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 The View from Here. . .
Double Issue: Overview of 2024 and How to Navigate
A Year of Everything on Steroids
The main article is an updated and expanded version of my article, "Step Out of Fear and Into Love," written in September and published in the November 2023 Predictions Issue of the Sedona Journal of Emergence. This is longer than my usual newsletters (which are plenty long already!) because my Guides had a lot they wanted me to say about this momentous year and how to navigate it! ∼ Ellyn
Despite how it may look, mankind really has started to turn the corner on the road to the Golden Age; but it’s going at a snail’s pace over the wreckage of “the way things used to be.”
These are tumultuous times, and the coming year will bring more volatility: At times it will feel like Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, and it will all get wilder as the year progresses. Everything—yes, everything—will be ramped up, and at times it will be hard to manage it all: the energies, the events, the people. But there is also a ripeness to it, and there will be many more opportunities and much more support for creativity and manifestation. It all depends on each of us and where we focus our attention. No pressure, right?
Remember that Pluto, the planet of death and transformation, has been throwing its wrecking ball against society’s structures, revealing everything that is corrupt, unsustainable, or without a solid foundation, including governments, institutions, systems (such as healthcare and the economy), infrastructure, and organizations. This has been escalating since 2008, when it entered Capricorn with a bang, and gave us the global economic crash (it hit the banking system, home ownership/mortgages, and the economy first).
This has also dredged up—for all the world to see—all the deeply held fears, prejudices, judgments, resentments, and beliefs, as well as all the hidden corruption and abuses, that have been sabotaging and subjugating humanity for Millenia. This is all part of the massive, multi-decade transformation that humanity is undergoing. The time of graduation is coming; have we learned the lessons?
This transit has affected the entire world, but the United States had Pluto on steroids, as it approached—and then sat on—the same degree it occupied when the country was created and, basically, asked the collective, “How’s that working out for you? Are you living up to the founding ideals?” Well, are we? We have big choices to make about who we are and want to be.
This has plunged many Americans into existential terror, as they look into the future and try to determine their part in it. Some fear they will have no part at all, because they cannot imagine anything else. Simultaneously, they are seeing that their heroes, at best, have clay feet and, at worst, are totally craven and corrupt. We're learning that our "leaders" can't or won't fix it, and it just might be up to us! Again, no pressure!
Like walking down a steep hill on gravel, many people feel like they are losing their footing and can’t find solid ground. As a result, many are grabbing at straws (or thin air) in an effort to regain control, put the genie back in the bottle, and go back to the way things used to be. Because people feel vulnerable, unsafe, and uncertain, there will be an escalation of extremism, power grabs, and violence as some of those who were already unbalanced act out.
The good news is that Pluto finally moved out of Capricorn and into Aquarius on January 21, and the cleanup from all that dredged up muck can begin in earnest. The new energy will be very different. Life in general will feel less heavy, and people will start to be more optimistic, less polarized and bombastic, and more creative. There will be a feeling of collectively rolling up sleeves and getting to work solving the problems that have been revealed. And we'll do it together.
This is a major transformational change, and as a result, life on earth will—quite literally—never be the same.
Pluto Did Its Work Well
Pluto spent 15 years taking on the ages-old hierarchy, patriarchy, and ruling class and power structures, plowing up and revealing long-buried truths, abuse and exploitation, massive corruption, and cracks in the foundations.
The human agents of chaos (agents of Pluto?) also did a fine job of creating discord, division, distrust, fear and hate, spilling it all out so everyone could see what had been simmering under the surface, unaddressed and unhealed, for a long time.
But Pluto works its transformation at very deep unconscious levels, and in the midst of the chaos (perhaps because of it?), people’s views and values regarding power, wealth, and their place in the scheme of things changed on deep levels. These changes have not been fully recognized or manifested in the outer world yet. But the stirrings are starting to be seen.
Such strong shifts in energy and purpose are not easy to live with, and they must be integrated by the body, mind, and spirit individually and collectively. The process is uncomfortable, and it takes time, like any remodeling project. Throughout this year the world will experience a roller coaster of continued tension—and clashes—between the old and the new.
