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Be The Medicine
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"Reside in the circle of love. Know that you are always loved and are love itself." JSA
Life as an Adventure
Inspired Health
Free Introduction to Reiki Master 9/8
The Essential Toolkit for the Journey  Monday Nights 9/19, 10/17, 11/14, 12/12
Clearing the Monkey Out of Our Mind Wednesdays 9/14, 10/12, 11/9, 12/7
Everything is Inside
Soul Shamanism 101 Weekend Training 9/17-18, or 5 Thursday Nights 9/22 - 10/20 on Zoom
One Day Healing-Learning-Experience Medicine Wheel Shamanic Journey 10/8
Progressive Learning and Healing. Advanced Soul Shamanism Tuesdays and Wednesdays every other week. 
Reiki Master Program and More
Higher Mind Wholeness Perfect Health
Life as an Adventure
Janet StraightArrow Indiana Jane
“All of life is magic. Our attitude, focus, and actions create our reality. Make it a great one. Always in Love.” Janet StraightArrow
Dear Friends,
One of my main purposes is to be a sage guide on your life, healing, and spiritual journey.
How we look at life and us make all of the difference. I find the objections that block us in order to help us find solutions.
This photo of me in my Indiana Jane Hat, with an Alpaca scarf I bought at the top of Machu Picchu wrapped around my neck is a reminder to me that life is an adventure. My pearl earrings say I am a woman, walking between the worlds, unafraid to travel and explore to find answers, and follow my calling. 
An adventurer is often brave and is more interested in the quest than being safe and following rules. In order to move ahead on our spiritual life journey we are rebels when it comes to expectations and limits.
I have had a pretty tough life and have always been curious in how to make it better. When exploring Astrology as a self-awareness tool, I realized that one of my greatest gifts is my Sagittarius Rising. Our rising sign is how we present to the world, and how we approach our life. Sagittarius rising is an adventurer, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We like the truth, fun, travel, freedom, and we take risks to experience what our mind conceives.
So no matter how tough my life has been, I look for higher truth and possibilities to make life better for me and others. So my approach to discover healing and higher focused spiritual living has always been to push beyond boundaries of people and the traditions I experienced. I was always looking for more, and how we can live the highest truths that set us free.
I was never afraid to travel to work with a teacher or healer, or go to sacred lands and learn new traditions and practices. I jumped in 200% to have a full experience and understand the teachings. I jumped out when it did not feel correct because of manipulation or control that unfortunately sometimes occurred.
I stayed with several powerful teachers and traditions for years and learned what was there for me to experience in teachings, practices, and to find answers to questions.
An adventurer is open and needs a neutral mind to discover something new. An adventurer is not afraid to be wrong as there is much to learn that we know nothing about until we experience what is there for us. 
Because I was strong in myself, and had good boundaries, I felt safe trying something new. I never gave my power fully to another person, and yet I respected many. The person to always trust is ourselves in order to explore and live on the edge of several worlds.
To see our life journey as an adventure instead of work elevates our attitude and perspective. We are sincere without being serious. Sincere is open and curious and dedicated. Serious is limited and anxious and afraid to be wrong and want to be correct.
Be the Medicine is an adventure to you. Discovering that we are divine with qualities of goodness, love, peace, happiness, perfect health, universal truth, beauty, light, and oneness as our nature gives us a strong foundation.
We never blame or shame or judge ourselves and one another. Instead, we discover that we are human beings here to have an experience in living in this body and soul at this place and time. We each have a unique vision and purpose and challenges that have separated us from us and others along the way. There are no dark shadows to erase, or dirty secrets to hide. 
Our adventure is to illuminate who we really are to help us release what is not us that we have been living. We transform ourselves into our brilliant and beautiful selves to live in this body and world today. We are on an adventure of healing and becoming our true selves. 
I always make it fun. Since it's not work, we make it divine play, to love, and be us all the way.
Can you be neutral and kind in your self-discovery on your life journey?
There is no one to blame, and yet it is for us to choose each day, and learn deep ways to take responsibility for ourselves.
Only we live in our body and mind so we can change any time.
When we know we are in charge, we make healing and awakening changes without doubt or fear.
Making it fun lightens it all up to be clear.
May you be encouraged on your journey.
Instead of carrying being a sinner as your original nature, see your self as a lover full of goodness and potential.
Changing words and attitudes make all the difference. 
Blessings and Love Always,
Janet StraightArrow
Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!
Website Call 973-647-2500 Email Me 
Inspired Health
Our health is our responsibility. Body, mind, emotions, spirit, and soul all participate in our health. Our attitude creates our reality. I claim perfect health each day as my nature and do my best to stay on course to create this.
