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Ozark Blues Society of Northwest Arkansas
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The snow is gone! Yes you can still find a small dirty pile in shaded area here and there, but at this point I am hoping for more of the sunny spring weather we have been having this week. I have a few early spring flowers that survived the last storm showing up...even a few beginning to bloom! Always feels encouraging.

We have one new "Mark Your Calendar" article this week. Be sure and check it out below. The remaining articles are back from last week. Most are FYI articles for upcoming events. Our board met this week and we are coming along on the planning of out April 30th IBC Fundraiser. Setting up the online ticketing has sure been a bit more complicated than expected and again, we apologize for the delay. Remember, the link will go up on our website as soon as it is available. General Admission (non-reserved, seating as available) tickets will likely be available through the Meteor Guitar Gallery website so if that is what you are desiring, you may want to keep an eye on their site.

As previously noted, reserved table seats will be limited so we would encourage you to visit our website to keep an eye out for the link if those tickets are what you are desiring. Read on below for all the news. 
Always remember, this is YOUR newsletter! Please send feedback or suggestions our way. You can reach me by email at the address below. We appreciate our readers and want
to see your ideas included! 
~Sandy McCann
Buddy Whittington…
a humble, yet legit
Blues legend.
By Stephen Boudreaux
Some say that “The Blues” is a dying art.  Regional music scenes used to flourish with dozens of blues bands vying for venue spots.  I mean, literally EVERY modern form of music…Rock, Jazz, Country…would never have existed if it weren’t for the evolution of African-American work songs and spirituals blending into society and culture in the 1800’s jumping into modern, post-industrialization America of the very early 20th Century.
So, no matter how hard these new generations try to squash out The Blues in favor of EDM or Red Dirt or K-Pop or substanceless post-Pop… as long as we have a soul, The Blues will find a way to our ears. The Blues is more than just the words, the rhythm and the melodies.  It’s an experience and an emotion being conveyed.  While some heady folk might scoff at The Blues as “boring” or “too simple” for their tastes, it was never really about its musical virtuosity.  Although some blues tracks can be quite complex and actually performing the genre with authenticity can be more challenging than one thinks, it’s never been about that.  It’s quite literally about the “feel” and the emotion and the story…
or the ”message” which is the lineage of the aforementioned spiritual. 
Having the opportunity to hear a world-class blues performer can alter one’s perception
of the genre.  How would a blues performer
be considered “world-class”?  Well… yes,
there would be some element of virtuosity, but not in the mathematical technical sense.  But rather in the way the performer can convey the emotion of a song…that can deliver a noticeable tone that makes one take pause for reasons beyond the music itself.  Buddy Whittington is one such “world-class” performer.
Buddy Whittington, a Texas native around
the same age as Stevie Ray Vaughan,
grew up under the influence of early 60’s
rock pioneers like the Rolling Stones and
The Beatles.  However, he was pointedly taken by John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers featuring
a young Eric Clapton whose 1966 self-titled album was hugely influential to Whittington
and scores of other aspiring guitarists. 
On the album, Eric Clapton’s guitar tone was said to have influenced nearly the entire “artistic and commercial development of rock-styled guitar playing” going forward ["Music – Review of John Mayall – Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton" 1 January 1970. Retrieved 13 June 2014.]. After Clapton left Mayall’s band, he was replaced by other epic guitarists such as Peter Green, Mick Taylor, Walter Trout, Coco Montoya and Carolyn Wonderland.  Mayall’s reputation as a stepping stone for great blues and rock musicians
was etched.  Even having his rhythm section formed by Mick Fleetwood and John McVie
who, along with Peter Green, would go
on to form Fleetwood Mac.
Over the course of his development, Whittington would ultimately find his own band, The Sidemen, opening for John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers in 1991 when then, guitarist, Coco Montoya was holding the chair.  When Montoya left in 1993, John Mayall called Buddy Whittington to fill that spot for the next
15 years.  The Bluesbreakers featuring
Buddy Whittington recorded 8 albums
between 1993 and 2008. 
Whittington is one of those that can really deliver.  His guitar tone has that “something” that conveys a voice that can deliver
a message without lyrics, but it’s the choice
of note placement with the hands that
are clever and exciting.  If that weren’t
enough, Buddy Whittington has a strong
and charismatic vocal delivery that brings
songs to life. Rich and powerful. 
On February 11th, 2022, Northwest Arkansas was treated to a show featuring Buddy Whittington performing in celebration of our own regional guitar hero, Gary Hutchison’s 69th birthday.  The show featured Whittington on guitar and vocals, Gary Hutchison on guitar and vocals, another legend, Earl Cate on guitar, Hutchison’s Oreo Blue rhythm section (Stephen Boudreaux (drums and vocals), Rick Endel (keyboards and vocals), and Vince Turner (bass and vocals)), and guests, John Moss (guitar and vocals) and Annie Walser (piano and vocals).  For Blues lovers, it was a bit of a Nirvana if Nirvana was where great guitar players are showcased.  Despite no rehearsals or pre-planned set lists,
it was a magic of spontaneity that proved
out a stage-full of professionals leaning
on a combined thousand years
of having “been there.” 
Atop the great performances, Buddy Whittington proved to be just a great human.  And the stories told between his experiences and those of Earl Cate, Gary Hutchison, and John Moss were the stuff of (sometimes seedy) novels.  Word is that there might be another opportunity to bring Buddy Whittington
back to Northwest Arkansas for a second chance for those that missed this show to see what the fuss was about.  I, for one, will be there…drumming or not. 
Here's a sample of Whittington’s work that night:
Mark Your Calendar

