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 The View from Here. . .
Winter 2021
The Shift has Hit the Fan!
As the poet Dorothy Parker once quipped, “What fresh hell is this?” Just when we thought we’d put the worst year in almost a century behind us—a year that started with a Presidential impeachment; then moved to a viral plague that cost the health and livelihood of millions of people, and the very lives of hundreds of thousands; and months of (mostly peaceful) social injustice protests across the country—we started this New Year with a virus surge killing some 4,000 people every day; a violent insurrection that took over the U.S. Capitol; a second impeachment for inciting that insurrection; and then, a Presidential inauguration. Doesn’t it feel like we’ve lived about three decades in the past 12 months? In the last three weeks??
You can’t make this sh*t up!!
Truth really is stranger than fiction! If someone wrote a screenplay with everything that has happened in the last year, it would likely be rejected for being too outrageous and unbelievable! Yet here we are, having all experienced it!
Those who study astrology warned that the combination of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in January 2020—and the ongoing effects of the upcoming Pluto Return to the United States natal chart—would thrust “life as we know it” into the blender. But no one could foresee the details. We all had to wait and watch (in horror!) to see how it would all play out. If you’ve watched this Tunnel Vision space for any amount of time since 2013, you’ve seen the repeated message of major cycles ending and beginning, and change, Change, CHANGE. At this point, many cycles reached a crescendo and ended with a BANG!
One can only presume it’s been better than having the earth hit by a comet or having Atlantis sink again!
The U.S. natal chart’s Pluto Return is “heating up,” and already doing its thing:  turning over all the rocks, and taking things to extremes so we can see, very, very clearly, everything that is wrong or not working in our country, in our society, and in our government. The Light is on, and we are seeing all those roaches that we previously either didn’t see or were able to comfortably ignore.
But no longer! It’s all out there in the open now, and most of us feel like we’ve been punched in the stomach as we see what’s been hiding—both in plain sight and hidden in those nooks and crannies—all along.
And have no doubt: The Revelations are just getting started. Hold on to your seat, get the popcorn, and prepare to be shocked! 2021 will be a full year of Revelations!
A Tale of Two Worlds
For decades, we’ve been polarized, but Pluto has driven those polarities to their extremes, forming a huge chasm of ideology. It feels like we are in the middle of a zombie apocalypse but, oddly enough, each “side” thinks the others are the zombies! Each “side” is completely convinced that they are awake, aware, and right (superior), and the other “side” are ignorant, deluded, brainwashed, sheeple. The smell of smug superiority is strong on both sides (and that's always a problem!).
How did we come to this, with people seemingly living in two completely different realities? In the past, people certainly had different and opposing opinions, but for the most part, we all agreed on the basic facts. Now, the “facts” are in dispute.
The “social contract” has ripped and crumbled, and over the last few decades more and more people have stopped trusting those in authority, because they were seen to abuse it. Perhaps this started in the 1960s (the first “hit” of a newly minted Uranus/Pluto cycle of change), when students rebelled against “the establishment”:  the rigid societal structures and roles that had been handed down for centuries and that no longer served. Women rebelled against the limiting roles assigned to them. And students had no interest in being drafted and sent to die in what they perceived as a meaningless war to support corporate interests. 
The Pentagon papers (1971) were perhaps the final blow, the final proof that we had been lied to by those we trusted the most: the government and the media. The idealism, empowerment, and hope for the future fostered by JFK were thoroughly destroyed as we reeled from his assassination, followed by the escalation of the Viet Nam war on our TVs every night, then the assassinations of Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy, and the failed corrupt administration of Nixon and Agnew. The backlash against hope and exuberance was complete by the mid-70s, and perhaps it never really came back.
With the onset of the Regan years (and the help of a not very benevolent Saturn cycle) in 1980, the long, slow redistribution of wealth began and continued through the next 30 years. The “trickle down” theory was embraced at the top, and only a “trickle” of wealth went to the masses. No one believed in government anymore, because all those wonderful campaign promises fell by the wayside, while everyone watched as corporate CEO salaries skyrocketed, worker salaries/wages stagnated, factories closed and jobs were shipped overseas, and changes in the tax code shifted money away from the middle and poorer classes and into the coffers of the already wealthy. The creation of "two realities" began in earnest, generally defined as the haves and the have-nots.
More and more people, who once had great hopes for their futures, were left behind. Greed became good, as Gordon Gekko preached so persuasively, a way of life for those living high on the hog, while more and more fell toward poverty and broken dreams. As the piece of the pie available to the masses became smaller and smaller, people felt the need to turn on each other and fight for their portion, rather than turning on those at the top who created this disparity. 