Remember we are all one. Stay focused on our best chance of maintaining health and healing ourselves.
If we surrender to disease we give it power to take over. We may acknowledge disease and pain, and choose to heal and bring ourselves back to pain-free health. Without our co-operation it does not happen.
This has been my focus for fifty-five years. It works!
I always ask how to accomplish this and answers come as I listen carefully.
Following the answers is important.
No doubt.
We live and die each day. I watched my father die as a child from my birth to the age of twenty-one. He relied on medicine instead of self-care. It was a miserable breakdown of his body and constant pain and suffering for him, and all of us. He died at the age of forty-eight in the body of a man eighty-eight.
This inspired me to live differently. Dad wanted to live and did not change his lifestyle. I have had people say to me things like, "I am going to die anyway." or, "I am going to eat, drink, and do whatever I want." I listen, knowing they are killing themselves one day at a time.
Choosing positive loving self-care in all areas of our life is imperative. I do not want to be in pain which motivates me to pay attention and change direction when pain begins.
Mental, emotional, and physical pain is all one. To make changes in our lives is not always easy. As we self-correct in alignment with our health and well ness, the path becomes easier as we walk.
We are worth the effort.
As I work with clients I am a straightarrow in seeing through all that is blocking their health, happiness, and freedom. 
Powerful healing energy and homework brings clarity to all that is occurring. 
Helping people help themselves with decades of wisdom, experience, and love, bears results easily.
We can change the course of everything in our lives. It takes our effort and participation. Our body and mind heals ourselves as we align with perfect health.
Self-healing is our choice. Our body always wants to return to its nature of perfect health. As we learn to cooperate with our body it responds in kind. Everything counts.
I honor that everyone does not choose a healing path and choose to deteriorate instead. We have free will to experience this.
What is your choice? 
I am honored to support people on their healing journey and share methods and tools that assist in the process.
Free Introduction to Reiki Master 9/8
A Zoom experience for students who have taken Reiki 1 & 2 and those who are Reiki Masters who are seeking a comprehensive training to increase your energy, training, and attain Mastery.
We meet at noon eastern time with a recording available for those who sign up and are interested in the program.
Send my questions ahead of time, especially if you cannot join us, by Email
I will describe the program and we will have a deep healing meditation experience together. You will enjoy the energy and healing of this meditation and session.
Sign up by Email or call 973-647-2500 with your name phone number and email to attend.
The Essential Toolkit for the Journey 
Monday Nights 9/19, 10/17, 11/14, 12/12
Foundations for Freedom and Advanced Spiritual Growth, Healing, and Practical Living. This is my new four agreements to understand and manifest.
With a firm foundation of understanding and wisdom, we learn to walk our walk in confidence and grace as we navigate new territories of true healing, consciousness, spiritual and personal growth.
The highest spiritual truth and attainment occurs from a grounded loving foundation. Teens to elders from all walks of life will be nurtured and supported with this profound class.
Taking a lot of classes in learning cool stuff is great. I have learned that unless we understand the foundation of what it takes to live in the place that opens up our spirituality and healing the class can only give us so much.
In my writing this summer I have synthesized the teachings to offer you a class a month in developing a strong foundation for your journey.
Each month we will cover one essential quality for you to develop and practice. The following month we will review and share experiences and further teachings and add another supportive pillar to explore, develop, and experience.
We always have fun and grow in love and respect together. I love questions and invite full participation.
This class is open to new students and current and former students alike to deepen your journey and life.
We end each class with a deep healing meditation. 
As always we have fun as we explore and learn together.
Investment is $60. a night, and $200. for all 8 hours prepaid for this first series of four Zoom classes. We will continue into 2023. 7-9 pm Eastern time.
This is an ongoing class and it is suggested you attend each one and receive a recording and notes afterwards. If you miss one you will be able to participate by audio recording and learn and practice to stay with the entire program. You may also drop into an individual class as you are called.
If you are interested and the nights chosen do not work please reach out with your interest as occasionally we reschedule to meet the needs of the students schedule.
Venmo janet-straightarrow 2500 (
Zelle 973-647-2500 
Credit Cards
Checks – e-mail for details.
Clearing the Monkey Out of Our Mind
Wednesdays 9/14, 10/12, 11/9, 12/7
Without a quiet mind we are swinging from trees instead of grounded and wise. This gathering of teachings and tools is life-changing. 
You learn to be in charge of your mind, instead of your mind running you.
