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Dr. Laurie Moore
Intensives are Offered who have had at least one reading/coaching session with Dr. Laurie Moore. During an intensive you are fully focused upon so that you can relax, evolve, shift, change, at times be challenged in a good way and come out with a feeling of being lighter, fuller and more whole.
You can pick any of the following focus areas. Many people love the first and come back for a lot more!
8.Manifestation and Prosperity Creation Levels A,B,C,D
9. Relationship to my Body and Light Body in Nourishing Kindness A,B,C,D
10. Awakening into Presence of Heart Awareness 
11. Re-Creating My Dialogue with Self and Others Somatically, Verbally and Energetically for Supreme Fulfillment
Levels A, B, C, D
You are welcome to book a free 15 minute consult to have questions about each of the above intensives answered.
Intensives are ten sessions (30 or 60 minutes). Intensives can be done by phone, video phone or in person.
I work straight from the heart using innate and skilled sensitivity to you as a unique individual. Each human and animal is a majestic and unique combination of intentions and gifts. Everyone has a purpose, yearning and ability to fulfill what s/he came to earth to contribute, experience and learn.
I experience your soul and highest self via universal heart. I reflect back to you answers to your questions through the good in you. You may feel the presence of angels, masters and other benevolent light forms during the processes, meditations, educational support and personal sharing of yourself in order to receive energetic embrace and support.
During a session I offer a mix of curriculum, process, meditations, and facilitated conversation for your unique evolution in the chosen focus area.
Many report profound life changes during and after the intensives.
Book a consult or inquire:
831 477 7007 
Transmission Feng Shui Art
Each time you look at the painting you are receiving assistance for your awakening and positive shifting.  REQUEST AN ORIGINAL DESIGNED SPECIALLY FOR YOU.
Contact Info
Dr. Laurie Moore
831 477 7007
Dr. Laurie Moore  |  41 Conference Dr.: P.O. Box 102  |  Mt. Hermon, CA 95041  |
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