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 The View from Here. . .
Winter 2023
As the World Churns
Hold on to your hat, because 2023 is going to leave us all breathless (and possibly panting and clutching our chests). If you think you've already seen it all... you ain't seen nothing yet!
Since mid-January, it’s full speed ahead and all systems are “Go,” with all the planets moving forward, and no planets in retrograde motion. And some pretty big ones are really on the move!
The chaos continues apace, but there is a different feel to the air, if you take the time to notice it. There is a feeling of things coming to a head, things reaching fruition, events ramping up, accountability, justice, and chickens coming home to roost.
This will be the energy of the year. It’s as if the world is waiting for the other shoe to drop… and it just might drop this year. In fact, all the remaining shoes might drop!
The “cleanup on aisle 9” continues in a different phase, and the lessons are starting to wrap up. Internally everyone is more than ready for what will be coming when the cleanup is finished. But we're not done yet. We’ll have a few “final reviews” before we really get to move on.
Get Ready for a Sea Change
March will be blockbuster in one way or another, as the world experiences an important, heavy-duty planetary transit that will have a huge impact until 2043. Pluto will move out of Capricorn into Aquarius on March 23.
It’s a big relief to finally have Pluto off the natal return degree of the US natal chart (27 degrees), and it will be a bigger relief to have Pluto move into a different sign altogether. It’s been sitting on the last degree of Capricorn for a while, and they don’t call the 29th degree of a sign “the end of the rope degree” for nothing! Many people are really feeling at the end of their rope right now. At least there’s a reason!
Many people are feeling "stuck" right now. They feel that something is coming, or that they are supposed to be doing something, but they don't know what it is. They have an increasing feeling of wanting to "break out." This is a sign of the times, and of that "end of the rope" degree. People are already sensing the new Aquarian energies coming, but they just aren't here yet. If we can be patient, let go of any resistance, and let the energies settle, the path will be revealed.
The big Pluto transition from one sign to the other will actually take a couple of years to complete. Pluto will see-saw back and forth from the early degrees of Aquarius back to—you guessed it—the 27th degree of Capricorn (that natal position in the US chart)! On the way, it will of course, roll back over that 29th degree, too!
This back-and-forth happens so we can collectively finish up the final tests of what Pluto was teaching us for the last 15 years in Capricorn.
We will get a tantalizing taste of the new Aquarian energies for a few months, and then Pluto will move back into Capricorn, to dig up any last bits of gunk that we may have missed or neglected, for a last chance to examine them and make changes. Expect even more dirt to be dredged up and exposed, and more (possibly shocking) revelations about secrets, corruption, and abuses of power.
The differences between the energies of the two signs will make the next year very interesting, particularly in terms of power (Pluto) and who has it: the elites (Capricorn) or the people (Aquarius). Pluto in Capricorn in 1776 brought the Declaration of Independence and the American Revolution (the people rebelling against the aristocracy, the status quo, and entrenched, abusive power).
Pluto moving tentatively into Aquarius in 1778 brought the Constitution and Bill of Rights (“We the People…”), democracy, and the American ideal. It also brought the beginning of the end of the slave trade and the French Revolution with the motto of Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity, which are key words for Aquarius.
The last few years have brought back those same kinds of rebellious, revolutionary energies, and we can assess how well we have used them and how well we have done with the lessons presented.
Prepare for Shock and Awe
We can probably expect something *big* to happen during this see-saw time beginning at the end of March, possibly something shocking.
Pluto tends to change signs with a BANG! The last time Pluto changed signs was when it moved from Sagittarius into Capricorn in 2008. That brought us the economic crash! (BANG!)
Because home ownership is a symbol of status (Capricorn), Pluto rolled in and showed us (exposed) that all those predatory mortgages that had become so popular were simply not sustainable and did not support the people. 
It will be interesting to see what we get this time. It may be something big to do with the shift from “power to the few” to “power to the people.” Watch what happens with the invasion of Ukraine this spring, with Russia representing Capricorn energy (entrenched power and authoritarianism) and Ukraine representing Aquarian energy and the people.
Watch as the number and level of protests around the world continues to escalate as people/the collective stand up against authority—especially repressive authority—and take back their power.
And watch, as those in authority feel their power slipping, they will take more desperate and draconian actions against the people in last-ditch efforts to control them and retain that power.
The “something big” also could be something to do with technology (Aquarius) that needs to be upended and shown for being unsustainable, or the power (Pluto) of the tech companies. We are already seeing grave questions about the tech companies, social media algorithms, and the ramifications of the rapid increase in the use of artificial intelligence.
