Classes are Underway on Wednesdays
Still the option to take single classes at $35 a piece
Single Pillow fort live Zoom Workshops Value $50 $35 a workshop includes:
Live Real time Workshop
YouTube recording of class

Downloadable Walking- for-Creativity Guided Meditation
Downloadable PDF related to the workshop you choose
Wednesday April 22,  2pm pacific/ 5pm eastern: Creative Voices -
We will explore how creative voices can either make or break your creative life, and we will make art cards to send to ourselves and others
Wednesday, April 29 same time: Creativity Unleashed
A whole slue of Jill Badonsky prompts to set your creativity on fire in the easiest most playful way possible. An orgy of creativity.
Wednesday, May 6: Creativity for Its Higher Meaning
When we create for a purpose beyond ourselves, an energy propels our inspiration.
 More Finding Uber Bliss info here :
Wednesdays at 2 pm pacific/ 5 eastern 
Zoom Classes from the Athenaeum
I teach my liberated method of sketching and watercolor in San Diego at the prestigious Athenaeum and the classes have been open to only area residents.  Now the classes are offered through Zoom so wherever you are you can sign-up! You just need the Internet and a computer with a built in camera - like most of them have these days.  This one is still a few spaces:
 Creativity from a Pillow Fort - We take a break mid-class:
Stories to inspire and experience in the moment easy ways to write and make art for the intimidated beginner, the curious bystander, or the seasoned writer or artist wanting a fresh approach.
Sunday, April 26 1- 4pm pacific (2 mtn, 3 central, 3 eastern)
Saturday, May 2 11 am pacific/ 2pm eastern Writing Workshop
See Highlight #Four ^ up above.
Omega Institute, Rhinebeck New York, June 28-July 3, 2020
For Arts Week at Omega (I hope)
Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Training begins again on Zoom:
August - December, 2020 (training creativity coaches since 2004 with Dr. Robert Maurer)  KMCC information


Jill Badonsky, M.Ed., Creator and trainer of Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Training (since 2004), author/illustrator of four books on creativity, multimedia artist, international recognized retreat leader, yoga/mindfulness teacher,  inspirational humorist, and cat servant.
I avoid Twitter: too cruel
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Quarantine Humor
Image may contain: possible text that says '[quarantine, day 16] I've started taking calls from telemarketers. Some of them are actually quite nice. Fred at Superior Auto Insurance has a new baby.'
Something funny if you're on Instagram
Image may contain: 1 person, sitting, possible text that says 'And what new skills did you acquire during self-quarantine?'

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****************Image may contain: possible text that says 'This is Wilson. He is now working from home'

Image may contain: possible text that says 'MY MOM ALWAYS TOLD ME I WOULDN'T AMOUNT TO ANYTHING LYING ON THE SOFA...A ...AND YET HERE I AM, SAVING THE WORLD. @circleofidiots @circl'
Stay safe.
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