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Moving Body Salon
Friday, October 20th!
Moving Body Salon
Join us for a inspiring & fun 
evening of live
theater-clowning, spoken word, music,
noshing, drinking, schmoozing,
and more... 
Photo credit:  Alvin Eng taken by Ann Yoo
Friday, October 20th
7 pm
Performances by
Marian Rich & Aurelie Harp - theater/clowning
Arthur Vincie - filmmaker/writer
dDamien - monologue/storytelling 
Norman Salant - singer/songwriter
Mary Abrams - MC and more...
Suggested Donation: 
All amounts large and small are meaningful.

Can't attend & want to support
MBR & the Salon?
Send a Venmo donation:
Performer bios: 
Marian Rich is an actress, theatrical improviser, and director. She possesses a unique set of skills that enable her to help diverse groupings of people navigate the complexities of life. She is a social therapeutic coach, performance activist, and play revolutionary, who has traveled to Central America exploring humanitarian clowning with Dr. Patch Adams. A lifelong community organizer with the All Stars Project and Artistic Associate of the Castillo Theatre, she is also on faculty of the East Side Institute. She is co-author with Carrie Lobman of “Playing Around with Changing the World,” The Applied Improvisation Mindset, Bloomsbury Press (2021).
Aurelie Harp is a stage director and performer with over 20 years of expertise in relational leadership, social therapeutic coaching and the performing arts. As a joyful activist, she is dedicating her work to empower women, LGBTQ communities, and humanity as a whole.  Aurelie is an ICF AAC social therapeutic coach, staff member and associate at the East Side Institute and one of the lead coaches of Developing Across Borders. A French immigrant who has embraced American culture, she is a rebellious Buddhist. She infuses wisdom, compassion, and a touch of artistic flair in her work that explores the complexity of life to help us create new human experiences.  \
Arthur Vincie is an award-winning writer, director, and producer.  He created the fiction webseries "Three Trembling Cities," an intimate portrait of the inner lives and daily struggles of NYC immigrants.  The show has screened at over 30 festivals and events across the world.  His "lo-fi" sci-fi feature "Found In Time" went to 30 festivals.  Both are distributed on various streaming platforms.  Focal Press publishes "Preparing For Takeoff," his non-fiction book on preproduction.
dDamien, native New Yorker and descendant of the oyster farming families settling in Sandy Ground, Staten Island 1850, experienced his very first stage performance at an elementary school health fair playing a pillow to emphasize the importance of sleep. In 1995 dDamien came in first place eight consecutive weeks as Devotion, bringing what hallelujah feels like to a secular audience, lip synching Black Gospel music at Mona Foot's Star Search in Chelsea. These performances led to many liberating years as a drag performer in the tri-state area and as backup dancer at WIGSTOCK New York with Lady Bunny. In 2001 he was cast to play Erasmus the Jin, and a beautiful fainting goat in H.M. Koutoukas’ Off-off Broadway production of The Man Who Shot His Washing Machine (Tom O’Horgan, director). “Learning to bleat on cue was the key to drawing in the audience”. Although not professionally trained, he has studied acting technique with Mary Boyer (MTB Studios), low flying trapeze with Julie Ludwig (Fly-By-Night Dance) and Butoh with Ko Murabushi. dDamien is beyond thrilled to be part of MB Salon.

Norman Salant 
is a NYC songwriter and singer whose songs reflect the most moving elements of life.  Melodious, intricate, lyrical wordplay, large themes, poetic imagery, abstract impressions; above all honest and somehow modern.  Norman’s songs are deceptively complex, seeming to reconstitute all the music he’s ever heard and played, inclusive even of his former saxophone career (appears on The Residents and Romeo Void albums), from the Beatles to Coltrane, from Dylan to Philip Glass, from Byrne to Bowie, and turning it into something fresh and new.  Pop, yes, folk, yes, avant-garde, perhaps; radically different than any particular genre might produce. As we emerge in this post-pandemic world, Norman’s music is particularly worth listening to.
RSVP or Questions...
Moving Body Resources
112 West 27th Street, 4th floor
Buzzer 402, then green bell button
New York, NY 10001
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Moving Body Resources  |  112 West 27th Street, Ste. 400  |  New York City, NY 10001  |

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