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Drama League of Ireland
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As we await the government directives on 31st August, outlining the next lifting of restrictions, we are hopeful that our theatres and venues around the country will finally welcome back live audiences, however limited, after so many months of darkened auditoriums. With that in mind, the ADCI/DLI Joint '6&6' Committee will be meeting this weekend to consider further how the 2021 One Act Circuit can be safely run in October/November/December within a Covid-conscious framework.
Details for registering for the circuit are in this newsletter and on our website There is also preliminary news in this edition the of the all-important and ever-popular One Act Finals in glor, Ennis 3-5 December.     
Final call for material from our new editor, Edward Hayden:
I am working away on the next edition of the DLI Magazine and have lots of wonderful features, articles, reviews and photos to renew your drama vibe! The magazine will be with you in mid October, which will be a busy time for festivals and groups preparing for the circuit. If any groups have been active along the summer and wish to have their work showcase, please feel free to contact me on or
Whatsapp 086-0676258 and I will get back to you. 
Thanks so much!

 As it cannot be Business as usual there are a number of new guidelines which the Joint Committee has introduced in the interest of everyone’s safety in respect of the hosting of, and participating in this year’s circuit. These are:
  1. The maximum number of cast and crew per production is 8 people.
  2. The maximum number allowed in a cast is capped at 4 actors.
  3. The number in the crew should be proportionate to the number of actors in the cast.
  4. Sets should be minimal.
  5. Lights setting will have to be done by the technical person at the relevant festival, so lighting requirements should be minimal.
 Group Registration for this year's circuit is now open -  please apply to Joint Secretary, Ollie Kenny or  
Details of Festivals and dates will be published on the DLI and ADCI websites next week. 
Following publication of the festival venues and dates, groups may apply by email to festivals from 18 September.    
 Jackie Scanlan, Drama at Ennis One Act Finals Secretary, writes:
 Following our first in person committee meeting of this year's All Ireland One Act Finals in quite some time this week, we are looking forward to so much ahead over the next few months. We are delighted to welcome you all to Ennis Players' hosting of the finals in the beautiful glór Theatre from Friday 3 December to Sunday 5 December. We can promise you a wonderful weekend filled with fun, drama and activities, and will be meeting with the ADCI/DLI Joint Committee this coming weekend to present some of the details of the event. This will be the third time Ennis Players have had the pleasure of hosting the finals and we promise the welcome will be as warm as it was for our last two outings.
We want to make these finals a much-needed respite from all that we have come through over the past number of months. The Festival Club will take place in the resplendent Old Ground Hotel where we have arranged special rates for the weekend of the finals.  
Keep an eye out for future details!
Jackie Scanlan (Sec), Bernie Harten (Chair) & Crew

Here's a timely reminder to all you playwrights out there, that the closing date of 10 September for the 2021 DLI/ADCI annual Playwriting Award, in association with the Ramor Theatre, Virginia, Co Cavan is fast approaching.
 If you would hope that YOUR script might be announced amongst the winners of the award at the All Ireland Finals in December, send your one act play (running time must be 55 minutes or less) to the competition Chairman, Walker Ewart, 
All information on the competition is on    

Message from Firedoor Theatre:
God of Carnage - It's happening!
Our big show of the year is going ahead from 23rd to 28th of August in the Smock Alley Theatre and tickets are now on sale.
Due to the venue social distancing measures, there are only 40  seats available per night, and they are selling fast!

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