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Women's Vision Quest- A Rite of Passage in Nature
Retreat Details and Costs
Retreat Testimonials w Janet
Women's Vision Quest- A Rite of Passage in Nature

The purpose of a Vision Quest is to pull away from the world and relax enough to self-reflect and see the real wonderful you and have time and space to explore to know you more, connect to nature, the land and spiritual guides and teachers, and your highest self to call for a vision for the rest of your life, and hear your true self speak.
Are you moving through a big change this year? Are you preparing for a new phase of your life or work? Come for a powerful weekend of ceremonies, journeys, transformation, and rebirth with Shaman Janet StraightArrow.
A person goes on a Vision Quest when they are ready to rebirth their life in a new way. This rite of passage is a carefully developed retreat offering guidance and support to help you move through transition and new beginnings.  
Pause and get off the track of your life to go inside to discover new levels of your true voice, needs, and choices accessing your inner wisdom as a gift you give yourself. Awaken clarity, life purpose, and joy as we break through illusions, fears, and ego. This is a gentle yet powerful life-changing weekend.
On May 1, we begin the journey with weekly emails to support your inner process as preparation. Janet is available for check ins and private sessions to prepare for the weekend helping you integrate the process before, or after the weekend.
The physical retreat is held for three days, Friday through Sunday, July 21-23. at our private retreat space at a farm in Accord, NY. 
Janet StraightArrow has been leading quests and spiritual Shamanic retreats for over twenty-two-years in the northeast and mid-Atlantic states.
After holding several primitive eight day Vision Quest camping retreats on sacred land, Janet found people needed a shorter experience and the opportunity for more comfort. 
She found a perfect location to offer both camping and an indoor sleeping space keeping the nature of the quest. We have been using this space for 6 years with great appreciation and success.
Janet developed a way for the experience to be full and powerful for everyone beginning with regular emails to help you prepare spiritually and personally. See testimonials below to have a sense of others experiences with Janet.
The Vision Quest brings out my gifts and abilities and serves my life-purpose to be a guide on your journey. People come from many traditions and walks of life and we join in a circle of Universal love and healing. Having fun is a bonus. Feeling safe is essential. 
Explore more about me on my website and ask any questions in a discovery call with me. 973-647-2500 Email me.
Retreat Details and Costs
Dear Friends,
I have decided to refine the Vision Quest to allow for a deeper experience. This year we are limited to eight women to allow more personal support.
I feel so blessed to have a safe container for the group on a private Farm in the lower Catskills in Accord, NY, near New Paltz and Woodstock, New York, north of Ellenville, just off Rt 209 and easy access to the New York Thruway.
With all of the changes in our world and in our individual lives, it is powerful to gather and have group ceremony and companions on this singular journey.
This retreat space is well located for people in the Northeast and New England. We have beautiful safe woods to camp in with flush toilet and hot outdoor shower. close to the home base cabin. There are indoor beds with private spaces spread out over two floors in a 2000 sq ft retreat house for those who prefer their evenings inside.
We have a modern kitchen to prepare food with dining tables inside and outside to enjoy community meals. We have a balance of private and community ceremonies and preparations throughout the weekend.
When we are in our quest space we are close enough and far enough away from one another in order to have our own experience.
The cost to participants is $800.00 ASAP to ensure your space, or by May 1.
Payment plans available adding a small additional cost.
Registration. Send payment and email me at with your name and phone number. Preparation emails sent.
Venmo janet-straightarrow 2500 (
Zelle 2500
Credit Cards Please add 3% to pay with Pay Pal
Checks – email for details.
Call me with any questions. Blessings, Janet 973-647-2500
If you are interested, we can have an exploratory call to see if this is the correct place for you. Janet 973-647-2500 Email me
Retreat Testimonials w Janet
“A retreat with Janet is coming home. Janet’s teachings emerge from a place of unconditional love. You come away with you and your life forever changed. Choosing to work with Janet is giving yourself the most beautiful gift in the world.”
"To have a true teacher who can communicate to everyone from different backgrounds the “truth” of “love”, loving ourselves and loving each other is a rare and miraculous gift. Janet knows when you have a question and need to express yourself, even if you might be afraid. Janet kindly helps you reframe your words about yourself, your feelings and others to be more aligned with love and truth. What a genuinely amazing experience and teacher.”
Janet StraightArrow provides an unparalleled opportunity to bring you to the real you. It’s a well-worn path for her; she knows every part of this amazing journey. Janet emanates love, respect and most of all joy in this great adventure. If you are ready to walk the path back to you – there is no better guide, teacher, mentor, and friend than Janet StraightArrow.” 
“Janet StraightArrow is a life saver. She is kind, caring, energetic and wise. Janet can overcome what is blocking you from healing. She always speaks the truth and holds only loving, healing, light energies. She empowers you to be strong, brave, creative, loving or anything you need to become. That is what is truly special about Janet. She looks into you to know what you need to heal and work on and delivers the message in a perfect loving way individually. When you work with Janet, she makes everyone feel like they can do anything they choose. Janet teaches responsibility and discernment with the knowledge she passes on…. I love you Janet keep on Rockin’.” 
"We just finished a weekend retreat with Janet StraightArrow. We were in an amazing space, but the truth is it would not matter where we were. Janet brings the safe container, and then we build upon it. By safe container, I mean a safe place to explore your true self, cut out the illusion and discover who we are. We were able to experience the love within and integrate it so that we can bring it back out into the world more whole and strong and resolved to be our true selves and abide in our true nature. Janet’s StraightArrow approach is loving and keen as it cuts through the BS and helps you to heal. Janet can see each person as they are and kindly, lovingly move him or her into their truth. Thank You, Janet, I love you.”
“I have worked with Janet StraightArrow through many years taking classes and sessions as I continue my inward journey. Janet is profound and gracious, tender and kind guiding me through the many layers of the external, piercing through to the core. Janet has helped me find my inner peace helping me to shift and project it outward creating a stable baseline to exist in joy and love.” 
Janet StraightArrow provides a safe place to become vulnerable. Her love, compassion, and laughter show us how to return to living life as a child. Free, happy, whole, she allows you the space to become and remember the truth of the real you. Thank you, Janet, for walking alongside me on my journey.”
“This healing space is not hard, or fearful; there are gentle transitions that you can feel and sense that is mirrored with your companions-hearing their stories validate you. Your intimate personal struggles are not so different – different faces and places, the essence of being human are shared in a safe space, with no judgment. Janet makes it fun, light-hearted and no big deal. StraightArrow accurately reads where you are and speaks the words that bring insights that change your landscape for you and new perspectives about all of the people in your life. Everyone feels included and supported, all of the pieces of the space, place and time are honored.”
"Janet is a midwife who holds each soul in love and bliss helping them to surrender and be known. Every word that flows out touches everyone clearing limiting beliefs rebuilding complete mental, physical and spiritual health. She is a blessing to all.” 

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