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Alki UCC Weekly Messenger October 8, 2020
From Pastor Kelly
“A billion dollar company should positively impact
a billion people.”  — SOCAP 2020
I spent a bit of time this week learning about impact weighted accounts (IWA). Believe it or not, IWA’s are a super interesting topic so stay with me.
Did you know that there are 250 publicly-traded companies that generate more environmental damage than they do profit? In other words, our most polluting companies are not even profitable. This is insane. With this kind of information at our fingertips, we can save the world one 401k at a time.
IWA’s are part of a Reimagining Capitalism approach to business and industry to foster places where goodness, innovation and livelihoods can mutually thrive and benefit us all. If you are in need of some good news, I encourage you to check out these efforts. There is much good happening in the world.
Alki UCC is exploring how the Reimagining of Israel described in the Book of Exodus parallels the Reimagining Church process happening in real time. Sometimes we find ourselves in seasons of life that nudge us to forge a new path forward and create a fresh expression of God’s kingdom. Alki UCC is calling this work her “Third Act,” and after 12 months of steadfast communal discernment, a vibrant sense of core values and God’s calling is being clarified. 
The Mission and Radical Redevelopment teams will present Alki UCC's Future Story at our Fall Congregational Meeting on Sunday, October 25. Please plan to attend at 10:00 am for worship and the meeting.
Between now and then, reimagine your own engagement and the places where God may be nudging you to join and serve.
Ever onward,
Pastor Kelly

Additional links:
Harvard Business School's information on Impact-Weighted Accounts

Entrepreneurs: Reshaping Capitalism to Drive Real Change
Alki UCC Community Book Study on Race:
Registration still open for Sunday evening or Tuesday afternoon sessions 
Be part of one of the most compelling
conversations unfolding across America today.
Our Community Book Study on Race is off to a great start this week. Thanks to all who signed up to be part of this important community discussion of CASTE: The Origins of Our Discontents, the New York Times bestseller by Isabel Wilkerson.

Beautifully written, original and revealing, Caste is an eye-opening story of people and history — a reexamination of what lies under the surface of ordinary lives and America's legacy of caste.
Registration is still open! Join us:
Sundays at 5:00 pm through November 22
Led by Pastor Kelly
Register here for Sunday series
Tuesdays at 2:00 pm through November 24
Led by Julia P and Russ T
Register here for Tuesday series
New participants are asked to read previously-discussed chapters before they join.
Following is our updated discussion plan for both the Sunday and Tuesday sessions:
Week Two/Part Two (October 11 & 13):
   The Arbitrary Construction of Human Divisions, chapters 4-9
Week Three/Part Three (October 18 & 20):
   The Eight Pillars of Caste
Week Four/Part Four (October 25 & 27):
   The Tentacles of Caste, chapters 10-18
Week Five/Part Five (November 1 & 3):
   The Consequences of Caste, chapters 19-24
Week Six/Part Six (November 8 & 10):
   Backlash, chapters 25-29
Week Seven/Part Seven (November 15 & 17):
   Awakening, chapters 30-31
Week Eight/Part Eight (November 22 & 24):
   Epilogue: A World Without Caste. Next steps.
Please let us know if you have any questions.
Your Faith Formation Team, Julia, Russ & Andrea
Note: We would like to share "A Letter on Racism to the Wider Church," issued this week by the Pacific Northwest Conference of the United Church of Christ (PNCUCC).
You can read it here. Following is a brief excerpt.
The tragic events we have witnessed in 2020 have magnified awareness of the disparities in our church and society based on race. The Council of Conference Ministers affirms the commitment of the national setting to racial equality and inclusion and recognizes the need to engage in our own process of critical self-reflection.
Last Sunday's "Blessing of the Animals" Neighborhood Walk-By
Despite the drizzle, Alki UCC was host to a variety of creatures who brought their humans with them to our first Neighborhood Walk-By blessing on Sunday, October 4. Blessing of the Animals is an annual service held around the world to coincide with the Feast of St. Francis in remembrance of the beloved saint’s love for all creatures. Thanks so much to Kim B for sharing her pictures.




Washington State and Local Tax System:
"Dysfunction & Reform"
Zoom Webinar: Tuesday, October 13
6:00 to 7:30 pm
Register here

Economic Inequality - A Major Health Issue
Study after study indicates that there is a link between our country's widening income gap and population health indicators. Despite spending more money on health care than the rest of the world combined, Americans die earlier and experience more illness than our counterparts in other developed nations - and even many developing nations.

