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Chicago Israeli Dancing
CID Live and Virtual As Of 11/22/21 Weekly Update
Details For Erev Thanksgiving Dance
Machol Merkaz T-shirts Still Available For Purchase!!!
7:30PM - 11:30 CENTRAL!!!
Congregation Beth Emet, 1224 Dempster Street, Evanston, IL
or in your living room 😁😁😁
 Zoom Link
867 8010 0439  PSWD = 376030

Hey all.  Nice time last week as usual.  😊
Here are the details for our Annual Erev Thanksgiving/Phil's Annual Surprise Birthday Party For Himself Dance on 11/24/21.  Big thanks to Hillary for finding and arranging for this venue!

Time:                  7:30PM - 11:30
Location:           Northbrook Junior High School, 1475 Maple, Northbrook IL 60062
Map LINK (park and enter from the west side of the building).  WE WILL BE IN A GREAT GYM.                                                PLEASE WEAR APPROPRIATE SHOES.  AND ON ZOOM TOO (I HOPE) AT THE LINK ABOVE

Cost:                    $20, $10 for students
Refreshments:    I will provide prepackaged snacks/beverages.  You are invited to augment with prepackaged/                               individually wrapped stuff if you feel like it.  (eat/drink outside the gym please)
Safety:                 All (including kids) must be fully vaxed and masked.  (see below on how to get me a pic of                                     your vax cards)             

Meanwhile. I have to keep the Machol Merkaz stuff up for a little longer...
In this issue:
  • The Plan for November 24
  • Moving On To Machol Merkaz (including ordering Machol Merkaz T-Shirts)
  • General Format, Safety Protocols, Access To Beth Emet
  • Our WhatsApp Group
  • Order Your CID-Virtual T-shirt
  • Last Week 11/11 (and recordings) And More
  • Personals/Shout Outs
  • Machol Merkaz Save The Date
  • Publicizing Your Dance Events on
  • Report on July 24 Episode 6 of La Mona Myr's Riku meshuGAME With Challengers Jake Altholtz and Marcelo Marianoff agains La Mona Myr and Patty Colensky
  • Dances Taught at August 14-15, 2021 Machol Mile Chai with Marcelo Marianoff
  • Winter Israeli Dance Party
  • Nirkoda Bakerem
  • Camp Shelanu
  • Yad Beyad Boston
  • Kochavim
  • Belev Echad Vancouver
  • Camp Ketzev Latino - Israeli
If you feel like helping to support CID Virtual financially, you can use PayPal Direct Paypal Link or Chase Quickpay (Zelle) ( or Venmo (PhilipBMoss - phone last 4: 8669).  Zoomers, we need your support to keep this going.
Looking forward to seeing you all this week.
Be safe,
THE PLAN FOR CID LIVE/VIRTUAL  As you know, Thursday night CID Live and in person is back at Congregation Beth Emet.  We started on  JUNE 24TH!!!   Join us on November on Wednesday November 24th at Northbrook Junior High and then back on December 2nd at Beth Emet and on Zoom too.

Here is what was taught last week: (all review)
Shirat Oryana - circle - Oren and Lena Ashkenazi (dedicated to the memory of their daughter Oryana z"l) video

Osher Ba Veholech - circle - Gadi Bitton & Dror Davidi video

Rokdim Tzmudim - partner - Tamir Shalev video

Penny also taught Naomi.  video
7:30 - 9PM: circles/lines (including teaching)  Led by Penny, the first part will be beginners focused.  At some point later in that session, maybe around 8 or so, we'll teach a circle dance or two intended for the general repertoire.

9-11PM:  mixed partners/circles sets.  We'll teach a partner dances some time after 9, following some number of circle dances.

11-11:30PM: ending partners
We plan to continue to broadcast on zoom as long as people want to join and support us.  If things work out, we will have guest leaders do some short sets sprinkled in.  We are also able to have remote people show up on the big screen in our room!  We hope to maintain the wonderful connections we have made over the past year to the extent we can.  This is a work in progress.  We'll see where it goes.  For now expect mostly a broadcast with some interactivity too if we can. 
Moving on to Machol Merkaz...