Expect to see increasing protests as the people start to feel and use their power, having reached a point of simply being fed up with being marginalized and abused! There will be political protests as well as worker strikes, as people demand the return of the rights, respect, benefits, and wages they deserve. 
Make no mistake, those who have enjoyed being at the top of the heap will not relinquish that power and position without a fight. There will be increasingly desperate efforts to turn back progress,  retain control, and put the people back in their "place." Their efforts might be ugly and vicious, but they also will be futile.
This is what will be playing out in 2024. The drama and volatility will ebb and flow throughout the year, playing as the “background music” of the year. Those who lived through the 1960's will have a seriously strong sense of deja vu! (I just hope we get more of that really good music!!)
American politics will be particularly tumultuous, as the country embarks on an unprecedented series of trials of a former President in the year of a Presidential election, in a deeply divided country. As the trials unfold and the election season progresses, both sides will be screaming loudly as they vie for attention and popular opinion. Political theater and efforts to divert attention, distract, and outright lie to the voters will also escalate as damning truths continue to be revealed.
Efforts to rewrite history or turn back the clock may get some traction for a short time, but they will fail as time marches on.
As this drama plays out on in the U.S. and on the world stage, there will be highs, lows, thrills, spills, disarray, shock, and unexpected twists. By the end of the year, the political, social, and cultural landscape will be very different from what we expect. Anyone who predicts exactly how everything will play out isn't taking free will into consideration, and they are forgetting the influence of Uranus (Aquarius) and those sudden, out-of-the blue changes it loves to give us!
Just get the popcorn and sit back and watch as the drama plays out! Those who detach and unplug from the furor will manage the emotional roller coaster more easily and can even manage to enjoy the ride. At every moment each of us can choose between investing emotionally in the outcome and immersing in the drama or detaching from the drama and focusing on living our best life in peace and love. Which will you choose?
Rising from the Ashes
2024 is the year that anything that was broken down (or revealed to be broken) in the Pluto/Capricorn transit will be cleared away or will begin to regroup, reorganize, and rebuild in a more stable and sustainable way.
Any attempt to continue doing what was done before will fail. There is no going back to the old ways. They simply won't work anymore. Integrity, sustainability, and support for the collective— rather than the few—must be built into the fabric of anything new going forward.
Reckoning, restitution, and accountability for corruption and abuse will be required on all levels throughout the year, as the wheels of justice (and KARMA!) continue to turn. The years of “greed is good,” are over.
At the same time, there will be increased drama around climate change. Destructive storms, flooding, wildfires, earthquakes, tornadoes and other forces of nature will continue to escalate, and it is up to each person to be prepared for any eventuality. The incoming Aquarian energies will support changes in how the collective views these problems as well as collaborative and technical efforts to address them.
On a personal level, any changes that really needed to be made over the last few years for a person’s highest good—no matter how difficult—will have to be made (if they haven't been already), or it is likely those situations will become completely intolerable. Those who went ahead and made the needed changes will find their path to be lightened, and they will be rewarded for taking a leap of faith and doing what was difficult.
It will also be a good year for those who can apologize and make amends wherever needed, to clear the accumulated cords and karma and start fresh in the new energies! Forgiving oneself and others is crucial as part of letting go of the past and moving on.
Creative and Unconventional Solutions
Pluto moving through Aquarius will bring its own challenges, but it will also bring fresh energy, new ideas, creativity, innovation, and new technology in all aspects of life. At the end of this transit, life will look very different than it looks today.
Creativity and thinking outside the box will be part of a technological revolution that has already started and will unfold over decades. Unexpected, unorthodox solutions will be found for long-term problems, and they will be grounded in the support of the community.
This transit also will help bring more awareness of—and opposition to—injustice and inequality, because Aquarius moves power from the hands of the few to the hands of the many. That power being placed in our hands brings greater responsibility with it, and we will all be asked to step up, be engaged, and take action where we can make a difference.
