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 The View from Here. . .
Fall 2023
Life is a Three-Ring Circus!
The long, hot summer ended, but the mayhem, distraction, disinformation, craziness, and general ridiculousness continued throughout the Fall, with no letup! And that’s just in our personal lives! Of course, they are all also continuing on the local, national, and global fronts.
It’s as if the whole world has exploded. It's as if everything has been thrown into a blender that was running with the top left off, and everything went flying up and out onto the ceiling and walls, and now we have to clean up the mess and make sense of all those random pieces. If you’re not going through some kind of process like this, it doesn’t mean you’re special, it just means that either you already went through your version of it… or it’s coming!
Actually, anyone who has consciously been working with the energies of change, change, change (whether you like it or not) for the last couple of years is probably surfing these waves in a calmer way than most people. That doesn’t mean you’re not experiencing challenges and loss; it just means you are managing it better than most. And if it’s been getting crazy in your life, you can always start to work with the prevailing energies of change, and lessen the load.
Three Rings of Exciting Drama to Capture Your Attention
Life these days really is like a three-ring circus! There are three rings that are active with drama, suspense, excitement, mystery, and maybe even horror in our lives, and there is so much information coming at us that it is overwhelming. If you had to pick just one of those rings to focus your attention on, which would you choose? 
The global/national ring of drama—whether you are in (o watching) Ukraine, Russia, Israel, France, Iran, Africa, the U.S.A., or many other countries—you may be experiencing or witnessing the drama and suspense of destructive weather and Earth events, war, protests, civil unrest, government and/or military crackdowns, power grabs, attempted coups, regime changes, revelations of corruption and deceit, dueling political parties, or of course, the indictment of former Presidents or head of State. If you don't actually live in those areas, you have had it all shoved down your throat nonstop with the 24/7 media circus on multiple channels, so it's impossible to miss all this mayhem without doing so on purpose!
In the ring for many states or local areas, you may have the drama and suspense of draconian legislation, attempts to rewrite or deny history, power grabs, rejection and denial of civil or human rights, outbreaks of unusual diseases, and violent outbursts by unbalanced people. Earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, wildfires, floods, and tsunamis add their own level of drama to deal with!
Of course, the ring that is our personal lives is where it all really hits home! People are experiencing all kinds of challenges and suffering, including financial stress, physical stress and illness, toxic relationships, abuse, overt hatred, oppression, accidents, loss of loved ones, loss of property, and violent weather events. There is a lot of loss and grief of all kinds that people are experiencing. As a result, many, many people are experiencing crises of faith and dark nights of the soul.
There are so many dramatic events going on at the personal, local, and national/global level that it’s hard to decide where to place our attention. The media and advertising companies are expert at creating outrage and fear and demanding our attention (all for the sake of viewership and those advertising dollars)—as are all the politicians—so there is a constant grab for our attention and focus, usually providing a daily dose of fear, outrage, and anxiety.
It is what it is:  These are challenging times for most people, in one way or another. 2023 was particularly difficult, and it looks like 2024 may be even worse (hold on to your hats!).
Simply trying to maintain balance and stay in your center can be extremely difficult with all the high vibration energy flooding the planet, all the jarring and traumatic events, and all the low vibration energy of fear, anxiety, and rage floating around in the atmosphere. Everyone on the planet is feeling the effects of the clash of the incoming and existing energies as we all walk through this toxic energetic soup every day.
Clashing Beliefs and World Views
If you’ve been reading Tunnel Vision for the past few years, you know that what the Mayans predicted is occurring: a period when cycles upon cycles upon cycles would be ending and beginning, bringing a great shift to the planet. The shift was never simply about the date December 21, 2012, and it was never necessarily going to be easy or short-term. It was about a window of time (35 years or so) when so many huge, long-running cycles—of hundreds and even thousands of years—would end and start again.
Consider the 248-year cycle of Pluto, and how it has wrought havoc since 2008 by returning to the same place in the heavens where it was when the U.S.A. was created (in Capricorn for the rebellion; in Aquarius for the writing of the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights). Pluto dredges up—and expands—everything that has been hidden or is corrupt or unsustainable in any way and mercilessly rubs our noses in it, so we’re forced to make a choice and take action about it. Our preferred choice of ignoring it all and hoping it will go away is no longer an option.
Other cycles are also in play, such as Neptune and other planets mirroring their positions in the heavens during the Civil War and World War II—even the American Revolution—bringing back the energies of those times, so that we can deal with them in a better way.
This is the spiral of life: we circle back to certain energies and situations to see them in a different perspective, address different facets, and make new choices. This happens on the global, national, and personal levels.
