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Chicago Israeli Dancing
CID Live and Virtual As Of 7/13/21 Weekly Update
Machol Merkaz Registration Open
CID - LIVE IN PERSON ON THURSDAY JULY 15 (and zoomed too!!!)
7PM - 11:30 CENTRAL!!!
Congregation Beth Emet, 1224 Dempster Street, Evanston, IL
or in your living room 😁😁😁
 Zoom Link
867 8010 0439  PSWD = 376030

So much big news.  Machol Merkaz registration is now open!!! MACHOLMERKAZ.COM for the info.  October 7-10, 2021.  Fantastic staff, fantastic setting.  People coming from all over.  If you want to be in a deluxe room as someone's roommate, register ASAP. There are very few left so please don't delay.  
Ok, so Nerenberg is the name of the only building left that has semi-private/private rooms left.  And we expect to run out of those too.  So please don't delay in registering.  (See Building Descriptions).
Oh, and here is the delegation we sent to Hertzeliya to get Eran prepared for Machol Merkaz!
Well, clearly the other big news is Thursday night CID Live and in person is back at Congregation Beth Emet. We started on started on   ON JUNE 24TH!!!  And we zoomed too (more below about that).  Join us on July 15 for our next session in person or online.  I am excited that Sarah Rodin will be reviewing her dance, Hakol Od Lefanai.  Should be around 8:30 Central.  Here is the video for those who would like to do some homework.  Hakol Od Lefanai (Video).

If time permits, I plan to teach a lovely circle dance by Dudu Barzilay and Itzik Ben-Dahan called Nedivim.  (Thanks Ariane for bringing this one to my attention.)  Have a look here:  NedivimAnd for partners, I will review Lifnei Kama Dakot by Elad Shtamer.
Here is a look at our new format (and go here to look at the dances we plan to review Dances Taught):
7-9PM: circles/lines (including teaching)  The first part will be beginners focused.  At some point later in that session, maybe around 8:30 we'll teach a circle dance intended for the general repertoire.

9-11PM:  mixed partners/circles sets.  We'll teach one partner dance, pretty close to 9 after a few circle dances.

11-11:30PM: ending partners
We plan to continue to broadcast on zoom.  And eventually perhaps have guest leaders do some short sets sprinkled in.  (We had our first one last week. Thanks so much Jake!)  And we are able to have remote people show up on the big screen in our room!  We hope to maintain the wonderful connections we have made over the past year to the extent we can.  This is a work in progress.  We'll see where it goes.  For now expect mostly a broadcast with some interactivity too if we can. 
OUR INDOOR SESSIONS ARE OPEN ONLY TO THOSE WHO ARE FULLY VAXED.  BEFORE YOU COME, PLEASE SEND A PHOTO OF YOUR VACCINATION CARD TO PHIL AT: or via my whatsapp at +1 312 519 8669.  Many of you have already sent me your cards.  Thanks so much.  The rest of you, keep them coming. 
AS OF THIS WRITING, WE ARE NOT REQUIRED TO MASK IN THE DANCE ROOM!!!  ONLY OUTSIDE THE DANCE ROOM!!!  We are permitted to have food, but only pre-packaged.
COST: $15 on non-party nights  (our costs have gone up significantly)  Add a few more bucks on party nights please.

WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU ARRIVE - Enter the building from the parking lot on the west side of the building.  Ring the bell and wait to be buzzed in to the inner door.  At that point please identify yourself as a dancer and you will be admitted to the building.  Please go straight ahead and then down the stairs to the Weiner Room, our dance space (and adjacent to the washrooms we use.)  PLEASE DO NOT AT ANY TIME GO TO ANY OTHER PART OF THE BUILDING. 