At the very least, prepare for the possibility of the internet, cell network, and/or electrical grid going down for a time. Best to back up your data and prepare for possible loss of electricity or supply chain issues. That’s not necessarily a prediction, but a caution based on the energies in play. It's always better to be prepared. Those who are addicted to their phones may have a rude awakening.
Huge changes in technology will be a hallmark of Pluto traversing Aquarius for the next 20 years, and during that time, we can expect technology that will affect and change how we live as dramatically and thoroughly as the invention of the light bulb, the introduction of moving pictures and cars, or the creation of cell phones, computers, and the internet.  Sustainability, humanitarianism, and integrity will be important. Watch for amazing growth in medical and green technology, as well.
But with those changes and innovations will come many challenges about the use—and abuse—of the new technology. 
And that will all “start” at the end of March! Stay tuned and stay flexible! Be prepared for disruptions. And make sure you have truly mastered the lessons of Pluto in Capricorn, particularly related to how/if you use your power in the world.
If you’ve been a victim, it’s time to realize you deserve better, step into your power, and take responsibility for your life going forward. If you are in a position of power over others, it’s time to really reassess how you wield that power (have you been abusive, toxic or bullying even in a small way?) and begin to be more collaborative and respectful of those who work for and with you.
Some of the Lessons of Pluto in Capricorn
Pluto deals with many things, including use/abuse of power and what lies hidden below the surface (secrets and corruption). Capricorn deals with status quo, aristocracy and elitism, power structures and hierarchy, governments and institutions, and large systems, such as the economy.
Think about how these issues have been in the spotlight since 2008, with more and more abuse, secrets, corruption, and dysfunction being exposed. So much has been exposed that most of us are well and truly tired of it!
Bullying is a type of abuse of power (actually false power) that has come more into the light in recent years. We see bullying at every level, and all kinds of people (in addition to school kids)—from politicians to police to school parents to neighbors on NextDoor—seem to be turning to verbal, and sometimes violent, bullying. Browbeating, intimidation, and vicious threats are becoming more prevalent. It seems there is a belief that those who are the loudest, nastiest, and most aggressive can dictate terms for everyone, or terrify others into doing their bidding. But the tide is turning against this behavior, and the "polite majority" has had it with that!
Politicians can be bullies, too, and that can manifest in following their personal agendas, rather than truly representing and working for the people they were elected to represent. We’ve seen a rise in repressive laws, especially at the state level, and lying and corruption at that level is also being revealed. The solution for this is either through the recall process or at the ballot box.
Companies can also bully their workers with unreasonable demands, low wages, and bad working conditions, mostly as a result of runaway corporate greed and disdain for the working class by the elites.
As the energies change—and people take back their power—the Piscean Age system of hierarchy and top-down management will need to be revamped to provide better compensation, more respect for workers, better working conditions, and greater work/life balance. The old threat of "Just be grateful that you have a job" doesn't work anymore to keep people in their "place."
Because these changes can cut into profits, they won’t come easily. Workers will have to continue to demand change.
Anger Mis-Management
There is a lot of unexpressed anger and resentment out there, and people are releasing it in some very inappropriate and uncontrolled (and often violent) ways. If you are sensitive to energies, you may be feeling it in the air (along with the underlying fear).
Bullying is often an effort to create a sense of power by those who feel they have none, and repressed anger is a result of feeling victimized and powerless.
Have we learned these lessons of Pluto in Capricorn? Have we learned how to deal with imbalances and abuses of power and corruption at the highest levels? Have we learned how to deal with bullies? Have we learned how to deal with all this pervasive anger?
As is the case with all of life’s lessons, if we haven’t learned the lesson, we’ll get more opportunities to learn it in all of its nuances, because these experiences and situations are incompatible with the new Aquarian energies of humanitarianism, collaboration, respect, and power to the people.
What can individuals do?
We can look at our own lives to see where secrets, corruption, bullying, and anger play a part—whether we are putting it out or receiving it—and we can take steps to heal ourselves, remove ourselves from toxic situations and relationships, let go of what no longer serves us, and call out (and reject) bad actors.
We can move out of victimhood and claim our power! (See side article.) If we move ahead with self-healing and focusing on our own lives and what really matters, rather than focusing on the chaos, turmoil, and negativity “out there,” we will have a much better chance of keeping our heads above water as we surf these waves of change.
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In this issue:
As the World Churns
Who is Ellyn Dye?
Empower Yourself!
Saturn Moved into Pisces: Dream Big, Work Hard!
The Prognosis is Good, but the Treatment Won't be Easy
Now on My Website,
Empower Yourself!