Blues at the Abbey
**** Weather cancels again***
New Date TBD
What: 20th Annual "Blues at the Abbey" featuring Blind Mississippi Morris.
When: TBD
Where: Subiaco Academy
Ozark Blues Society

IBC Fundraiser
As our readers know, the new date for our IBC Fundraiser will be, Saturday, April 30, 2022. This is just one week before the International Blues Challenge in Memphis so represents a great opportunity for the NWA community to come out and hear the Jeff Horton Band as they share the music they will be taking to Memphis!
We have been working with our event sponsors and now gathered the information we needed to get our new ticketing link ready to go. We apologize for the delay in sharing this new link, and appreciate your patience. While not ready at the time of today's newsletter publication,
the link should be posted over
the weekend on our website,
Our board of directors continues to plan the details following the change of venue to the Meteor Guitar Gallery in Bentonville. We are working hard to turn the vibe of the Meteor into a special event for all. Watch for more information as we finalize the details of this new event. A BIG thank you to all the great blues loving folks in NWA. We appreciate your support of Ozark Blues Society and our 2022 IBC challenger, the Jeff Horton Band.

Support Options
For Local Artists
Please check this section of the newsletter weekly for ideas of how to support local musicians and venues. Submissions are being reduced to contact information this week as we restart the Live Music Calendar.


The Jeff Horton Band
**Read on for NEW information**
Based in Bentonville, Arkansas, the
Jeff Horton Band definitely has
a passion for the Blues! For the last
10 years Jeff and the guys have done their part in sharing the Blues as much as possible, treating their fans to an enjoyable experience.
Jeff reports he has some exciting gigs coming up at Good Vibrations in Rogers. There will be a new jam every other Monday from 7-9pm, beginning December 27th. Additionally, he and the band will be hosting the New Year's Eve party
at Good Vibrations this year.
Lots of fun times ahead!
Please follow the band on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, and on their webpage, THEJEFFHORTONBAND.COM for information about the album and when and where you can catch them live!
Jimmy Wayne Garrett

For more information about Jimmy Wayne Garrett, his schedule, recent interviews, or buy the latest album, visit:
His music may also be found HERE:
YouTube link  *****
Buddy Shute and the Motivators  
Buddy Shute and the Motivators live at the Eureka Springs Auditorium on YouTube: LiveAtTheAud
Buddy's latest project is a duo with Mark McGee. They will be representing the Fort Smith Riverfront Blues Society at the 2022 International Blues Challenge. Their recently released CD/EP is now available.

To learn more about the band, and Buddy's duo with Mark McGee, visit:

Facebook: Buddy Shute and the Motivators
Brick Fields
 Famous for Blues Therapy
We have released a single from the upcoming album. Here is a link to the video "Take Me To the Riverside"
Once live music begins again, folks can stay updated on our concerts by signing up to our email at and following us on Facebook at: 
We also have two stores on our website one for music merchandise and another for Blues Therapy handmade items such as essential oil blends, Jewelry, tie dyes, bath salts, body butters and more.
Thank you for  your support.
I pray that each of you and your families are all doing okay through this. 
Music Calendar 
Please enjoy the following listings comprised of bands, venues, and/or organizations that support Ozark Blues Society. Always check with individual venues for event details and schedule changes. Submit weekly listings by emailing: SANDY

  • Earl and Them for Happy Hour at George's Majestic Lounge in Fayetteville
  • DeFrance at the Meteor Guitar Gallery in Bentonville
  • Clark Gibson Quntet for Starrlight Jazz Series at WAC in Fayetteville
  • Buddy Shute and the Motivators at Moonbroch in Rogers
  • Ocie Fisher at JJ's Grill and Chill in Rogers
  • Black Fret Songwriters in the Round at Meteor Guitar Gallery in Bentonville
  • Adam Collins, Matt Beach and Garrett Jones for Jazz at the Undercroft Bar in Bentonville
  • Brick Fields Blues Therapy at Moranos in Fayetteville
  • Ben Harris jazz guitar at Six-Twelve Coffeehouse and Bar in Fayetteville
  • Tab Benoit with Rachel Ammons and Alistair Green at Temple Live in Fort Smith
  • Full House for Happy Hour at George's Majestic Lounge in Fayetteville
  • Elizabeth Bainbridge Jazz at Levi's Gastrolounge in Rogers
  • Jenna and Friends at JJ's Grill and Chill in Bella Vista
Mark Your Calendar 
4/30 Bound for Beale IBC Fundraiser at the Meteor Guitar Gallery in Bentonville
5/23 Bonnie Raitt and Lucinda Williams at Robinson Center Performance Hall in Little Rock
Please Submit Dates for Regional Blues Artists and Group Events HERE
In this issue:  3/4/2022
Buddy Whittington… a humble, yet legit Blues legend.By Stephen Boudreaux
Mark Your Calendar
ReschedulingAGAIN!Blues at the Abbey
Ozark Blues Society2022 IBC Fundraiser
Support OptionsFor Local Artists
LIVE MUSICMusic Calendar 
On this day in Blues History March 4
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Today’s show features music performed by Sonny Terry
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"You have to open your mind. I like the ability to express myself in a deep way. It's the closest music to our humanity - It's like a folk music that rises up out of a culture"
Sonny Terry

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