Stay tuned for further information.  Can't wait be together with everyone in our dance home!
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In this issue:
  • Our WhatsApp Group
  • Order Your CID-Virtual T-shirt
  • Last Week 7/8 (and recordings) And More
  • Personals/Shout Outs
  • Machol Merkaz
  • Publicizing Your Dance Events on
  • Report on May 22nd Episode 5 of La Mona Myr's Riku meshuGAME Episode 5 With Challengers Ilai Szpiezak and Naomi Finkelstein vs. La Mona and Alberto Zirlinger!!!
  • Report on La Mona Myr's Riku meshuGAME Episode 4
  • Ilai's Harkalive
  • Marcelo's Classes
  • Ariane's Classes
  • August 14-15, 2021 Machol Mile Chai with Marcelo Marianoff
  • September 24-26 Workshop with Shmulik Gov-Ari in Boulder
  • November 11-14, 2021 Chile Rokedet
If you feel like helping to support CID Virtual financially, you can use PayPal Direct Paypal Link or Chase Quickpay (Zelle) ( or Venmo (PhilipBMoss - phone last 4: 8669).  Zoomers, we need your support to keep this going.
Looking forward to seeing you all this week.
Be safe,
Our WhatsApp Group
I have started to use our WhatsApp Group, Chicago Israeli Dancing, more frequently - especially for time-critical communications.  As an example, if we are able to dance outside, I will post the info there and will provide updates as needed.  Chicago folks especially, I strongly encourage you to join the group.  Of course, if you are not on WhatsApp yet, this is a prerequisite for joining the group.  Once you are on WhatsApp, here is your invitation to join the group WhatsApp Invitation

Order Your CID Virtual T-Shirt
Our amazing Carol, has relaunched the t-shirt campaign for those who would like to order one.  
Order Here

The fun continued last week both live and on Zoom.  It is so great to be able to dance in person together again.
Again, thanks again to all those from all over who joined us on Zoom.  More than 60 people logged in yet again!  It was so great to see you, display you on the big screen and interact with you.  I truly hope that those of you who cannot dance with us physically in Chicago will continue to be with us in the zoom.  Wishing you all health, safety and happy dancing!
BTW, we are getting close to being able to have some remote guest leadership.  Stay tuned for that.  We are still working on sorting out our technical issues and have made a lot of progress.  (Thanks to Stuart and Jake for your help!!!)  
This week, I am hopeful to have a better internet connection and also that it will lead to a better experience for the Zoomers! 
Also, to keep the zoom going, we need some financial support.  Thanks to those who have done just that.  Here is how to help: 

PayPal Direct Paypal Link or Chase Quickpay (Zelle) ( or Venmo (PhilipBMoss - phone last 4: 8669)
Enjoy these recordings from last week. 😀😀😀  Our tech issues do show up from time to time, but still, there is a lot of good stuff here.

Speaker View
Gallery View
Personals/Shout Outs 
Mazal Tov to all the students in the course for Markidim/ Markidot from all over the world.  Your culminating program was truly wonderful.  Kol Hakavod!  Enjoy these Facebook recordings of the Zoom event.  Video 1 Video 2