Join WPSR’s Economic Inequity & Health program for a FREE presentation and Q&A with renowned WA economist, Dr. Dick Conway, to learn about Washington’s regressive tax system and the reforms needed to create a more equitable tax code in our state.
Dr. Conway founded and was co-publisher of The Puget Sound Economic Forecaster, and served on the Washington State Governor's Council of Economic Advisors for 33 years. He has written extensively on the inequities of Washington’s upside down tax system, and was a member of both the Washington State Tax Structure Committee, and the Washington State Economic Climate Study Advisory Board.
It's GO Time! Like for Real!!
Mobilizing the Alki UCC GOTV Team
Alki UCC has set a goal of sending 300 GOTV letters via the handy, online tools provided by Vote Forward. Your letters will encourage potential voters in critical electoral states to register and vote.
Way to go! The Official Alki UCC GOTV Campaign Mailbox is already at 220 letters ready for mailing ... just 80 short of our goal. We can do this!
Your GOTV 1-2-3-4 How-To
1) Sign up at;
2) Select your state(s);
3) Print/fill out letters for mailing on October 15.
4) Email the church office with how many letters you have ready to mail and to what states.
Take care to follow instructions exactly. For maximum impact, letters won't be sent until October 15.
We’re asking everyone in our community to write at least 10 letters on your own. Thanks to Shannon P and Vicky S for hosting our first GOTV Zoom Parties ... you can, too!
Saving Our Democracy Bonus: 
Write letters to win! Not only to urge reluctant citizens to vote, but to win a prize yourself! Write 10 letters to be entered into a prize drawing, 20+ letters gets your name in twice! Gift cards! Beauty lotions and potions!
Please contact me for Zoom GOTV Party info, to register for the Bonus, or with any other questions. Thank you. — Cinda S
Washington State voter registration is through October 26: ARE YOU REGISTERED TO VOTE??
Speaking of Voting ... Your Washington State Ballot on the Way ... Important Info on R90
Statewide ballots will be mailed by October 16. Please vote early and consider dropping off instead of mailing your ballot.
West Seattle drop-off boxes are located:
— in the Junction, at the RedLine bus stop Bay 2, SW corner of Alaska and California (at Key Bank); and
— outside High Point Library at Raymond & 35th Ave SW
The last day to register to vote is Monday, October 26. Double-check your registration; you don't want anything to go wrong:
R 90 on the Ballot
You all should receive your Voters' Pamphlet by the end of the week. Take a look at it now to familiarize yourself before your ballot arrives so that you can fill in and drop off your ballot right away. Statewide Referendum Measure No. 90 is right at the beginning of your pamphlet.
This referendum recommends implementation of a statewide sex education curriculum to teach age-appropriate, inclusive, comprehensive sexual health education to K-12 students.
For topics I'm not familiar with, I read the pro and against statements, which are often well-written and persuasive, and review the endorsers on each side of the discussion (this can be very revealing, often these issues are big business vs small consumer). If I'm still not sure, I seek outside voices from groups that I align with and trust.
Alki UCC is a member of the Faith Action Network (FAN), a progressive faith-in-action advocacy group. FAN's Governing Board has unanimously endorsed Referendum 90, and issued an important statement from Faith Leaders for the institution of this statewide program. You can read the statement here. Thank you for your consideration.
Happy Voting! — Cinda S
In Our Circle of Prayer
Healing Prayers for Verona's younger brother, Eric, who has been diagnosed with inoperable throat cancer in the early stages

# # #
Special prayers for the family and friends of Jonathan PriceJacob Blake, Rayshard Brooks, Manuel Elllis, George Floyd, Elijah McClain, Dreasjon (Sean) Reed, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and the heart-breaking list of African-Americans and other people of color murdered or wounded by police or self-declared vigilantes in our nation over many decades. We mourn with you and we stand for justice and healing.
Special prayers for all those on the front lines of working to protect us, keep us healthy, sane, grounded, informed, fed and comfortable during the current COVID 19 outbreak: our faith leaders, front-line health care workers, EMTs, police, firefighters, educators, transit bus and rail drivers, farmers, therapists, social workers, shelter operators, engineers, grocery/drug store personnel, caregivers, childcare specialists, pharmacists, custodians, organizations caring for the most vulnerable, sanitation workers, dispatchers and others keeping our supply chains operational, truth-telling journalists and all the many public servants who are so vital to our community.
For those grieving the recent death of a loved one:
Todd S and family; Patty M, family and friends of Bob J, family and friends of Jim C, Kirstin  and family; Larry G; the family and friends of Ruth O

