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September-August 2021 Newsletter 




For over 17 years our newsletter has gone to more than 50,000 Firearms Collectors, Enthusiasts, Historians and Professionals Worldwide. We now reprint over 6500 Vintage Gun Catalogs, Books and Manuals from the 1840s to the 2000s 
Calls From The Wilds
Back issues: you can view the newsletter on our website. For a downloadable copy of our catalog of reprints or manuals this will take you there. Also, we have Interesting downloads at our website. Please forward this letter to your friends.
Most Internet Browsers – Firefox, Edge, Opera etc – have decided to truncate, or cut off, the bottoms of long emails. There is a tiny note at the bottom allowing you to retrieve the rest of the email. Rob and Abby
Glub, Glub...
A father and son were deep sea fishing off the North Carolina coast when they were catnearly hit by a rogue boat – only to realize there was nobody on board. Andrew Sherman and this son Jack then used GPS data from the unmanned boat to frantically search for the missing captain. They feared the worst when they found a pair of boat shoes drifting in the water, but they soon found Sascha Scheller, who had been treading water for nearly three hours. After he recovered he came in and we hugged and it was like thanks you for saving my life, Andrews said.
The Week


Remember Carl Sagan talking about billions and billions of stars? Well... how about Trillions and Trillions of $bucks$?
The combined stock market values of Apple, Alphabet, Nvisi, Tesla, Amazon, and bearFacebook have increased by about 70 percent since the start of the pandemic, to more than $10 Trillion! That is roughly the size of the entire US stock market in 2002. Apple alone has enough cash in its coffers ($204 billion) to give $600 to every person in the United States.


Misplaced worth, in our opinion...
Facebook paid $23.4 million for Mark Zuckerberg’s security detail last year. Google paid out $5.4million for security for its CEO Sundar Pichai, while Amazon paid $1.6million for Jeff Bezos and Apple only $470,000 for Tim Cook.


Tight Housing Market...
In June 76.6 percent of the new homes sold were either still under construction or not yet started. Completed homes represented a record low 10.2 percent of the supply of new homes on the market.


Oh, if only I had...
Since March 2020 at least 22 homes in Palm Beach County Florida have sold for more than $30 million, as some of America’s wealthiest citizens say they are fleeing more heavily taxed states. Billionaire buyers include software mogul Larry Ellison, real estate developer Steve Wynn, and investment services leader Charles Schwab.


So, who pays for free college for everyone?
pupParents are now footing about 54 percent of their children’s higher education bills for tuition, room board and other expenses, an 18 percent point increase from 2012-13. Average annual tuition, room, board, and other expenses at a four year private university in the past academic year was $50,770 while a four year public college for out of state students would run families $38,840 a year.
The Week


I Read it in the Papers...
 Dear Lord, please let me remember...
Stefan Thomas, a German-born programmer living in San Francisco, has two guesses left to figure out a password that is worth, in July, about $220 million.
passThe password will let him unlock a small hard drive, known as an IronKey, which contains the private keys to a digital wallet that holds 7,002 Bitcoin. While the price of Bitcoin dropped sharply on Monday, it is still up more than 50 percent from just a month ago, when it passed its previous all-time high of around $20,000.
The problem is that Mr. Thomas years ago lost the paper where he wrote down the password for his IronKey, which gives users 10 guesses before it seizes up and encrypts its contents forever. He has since tried eight of his most commonly used password formulations — to no avail.
Of the existing 18.5 million Bitcoin, around 20 percent — currently worth around $140 billion — appear to be in lost or otherwise stranded wallets, according to the cryptocurrency data firm Chainalysis. Wallet Recovery Services, a business that helps find lost digital keys, said it had gotten 70 requests a day from people who wanted help recovering their riches, three times the number of a month ago.
Evidently he has decided to wait for a breakthrough in code breaking to unlock the "IronKey".
New York Times