If you were among the wealthy and comfortable few, you didn’t notice anything amiss, didn’t feel the roiling currents under the surface. Perhaps you wrapped yourself in self-righteousness, feeling that those people who had to work three jobs to make ends meet were just lazy, as “hating the poor” became a useful tool for explaining away why some of us have a lot more than others.
If you didn’t live through all that—all those years of the fraying of the social contract and redistribution of wealth—you certainly inherited the legacy of it, and are living with the results of it now.
And Then We Got The Info Wars!
As life got harder and more out of control for more and more people, many tried desperately to understand what had happened, but no longer trusted those formerly “trusted sources.”
When we don’t understand why things are happening (especially bad things), we search for “reasons and answers,” and there are always people who are willing to supply “answers,” for their own selfish reasons. More and more conspiracy theories sprang up and gained momentum, spurred by the mystery and conflicting messages put out about the Roswell (NM) incident and then the “magic bullet” theory put forth by the government about the zigzagging bullet that killed JFK.
With the advent of the internet, social media, shock jocks, and “info-tainment” instead of news, the forum expanded for all kinds of speculation about what is going on and why, and each person finds the “answers” that resonate, based on their own experiences, understandings, and fears. Then they find others who believe the same thing and create an insulated community.
So whose answers are right? That’s where we diverge! The Big Lie, as perfected by the Nazis, became increasingly the norm: tell the lie—the bigger, the better—over and over and over again, until people believe it. Manipulative entertainers and media “personalities”, following P.T. Barnum’s playbook, rose to influence, and they raised gaslighting to an art form: You saw something happen right in front of you, or live on TV, and they manage to convince you it didn't really happen, you didn't see what you saw. People started believing all kinds of things, while “the mainstream” was busily putting out its own version of reality, blissfully unaware of the widely diverging cultures. 
It's Not the Beliefs, It's the Actions
It is not the difference in beliefs that is the problem, because we have always been a country of differing beliefs—and often very strong beliefs at that—about many things, including politics and religion.
But those beliefs—and the anger and resentment that some produced or fed on—were manipulated. Fear, hate, and disinformation were fomented and monetized over several decades, and the divide between “us” and “them” deliberately expanded, as those same shock jocks and infotainment personalities realized that hate, fear, separation, and division can not only be weaponized, but can be quite lucrative. The wilder and angrier the lie, the higher the ratings and ad revenues.
Foreign powers joined the fray as they, too, saw the potential for sowing distrust and division to undermine the United States, a new kind of surreptitious warfare.
Most of us manage to peacefully co-exist (except, perhaps, at family Thanksgiving dinners!), but occasionally extremism attaches to beliefs—especially beliefs deliberately seeded and cultivated in the culture that are based in fear, resentment, blame, and even demonization—and deep-seeded rage and violence either drives them or stems from them. With the rampage at the U.S. Capitol, we saw an extremist group—egged on by an unhappy president, media personalities, and behind-the scenes instigators—determined to overthrow an election, to stop progress, to go back to reclaim everything they felt they had lost or feared they might lose.
Was it horrifying to watch? Yes. It also served as a clarion wake-up call, a tsunami-sized splash of cold water to shake us all out of our collective trance. In fact, all the events of 2020 have been a giant cosmic wake-up call, as we have been forced to see and experience all the breaks and fissures in our foundations and structures, all the injustices and imbalances—personally, nationally, and globally. And now we have a massive “cleanup on Aisle 9”!
What can we learn from all this?
We can’t control life—or other people—the way we would all love to; in fact, “control” is an illusion, even when it comes to ourselves much of the time. Life often gives us lemons: Sometimes we are pelted with them and sometimes we are buried under a landslide of them. 
We will always be tested, because that’s how we learn about our inner strengths (and weaknesses) and what we’re made of. And people will continue to betray us, manipulate us, and let us down for their own reasons, at every level. We even do it to ourselves.
We can’t stop that from happening; it’s part of the “contract” with Life on Earth. When we get on this ride, we know there will be plenty of bumps along the road. Oddly enough, that’s part of the allure of Life on Earth. It’s on that long list of things under Terms and Conditions. Perhaps we just clicked and leaped in without reading the whole thing?
So if we can’t control Life, what can we do when we’ve been treated unfairly or hurt, or when our plans go sideways, or we have the rug pulled out from under us? Or when those we trusted lie to us or abuse that trust? Or when we fear the changes that we see coming, and fear that we will be left behind?