Expect to see innovative and unconventional—but effective—ways to address medical issues, homelessness, and climate change, for example. Innovation will come faster through collaboration.
Work with the New Energies in 2024
Unplug and Let Go
Those who immerse themselves in media coverage as all the drama and distraction plays out throughout the year will place themselves on an emotional roller coaster. The energies will support detaching and letting go. If you must watch, get the popcorn and enjoy the show as the media cranks up the fear and suspense to keep the viewers coming back.
Remember that all media outlets have bias and their own agenda (generally making money from ads as a result of readership, viewership, or clicks). They learned long ago that sensationalism, demonization, and fearmongering can be relied on to pull in the public. They have cultivated the art of subliminal seduction, creating media addicts of people who feel the need for the adrenaline rush they provide. And, of course, they cultivate the fear of missing out!
Be wary of being sucked in by any media outlet and the chaos they call “the news,” whether it is mainstream media or any source on the internet. Anything that creates fear, pessimism, or despair is best turned off! Find better uses for time and energy and keep your vibration high as much as possible.
Creativity, socializing, dancing, singing, laughing and finding joy in simple things will serve us much better than watching the news. And by all means, continually choose love and acceptance over fear, and kindness over judgment and condemnation.
Cultivate Self-Awareness and Inner Peace
When the outer world is in chaos, the first place to go is within. Find the calm center in the storm and return there often. Invest less emotional energy and pay less attention to external events that you cannot affect, and more attention to those things that you can help change for the better. Where can there be healing, forgiveness, or support of others? Take actions that can have an impact. Helping others feeds the soul and lifts our vibration.
Creative manifestation energies will make it possible to create Heaven on Earth, one person at a time. But each of us must make the choice to do that. It requires emotional detachment, self-awareness and healing, releasing expectations and the illusion of control, letting go of what no longer serves, and consciously working with the Universe and each other. Now is also the time to stop fighting and resisting and simply ALLOW our lives to get better!
Master Discernment
Discernment is often difficult, but another major outer planet, Neptune, has made it harder because it has been throwing a fog over everyone since 2011. Neptune can be a very spiritual planet, and it has been at its most potent, in its home sign of Pisces. It can elicit compassion, inspiration, and service to others, but it is also the planet of confusion, delusion, and illusion. Under the blanket of fog that Neptune throws out, it can be hard to determine what is true, what is real, and what it all means.
Neptune, like Pluto, affects people on deep unconscious levels and can bring out insecurities, addiction, gullibility, fanaticism, and other self-destructive elements of human nature. It inclines people toward living in fantasy, hero- and guru-worship, and cults. It can elevate extreme religious dogma under the guise of spirituality.
Even though Neptune’s influence continues until 2026, Pluto’s transit into Aquarius will assist people in piercing the fog if they choose to do so. The fog must first be recognized for what it is before it can be pierced! It is far easier to be fooled than to admit to having been fooled!
It is crucial to cultivate the ability to receive accurate guidance and to discern the truth. While con artists, scams, and conflicting messages are not new, artificial intelligence—such as sophisticated deep fakes—will make it even more difficult to discern what is real. Also note that fear, anger, and anxiety can make it harder to perceive truth and receive guidance, because they cause a type of psychic interference.
Recognize a person’s character by their actions, rather than their rhetoric. Give it the heart check: Is the person spreading kindness and unity or polarizing people and spreading anger and fear? Always choose love and watch to see which others choose.
The incoming Pluto/Aquarian energies will reveal the downside of technological advances, such as AI and deep fakes. It will also support any and all efforts to go within and find answers and truth, especially for those who are willing to remain flexible and open-minded, release expectations, examine their beliefs and hold them loosely, and take everything they hear with a grain of salt.
Live in Integrity
The energetic environment will also increasingly require us to return to living in integrity, in its meaning of being whole and undivided, cohesive, and internally and externally consistent, such as structural integrity that stems from a strong foundation and building materials. Anything that is out of integrity—people, relationships, companies, organizations, governments, etc.—will begin (or continue) to break down, sometimes with the help of the Cosmic 2x4!
