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The Muse is IN
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 Rejuvenate Your Creative Writing at the Mabel Dodge Luhan House in Taos
Saturday- Wednesday February 10-14, 2024 

12th year with Jill Badonsky Two rooms left: one in the Historic house, one in Juniper.


"You have an unmatched ability to bring any type of person into creative welcoming and joyous space. I am so grateful to spend so much quality time working under your positive influence." ~Carlin
"Wow, what can I say about an ordinary girl who thought she didn't have any creativity going to a 'Creative Workshop!' In my mind, I would think 'Are you crazy!' My journey through this workshop had opened a door to a world I would never have found. Thank you for unlocking my door." ~Nancy Fox
"My Taos experience was so exquisite! Jill wove such love and openness around us, allowing for a banquet of creative experiences." ~Mary Behr
Dear Creative Tribe Member,

 There is something about a cozy winter day, surrounded by the majesty of the Sangre de Cristo mountains, snow falling outside, a fire crackling inside, high on the intoxication of being not only in Taos, but being at the Mabel Dodge Luhan house where creative greats came to restore their creativity.
Or maybe it's those five-star three-course gourmet meals Mabel's is famous for that inspire you to invest in pampering, good company and rejuvenation. Now for the first time we will have all dinners at Mabel's. 
I can't think of a more 
inspiring place to meet together
and celebrate our creativity, laughter, and friendship than five days and four nights
at one of the most treasured accommodations in Taos,
the Mabel Dodge Luhan House. 

It is my pleasure to invite you to join me in another winter retreat to nurture your creativity and your life: Saturday - Wednesday, February 10 -14 2024 
If you are an intimidated beginner, seasoned expert, or anywhere in between,
you belong here to discover new ways to restore and deepen your creativity in a loose and liberated way and take a nurturing break from the chaos.
This year the retreat will be focused on writing: creative writing, journal writing, poetry, prose, memoir beginnings or middles, singer/songwriter Kate Mann will even give tips on songwriting.
We will be also playing with art, photography, improv, guided imagery, and yoga to find words and ideas you didn't know you had.
Make this a Valentine's gift to yourself.


What's in it for you?
1. The Creativity Contagion - Learn from Jill's experience in spreading creativity through training creative mentors since 2004, writing and illustrating books and plays,mentoring hundreds of creatives, teaching mindfulness/yoga, specializing in letting go of perfectionism and pressure, and making people laugh. Immerse yourself in the daily creativity activities to unleash your creative passions, learn to make more time for them as well as discover new methods for writing and art for writing. We sneak in the "backdoor" of creativity so doubts, resistance, and hesitation are foiled. Jill will provide you with brief mentoring in writing, art, and smart phone photography for tips and ways to expand.

2. A Creative Voice deepened or awakened from your authenticity in collaboration with irresistible, odd-ball creative prompts that trick you into going places you may not have thought to go.  Loosen up your writing voice - especially if you have little confidence or are blocked and want to make writing fun. No need to be clever, just willing.
3. Easy Tools and writing tips that make it effortless to get started when you've been cranky or experiencing the natural feelings brought up by creativity: resistance, procrastination, stifling perfectionism, fear, difficulty finding the time, being unfocused, or captivity to habits that don't serve your creativity. For use long after the retreat is over reinforced with a Reminder Journal and little Reminder gifts with Jill's art.

4. If you don't think you are creative, you will go away knowing otherwise. If you're a writer you will find a New Flow and discover yourself as an artist. If you already are an artist or a writer you will experience new techniques to deepen your passion. Writing for artists will free up creativity you can apply to your art.

5. The Inspiration, Enchantment and Rejuvenation of being in Taos at Mabel's where many creative greats came to do the same. You will have space and time to wander creatively around the grounds or if you wish or go into town for inspiration. The Rio Grande Gorge is close-by for a thrilling experience.

6. A lot of Laughter and New Friends. My retreats attract authentic, down-to-earth, fun, unpretentious people - many introverts. Several long-term friendships have started at these retreats including some of my own.
7. A Private Concert from local singer songwriter Kate Mann and other surprises. Kate has been wowing us for the last 8 years with haunting, original music..

9. Pampering and nourishment with some of the most memorable food of my lifetime. A cozy room with lots of character and views of the plains, mountains, and the enchanting Taos sky.

This retreat is NOT about: Writing critique, comparison, pressure, being perfect at anything, rigid schedules and high expectations, Tupperware, pressure to be anyone or anything other than the beautiful person you already are. It's a time to relax, rediscover who you are, and explore some new tools for both a creative mind and a creative life. No snotty, competitive people allowed.