We can sink, swim, or float. It’s all a choice. Clichés can be so annoying, but that’s often because they’re true:  It’s not what happens to us in life that matters, so much as how we respond.
It always helps to first sit back and assess the situation. Wait until the feared change actually comes (if it does, in fact, arrive). Then acknowledge what is, acknowledge what happened, without judgment. That doesn’t mean you like it. It means you allow yourself to see it clearly and understand it. And then you can figure out how to move on.
With so many potent echoes from the past—the American Revolution, the Civil War, and the upheaval of the 1960s—we are being forced to reassess, based on our new 2020 clear-sightedness, and consciously choose which direction we want to go in, and who we want to be as a people. Do we want to move forward, or do we want to go back? Do we want to include everyone, or leave certain groups behind? Do we want to choose compassion for others or cold, egoic self-interest? 
In the 1960s—when the Uranus/Pluto conjunction started us on the path of a long cycle of transformation, and a generation felt the need to rebel against what had been and seek meaningful change in society—the powerful backlash by the establishment showed that the majority choice at that time was to “go back,” to keep power and wealth where it had always been and, through the next few decades, to consolidate that power and wealth, and grow it.
Now, as we are starting to see the outer effects of the deeply transformative second “hit” of that great Uranus/Pluto cycle—the first Uranus/Pluto Square several years ago—we also have that  U.S. Pluto Return adding its weight (and its demands) to the equation. Pluto has shown us what happens when we take things to extremes, so we can now see and make a clear choice—again.
It appears, in these early days, that the People have chosen to move forward, not back. And thus, the Titanic starts to turn. It won’t happen immediately, but the ship of state seems headed for calmer and balmier waters.
Put a Little Love in Your Heart
After years (if not decades) of fomented hate and division, we need to make a concerted effort to bring back the Love. And that falls on each and every one of us. As we said in the 60s, if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. It's a choice, and it's time to choose: Which do you want to be?
We can’t just blithely and obliviously flow along in our lives, especially if we are among those who are “comfortable.” We can’t say, “I have mine, so what’s your problem?” We can't blame the poor for their poverty. We have to look around us and see what it’s like for others, especially those who are struggling. And we have to recognize our own good fortune and help those less fortunate. We cannot just love those who look like us; those who have the same privileges, opportunities, and good fortune; those who think like we do; and those who believe what we believe.
We have to remember who we are: We are all parts of God/the Universe/Creator/All That Is (choose your own term), having an experience on Planet Earth in a human suit. That applies to every single one of us, no matter our choices, no matter our beliefs, no matter our causes. We are each unique in our experiences, our journey, our purpose and our path. And we are all One (while remaining individual), because we all carry the Creator, the Great Architect, within us. Perhaps Creator wanted to have all of those millions of different experiences, and set us all on our individual paths to make that happen?
As Martin Luther King, Jr., said: “We must learn to live together as brothers, or perish together as fools.”
We have to step out of our egos and step into our hearts. We have to stop trying to prove that we are “right,” trying to convince others of our truth. It never works, and it’s not our job! We all know how irritating it is when someone tries to convince us that what we believe is wrong. Even though sometimes our judgments and beliefs (gasp!) ARE WRONG! There are many truths we can all agree on, yet each person has his or her own truth, and yes, those personal truths may change over time as we each live and grow.
Have you never believed something and later found out you were wrong, or at least changed your mind and stopped believing it? Have you never believed in a teacher or leader, only to find out later that they had feet of clay, that they lied and led you astray? It is humbling and humiliating, but it is all part of the process of Life. It is all part of the "effing" growth experience!
We try on things and ideas, then put them down, as we learn and grow, and step more and more into our true/Higher selves. We must recognize that each of us has a journey, each journey is different, and each of us is at a different place in our journey. We must stop judging, feeling superior, and being “right” (that just shows we have a lot of our journey left to travel!).
We need to let others have their truths and their beliefs, and take the time to examine our own. Where did we get them? What was the source? Do they still serve and support us? Do they fill us with love or fear? Do they help us contribute to the whole?
Of course, violent actions stemming from our beliefs is not acceptable. It never is. And while we cannot control others, it is our responsibility to control ourselves. And trying to bring meaningful change while we’re all at each other’s throats—competing, distrusting, deploring, resenting, fearing, hating, and demonizing each other—hasn’t worked! Aren't we all sick of that by now?