I don't really have words to say how wonderful this weekend was.  My deepest thanks to my team, the guest teachers, and all the attendees.  Wow, just wow!!! Here are a few pics that give you the general idea:
I was so happy to dance with this group of CID Virtual leaders who atteneded Machol Merkaz 2021:
Oh, and these folks too  😀😀😀
And then there were these guys
Then there were the survivors at 6:30AM
Oh, and we learned some dances
And there were special heartwarming honors for Penny and Phil from dancers from all over

And courtesy (I think 😀) of Ophir

Phil's Guide to Running the Best Possible Zoom Session

All the great secrets, behind the scene tricks, and other how-to ways to run a successful and enjoyable virtual Harkada.  Online Harkadot may seem like an easy task to handle but are actually a challenging feat. For the many who wondered about this, the Israeli Dancing Intervention Outreach Therapy Service team researched and investigated this topic, and is delighted to present this useful guide to you.
1. Have Penny, whether she is ready, willing, or not, do an opening set.
2. Set up secret links and passwords for the session, then post them all over social media.
3. Have at least one Markid from Europe/Israel teach their new dance at 3:30 a.m. their local time.
4. Employ an army of computer scientists, graphic designers, writers, photographers, and errand runners who are ready to leap into action at a moment's notice.
5. Use authority symbols such as a glorious mustache, a barrister wig, and a no-nonsense voice to keep everyone in line.
6. Any set leaders unfortunate to be stricken with Covid must be ready to return to duty as soon as their temperature breaks.
7. Upgrade your internet service to rival the speed of the USS Enterprise's computer.
8. Engage in regular comic relief banters with La Mona to demonstrate your sense of humor.
9. Have Penny, whether she is already asleep or almost there, do a closing set.
10. Do all this sitting down, without taking so much as a single dance step.
Oh, and you can still order your Machol Merkaz 2021 T-shirts and Totes! (front and back shown below)


This iconic locator mark takes on new meaning for us this year as we gather to dance together on October 7-10, 2021, at Machol Merkaz. We have waited two long years to dance together again. The Machol Merkaz 2021 dance camp t-shirt —“WE ARE HERE—DANCE! BETTER TOGETHER” celebrates that at long last, we will be dancing face-to-face as one community.
In spite of the pandemic, or perhaps because of it, truly miraculous connections we made. We “danced virtually anywhere” during the pandemic thanks to the love of our community and the idea, hard work, and dedication of Phil Moss and other dance leaders around the world who alleviated the forced isolation which affected all of us.  The silver lining that emerged from this experience is that we are now interconnected as a global Israeli dance community in a way we could not have imagined.  We now know people from all over the world who we probably would never have met but who share our love—our passion— for Israeli dance.  That is truly a blessing.
But although dancing virtually kept us connected, helped relieve our isolation, and kept us moving, Israeli dance is meant to be done together.  So now, we take nothing for granted but we move forward with optimism. Because that is what we do—that is what we have always done. Your purchase of a Machol Merkaz 2021 t-shirt will help us celebrate being together while simultaneously supporting Machol Merkaz 2021 scholarships.  We are BETTER TOGETHER!
General Format, Safety Protocols, Access To Beth Emet
Here is a look at our general format (and go here to look at the dances we taught Dances Taught):
7:30-9PM: circles/lines (including teaching)  The first part will be beginners focused.  At some point later in that session, maybe around 8:15 we'll teach a circle dance intended for the general repertoire.

9-11PM:  mixed partners/circles sets.  We'll teach one partner dance, pretty close to 9 after a few circle dances.