In this class we experience new ways to see, experience, and clear our interfering thoughts, emotions, and improve our mental and physical health. Each class we learn a new level of learning and healing with progressive practice at home in-between.
Each one of us is bombarded with continual thoughts and experiences that interfere and keep us separate from ourselves and others.
Meditation and clear thinking seems impossible from this crowded place.
In this series we achieve a quiet mind, and peaceful heart, as we release anxiety, fear, memories, current challenges, and resolve issues.
Be prepared to experience being present in your body and life.

This class is a solid foundation with progressive tools, teachings, and practices to a powerful way to be more aware, clear, peaceful, and make good choices. Meditation and life become easier.
Clear worry, fear, judgment, blame, heal trauma, release memories, from your body and mind and be present in your life.
You will learn simple effective practices and teachings that move you into you in powerful new ways. The progressive adventure offers you a lifelong practice and continual growth and healing.
This is a life changing and enhancing class that will offer you the ability to heal, clear, and be present as it assist you in removing the illusions and blocks that prevent you from being fully you.

Until we have more control over our thoughts, we can be distracted from who we are and what we accomplish and desire in our lives. Both Psychological and Spiritual teachings say that we lose up to 80% of our energy and focus as a result of ongoing internal dialog that does not support us.

In this Zoom class, you will experience teachings, practices, and profound wisdom that will give you immediate peace. Discover your ability to choose what thoughts and emotions to give power to and how to release the ones that sabotage and hurt us.

Janet StraightArrow has developed refined teachings and practices for us to live our true, best self, in all areas of our life.
My students are people who are accomplished in many ares of work and life and willing to learn how to live their lives accessing their innate abilities and advanced intelligence with peace and clarity.
I teach this in individual sessions and in some of my trainings as this is an important ongoing practice and movement to assist all of us stay free and able to be the best we can be.
I offer progressive teachings and experiences here at a lower price point than individual sessions to offer this to more people who are ready to be free.
We experience a deep cleansing meditation at the completion of each class. Each class is recorded and sent to the students.
Pay by the night $60, or prepay for the series $200. for all four classes -8 hours of advanced level learning and healing. 7-9 pm eastern time.
If you miss a class you can participate by audio recording and any notes.
This adventure in healing is a firm foundation for all of your life.
Venmo janet-straightarrow 2500 (
Zelle 973-647-2500 
Credit Cards
Checks – e-mail for details.
Everything is Inside
"Everything we look to receive from others is something we can find in ourselves.
Love, respect, joy, peace, appreciation, understanding, and compassion are all inside of us.
As we experience these qualities in ourselves, the outside world matches us.
Be the Medicine. In Joy!" Janet StraightArrow
Soul Shamanism 101 Weekend Training 9/17-18, or 5 Thursday Nights 9/22 - 10/20 on Zoom
Live the True You Body and Soul
Join us for this profound new beginning to your life. Janet StraightArrow teaches this class on Zoom and in-person as she initiates you into a direct experience of your soul-self.
You explore the Shamanic territories of you and learn universal laws to live in your body and life.
You meet your soul Self, ancestors, guides, and teachers who travel with you always.
You explore your spiritual inner space that directly reflects your body and entire life. You will never feel alone again. You now have direct access to your inner wisdom and knowledge and learn how to deepen this every day. Healing on all levels opens up in ways you never imagined possible.
This extraordinary Universal, Spiritual Shamanic practice makes the mystical – practical, immediate, and genuine in everyday life.
Soul Shamanism is an excellent class for healers, teachers, therapists, coaches, and all seekers ready to Be and Live who they indeed are. From this day forward, you will feel empowered by the depth of your soul and all of your connections and tools received from this experiential class.
Your life purpose awakens and readies you to move forward in all areas of your life in profound, simple, straightforward ways. Heal yourself directly from present concerns and past hurts. Find inner peace, tranquility, and knowing.
Awaken Medical Intuition, Channeling, Intuition, and other spiritual gifts and abilities.
Enjoy this addition to your spiritual healing tool bag, a precious gift. Soul Shamanism takes all Spiritual and Shamanic Practices to new, deeper levels for Shamanic Practitioners, Healers, and everyone. This class is an important beginning to assist you in Being The Medicine.
Janet has been working with and teaching this practice for 19 years. The work has deepened and grown into a powerful way for people to heal and live their Best True Selves with confidence and knowledge.