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Arms Heritage
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Rants and Raves
(his text was in bright pink-Rob) Hello, Very disappointed babywith manual I purchased from you.  Repair manuals usually have detailed schematics of the product with detailed bill of materials and part numbers and part names. Your manual is very poorly done and incomplete and unusable.  Waste of money.  Thanks  Edin Coralic, ES Repairs
Edin, Thank you for your note. Please understand that the manual was prepared and issued by the Remington company in 1950, we did not make it up!
A bit of background. Exploded plan views did not come into general use until the 1950s and, this manual having been issued in 1950, I suppose, they had not arrived yet at Remington when they did the manual, they used drawings to tell you how to dismantle parts. In fact, they were using the same manual for the M24 in their 1970 Field Service Manual.
The manual we sent you is not "poorly done", it is an exact reproduction of the Remington manual and we have sold hundreds of them with no complaints. Below is the image we use with the advertisement. That said, if you return the manual in original condition, we will refund your purchase price. Sincerely, Rob
(Rob) thank you fro the replay. I will send it back. for your reference see pictures below of diagrams I was looking for. (He found a very out of focus exploded parts view- Rob)
petsEdin, Good, I'm glad you found what you want. Now you also know the Remington manuals for that gun, before at least 1970, were all just like the picture included with our advertisement (see below), a cutaway, not an exploded view. People in those days understood how a gun assembled and worked by studying the images included in the manuals made by the companies. And just to make sure you understand, I'll say again, what we sell is not prepared or "made up" by us, they are exact scans of the original pieces as issued by the manufacturer. Rob
Rob, thanks for calling me stupid idiot. i understand that manual was done by Remington and nor you, and i did not blame you, I was just trying to tell you that I was disappointed with content and was expecting more..thanks for you help
Dear cornellpubs, Just got home and found this. You gotta be kidding me. $24 for an ungeckofolded xerox. I was expecting a nice reproduction brochure as I have received from you before. I need the info so won’t be returning but this is exorbitant. Doveman (ebay of course!)
Dear Doveman, I'm not sure from your description what you got. We meant to send you this King 1939 Gun Sights Catalog #19. You mention you were disappointed it wasn't folded and stapled, just loose papers? I hope we sent you a bound 64 page booklet 8.5" x 11" as described in the ad. If you were expecting our booklet to look like the other one we do, the 1931, I can explain that.
We had complaints that the type was too small reproducing it the same as the original so we enlarged it a bit and changed format, which actually cost us more to reproduce with the binding strips, two cover pages and twice as many sheets of paper (2 pages per sheet compared with 4).
This follows suit with our overall efforts to provide as clear as possible factual, original information rather than reproduce forgeries of originals. So, all in all, the copy you got, the 64 page 1939, costing $15.95 was actually significantly more expensive to reproduce than the $12.95, 32 page 1931 folded copy. I hope this helps explain what we hope you got, if not please let us know. Cheers, Rob Mouat
Then with nary another word he gave us a neutral feedback at ebay: “Simple photocopies pages. Not exactly a “reproduction.” King 1939 Gun Sights Catalog #19 (#370960133878) Of course he never read the darn advert either!
So, I replied: “This guy told us he was miffed because we printed the book 8.5" x 11" to make it more readable, and not as a smaller, stapled booklet. The "photocopy" was laser printed, heat bound with cloth tape over cover stock, and is 65 pages." We don't understand the anger some people seem to ooze!”