Many have claimed that the U.S. is in, or about to enter, another civil war, that people are too divided for the diverse and dominant beliefs—and actually, alternate realities being embraced—to ever be resolved. And extreme right-wing energies of draconian control and oppression—and the desire to got back to "better time" seem to be on the rise. But is that really true? Is it the same as before, or are we experiencing another facet or level of those energies?
Spanish-American philosopher George Santayana famously said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” But perhaps he meant that they are doomed to repeat it the same way, without having learned from it or changed for the better.
Cycles repeat, whether we learn about—or from—them or not. The only things that really can change are our level of awareness, our vibration, and the choices and actions we make when those cycles and energies present themselves again.
The cycles repeat for events/situations as well as belief systems. Every time the various belief systems cycle around, there is the tension between the believers and non-believers, and the mainstream and the fringe. Sometimes what was once seen as a fringe belief becomes mainstream, and vice versa. We drag them out to look at them, and decide if we want those beliefs, again.
The so-called civil war that humanity—especially the U.S.A.—is going through is really a war over consciousness, a war over beliefs and values. If you see “politics” as a spectrum from far left to far right, it’s easy to understand that the majority of people fall somewhere closer to the center on one side or another than on the far ends. And it really isn’t necessarily a question of some cosmically-ordained right or wrong (although every single person believes their view is “right”).
It is a question of beliefs, values, and, yes, balance and comfort levels. It is a question of how we want to live, a question of how we want to treat each other, a question of what we stand for and how we want to collectively define ourselves, our cultures, and our countries moving into the future. This is what the Great Shift is forcing everyone to do on a much more conscious level than ever before.
And this is happening all over the entire planet. Again, this is particularly so in the U.S.A., because Pluto has been sitting on its natal position in the U.S. chart, forcing the country to examine and redefine itself. Pluto brings the hidden into the light and the unconscious into the conscious mind. We are being required to see our mess and clean it up, and to decide who we are and what we want to be going forward.
Because of the prevailing and cascading energies coming to the planet, more and more people are being thrown out of balance and out of their comfort level. When people feel like the ground beneath their feet is crumbling, it’s natural to try to grab back and hold on to what they knew before, what was familiar and comfortable—whether it really served them very well or not. And with the acceleration of change that the world has undergone in the last 5-10 years, lots of people are feeling that way! Unfortunately, many are acting out in draconian, controlling, and/or violent ways.
Now What??
The next few months will be an emotional roller coaster, and it will be speeding up. With so much going on, it will behoove each of us to choose where we place our attention and energy.
Getting all emotionally wrapped up in what’s happening on the world or national stage, or worrying about what others are thinking or doing, is not really helpful because, since most of us have no ability to change what’s happening or affect the outcomes, it just leaves us upset and feeling disempowered and despairing. It’s best not to dwell in those feelings. Be aware, be compassionate, send Love and Light, and then focus of things that you can change.
We have all the media outlets, and sources on the internet, encouraging us to rage and fear, and they do it expertly to keep us coming back for more. It’s best for our mental health to disengage and unplug.
The global and national events are moving in their own cycles and processes. They will play out as they are supposed to. We can only watch and choose how emotionally immersed and invested we want to be. Remember that less is more!
And always remember that our thoughts and words are more powerful than we can imagine! Be careful what you're putting out there! What you focus your attention on GROWS. Consider carefully what you want to have grow in your life!
Stepping Into Our Power
When we focus on that third ring of the circus—the personal—we can step into our power. The incoming Divine Feminine energies will actually support empowering and healing ourselves if we can tune out the outside clamor and focus on ourselves, our lives, and where we can actually have an impact.
As we heal ourselves, we will be better able to deal with the sturm und drang of the world and the national stage, as well as the challenges and upheaval in our own lives. In addition, as we heal ourselves, we not only help heal our ancestral lines, we also send out a ripple effect of higher vibrations into the collective energetic field.
Turning inward and finding our peace helps us feel better and more balanced, and it opens us to receive more guidance from our higher selves, our guides and helpers. It also helps to anchor peace in the world. If everyone who says they want world peace was able to find peace in their own hearts and create it in their lives, we would have world peace instantaneously!
We have to recognize that we are all Divine, powerful beings, manifesting our lives and our world every second, whether we are doing it consciously or unconsciously. Living in fear, seeing ourselves as victims and blaming others keeps us stuck in what we don't want.
As we empower ourselves, we are better able to identify and take steps toward creating a better, more supportive and creative life for ourselves, our loved ones, and the world.
It is our outlook, our approach, and our interpretation and response to events that counts and gives them meaning. Einstein famously said that the most important question we each have to answer is: “Is the Universe a friendly place or not?” The answer we give to that question will color everything in our lives, making them easier or harder.
