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Drama League of Ireland
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As we move towards 2021, and the prospect of live performance remains as elusive as ever, we offer some timely advice in this ezine from DLI Development Officer, John Lennon, on live streaming/posting past shows. 
The most important thing to consider before posting any performance on a social medium platform is - do we have permission from the playwright, or his/her estate to do this?  Rights and a licence to  perform must always be in place before staging your show in pre-Covid times.... the same rules apply now.  
It's good to get the chance to post some flyers from our groups who are adapting to these new theatrical norms.  If your group is planning an online Christmas show, let us know!!
An appreciation from Michael Poynor, President/Chair of The Association of Drama Adjudicators (ADA)
We are sad to report the passing away of one of the most influential adjudicators to have shared membership of ADA. 
A founding member of the Association, Pat’s wide experience, amateur, professional and academic, brought a wealth of knowledge and experience which he shared with wit and great insight. He was a superlative adjudicator and brought his prowess to several All Ireland Drama Festival Finals in Athlone. Dr Burke was also a lecturer in St Patrick’s College, Drumcondra, Dublin where he headed up the Drama Department.
Pat served as Vice-President of ADA and was central to the re-organisation and constitutional changes in 2011-12, and, together, we re-wrote the process for admission to ADA and the philosophy and protocols applicable to the marking system … he was a first class wordsmith with meticulous attention to detail. The one word used over and over again, in the long list of condolences penned by friends and colleagues was … ‘gentleman’.
We shall remember Pat as a fine actor, a deeply informed and imaginative director - with exceptional insights into the work of Brian Friel - and a wise and kind drama adjudicator. In short, Pat Burke was a man for all theatrical seasons. May he in rest in peace.  
We have had a number of queries recently from our DLI members regarding the streaming of plays and posting of productions on various social media platforms.
The best advice we can offer at present is that groups need to be exceptionally careful not to infringe on any copyright, with anything that they post online or share on any medium. 
Where a group or individual has access to an author and is granted permission to use any of their plays, then as long as there is evidence of this permission (written), there should be no issues with this. 
For example, in-house writing may be performed and shared with the author's permission. Self-written work may also be shared as long as there is nothing being shared that is subject to copyright and/or being used without a licence. 
It is worth remembering also, that there are many titles in the public domain that are out of, or not subject to copyright. Some works are royalty free. The normal rules are that a title is out of copyright when the author has been deceased for 70 (seventy) years or more. This is the case with William Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde and WB Yeats for example.
The advice from the DLI is very clear - it remains the case that anything which would normally require a licence to perform, still requires a licence to perform, to show or to air on any platform. The representative agencies continue to be very vigilant and rightly so, in identifying any copyright infringements and responding very quickly to any issues arising.
I would remind people of the clarity offered in the licensing agreements that we are sent by the representative agency, when securing the performing rights for any production. One of the terms of a sample performing rights agreement/licence is outlined below.
Licensed productions of the Property are to be performed in front of a live audience only. Auditions, rehearsals, and/or performances may not be recorded, broadcast or posted at any time, in any manner or for any purpose. These restrictions apply to both audio-only and audio-visual recordings, broadcasts and postings. By way of example only, no posting of audio or audio-visual recordings to YouTube or any other social networking sites is permitted. Any such recording, broadcasting, posting or other use of a performance of the Property is a copyright infringement and will expose Licensee to serious legal consequences
It should be noted therefore, that any use of a title or part thereof that is subject to copyright, must have in place the appropriate licence to perform, or to share such work in any way, prior to this being done. Copyright infringement is a criminal offence.
Despite all of the above, there remains lots that we can do to keep creativity alive, during these strange unprecedented times.
John Lennon   
Please contact John at with any queries.

ADCI & Sillan Players' Paddy Farrelly has an invitation for you!
Hi all, great feedback on our ADCI Lockdown Conversations. Thank you to everyone who contributed to our first two episodes with Seamus O'Rourke & Irene Kelleher. We’re back this Thursday night 19th @ 8pm with Episode 3.
Tonight we welcome Ballyshannon man John Travers. John is a member of Ballyshannon Drama Society, former ADCI Chairman and is currently Vice President. He has a long tradition with amateur drama. Join us for the chat on our Facebook page - you won’t be disappointed!
PS Next week Paddy is in conversation with Lurlene & TJ Duggan, All Ireland Full Length & One Act winning directors from Prosperous DS. Tune in on Thursday 26 November @8pm!
 For further details

See Moat Club Facebook page for more!
Don't miss the opportunity to catch the streaming of the Mill Youth Musical Theatre's 2019 sell-out production of ANNIE!
This Saturday 21 November, and Saturday 28 November. 
Tickets €8 

For more, go to
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