Rob Mouat
 Ebay and postal tracking...
Crafty Ebay is taunting us to use their payment system by no longer passing along our purchaser’s email addresses. That makes it almost, but not quite, impossible for us to send you postal tracking information.
We actually can be do it by going into the packing room, turning on the postal computer, seeking out the shipping data, writing down the tracking number (enough digits to count every grain of sand in every ocean, it seems) and name, then taking the information to the order computer and entering it in the ebay system, whew. You may have a lot of suggestions about how we could do it more easily but, trust me, this is the way we work.
In the end we decided not to add tracking to ebay ordered unless requested. Sorry.
Letters From Readers
"You can get a goat to climb a tree, but you'd be better off hiring a squirrel."
Sen. John Neely Kennedy R-LA.)
Abby, Looking to order four manuals from you but shipping seems a bit harsh at $60! Is there any combined shipping available? Thanks, Peter
Peter, Not knowing where you want an item shipped makes my answer to your question rather vague. Many countries have required us to collect their VAT/Duty taxes, maintain records, make calculations etc. We decline to do that so the EU with many different charges is not where we currently ship. The UK has an impenetrable VAT system from which we are apparently exempt, but it is not apparent how to satisfy their regulations and register... We are working on it on and off. Canada we may have solved, we will know this week (we didn't solve it, it just became more complex- Rob 8/25). Australia shipping charges is enormous so the jury is out. etc, etc Cheers, Rob
Good afternoon, Abby, et al: I am intrigued with the "sliding hood" patented by Boniface Petrik (Czech or French?) and used by Crawford C. Loomis in the Remington Mod 32, and later by Krieghoff, Valmet, etc.   Boniface worked for Darne, St Etiene, FR, at about the time he was awarded patents for the sliding hood.    I'll contact them next. Any chance you can direct me to information about Boniface.. where he learned his gunsmithing craft, etc.? V/r John Church
John, I’m sorry, I've never heard of him and his name doesn't come up on our website so, I'm afraid, I can't help much, sorry. Abby
Abby, thanks for the reply.   Do you possibly have access to a biography of Crawford C. Loomis, the Remington gunsmith who is given credit for designing/producing the Remington Mod 32? V/r John Church
John, Sorry, I've never heard of him either, and his name doesn't come up on our website so, I'm afraid, I can't help much, sorry. Abby
Dear Abby, Thank you for the confirmation email on my order. I know that you will provide first-class document prints. It has been a LONG while since I last ordered from your company, and was awesomely satisfied with the documents. Lately, I'm retired now, and slowing down to smell the roses. Hope all is well with you and the family. By the way, I really, really enjoy the monthly bulletins, they are always informative. I am particularly entertained by the folks who complain about something THEY did not do correctly, or failed to provide enough information for you. Cheers! Best Wishes! - Mark Sweeney
Abby, Do you have manuals for the s&w 2206 .22lr long barrel, manual for the Ruger 1022 as well for the Israeli Military Arms(?) Timber Wolf .357 and the s&w 1917 .45 acp? Aloha Paul Cunningham BUCS USN RETIRED
Hello Paul, All the manuals we offer are listed at our website where you would recognize your guns much faster than I would. Cheers, Abby
Ref: 3D Ammunition & Bullets 1990 Catalog, Doniphan, Nebraska-3D Ammunition & Bullets 1988 Catalog, Doniphan, Nebraska. My son saw this on eBay, and sent it to me. I took the photos in this 3D brochure. My father in law was the president of 3-D and introduced the “impact” product line of service ammunition. I did all of the 3-D photos and laid out the ads and brochures. Fun to see them again. Don Farrall. I’m still in photography, google my name to see .