Recent hospitalization, illness and other concerns:
Julia C's long-time friend Megan, Bonita C, Claire F, Dayle B, Gina E and Ashleigh J, Imy P, Sandy J, Kirstin D's father, Don P, Jeff J, Bev C, John K, Jan C

For homebound members/friends of Alki UCC: Doris C
Wider World: Prayers for all those affected by the corona virus outbreak; all those suffering from PTSD in the military and around the world; for all those affected by the increasingly cruel and inhumane US immigration policies imposed by the current administration; prayers for fewer guns, for all victims and those affected by gun violence; victims and survivors of extremist violence around the world; migrants seeking refuge around the world, and for those who are trying to help them. The rest of the missing schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram, who remain in our hearts as long as they remain missing. The hungry and homeless, the ill and the addicted, the lost and the lonely; the unemployed.
This Sunday
October 11, 10:00 am
 “Origin stories
for modern times:
The role of courage, leadership and strategy
in God’s Beloved Community.”
Leaving Behind: VICTIM
Exodus 16:2-15
Manna from Heaven
Dan K
Tech Deacon:
Shannon P
Betsy S
Ministry Team Moment
Worship Logistics
Click here for Sunday's Order of Worship, including the scripture reading.
The Music Corner
Enjoy worship music ahead of time from your own library or the YouTube links below.
A New Hallelujah 
Michael W. & Debbie Smith and Paul Baloche
YouTube Link
Panis Angelicus (Bread from Heaven) from "Messe de trois voix"
Cesar Franck

YouTube Link
Third Hymn
World Peace Prayer
Marty Haugen
Introduced by 
YouTube Link
Worship and Music Meeting This Sunday after Worship
Join us to make plans for Advent and beyond!
Contact: Joe M
Zoom Registration Required for Sunday Worship
You only need to register once. Zoom has upgraded its security protocol and we need to ask you to register in advance to attend Sunday worship. 
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with your own unique link to join Sunday worship.
For additional assistance, please phone or text Tech Deacon Shannon Peterson.
Join Us
Worship and Congregational Meeting Sunday, October 25
at 10:00 am
Ministry Team Nuts 'n' Bolts
Sunday Worship Moment of Ministry Schedule
October 11
Worship Logistics
October 18
Outreach/Social Justice 
October 25
UCC Open and Affirming Coalition (ONA) Heralds
"Coming Out Day" October 11
This Sunday, October 11, is National Coming Out Day—our annual celebration of the millions whose stories of coming out of the closet are also stories of minds and hearts that were changed.
"Coming Out" isn't an opportunity only for LGBTQ people, but for our friends and allies—and especially churches. When ONA congregations come out in their communities, they are claiming the power to change the world.

Check out ONA's complete Webinar Series, including "ONA 101" and "ONA and the Bible."
A New Call for Third Hymns
Is there a hymn that was special to you as you were growing up? Does a certain hymn repeatedly play through your mind as you go about your day? Does one hymn especially speak (or sing) to you as you navigate this 'new normal?'
If you answered yes to any of these questions, please email me the hymn title that comes to mind for you. You will be invited to introduce your "Third Hymn" in an upcoming service, but Zoom participation optional.
Thank you for contributing to our worship services in this very meaningful way. — Vicky S
King County Metro Previews New Scheduling and Fares for Paratransit Riders
A heads up for anyone who uses Metro's Access transit.
Please read this article from the Metro Matters newsletter for important information on scheduling and fares, including the reinstated fare collection on all Access trips.
Hear Me, Stand With Me
Sunday, October 18
1:30 to 4:30 pm
A Zoom conversation with those we other, and an invitation to active partnership
Information and Registration
Join us to hear from and stand with members of the African American and
Indigenous communities. 
This is an opportunity to hear the struggles of many groups through story, poetry, music and art, and learn what it means to create a better life for all.
Mary's Place Shine Virtual Gala
Friday, October 23
6:00 to 10:00 pm
No charge to attend

Modeled after "The Voice," the SHINE Gala program includes live musical performances and friendly competition between local community leaders. Gala guests will crown the SHINE champion by voting for their favorite performer while bidding on live and silent auction packages featuring exclusive and unique experiences and items.
Details and registration here.
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