Move into Grace and Try Something New
So let’s try something new! The incoming energies of all these collective new cycles are urging us to move forward courageously into the new, holding hands and supporting each other. We are far more powerful together than divided, and the hearts of Americans are big and generous, when we can put aside our fears and come together. We all have more in common than our differences. So much depends on where we focus our attention (that always powerful manifestation tool)!
No one knows what the future holds, because it is not written in the stars. We have powerful planetary energies guiding and assisting us to create a better world, but we must do the work!
We have just fought our way out of the chrysalis, and we must learn to be the beautiful butterflies that we’ve become. We may stumble and fall at first, but as we stretch our wings and learn to fly in these new, rarified energies that are ripe for creation, we can come together and create that Golden Age that all of us have yearned for in our hearts our entire lives.
As we learn to embrace, rather than fear, our differences, as we learn to stop fighting and "give peace a chance," and allow ourselves to listen and learn from each other, we will all grow in the direction of that Promised Land.
We merely have to let go of the “old,” step into the new, and fly! (We’ve got this!) 
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© 2021, E.B. Dye. All Rights Reserved 
In this issue:
The Shift has Hit the Fan!
The Country is Going Through a Dark Night of the Soul
What is Reality, Anyway?
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Who is Ellyn Dye?
The Country is Going Through a Dark Night of the Soul
 What does it look like when a country goes through a Dark Night of the Soul? I think we're looking at it. And it isn't pretty. But then again, they never are!
Dark Nights of the Soul force us to confront our shadow side, to see the paradoxes and things we don't entirely embrace in ourselves, and to somehow come to terms with them and figure out a way to keep moving forward. They force us to deeply examine all of our beliefs—whether we knew we had them or not—and reassess whether they are still true for us or not. And if not, we must figure out what we really do believe and why.
There is usually some sort of trigger in the outer world that propels us into the Dark Night of the Soul, and the country had a big one on January 6: a rally that turned into a riot, that turned into a violent insurrection, where armed individuals overran the U.S. Capitol with the intent to not only disrupt or stop the Congressional action to accept the certified results of the election, but also to physically harm the Vice President, the Speaker of the House, and other members of Congress.
The world watched with us in horror as it played out in living color on our televisions. We have now joined the ranks of countries that have experienced an armed  attempt to overthrow the government—a coup d'etat—and we are fortunate that it was unsuccessful. (And we already have those in power who are trying to disavow, dismiss, and say it wasn't really all that bad!)
Not only has our view of our country changed, but our standing in the world has also changed. We can no longer swagger around in our arrogance, pretending that we have all the answers or that we have perfected democracy, because this episode has demonstrated that even we are susceptible to having our system severely undermined, if we don't pay attention.
Everyone knows that the cornerstone of our democracy is the election of leaders by the people and the peaceful transfer of power from one leader to the next after the people have spoken.
Of course, there are always lots of grumbles from those on the losing side after every election, but there has never been such a concerted effort to declare the election results fraudulent by incumbent leaders and media outlets, even in the face of assurances and certifications by State representatives that the results were sound, and a total lack of evidence in over 60 lawsuits. Evidence of the much-vaunted "fraud" has never been produced.
The United States has had its comeuppance—as all young countries do at some point—and the problem came from within.
"We have seen the enemy, and he is us!" —Pogo (comic strip by Walt Kelly)
Extremism—even violent extremism—has been a part of the American fabric since the beginning, but never has it gained such numbers or such cohesion.
The continent was first conquered by colonialism and supported by slavery, and the country was founded on a violent revolution and expanded by the brutal displacement of the native peoples who lived here. The cowboy way, in fact, was much  celebrated and, in some places, it still is. 
So here we are, forced into a Dark Night of the Soul as we contemplate at deep levels who we are as a country: What do we stand for? Are we a country for everyone or for the few? Does might really equal right? What is the intersection between individual rights and responsibilities to society? Do we support minority rule or majority rule? Do we still believe in democracy or would we prefer an autocracy? Do we want to continue with toxic competition or begin to collaborate more? Who do we want to be in the world going forward, and how do we achieve that?
We are also being forced to ask: How did we get here, and how did each of us contribute to creating the environment that allowed this to happen? How can we reach some meeting of the minds and begin to work together to create something better for everyone?
Dark Nights of the Soul are not easy, and we don't move through them quickly. Resistance (which is a natural response) only makes them harder. Sitting in a place of complacent superiority over others will not help any of us; we must surrender to the process and participate.
