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He does not need opium.
He has the gift of reverie.
~Anais Nin

 Hi ,
Welcome to the Den of Reverie. As creative people, we want to daydream; that's where the Muse gifts us with worlds we can share in story and image, music and dance.  I have to regularly STEP AWAY from my smartphone and let some ideas make themselves known. 
I'm not really in New Mexico, like the little daydream story below says. I wanted to share an encore performance of A Muse's Daydream with music and a cameo by Robin, my guy. But this time, you can read along with the narration in case you're more of a visual person. 
The Rock Pile
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (author of The Little Prince, among others),  said: “A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it, bearing within him the image of a cathedral.
In other words, beholding a rock pile and seeing in the imagination’s eye the beautiful possibility of a cathedral is one of the cornerstones of the creative imagination.  An idea daydreamed is often the first step to beautiful things making their way into reality .. or can simply be a way to take  a pleasing and entertaining break from reality.
I am in New Mexico where there are imagined cathedrals all over the place.  Big ones little ones, opulent and modest ones,  granite and red sandstone ones, ones with gift shops, others with restaurants where salmon is served with raspberries and groups of friends are  laughing at the funny message cards someone placed under their placemats ( my Taos retreat).    
In front of me, is a rockpile that was daydreamt into a cathedral with a “Welcome  Jill Badonsky” sign under it  A  lizard who ceases to be a lizard the moment I contemplate  him, bearing within me the image of a handsome cathedral owner and chef, named Antonio, who specializes in making  sopapillas, juggling Kokopelli, and complimenting me even though I have mustard on my white blouse
Antonio is serving me a dishful of  sopapillas with some delicious honey on top and some peppermint tea.  We talk of the Rio Grande River, the beauty of taking in a deep breath in the cool of the afternoon, and how to get mustard out of white blouse. “Bleach!” I look out the window and notice the sun is setting in the vast New Mexico sky and  I return my gaze to my cathedral and Antonio, but they become a rockpile and a lizard again.
But this time,  I notice  how really beautiful it is, as a rock pile.,  with the sunsetting on it, it glows in  pinks and purples, oranges and reds and it models for a watercolor painting . It was a departure from hardness of reality, but now as I contemplate reality, I bear within me the fact that everything we see, even a rock pile, can be beautiful or interesting art… just the way it is.  Including ourselves.
The creative imagination is good for making reality into art. 

Another Rockpile Story... (8 minute read).
This one rather personal, with a train metaphor barrelling through it, and a reminder to stay true to yourself. 
The next workshop is called Finding Inspiration and is filled with daydreams and easy ways to make art and write:
 Wednesday, May 17 noon pacific/3 eastern... click here.
Creative Prompts
Alebrijes Lizard
Writing Prompt: 
Look at something in your world and daydream something fantastical about it. To foil any resistance, consider doing a silly, three line story:
  1. first line sets it up,
  2. second line advances it,
  3. third line is a conclusion or epiphany. 
No need to make sense.  Example:
The landlord told me not to use my fireplace. (true)
He said the house would burn down if I did. (true)
I just think he didn't want me to disturb the bear. (I saw a cave)
Art Prompt:
 The old creative cliche', "color outside the lines" is useful in certain situations when we need permission to defy the expected. But when you're overwhelmed, coloring INSIDE the lines is what the doctor orders. It's centering and relaxing.
So you have a choice. download and print out the lizard motif and color away, or render your own version of a lizard and color it in . 
Some Creative Things You Can Do
Wild Abandon Workshop: Finding Inspiration: Wednesday, May 17

How do you know where to begin? Where can you find fresh ideas? How do you narrow ideas down when you have too many? Next Wild Abandon workshop:  Free for Underground Members, $35 for civilians, and $15 for KMC3 members.  Come with a PDF to keep you going after the workshop.
Wild Abandon at Omega Institute of Holistic Sciences
Mark your calendars for the first week in October 1-6, 2023. A week of immersing ourselves in writing, art, photography, and good times.   Register here
The Muse in Winter: Writing and Art Retreat in Taos New Mexico
This year the workshops, art, improv, even the entertainment will be all geared toward writing. We will explore and celebrate creative writing and make art for writers in enchanting Taos. If you're an artist, consider the creative boost giving your art a story will provide and the words that will come from making and viewing art. Designed for all levels from intimidated beginner to seasoned pro wanting new ideas in a magical setting (with really good food)! Comes with a Muse In Winter booklet and lots of goodies. Payment plans available. Taos link is here. 
Art Walk and Creativity on the Italian Riviera
October 14-20, 2024 Plenty of time to save up for gelato!
I'll be providing the creative part of a tour to the Italian Riviera. Here's the link to sign-up      For all levels from beginners to travel-hungry pros.
For monthly Zoom Creativity Workshop and Wild Abandon art and writing prompts weekly  and a secret FB page (optional)  for only $17 .. soon to increase in cost .  Check that here.
  From Jill Badonsky 

  • Author/illustrator of three books on creativity
  • Creator and Teacher of KMCC
  • Certified Yoga/Mindfulness Instructor 
  • Multi-media artist, performance poet, and playwright
  • Award winning inspirational goof-ball and author.
  • Dispenser of thousands of weird creativity prompts including on Facebook
  • Highly sensitive person surviving in a kind of insensitive world.
  • Corporate Dropout 
  • Yours Truly

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