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From The President's Desk
GAE Endorsed Candidates Win Big in DeKalb
GAE Lobby and Learn Workshop
Runoff Election January 5
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From The President's Desk
Hoping all is well with you and your families.  Wishing you peace and tranquility during the upcoming holiday season!
We the People decided this election, and our message was loud and clear:  America must do and will do better for working families.  We stand ready to help President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris deliver a long overdue agenda that puts us first.  However; we’re not done, we must continue the work we started to help Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff become Senators from our great state.  We all remember what the Senate did to Barack Obama, Mitch McConnell made it his business to make Obama fail, he will do the same with Biden.  We must not let that happen.  Let us all rock up our sleeves and to work. 
The DeKalb County Board of Education met 9 Nov. 2020.  Vice-Chair Vickie Turner made a proclamation for a Parent and Family Engagement Day, which was Monday. 
Mr. Stan Jester made a proclamation for National School Psychology Week.
Mr. Diijon Dacosta proclaimed the week of 9 Nov – 13, 2020 as Black Lives Matter Week.
Monday- HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities
Tuesday- Black Owned Business
Wednesday- Black Is Beautiful Unity Day
Thursday- Black Lives Matter Conference Day
Friday- Day of Affirmation - Week of Reflection
The Superintendent gave an update on the Coronavirus return to buildings, which wasn’t a plan.  Ms. Watson-Harris didn’t provide any details of substance on the plan other than to say that the county continues to watch the numbers.  Dr. Michelle Jones continued on this line saying that as of Monday, the numbers were 203 per 100,000 cases.  We know the CDC advises less than 100 per 100,000 cases.  Parents on a whole are reluctant to send their students back into buildings when there are multi-generational people living in the home.  Mr. Jester asked that district call for virtual schooling for the remainder of the year.  The superintendent dismissed this suggestion hoping things will get better.
The district is hoping to use Cares Act Funding to purchase needed supplies of hand sanitizer and refillable water bottles.  The district purchased 215,000 mask.  DeKalb’s bus drivers will be provided mask and shields, those drivers that are delivering food items have these item now.
Any employee having Mental Health or any other issues should contact EAP, the Employee Assistant Program.  The district also will provide Mental Health Support to Parents and Students.  Counselors have virtual hours and are ready to assist in any way possible.  DCSD nurses are checking in on students as well.  Sociologist are providing workshops in consultation with parents as well as teachers who may be have noticed a student’s change in behavior.  Social workers have school supplies, toolkits as well as clothing as needed. 
Winter sports are delayed, however; students that would like to continue conditioning in order to be ready when their sport starts will have the opportunity to use the school facility for conditioning.  This decision will come from the students and parents.
Monika Davis says there computers for teachers and counselors whose Chrome Books aren’t working.  Please contact your principal if you are in need of another computer the county has them.  The principals are working with Area Superintendents who will work with IT to get you a computer.
New Cabinet Members
Charles Burbridge – Chief Financial Officer
E Estill – Chief Operations Officer
Melissa Harris – Deputy Superintendent – Community Empowerment Innovations and Partnership
Vasanne Tensley has retired and Linda Frazier is retiring.
Thank you for all that you do for the children in the DeKalb County School District.  A special Thank you for the work you did during the election.
Continue being safe and enjoy a joyful Thanksgiving Holiday.
In Solidarity
GAE Endorsed Candidates Win Big in DeKalb
The ODE Political Action Committee made recommendations to endorse pro-public education candidates for General Assembly districts (both House and Senate) around DeKalb County. The GAE Fund for Public Education accepted those recommendations and formally endorsed those candidates and others around the state. Statewide, a great majority of GAE's endorsed candidates were elected in the General Election on November 3, including every recommended candidate representing a portion of DeKalb County. Although we did not flip the state House as many had hoped, we have great relationships with many legislators and will continue to work with the General Assembly to ensure that pro-public education legislation is passed and signed into law.
GAE Lobby and Learn Workshop

The 2021 legislative session is 10 weeks away!

Register for the GAE Lobby and Learn Workshop.

Date:  – 

The 2021 session of the Georgia General Assembly begins, as always, on the second Monday of January, this coming year on Monday, January 11, 2021.  Learn now from of some of the best lobbyists at the state Capitol about how to effectively lobby your elected officials.  Sign up today!

Topics include:
  • Introduction to the Georgia General Assembly
  • Lobbying 101
  • Georgia Budget and Education Funding
  • Election Review and General Election Runoffs
  • Dr. Stephen Owen and Amanda Hollowell, Georgia Budget and Policy Institute
  • Lisa Morgan, Joe Fleming, and Grace Akan, GAE
  • Toni Smith and Karen Solheim, GAE - Retired
Runoff Election January 5
Both of Georgia's Senate Seats and one seat on the Public Service Commission are headed to a January 5 runoff election. Georgians may still register up until December 7 by visiting Voters wishing to vote by mail may request a ballot by filling out the form at that site or directly online by visiting Remember, we need pro-public education Senators representing Georgia in Washington, DC!
NEA Member Benefits - Featured Benefit
NEA Member Benefits is excited to announce that on October 19, 2020, we are launching a new discount shopping program for NEA members called the NEA Discount Marketplace. The program is offered in partnership with Rakuten, one of the nation’s leading e-commerce shopping platforms with more than 12 million subscribers.
Beginning October 19, 2020, members will be able to access the NEA Discount Marketplace and set up their Rakuten accounts at
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