It’s always better to embrace the prevailing energy than fight it, and we are moving into a time that really supports empowering ourselves.
While that is a wonderful thing, it can often require courage and determination. Courage may be required to stand up and leave a toxic situation or relationship. It may also be required to stand up and pursue our dreams, to put ourselves on the line and write that book, start that YouTube channel, or create that Etsy store.
Those are acts of self-love and often bring us to more creativity, fulfillment, and joy if we have the courage to step out of our box. And we have to believe that we deserve better.
Courage is always required to stand up to power. As people around the world empower themselves, rebel against abuse, and demand to be treated with dignity, respect, and freedom, the protests will increase and escalate against entrenched power.  
At the same time, those who have held power over others (especially extreme power) will not release it without a fight. It may get messy and ugly as this rebellion against those clinging desperately to power, but the wonderful incoming Aquarian energy supports collaboration and the people. When people join together with courage and a common cause, they will ultimately succeed.
We can also empower ourselves and exert our power in smaller ways, by making our opinions known. We can deluge our politicians with email expressing outrage against repressive laws and vote against them at the ballot box.
We also can effect changes by voting with our feet and with our wallets. For example, if a TV show is providing offensive messages, people can join together to boycott the advertisers (and let them know why they’re boycotting). People can also join together to boycott companies that do tests on animals, etc.
The power of the purse is huge! These companies are in it for the money, and if that money is dwindling away because of what they are doing, they will change what they are doing!
Always remember that courage does not mean fearlessness. Courage always comes hand-in-hand with fear, but we are courageous when we move ahead despite the fear; we move ahead while we’re shaking in our boots! Empowerment and courage are the antidotes to fear and victimization. When we allow ourselves to sit in fear, we are only victimizing ourselves. When we claim and use our power, we move out of fear.
As we work on courageously empowering ourselves, we will not only create change that we want to see, but we will also learn more about ourselves and find more to love and admire in ourselves! 
Saturn Moved into Pisces:
Dream Big, Work Hard!
Because Pluto is an outer planet, it affects humanity on a deep subconscious level. It changes our values and the way we see and understand things in an unconscious way. It thins the veil so we “suddenly” see what was there all along and gives us the desire to change it.
Saturn is the planet that forms a bridge between those outer planets and the inner planets that affect our everyday lives. Saturn helps us take those subconscious changes and urges and ground them into reality to create something new that matches our new understandings.
To help with this whole process, Saturn moved on March 7 from Aquarius into Pisces. It will help bring order out of chaos, grounding us in reality instead of illusion, delusion, and confusion, and it will call for responsibility and accountability. It will pull back the curtain and show people’s true colors and true motives.
Saturn helps us with boundaries, solid foundations, and beneficial routines and if we don’t move in those directions, Saturn can be pretty harsh. If we use Saturn’s energy and lessons well, it will bring us rewards.
Over the next three years, as many hierarchical systems and institutions begin to crumble under the increasing Aquarian energies, Saturn will help us see our way toward building new systems and institutions that are more humanitarian, fair, and compassionate, and that recognize the interconnection and interdependence of us all.
In addition to being the sign of illusion, delusion, and confusion, one of the many up-sides of Pisces is that it helps us dream big. It helps us be more intuitive and connect more with our guides and muses. With Saturn traveling through that sign, it can help ground our dreams in reality, but it will also require us to take the steps needed to build a strong foundation that will support us moving forward. 
The Prognosis is Good, but the Treatment Won't be Easy
It all sounds great to be moving toward a time of more collaboration, inclusion, and humanitarianism, but if you think it will be an easy shift, you haven’t been paying attention!
Each person will go through these changes at their own pace. We can look around and get a fairly good idea of who is moving ahead with the energies, and who isn't. Those who have been moving in that direction will have a relatively easy time, but they will still have to adjust to the crumbling and rebuilding of the institutions and systems around them, and the desperation and panic of the people who are resisting change.
Resistance really is futile! Clinging desperately to power or to “the way it used to be” will only bring more challenges and difficulty. Resistance makes everything harder and more painful!
Time and evolution are marching on, and stopping progress is not an option. You cannot put the toothpaste back in the tube! There may be some temporary successes in this resistance, but they are just that—temporary—and those efforts will be swept away in the incoming energies.
The "old ways" have been shown to be unsustainable, and they support and enrich the few at the expense of the many. It really is time to move on from that to a better system that supports everyone. 
Letting go of resistance to change and the unknown is the best way to make it easier on ourselves.
What changes are you resisting?? Can you let that go?? 
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