Mr. Farrall, Thank you for writing, we appreciate hearing from you and are glad you are still active. Rob
Ref: Colt 1977 Firearms Gun Catalog - I received this today. Seriously, if I wanted high quality scans on a color laser printer, I could find that for a lot less. They aren't even edge-to-edge to give the appearance of the original catalog. I would have been somewhat happy with that. I'd like a refund...... ebay
Thanks for your mention of “high quality scans and laser printing”. I’m not sure what you expected other than what the ad stated, but our agreements with most manufacturers require we not make "forgeries" of their products. The "edge to edge" concession is one way we achieve that goal. Due to the cost of producing “high quality scans and laser printing” we ask that you return your undamaged copy for a refund. Please make certain the package is noted: DO NOT BEND Cheers, Rob
Hi, I'm doing an art project about Colt and love that you have these catalogs available. I saw that you have 1933 and 1937, can you tell me what other years you have available? Also, I'm interested in getting two of each, could you offer a discount if I bought doubles of several of the catalogs? Thanks for your help, Heather (ebay)
Hello Heather, I'm not sure which Colt catalogs we offer on ebay, not too many I suspect. All together we do reprint over 150 Colt catalogs and manuals. Also, we can't discount sales on ebay because of the cost of commissions and charges there. We can help with shipping, of course. Cheers, Rob for Cornell Publications
Walther Polizei Pistolen Modelle PP & PPK 1936 Manual (German) - are these original manuals???? Where in the world did you find that many original manuals? If they are original I would like to purchase one. Bob (identity hidden @ ebay)
Hello Bob, This is the top part of the ad that you missed (of course the type was bigger than I can reproduce in this note): Walther Polizei Pistolen Modelle PP & PPK 1936 Manual (German) 36 pages, about 5 1/2" x 4.5", glossy soft-cover in full color. New COLOR re-print restored and digitally enhanced from a nice original. Printed on high quality 20# 97 bright acid free paper. Fully Illustrated. Text in German.” Best wishes, Abby
Ref: Iver Johnson Arms & Cycle Works, A Short Illustrated History of - I purchased 2 books from you. They are nice but you add states 100+ pages Full Color. Mine are all black And white ???? Kinda bothers me! Thanks... 🌵S@mm~ zickamo (ebay)
Hello 🌵S@mm~, No offense intended, but the advertisement reads "glossy soft-cover in full color." That refers to the cover not the insides. If the insides are in color we state that in the body and show a color picture of the inside, not B&W as in this instance. If you feel deceived you may certainly return them for a refund and I'm sorry you read the description that way. Please see our 22,000 positive feedbacks. Cheers, Rob
(Rob) Reads ...166 pages, about 8 1/2" x 11" glossy soft-cover in full color. Great! zickamo (ebay)
Do you have any other early British Webley catalogs or other publications? Thanks Alan
Hi Alan, Sure we do... follow this link: WEBLEY AND WC SCOTT - ALL CATALOGS (England) Best, Abby
Browning 1954c Automatic Shotgun Owner's Manual - Hello, please let me know if this manual gives the exact date printed? My Auto-5 16 gauge is a 1957! Does your manual describe the safety that my gun has! 1952 was the first year that FN made Brownings with the cross bolt safety as standard. Also, I would like to know if your manual gives reference to Browning's "Speed loading system" shell feeding system? My 1957 has this feature too! I would love to find a 1957 Browning Automatic-5 Shotgun Booklet! But, The only difference will be on the inside, the ‘57 booklet refers to the new cross bolt safety and the new speed load feature introduced in 1953, the older manuals 48-53, refer to the trigger guard safety, and having to depress the bolt release to load the magazine. Note the St. Louis address on the front cover. Your ‘57 will look just like this, but you will have to ask the seller what is written on the inside as far as the safety is concerned, and how the booklet instructs loading (speed load) to get the correct one! Thank you with your help answering these questions! Art
Art, Based on your detailed description, I’m going to redate this publication c1950. Thanks, Abby
Ref: Bannerman 1889 Guns & Surplus Goods Catalog - Hi, This reproduction left a lot to be desired. The type was too light and 75% of the illustrations/photos were too dark. For your own sake, get someone who knows photoshop to scan these pages, lasso the illustrations to lighten and clean them up, and lasso the type and darken it. This is almost useless for my purposes. I don't want a refund but will not be leaving a review or ordering further. No hard feelings - wishing you luck. bigcitypu43: Ebay
Hello  bigcitypu43, Thanks for your note. Jane Bannerman, that last of the line, gave us the photocopy to reproduce. Unfortunately, there isn't much that can be done to improve what amounts to a very old original photocopy. That said, the 1889 Bannerman is important to offer because of its rarity and history.