Internal consistency is crucial: If an organization purports to support certain values, the actions of the organization—including the way employees are treated—must be consistent. They can’t claim to support civil rights while abusing their workers! These inconsistencies and hypocrisies will be revealed, and they will cause the organization to implode.
Determine if there is consistency among your head, your heart, and your actions. We cannot claim to be spiritual and loving while hating those who don’t think or believe as we do or those we have judged to be “other.” We cannot claim to want peace while bullying, criticizing, brutally competing, and/or raging against others. These internal conflicts will cause increasingly difficult imbalances and challenges, and they will no longer be sustainable. Those who continue to live without integrity will find life to be increasingly hard. They will fail more and more in their endeavors. 
Moreover, if we've been living a lie in order to fit in or be loved, those efforts will fail, too. Aquarius not only requires us to be authentic, it strongly supports us in finally accepting—and loving—who we are and living authentically.
2024 Will be What You Make It – Make it Full of Love
ALL the solutions lie within! As external events become increasingly dramatic, tumultuous, and challenging, the best response is to look within and examine your own life: what you are believing, thinking, and doing? There is no point in getting caught up in drama where you can have no impact. Do not allow yourself to be manipulated by any kind of media. Always do a heart check.
Make your life easier and better by always focusing on what you want to have happen, rather than what you fear might happen or what you have that you don’t want. Your attention is a powerful thing, so be careful where you point it! Whatever you focus your attention on will grow.
Remember that worrying and guilt are totally useless energy drainers. They don't help anything, but they add fuel and energy to what you don't want.
Let go of expectations and the illusion of control. Accept what comes and know that all is well. If you don’t get something you want, consider that it was not for your highest good, and something better will show up. As you learn to release judgments, expectations, and control, the Universe will roll out the red carpet for you and present you with gifts that are better than anything you ever imagined!
Make a point of doing random acts of kindness. Go out and make someone else’s day, and you will see how happy your life becomes!
Magical manifestations are possible in 2024, as the entire world is changing for the better. Dream big. Believe in yourself. Walk through life in love and kindness and you cannot go wrong! 
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© 2024, E.B. Dye. All Rights Reserved 
In this issue:
A Year of Everything on Steroids
The Planets are Colluding to Bring Needed Change
What Does Pluto in Aquarius Really Mean?
Now on My Website,
Who is Ellyn Dye?
The Planets are Colluding to Bring Needed Change
2024 will be a blockbuster year from a planetary perspective. In fact, we might say that the planets are going to kick our butts... or, if we are consciously working with the energies, healing ourselves,  releasing our baggage, and shining our Light, they are going to give us a good push toward the success that we want in every area of our lives.
Pay attention to what happens on and around the dates of these big transits particularly in the first four months of the year:
First up, on January 20 Pluto moved into Aquarius for the next 20 years. While many have felt a palpable change in the atmosphere, the changes that will be brought about by Pluto in Aquarius will first happen at deep, unconscious levels.
Outer changes will escalate, though, as the cleanup on aisle 9 from the Pluto transit through Capricorn shifts into high gear.
Next up is a total solar eclipse on April 8 that will cross the United States from southwest to northeast and up into Canada. Some say this eclipse will complete the work of "The Great American Eclipse," (another total solar eclipse) in August 2017 that crossed the country west to east, "from sea to shining sea." Because of the path of both eclipses, forming an X over the entire country, there was/will be a big impact on the United States.
On April 21, Jupiter will conjunct Uranus in Taurus. Jupiter tends to expand whatever it touches, and Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) is the planet of sudden, unexpected surprises. We can probably expect something big and, well... unexpected to happen, possibly related to land, money, or one's sense of security.
Pluto shows up again for the next two big transits. On September 1, it will roll back into Capricorn, retrograding until November 19, before moving forward again into Aquarius for the next 20 years.