If we understand that the Universe is always on our side, it is easier to let go of the illusion of control, go with the flow, and assume that everything is happening for our highest good and will work out fine, no matter how it looks or what we think about it at the time. 
Focus on THAT! 
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Happy Holidays and a Magical New Year!
Wishing you all joy and peace and love
for the Holidays, and throughout the coming year!
Next year, indeed, will be magical, a year that is “ripe” for manifestation, and all the planets are literally lining up to help us create meaningful change in our lives and in our world. We are all Divine Creators, so go out there and have fun creating what you wish to experience in your life!
Thank you for being part of my
Tunnel Vision family!
Who is Ellyn Dye?
I am an Intuitive Coach, Public Speaker, Author, Reconnective Healing® practitioner, and a Practical Mystic.

A Near-Death Experience (NDE) in 1985 expanded my psychic abilities and created an ongoing link with some very loving—and humorous—Guardians of humanity and the ancient wisdom, who gave me a huge amount of information about life and the evolution of mankind, and who continue to guide me.

I bring this knowledge and connection to my clients and audiences, along with over 30 years’ accumulated wisdom and understanding of metaphysics, life on earth, and Who We Really Are.

I am the author of the metaphysical fantasy novel, The Search for the Crystal Key—an adventure about believing in yourself and the power of Love, with information about life that I received during my Near-Death Experience.

Find out more at 
© 2023, E.B. Dye. All Rights Reserved 
In this issue:
Life is a Three-Ring Circus!
Happy Holidays and a Magical New Year!
Who is Ellyn Dye?
Doors Close, Doors Open(Always!)
Peace on Earth,Good Will Toward Men
The Good News andthe Bad News
Now on My Website,
Doors Close, Doors Open
Loss, loss, and more loss seems to have been a theme this year, at least in my life. If anyone thinks I just sit in my ivory tower, with everything running smoothly in my life, think again!
Everyone on the planet experiences loss and challenges. Life throws crap at all of us, it's just what happens with life on Earth. Challenges are often thrust upon us, and we have no way to prevent them or change the outcomes. Our only choices are in how we respond to the challenges; whether we wallow in grief, self-pity, and victimhood, or recognize that these situations are all part of life; how and when we move on; and whether we allow ourselves to notice the miracles that arrive through the process and the new doors that open as others close.
There are always miracles and new doors opening when we move through challenges, especially losses. We just have to look for them. Usually we are so invested and overwhelmed by our trauma and grief that we don't notice anything "good" that's happening. We may even feel guilty if we think there is anything "good" happening in the middle of a big loss. But truly, it's as if the Universe knows when we're having a really hard time and tries to make it better or easier in some way. (The Universe always supports us, if only we will let it!)
I had a very difficult Autumn this year. At the end of August, I lost my beloved soulmate kitty, Sascha. Three weeks later, I got a terminal diagnosis for his brother, Simon, who then passed November 1. Both were with me for almost 15 years, and I could not remember or imagine a life without them. It was a huge loss! And I was pretty much a zombie for 2-3 months as a result. (I'd started writing this newsletter, but it got dropped in the process!)
In the middle of the losses of my two long-time much-loved companions, my favorite cousin passed. Three big losses in two months! I'm surprised I lived through it!
So those are the losses, and here are the miracles:
With my cousin, the news came in when I was in the middle of a retreat with other spiritual people, who immediately reached out and supported me through it. I could have gotten the news alone at home, but instead I had a huge amount of support as I was dealing with it.
With Sascha's passing, the week afterwards, I got an invitation to be on a big podcast, Next Level Soul! I know that was Sascha helping from the other side. Sascha came to me when I was just beginning to speak publicly about my NDE, and I always felt that he helped to anchor me on that path. I was solidly on it when he passed, and he sent me a huge gift just after he left. (That podcast is coming up on January 4!)
With Simon, he got two months of being an only kitty, which he loved, and I got to have time with him, alone. There was such sweetness (and bittersweet) in that time. Simon knew that, although he definitely was my beloved kitty, Sascha was my soulmate and anchor on the planet. So he stayed with me for two months, helping me get over Sascha's loss. Of course, we comforted each other through that.
After Simon passed, I felt myself pushed to go to a nearby shelter one day to donate leftover cat food and, somehow, I came home with two sweet 4-month-old kittens! They look exactly like him, down to some very distinctive markings. I knew it was a sign from him, that he was still taking care of his Mama, even from the other side! These two little ones have brought so much love and joy back into my life as I mourn the loss of my older fur-friends.
I've also had other contacts from Simon and Sascha, letting me know that they are fine, and they still come around to watch over me.
These may seem like very small miracles, but they were huge to me in the midst of my grief. They made those losses a lot easier to move through and helped me to keep moving forward. 