We reprint over 6000 old firearms catalogs and manuals. We work from photocopies and originals depending on availability so some of what we do is awful while others are better than originals because we use better paper. Most items are run through Photoshop to do what can be done to improve the pages, but we spend more time on items that sell regularly. The Bannerman '89s has sold 29 copies in 18 years so I am embarrassed to admit we have not spent a lot of time fiddling with it mainly because it is a photocopy to start with. Oh, and we do show an inside page to try to give you an idea of the "quality".

Our purpose is to preserve these old publications as best we can given the time we can justify spending on each one. I am sorry we disappointed you. For the most part, our customers like and appreciate what we do, but we can’t please all the people all the time so we do offer a refund if you wish one. Cheers, Rob
Hi Rob, Thanks for your note and for the detail. I appreciate it! I truly think what you're doing is a great service. Sorry it isn't possible to make sure it comes out better in all instances, but that's the way it goes. The fact you tried is all any of us can do. Take care and best of luck! Mark
Good Evening. Looking to purchase the book you have on the Webley and Scott Model 1916 but eBay is indicating that you won't ship to Canada. Is there a particular reason that I can maybe resolve?
I am sorry, Canada has now instituted regulations requiring us to collect their VAT and Duty. We have not figured out how to do that so we are not shipping to Canada right now through our ebay account. Rob for Cornell Publications
Question for you. Will you allow me to pay for it if I provide you with a US mailing address? They would then forward it to me.
Certainly, we can ship to a US address with no difficulty. It may be a bit of an issue to try to do that through ebay though, our account is set up to reject purchases from Canada, but you can try it through ebay. Rob for Cornell Publications
Hallo, I'm sure interested in a pdf as well. But now I see a more interesting catalog than item nr. 291034032805: "Iver Johnson 1921 Gun Catalog" item nr. 4963. What does it cost tot send a PFD of this item? Greetings. Jan Winkelhorst
Jan, I'm sorry our ebay listings are set to reject overseas orders since the EU VAT regulations went into effect. We are unable to send either pdf or hard copies through our ebay account. Rob for Cornell Publications
Hello, A few months ago, I purchased a title from you, "Sporting Rifles and Scope Sights How to Build Them".  The author of this book was Truman Henson.  Can't seem to find this title now and perhaps I am not running an effective search?  I am interested in books on this topic, not the catalogs of manufacturers.  At an even earlier time, I purchased two titles from you on this subject by author Townsend published about 1936 and 1948. Do you have any other titles on the subject of either building or repairing rifle scope sights?. Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.  Sincerely, Steven Kern
Hi Steven, I'm sure we have something, I just don't know which one offhand might appeal to you. This is a list of all the sight/telescope publications we offer and each has an index of contents so that should help:   Good luck, Abby
Dear Mr. Baxter, Tracking for your Sterling Parts Catalog indicates that it was delivered on July 12. The negative feedback that you left us at ebay says “they did something wrong in shipping. that've had my money for over a week and I still don't have my gun”. I’m sure you understand we sell reprints of catalogs, not guns, and that we print to order, so it takes a few days to print, collate, bind, pack and ship an order. The purpose of my note is to ask you if you will be kind enough to change our feedback to positive if I send you a revision request. Please just respond and say OK. Cheers, Rob Mouat
(Rob), I made a mistake, please forgive.  I had picked the wrong e mail to reply to  Cornellpubs  Did a very good job and the quality of the work was very high.Please forgive my mistake
Dear Mr. Baxter  In order to remove the negative feedback you mistakenly gave us at ebay, you have go to the message we sent you called "Request For Feedback Revision" and follow the instructions. Only you can do that, we are not allowed to remove feedback. I don't want to file a complaint against you because that only makes things complicated for you and it was, I believe, an honest mistake. Please contact me if you have any questions. Use this link and our contact button is next to our logo with the bugler on a horse. Cheers, Rob for Cornell Publications
(Rob) I hope I got that right now. Please forgive old man. mind don't work as well as it used to. Thobax52
Dear Mr. Baxter, Yes, thank you, Rob
Ref:  Remington Lee c1885 Magazine Rifle Manual Dear Mr. Stutsman, I am so sorry there was a problem with the mail but as soon as we learned about the issue, we sent another copy of the manual by priority post. We hope you agree it wasn’t our fault. Neutral feedback at eBay is very damaging to us because it encourages other people to “pile on” with supposed gripes and ultimately it just raises prices for everyone. We do try to please everyone and hope you will allow us to send you a feedback revision to positive. Please just respond with OK and I’ll do it! Cheers, Rob Mouat

Stirling Squires Bingham Mfg. c1970 Company Model M20 Rifle Manual   Just curious if you are going to ship this purchase. jclinton_14 (ebay) 
Hello Jay, Yes, of course, we will ship your item. It takes us a few days to print, pack and ship our print to order offerings. That is the only practical way we can list of 6000 individual firearms publications with over 4000 of the list at ebay. You Stirling is on its way to the packing room as I type. Cheers, Rob for Cornell Publications
(Rob and Abby) Still the best ‘Newsletter’ out there…. Tks, Mike
Greetings, I just purchased the Marbles arms 1910 catalog thru Ebay. I will leave a positive Ebay feedback as I do with all sellers even if I'm dissatisfied. So that being said I will feedback to you what a disappointment the readability and clarity of the images and type. Images nearly blacked out and grainy, printing too dark thus lacking detail in the illustrations. I will not order your reprint catalogs again. Roger Loupias
Roger, We reprint over 6000 different old firearms catalogs. Naturally the "quality" of each varies with the condition and type of donor was used by us to make the reproduction. Some are lousy others are as good as new.
Our purpose is to preserve the information in these old catalogs for enthusiasts and future generations before the originals and older reproductions are all gone. I'm sorry you didn't like the Marbles, I think all the old Marbles came from older photocopies so are not perfect. We do show a pic of the insides to give you a chance to see what you are buying, but we also offer a perfect guarantee. Please let me know if you would like a refund. Cheers, Rob
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Rob and Abby
The End.
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