11-11:30PM: ending partners
We plan to continue to broadcast on zoom as long as people want to join and support us.  If things work out, we will have guest leaders do some short sets sprinkled in.  We are also able to have remote people show up on the big screen in our room!  We hope to maintain the wonderful connections we have made over the past year to the extent we can.  This is a work in progress.  We'll see where it goes.  For now expect mostly a broadcast with some interactivity too if we can. 
OUR INDOOR SESSIONS ARE OPEN ONLY TO THOSE WHO ARE FULLY VAXED.  BEFORE YOU COME, PLEASE SEND A PHOTO OF YOUR VACCINATION CARD TO PHIL AT: or via my whatsapp at +1 312 519 8669.  Many of you have already sent me your cards.  Thanks so much.  The rest of you, keep them coming. 
AS OF THIS WRITING (and this could change at any moment), WE ARE REQUIRED TO MASK EVERYWHERE IN THE SYNAGOGUE!!!   IT IS REQUIRED OUTSIDE THE DANCE ROOM TOO!!! We are permitted to have food, but only pre-packaged.
COST: $15 on non-party nights  (our costs have gone up significantly)  Add a few more bucks on party nights please.  Also, if you want to bring some goodies to share, they must be pre-packaged please.

WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU ARRIVE - Enter the building from the parking lot on the west side of the building.  Ring the bell and wait to be buzzed in to the inner door.  At that point please identify yourself as a dancer and you will be admitted to the building.  Please go straight ahead and then down the stairs to the Weiner Room, our dance space (and adjacent to the washrooms we use.)  PLEASE DO NOT AT ANY TIME GO TO ANY OTHER PART OF THE BUILDING. 

Stay tuned for further information.  Can't wait be together with everyone in our dance home!
Our WhatsApp Group
I have started to use our WhatsApp Group, Chicago Israeli Dancing, more frequently - especially for time-critical communications.  As an example, if we are able to dance outside, I will post the info there and will provide updates as needed.  Chicago folks especially, I strongly encourage you to join the group.  Of course, if you are not on WhatsApp yet, this is a prerequisite for joining the group.  Once you are on WhatsApp, here is your invitation to join the group WhatsApp Invitation

Order Your CID Virtual T-Shirt
Our amazing Carol, has relaunched the t-shirt campaign for those who would like to order one.  
Order Here

The fun continued last week both live and on Zoom.  It is so great to be able to dance in person together again.
Again, thanks again to all those from all over who joined us on Zoom.  Many people logged in yet again!  It was so great to see you, display you on the big screen and interact with you.  I truly hope that those of you who cannot dance with us physically in Chicago will continue to be with us in the zoom.  We'll try to keep it going as long as you all do!
To keep the zoom going, WE NEED SOME FINANCIAL SUPPORT.  (Thanks to those who have done just that.)  Here is how to help: 

PayPal Direct Paypal Link or Chase Quickpay (Zelle) ( or Venmo (PhilipBMoss - phone last 4: 8669)
Enjoy these recordings from last week. 😀😀😀   
Speaker View
Gallery View

Dances Taught At Gvanim 2021
haboker ya'ale - Danielle Shkop
hareini mekabel - Yaron Elfassy
hata'am hayashan - Chen Shporen & Michael Barzilai
la bohem - Shani Asor & Gadi Bitton partner
hashabbat sheli - Rafi Ziv 
pashut anashim - Nurit Melamed
gam ani - Michael Barzilai
nesicha sheli - Tamir Shalev partner
batachana - Tamir David
hashemesh - Shmulik Gov Ari
zricha - Daniela Welsh
besties - Chen Shporen line

Oren Ashkenazi's Tribute to Daughter Oryana z"l
Check out this beautiful new dance: Shirat Oryana
Also, please be aware that the family has set up a Gofundme to help them with the significant financial burdens they are experiencing:
Go Fund Me For The Ashkenazi Family
A Bit Of Fun
Enjoy this fun recording of one of our regular dances,
Matanot Ktanot: Danny Maseng & Soul On Fire
Personals/Shout Outs 
Machol Merkaz was spectacular, what can I say? Join us next year from October 20-23, 2022!
Great having Stuart drive all the way from Cleveland to join us!
A very big Mazal Tov to Denis and Evelyn who just got married in Brasil.  Look at this seriously beautiful couple:

Mazal Tov to all the students in the course for Markidim/ Markidot from all over the world.  Your culminating program was truly wonderful.  Kol Hakavod!  Enjoy these Facebook recordings of the Zoom event.  Video 1 Video 2