We must identify our differences and then work to resolve them, while also recognizing (maybe only conceding) our similarities. It's all part of growing up as a country. It seems we've been the spoiled, arrogant teenagers of the world for too long, and the Universe now demands that we sober up, grow up, and take responsibility for ourselves. 
Just as no one will come out of the Year of COVID-19 unchanged, none of us will come out of this collective Dark Night of the Soul unchanged. And that's a good thing! The lessons of Saturn and Pluto may be difficult, but they are important lessons and they will serve us well in the end.
As all these huge cycles of life have ended and restarted, we must embrace the new energies and the new opportunities, with new thinking, new attitudes, creativity, and resolve. 
While what we've seen has been horrifying and disconcerting, it was probably necessary to make us stop and deeply reconsider where we really are (individually and collectively), how far we've come, where we've had success and where we've failed, and where we want to go. 
We have a lot of resetting to do, and if we can figure out how to put our differences aside and work together we will succeed in strengthening our democracy and shoring up our society to support everyone to thrive in ways we've never imagined!
What is Reality, Anyway?
We do seem to be in a situation where portions of the population are now living in very different realities. 
As someone who has had a Near Death Experience, I am familiar with the concept of differing realities. I often feel like I'm walking in two different realities at the same time: there is the 3-D reality (the everyday, on-the-ground reality), and then there is a higher reality or perspective of those events that may show a deeper meaning, a plan, or reason for the events.
There are paradoxes and different dimensions that some can tap into. For those who are extremely empathic or psychic, these dimensions and realities may be accessible and, in some cases, it can be difficult to tell which is "real." 
On top of everything else, "reality" is subjective: each of us sees—and really creates—our own world from our own perspective, based on our beliefs, our experiences, our successes and our losses, our joys and our resentments.
We had an interesting exercise in journalism class long ago. The teacher arranged for a few fellow students to act out a scene in front of our class, and then everyone in the class wrote a description of what had happened. It was astonishing that the descriptions and interpretations of what we had all witnessed were wildly different!
Each of us had a different perspective and understanding of what had happened, and reacted differently, based on our own subjective experience.
So what is reality, anyway?
The comedian Lily Tomlin did a Tony Award-winning character named Trudy in her one-woman show, The Search for Intelligent Life in the Universe. Trudy was a homeless bag lady, who was also a philosopher. "After all," she muses, "what is reality anyway? Nothing but a collective hunch."
And that's the point! 
Society works when we  agree to share a collective hunch, a collective reality. We don't have to share every belief, but we seem to get along better when we can share some of the main beliefs and agree on certain realities. The great juggling act is that of juggling our own individual subjective reality with the agreed-upon collective reality.
Those who eschew or live outside the collective reality tend to have a harder time in life, because swimming against the current is always a lot harder and takes a lot more energy than swimming along with the current. They can perhaps occasionally exert their influence and cause some chaos, but the majority/consensus reality always wins, whether we like that reality or not, because it serves the majority, and the majority buy into it. But the collective reality can be changed if we work together.
Maybe we all need to take a reality check?
What reality are you living in?
Fear and resentment often combine as a force that holds us in a negative subjective reality, and prevents us from seeing past it to the brighter future or the expanded possibilities that are there or might be coming.
And there is a lot of fear right now, because we are definitely in times of great change. Change is a leap into the UNKNOWN, and most of us fear the unknown. So we resist change, we fight, and we try to force ourselves and everyone else to go back to "the way it used to be" (or our idealized notion of that former reality).
But change isn't always bad, it's just unknown. And "the unknown" is where all our dreams reside.
Resistance to change isn't always a good thing—just ask those in the UK as they undergo Brexit and see how much they've lost by trying to "go back"!
If we can put our fear aside—or at least, not let it totally control and stop us—perhaps we can allow ourselves to be pleasantly surprised?  Perhaps we can let go of the parts of the past that really didn't serve us that well, and embrace change that serves us all better.
 If we can then move into Trust, our reality gets even better. This is not necessarily trust of all authority figures, media, or even our fellow flawed humans. We all must hone and use our discernment when dealing with other humans, because humans usually act in their own self- interest, rather than ours.
Rather, it is Trust that the Universe/God/All That Is has our backs. It is learning to focus on the essence of what we want (like happiness and fulfillment), rather than how to get there, and following the guidance we receive. When we can let go of the illusion of control, and the need to be "right" and to do things the way we think they should be done, we then relax into the Flow, we allow something even better, and that's when our Reality becomes miraculous!
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