Donald, it was great to see you back on the dance floor!
Refua Shleima to Sima! It was great to have you and family members with us.  We hope to see you again this week.
A big welcome to Amy who joined our circle! 
We had such a good time last week in person and on zoom.  Looking forward to more of both this week!
Big thanks to Rachael and Ben for this little guy: ❤❤❤
Machol Merkaz
Publicizing Your Israeli Dance Events on
Hey fellow dance organizers, if you would like me to publicize your Israeli dance events on my website, it would be my pleasure. Send me a jpg and the details. Milwaukee, St. Louis, Indianapolis, etc?  Go for it!
As an example, in the adverts section too, this just in from the Twin Cities:
Israeli dance Zoom session with Shira Schwartz, from the Twin Cities, Minnesota. We dance on Sundays from 6:00 - 8:45 Central.  All are welcome!  Shira will teach/review one or two dances for the first half hour. Then, from about 6:30 to about 8:00 we do circle dances. For the rest of the evening we switch to partner dances. We also plan on a monthly Special Partner Dance workshop on a Saturday from 5:30 - 7:30, with dates to be announced.
Here is the link:  zoom link  Meeting ID: 831 0590 8998 Passcode: MNRoked
Sunday combined circles and partners session the next week, 5/23. If you want to receive our weekly emails, with links and playlists, email Michael at
Look for new updates from Cleveland and Denver too.
And please check out this link to the Adverts section on  Aura Levin Lipski has a new place for you to post information about your business.  And find other goodies there too!
Report on May 22nd Episode 5 of La Mona Myr's Riku meshuGAME Episode 5 With Challengers Ilai Szpiezak and Naomi Finkelstein vs. La Mona and Alberto Zirlinger!!!
Congratulations to La Mona, Alberto, Ilai and Naomi who all were fantastic in Epsiode 5.  We look forward to the return of all three of La Mona's guests for the Challenge of the Champions.  Here are the recordings:
Episode 5 Speaker View   Episode 5 Gallery View 

Report on La Mona Myr's Riku meshuGAME Episode 4
(Episode 5 on 5/22)
Congratulations to Tamir and La Mona on a wonderful Episode 4!!!  And the official results are in.  Tamir dominated and has qualified to return for the Challenge of the Champions (whenever that happens). 

Check out these recordings for yourself to enjoy the funEpisode 4 Speaker View   Episode 4 Gallery View 
Ilai's Harkalive
HARKALIVE is an international community of Israeli Dancing (and soon other dance styles!) with live and on-demand classes on a subscription model.
The platform is like a kind of Netflix but for dance. All members of Harkalive can join any of the weekly live sessions and have access to a library of over 40 hours of on-demand content including:
  • Past sessions recordings 
  • Playlists, music, and videos of new dances
  • Interviews with other choreographers
  • Community Whatsapp group
  • Special events 
Here is the link to the website
Live sessions are Mondays at 6.30 pm (Eastern time) General Level with Marina Halsman, Wednesdays at 2:30 pm (Eastern time) General level with Ilai Szpiezak, and Thursdays at 3:00 pm (Eastern time) Beginners with Ilai Szpiezak. 
The idea is that if someone signs up, they can join any classes they want without spending anything more and we are able to support teachers to work while dancers can enjoy great dancing. 
Dance should be available to everyone regardless of the location, level, and schedule and have the possibility to enjoy a great new way of dancing together.
Website | Facebook 
Marcelo's Classes
Ariane's Classes
Bailarikud classes & Events
Bailarikud and Ariane invite you online to be all together, to bring smile and keep your feet moving.

Rikudei Am IFD
Wednesday 8pm-10pm Paris time
8pm 8.30pm Classes with beginner level (easy dances and nostalgia) from 8.30pm intermediate & advanced level.

Sets lead by Ariane and guests.
Teaching & review by Ariane

The IFD Bailarikud classes are free, for everyone.
Ask for being on our mailing list to receive our weekly newsletter.

Possibilities to donate, to help the association with financial things (zoom subscription, technical things..) through PayPal

Sundays Request or Interview
From 6pm to 8pm.
Ask to receive the registration forms.

Gym Pilates Fitness
Every week, 5 sessions.
3 morning sessions (Tuesday - Thursday--Saturday 10.30am /2 evenings sessions Tuesday-Thursday 8pm)
 7 euros/class
150 euros/3month (unlimited classes)
Contact information at

Salsa classes
Every Thursday, 9pm.
Join us on Zoom to dance, have fun on Latin musics. With energy, brings your smile
Salsa online, bachata...

Fees 5 euros/class
15 euros/month
45 euros/3 months

Register to

August 14-15, 2021 Machol Mile Chai with Marcelo Marianoff
Go here for the latest and the registration link:
September 24-26 Workshop With Shmulik Gov-Ari in Boulder, CO
November 11-14, 2021 - Chili Rokedet
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