“This workshop with Janet StraightArrow is a journey with your soul. She guides you back to your true Self with humor, wisdom, honesty, and compassion. It is an amazing experience that has to be felt! A d I can tell you; you will never be the same. You will be changed on a deep level; you will open up to your gifts, your strengths, and to the exciting journey of discovery. This was my first workshop with Janet and the power of it blew me away. Be prepared to laugh, because being with Janet is like being with a wise trusted friend. Be prepared to see things in a new way, her techniques are magically transforming, and healing. I had a blast!. Janet teaches you in a way that you do not realize you are being taught – The information just channels into you in an amazing flow. It is awesome!”
“…I have a whole new world open to me for balance, self-confidence, knowing what is real, and reinforcing the beauty of living the truth. There is a peaceful retreat inside my body when I get help from my twin to tap into who I know I am and what I can achieve.”
“I experienced a clearing of some blocks that have held me back from living my truth, becoming who I truly am. I feel that some aspects of my journey have been clarified for me. I have a grander understanding of previous challenges and issues that I have experienced in my life. I feel a renewed energy and a sense of purpose and trust in the instinctual insights I had previously been aware of and denying.”
“My Soul Shamanism class with Janet was profound. She helped me open doors in me as I explored my mission and my soul. I am processing the experience and knowledge that I will be stronger and more aligned. I recommend this journey for anyone who wants to learn more about him or herself and find a healthier paradigm for living.”
Early Bird Prepaid Price $395. by 9/10/22. $425. After. Space limited to 12.
Soul Shamanism 201 offered soon after this class and is suggested to complete the foundation of this life-changing and empowering practice.
Registration. Send payment and e-mail me at with your name and phone number. Preparation emails sent.
Venmo janet-straightarrow 2500 (
Zelle 2500
Credit Cards
Checks – e-mail for details.
Call me with any questions. Blessings, Janet 973-647-2500
One Day Healing-Learning-Experience
Medicine Wheel Shamanic Journey 10/8
Saturday, October 8, 10:30 am to 4:30 pm, Chester, NJ. No prerequisite
I have rescheduled this for the Fall. Join us in this Shamanic Retreat, we experience a unique blend of practices, journeys, and ceremonies for a deep healing and awakening experience.
The medicine wheel tells the story of our lives. The medicine wheel also brings in all directions, elements, inner and outer guidance, ancestors, and all of nature. Healing through the medicine wheel offers us profound new ways to look at our life, heal, and move forward with ease and grace.
Having studied with many Shamans from around the world, Janet uses universal methods of spirituality, the medicine wheel, and direct connection  that honors all.
We gather on sacred land on the last Saturday in July in Chester, NJ, and enjoy the gifts of nature, ourselves, and one another. You leave refreshed with new ways to energize and live.
We have all been through very challenging times in the past several years and could use a lovely break to uplift and build wisdom, peace, hope, greater connections, and joy.
Janet StraightArrow found her Shamanic calling thirty years ago in 1992. Awakening herself and assisting others in discovering who we are has been a focal point of her purpose.
As we live our true selves, we learn to master our lives in the everyday world. As a result, our life becomes sweeter, easier, and more peaceful and powerful.

“A retreat with Janet is coming home. Janet’s teachings emerge from a place of unconditional love. You come away with you, and your life is forever changed. Choosing to work with Janet is giving yourself the most beautiful gift in the world.”

We begin at 10:30 am and complete by 4:30 pm. You may come early to settle in and enjoy the sacred space. Bring lunch and snacks and a water bottle. Journals and pens for notes and remembering are helpful.
$205. Prepaid discount by 9/22. $225. after. Sign up as soon as you are committed to the day and the process begins. Many have showed interest please send payment or a deposit to secure your place.
Space is limited to 12 participants. Good Class for Soul Shamans and all.
Payment below. Call me to send a check.
Venmo janet-straightarrow 973-647-2500 (
Zelle or 973-647-2500
Credit Cards
Registration. Send payment and email me at with your name and phone number to register. I will send preparation emails.
Progressive Learning and Healing. Advanced Soul Shamanism Tuesdays and Wednesdays every other week. 
This course offers spiritual growth, healing, ascension, and experiencing our soul and oneness in the Universe and so much more.
We are having amazing experiences, healing, and knowing of who we are and how to manifest us in the world.
The love and community has been such a gift to us all. Join us in these classes after Soul Shamanism 101 or 201, you have the foundation of this practice to learn more about you, and deepen this profound, direct, connection to all.
Join us for the Medicine Wheel retreat October 8, to move deeply and learn new ways to look at the wheel of life.
New teachings from my deep tool bag are added each month to continue to open your Shamanic and Spiritual Journey and assist you in living your soul-self in everyday life.