This last, brief visit of Pluto in Capricorn will give us all one last look at the patriarchy, hierarchy, consolidation of wealth and power, corruption, and abuse of power that expanded so much during the Pluto/Capricorn transit since 2008. And it will give us the option to go back to that if we want, or to choose to move ahead into the future of innovation, new technology, collaboration, and power-to-the-people that it will bring us in Aquarius. I wonder which one we'll choose?
There is a lot of energy supporting change this year. If we don't change willingly, we may be run over where we stand as the world moves forward without us.
We've spent the last few years learning to be flexible, so we may finally be willing to let go of what's been holding us back and go with the flow toward change for the better.
What Does Pluto in Aquarius Really Mean?
For the last few years, Pluto has been rolling back and forth over the exact position where it was when the United States was created. This is why the U.S. has been especially chaotic and crazy for the last 5-8 years. 
We experienced Pluto digging up all the muck that had been previously hidden: all the abuses of power, all the corruption, and all the ways our systems have failed or betrayed us for decades, or even centuries! 
With Pluto moving into Aquarius, many of the changes we see in the next few years will come from the cleanup and rebuilding process from that mess. But we'll also start feeling the new Aquarian energies—and internal shifts—on a deep, subconscious level.
Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet of surprises and sudden, unexpected change. It brings flashes of inspiration and creativity and Ah-Ha moments. It supports higher ideals, collaboration and community, and progressive, social justice, universal causes.
Pluto, the planet of power, will now bring power to the people, after previously consolidating power and wealth with the elites.
Of course, that won't happen overnight or without a fight! The people will need to recognize how they really deserve to be treated and then stand up and demand it.
I've been saying since 2000 that for most things to change, there are only two questions: How bad does it have to get, and How long will it take? 
2024 may be the year that people en masse say, "Enough! No more," and mean it about gun control, individual rights, workers' rights and compensation... any number of things that are just waiting to reach critical mass.
Meanwhile, there will be huge leaps in science and technology, thanks to those Aquarian ah-ha moments of inspiration.
There will be medical and technological breakthroughs, discoveries of more effective and less invasive treatments, even cures for diseases, more specialized robotic surgeries, and major advancements in prosthetics.
Politically, the roller coaster will continually speed up, with wild twists and turns, surprising and unexpected events. The flapping and squawking you'll hear will be chickens coming home to roost, increased revelations and transparency, and people's blinders falling off.
Yet again, Pluto moved into a new sign with a bang! Although this may not be the "big bang" that he gives us, it certainly gave us a heads up about the issues it will dredge up and force us to contend with.
With the Aquarius emphasis on technology and innovation, it was interesting that the day after Pluto entered Aquarius, a robocall went out in New Hampshire faking Joe Biden's voice telling voters to stay home, rather than voting in the primary.
Concerns had already been raised about how artificial intelligence might be used and abused, and suddenly we were shown how AI will be used to spread disinformation in an election year.
It will be all we can do to distinguish between true information, disinformation and misinformation... and that's just the tip of the iceberg of problems we will have to grapple with from AI and all those wonderful Aquarian technological advances.
This will be a year like no other, and the best thing we can do is learn to discern the truth, rebalance when we get thrown off, raise our vibration, stay present and in our center and basically ignore as much of the chaos around us as possible, while we try to make our lives—and the lives of those around us—better and more filled with love and light!
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PREDICTIONS IN SEDONA JOURNAL: The main article in this issue of Tunnel Vision is an edited/expanded version of the article I wrote in early September for the Sedona Journal of Emergence Predictions Issue, with predictions for 2024. This version is longer (and longer than my usual newsletters) because my Guides had a lot they wanted me to say!
All my past articles—November of every year with predictions for the following new year—can be found on the Sedona Journal Articles sub-page under the Newsletters, etc. tab. 
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I am the author of the metaphysical fantasy novel, The Search for the Crystal Key—an adventure about believing in yourself and the power of Love, with information about life that I received during my Near-Death Experience.

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