 Your tribe is getting together at Mabel's[1] so the creative juju is turned up high. It could be because the energy of Georgia O'Keefe, D.H. Lawrence, Ansel Adams, Dennis Hopper, Martha Graham, and many more creative greats who have stayed there, is still lurking in the architecture. Let's swing in the rafters.[2]   It's a great way to start 2024.
[1] The Mabel Dodge Luhan house was a home of artist Mabel Dodge Luhan and was a haven for artists and writers. "It is one of the earliest examples of Pueblo Revival style in Taos" and was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1991. Each of the rooms is uniquely decorated and named after one of the artists, photographers, or writers who stayed there. It's kinda magical.

[2] For trapeze artists only.

What's the Cost Include?
Rates include:
  • 4 full breakfasts, 3 lunches and 3 gourmet dinners (all three-courses catered by Taos' finest chefs) in the Mabel Lodge Dining Hall. (You'll have one night on your own in town -it'll be the night most people are full from all the food so far).
  • Plentiful snacks, coffee, and tea
  • Lodging in one of Mabel's historic or Juniper rooms.
  • Writing, art, photography, and iimprovisational modern dance.
  • Selected materials: Journals, paper, mediums, pens, gift bags  
  • Gentle Yoga/meditation: Three mornings 
  • Private Monday night Concert with an encore performance from local singer/songwriter, Kate Mann and storyteller, Cisco.
  • A Zoom call and Facebook group to get to know people ahead of time.
Consider this an investment and dedication to you and your creativity, lifetime, connections
Sign-up Here:

A four night, five day stay at one of the most treasured accommodations in Taos.

Single room in Juniper House:


4 payments of $592.50


Rooms are assigned on a first come basis when you register; they will be indicated as occupied if you try to reserve on-line because they are reserved for the retreat.
The retreat begins at an optional 4:30pm Saturday night for an informal journal-making workshop before our 6pm dinner and ends after breakfast on Wednesday. (If your travel plans make it difficult to be there at 4:30 on Saturday, just try to make it for dinner ).
If you want to come a day early or stay a day later, please  make your arrangements with Mabel's. They will give you a discount. 

 This is a historical landmark and a highly desirable destination. Dinner is catered by gourmet chefs with fresh ingredients that keep health and dietary needs in mind. People are in awe of the meals, they are a big part of the nurturing experience.
 If you cancel after Sept 30 and we can fill your place, we will refund everything minus $25. If we cannot fill your spot, we cannot refund any monies due to our contract with the Mabel Dodge Luhan House.
Travel arrangements:
To get to Taos you can fly into Albuquerque and take a shuttle but often rental cars are almost as reasonable as shuttles in New Mexico so you may want to check into that.   There are also direct flights into Santa Fe and into Taos from Carlsbad, CA.

There is a free bus from Santa Fe- take at your own risk. 
If your flight arrives after dark, it is advised that you stay in Santa Fe or Albuquerque the night and drive in the morning unless you are comfortable with two lanes roads at night.  

Mabel's is walking distance to the center of Taos.
Also, many people return around the same time to Albuquerque so may be able to get a ride back.

Payment Terms
Refund less $25 by October 30, 2023

After that refund only if space is filled.
Balance due 8 weeks before retreat 

Some more reviews
"I thought your workshop was going to be great - I just didn't know HOW great.  I've been to tons of workshops and retreats, have facilitated some myself, and yours far exceeded any expectations I had. Your ability to help us open up, use our inner demons  (and joy) to expand our creativity, and grow community in only 5 days is quite amazing."
~Marilyn Venegas
President at Look No Hands 

"WOW!!! I feel a change in so many ways.   I would not change a thing. Your gracious gifts you shared and the gifts of others will linger for a long time to come. 'WAY COOL' ;-)" ~Carol Baker

I’m still coming down from the high of the retreat.  The place is without a doubt magical, but it would not be the same without Jill’s careful shepherding of the group, holding space for tapping into the parts of ourselves where the gold is, along with all of the other things we carry, keeping us focused on moving through to a place of creative fire.  This was a mining expedition, a simultaneous refilling of and pulling from the well.  In so much gratitude for walking alongside Jill, as our mentor, and the multitudes of wonderful, brave and talented women with whom this week was spent, and all the ghosts of the past who continue to whisper as we gather in their collective spirit, “you are a maker, so make, make!” ~Adriane Giberson, Artist, Workshop Leader, Writer
"Life has it's highs and lows. This was certainly a life changing high. Yes it's better than therapy and so much cheaper! ~Sue Gilbert
"The best retreat I have ever been on. I felt loved and ready to move forward when it was over." ~Debbie
Jill Badonsky
About Jill
Jill Badonsky, M.Ed. is an internationally recognized workshop leader, inspirational humorist, multimedia artist, poet, and author of three and a half books on the creative process including the award winning The Awe-manac: A Daily Dose of Wonder. Jill is the creator and trainer of Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Certification Training.

She is a certified yoga/mindfulness teacher and has been teaching yoga for over 30 years. This is her twelfth year doing retreats at the Mabel Dodge Luhan house.


The Muse is IN  •  3023 1st Avenue  •  San Diego, CA 92103

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