This adventure encompasses and goes beyond many spiritual practices that you can use for your own spiritual growth and healing and empower work with others. 
ALL NEW PRACTICE. Join us for ongoing learning in this multidimensional practice. New Levels and Dimensions taught and opened for high-level movement for all.
Graduates of Soul Shamanism 101 and 201 join us Tuesday or Wednesday nights every two weeks.
Next Classes this week, August 23 & 24. and every other week through the end of the year. See the website for exact dates.
Join us for one or all @ $60. a night. or prepay for 4 nights for $220.
Now that you have been introduced and are practicing the Soul Shamanism teachings and working with your inner space’s territory, there is much more to learn and experience.
This program offers mastery level experiences, practice, learning, and healing in ways not known by many. Each class offers deep healing, peace, understanding and so much more.
There are new teachings and territories to be initiated in and explored.
Learning to move through any blocks into wholeness, health, happiness, truth, beauty, and light allows your entire life to transform into its perfect alignment.
In this class, you will fully join with your timeless self and know more clearly about your life and soul purpose.
Higher-level guides and wisdom and healing are immediately present. Each of us who began this series has moved light-years on our journey.
We explore new dimensions of us in various realms and find our true nature divine, with solutions always available.
Learn to know and heal yourself in more ways that are simple and profound. Explore deeper regions of the Lake and Twin and advanced ways to develop a daily practice.

Experience new energy levels, wisdom, knowledge, healing, tools, and practices within this practice.
Join us for as many of these classes as you can for healing and personal spiritual growth.
Reiki Master Program and More
Dear Friends, 
I am currently working on the final plans for all programs, currently the Reiki Master Program, and Healing Mastery, which will begin this Fall.
I take Mastery as something to develop and achieve and not just receive a few symbols and a couple of hours or weekend to create a Master.
Past students have graduated with a career and an ability to heal themselves and help others. You learn to teach, which may not always turn into classes, but being a healer is teaching clients to receive healing, and continue to heal themselves.
I have used mastery level methods and energy to help people recover from many diseases that are said to be impossible. For Reiki Master and Healing Mastery students you learn more profound ways to heal you and others too.
In my 55 years of study and practice there are many direct clear ways to walk the walk of the master. I am honored to share little know secrets and guide and support you on your journey.
We will also have shorter programs to focus on important facets of our journey with practices and ways to grow personally.
Join us in Soul Shamanism to empower your spiritual connections and ability to support others in every way. This does make you a Shaman, this connects you to your true soul to discover and be you now. Continues practice and teachings assist you in using this work to help others.
May the energy of this week and your dedication to living happy, healthy, and whole, inspire great things for you and yours.
Always in Love, Janet StraightArrow
Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!
website 973-647-2500 email
Higher Mind Wholeness Perfect Health
Life is what we make it. Our mind runs our lives.
How do we evoke our highest truth, health, wisdom, joy, and love instead of daily struggles that keep us stuck?  
As Albert Einstein said, "We cannot solve our problems with the same mind that created them."
In my fifty-five years of study and practice I have synthesized a new clear path to opening our minds in ways that support us at work, home, and play.
Our minds are often a mess of thoughts and emotions that keep us separate from ourselves and others.
We believe these thoughts and let them play in our head morning, noon, and night. Reaching for higher wisdom outside of this thinking is a worthwhile pursuit.   
I struggled with extreme emotions and thoughts through many years of my life and was a warrior to learn and practice how to achieve peace, strength, and clarity.
After decades of study and practice, I found ways to free the body and mind to hear and live our higher wisdom immediately.
New advanced spiritual and wisdom perspectives allow you to let go of the old way of thinking and believing into a powerful new way that makes sense and removes the nonsense.
Yes You Can Be Free in Mind, Body, and Spirit Immediately. 
In private sessions and classes I help you realize where you are stuck and give you unique perspectives and tools that help you free yourself continually. 
The key to living an aware life is to quiet the mind and open our heart to wisdom and peace. Since we cannot change with the mind we have we learn new ways to see and free ourselves.
I gathered and refined many teachings, tools and practices with experience to help you master your mind and bring you into a quiet space of clarity and meditation.
I teach these tools to clients and students with great results.
Energy healing and clearing of us and our environment is an important part of the practice of freedom to be us. Energies are tried to words and past experiences and beliefs.
Are you ready for freedom to be in your higher intelligence that operates in peace, love, and joy?
My purpose as StraightArrow is to help you make direct and powerful changes immediately with confidence and joy.
  Email me or call at 973-647-2500 to schedule private coaching, learning, and healing sessions

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