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From The President's Desk
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From The President's Desk
As many of have received notification from the Barnes Law Group, this communication comes from our General Counsel, Michael McGonigle and reads as follows:
Below is a brief description of the class notification process that has been agreed to by plaintiffs and defendants and approved by the Court. The following is provided as  guidance for you and how to direct questions regarding the TSA settlement and its approved procedures:
The TSA Class Notice is being sent by two methods to ensure broadest possible notification to all class members.

1. The first notice of settlement was sent from the school district by email on August 1, 2020.
2. A second notice of settlement will be sent by first-class U.S. Mail in the next few days. If you did receive the email notification you should also expect to receive written notice in the mail. If you did not receive the email notification, then you should expect to receive the written notice being sent by regular mail by next week.
3. If you did not receive either notification, or if you have any questions about the class action settlement, all questions need to be directed to the class action administrator’s web site.
Gold v. DCSD Class Notice 
This is the only information ODE has at this time!
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