Big thanks to Rachael and Ben for this little guy who is now is 15 months old!!! ❤❤❤
Machol Merkaz Save The Date
SAVE THE DATE!!!   OCTOBER 20-23, 2022!!! (with Dror Davidi, Elad Shtamer and Eran Bitton)
Publicizing Your Israeli Dance Events on
Hey fellow dance organizers, if you would like me to publicize your Israeli dance events on my website, it would be my pleasure. Send me a jpg and the details. Milwaukee, St. Louis, Indianapolis, etc?  Go for it!
As an example, in the adverts section too, this just in from the Twin Cities:
Israeli dance Zoom session with Shira Schwartz, from the Twin Cities, Minnesota. We dance on Sundays from 6:00 - 8:45 Central.  All are welcome!  Shira will teach/review one or two dances for the first half hour. Then, from about 6:30 to about 8:00 we do circle dances. For the rest of the evening we switch to partner dances. We also plan on a monthly Special Partner Dance workshop on a Saturday from 5:30 - 7:30, with dates to be announced.
Here is the link:  zoom link  Meeting ID: 831 0590 8998 Passcode: MNRoked
Sunday combined circles and partners session this week, 8/1. If you want to receive our weekly emails, with links and playlists, email Michael at
Look for new updates from Cleveland and Denver too.
And please check out this link to the Adverts section on  Aura Levin Lipski has a new place for you to post information about your business.  And find other goodies there too!
Report on Episode 6 of La Mona Myr's Riku meshuGAME on Saturday July 24. with new Challengers Jake Altholtz and Marcelo Marianoff, taking on La Mona and Patty Colensky!!!
Congratulations to La Mona, Patty, Jake and Marcelo who all were fantastic in Episode 6.  We look forward to the return of all three of La Mona's guests for the Challenge of the Champions.  Here are the recordings:

Episode 6 Speaker View   Episode 6 Gallery View 

August 14-15, 2021 Machol Mile Chai with Marcelo Marianoff
Dances Taught at Machol Mile Chai 2021
Shemesh Tikanes / Dror Davidi and Gadi Bitton
Zricha / Daniela Welch
Gam Ani / Michael Barzilai
Lihiyot Smeicha / Ariane Butel
Lama Ze Magi'a Li / Ohad Atia
Shleimim (partner) / Dror Davidi and Gadi Bitton   
Laila Li / Tamir Scherzer and Hila Menachem
Im Tirtzi / Dalia Maktubi
12/4 Winter Israeli Dance Party in Rockville, MD
from Mona...
from Aaron...
Hello, friends! It was so wonderful to see many of you at Machol Merkaz this past weekend. I know that I'm already yearning to get back to dance camp, and I bet you are, too! So, it's the perfect time for a #shamelessplug -- come to Nirkoda Ba'Kerem 2021!! Dancing and wine tasting in California, with guest teachers Michael Barzelai and Yaron Elfasy, our DJ Latishya Steele, and directed by me. Find out more at and then sign up at  
Camp Shelanu
We are BEYOND EXCITED to announce that registration for Camp SheLAnu 2022 in LA next February is OPEN !

Camp SheLAnu is BACK & BETTER than ever with a DYNAMIC line up of TALENTED choreographers including Yaron Ben Simhon, Ilai Szpiezak , Chen Shporen and Orly Star! We're READY to finally join our friends around the world to create the most MAGICAL & ENERGETIC dance weekend of the year with fun workshops, delicious Kosher food, never-ending snacks, Kabbalat Shabbat, dance till you drop parties and endless photo opportunities!

(Use promo code EARLYBIRD for $50 off before 12/31/21)


Yad Beyad Boston
from Rina...
For more information and to register, visit
from Nona...
from Shari...
MAJOLMX and the ZIONIST ENTERPRISES DEPARTMENT OF THE WORLD ZIONIST ORGANIZATION invite you to camp Ketzev Latino-Israeli, on the most beautiful beach in the world, the strongest choreographers of the moment, with the incomparable Latin flavor and the Israeli spirit. 

We would love for you to join us! Pre-register for more information:

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Chicago Israeli Dancing  |  822 Westwood Lane  |  Wilmette, IL 60091  |

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