We live on planet Earth in physical bodies. There will always be challenges and losses that we have to deal with, and many will be very difficult, heartbreaking, and overwhelming. But it helps a lot to realize that the Universe is on our side, supporting us through it all. We just have to be aware and notice how that support is presented. 
Peace on Earth,
Good Will Toward Men
 As we enter the Holiday Season, I wish you and your family, friends, and loved ones, peace, love, and joy. Not just for the Holiday Season, but for the entire next year!
I can't tell you how often I get a question from the audience when I'm giving a presentation: "When will we have peace on Earth??"
The answer to that is simple, and also complex! We will have peace on Earth when humanity reaches a tipping point that supports it. That will be when enough people really want peace on Earth enough to take action, not necessarily on the world, national or local stage, but in their own lives, to create peace.
If you want world peace, think about how and where you have peace in your life and where you don't. What can you do to change that? What can you do to bring peace to your life? Do you need a different job? A different spouse or partner?
Do you need to let go of judgment of others and the need to be right? Can you embrace all your perceived flaws, as well as the parts of yourself that you value? Can you do that for others, as well? Can you honor other people's right to have their own world view and opinions—even if they differ dramatically from your own—knowing that they are the result of their lived experiences, and they represent their truth, which is just as valid as yours?
Letting go of judgment and the need to be right (and convince others that you're right) is a good first step toward peace. Going with the flow and recognizing that we're all just doing the best we can, and most people are pretty decent and kind, after all, is huge. And making and taking time for ourselves to regroup, process, relax, and breathe is always important!
So take it easy, breathe, be kind to yourself and others, don't sweat the small stuff, and have a wonderful Holiday Season filled with love, joy, peace, and acceptance! 
The Good News and
the Bad News
All this upheaval really isn't going to end anytime soon. 2024 will be just as much of a circus (or emotional roller coaster) as 2023, if not more. It will perhaps be the actual turning point, the ending of the break-down phase and slow beginning of the build-back stage.
We're definitely turning the corner, getting ready to start coming out on the other side, and we should be used to chaos by now.
In January 2024, Pluto makes a big move out of Capricorn (favoring the hierarchy, elites, and consolidation of wealth and power) and into Aquarius (favoring and distributing power to the collective, the people). Our lives won't suddenly change on a dime, but if you pay attention, you may feel the difference in the energy.
Actions will have to be taken for the people to wrest power out of the hands of those who have held it for so long. Watch for many more protests and people in the streets, voicing their demands.
Remember that all of the external chaos will pass. This was predicted, and the upheaval is necessary to bring the needed transformation of humanity. We are all on this journey of the Great Shift together. We all chose to be here for it. And we will all be fine, no matter how it all plays out!
Everything is going according to the master plan. It is our challenge to master our own thoughts, words, and actions—and where we choose to place our energies and attention. We can have peace in our lives right now if that's what we focus on creating!
Now on My Website,
Find out more about my products and services, and access lots of free content about my Near-Death Experience!
CALENDARS: If anyone is still using paper wall calendars, my 2024 calendars are now available. They feature pictures of places that carry high energy in Alaska, Bermuda, Cathar Country, France, Grand Canyon and Sedona, Ireland, Jamaica, plus a special calendar, Kitty Comfort, with pictures of my wonderful cats who have now passed.

Find some-thing inspiring to read or give as a gift. My meta-physical fantasy novel, The Search for the Crystal Key, is an adventure for all ages about believing in yourself and the power of love, with information about how life works that I received during my NDE. Available now in paperback and Kindle! This is a great life "primer" for all kids and adults 10 and up.  

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VIDEOS: If you haven't seen the two  videos about my near-death experience that I posted from earlier this year, check them out! I did presentations/interviews about my NDE and what I learned from it for the Northern Virginia IANDS group (January) and on the fabulous JeffMara podcast (February)! The NoVa IANDS presentation is 2 hours, so there are much more details than I usually can include!
VIDEO COMING SOON: I will be interviewed on the Next Level Soul podcast in early January. I'll post a link as soon as I get it.
PREDICTIONS IN SEDONA JOURNAL: Check out my article in the Predictions issue of the Sedona Journal of Emergence, "Choice Points, Turning Points, and Tipping Points," with predictions of what we might experience in 2023, and see if I was right!
My article with PREDICTIONS FOR 2024 was published in the November issue and is now available. I'll post an updated version of that article in my next newsletter. All my past articles—November of every year with predictions for the following new year—can be found on the Sedona Journal Articles sub-page under the Newsletters, etc. tab. 
Video presentations and recorded radio interviews with discussions of my NDE, what I learned, and what's going on "out there" with the Great Shift of the Ages.
The archives of all the past issues of Tunnel Vision.
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