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The Muse is IN
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Facilitate Modern Day Muse Groups
for Another Stream of Joy, Income, and Connection
Join the Modern Day Muse Facilitator Training

June 11- August 27, 2024
What's A Modern Day Muse Group ?

Modern Day Muse Groups workshops are groups based on Jill Badonsky's first book The Nine Modern Day Muses (and a Bodyguard): 10 Guides to Creative Inspiration.
Learn how to facilitate creative joy in a fun group environment that encourages freedom from pressure and perfectionism, and promotes a deepening of creativity for you as well as your participants.
The journey is guided by ten powerful principles in the guise of nine Muses and a Bodyguard who dissolve creative blocks, unleash your true creative voice, and celebrate the play-filled delight of being creative. Taught by Master KMCC Coaches, Rozy Walker and Terry Way, enhanced by the creative prowess of all involved. With Jill Badonsky.
Modern Day Muse Groups help participants:
  • Reawaken their child-like spirit in an atmosphere of ease, laughter and celebration.

  • Break-through creative blocks of procrastination, overwhelm, fear, self-criticism, lack of focus, perfectionism, not finding the time, and resistance.
  • Build creative confidence and keep creativity an easier priority. 

  • Use creative principles in the guise of Muse personalities to more enjoyably tackle the difficulties of creativity and celebrate strengths.

  • Discover a forum of like-minded individuals with whom to connect,  bond. and be supported in a compassionate, non-competitive environment.

  • Live a more joyful life using mindfulness and creativity.
Why These Groups Work for Your Creativity:
Modern Day Muse Groups:
  • Honor the non-linear and rebellious nature creativity so it gives permission for people to be themselves rather than follow rigid rules.

  • Provide gentle structure  in a compassionate fashion to help individuals gain momentum in the creative process,. Dreams long held but delayed, feared or set as lower priority are now cultivated.

  • Help create creative life habits that continue even after the group ends .

  • Create an inspiring, supportive, playful environment that elicits inspiration, and play, (i.e. the way the material is presented automatically elicits creative thinking).

  • Give step-by-step prescriptions of tools that foil the most common creative blocks.

  • Are a LOT OF FUN and fun creates a creatively optimal environment.
To Sign-up
Registration includes step-by-step facilitator manual pdf, license to teach Jill’s material, and a hard copy of the fourth edition of The Nine Modern Day Muses and a Bodyguard  
Before May 15  $795
After May 15
Price will go up $825
or Two Payments $412.50
"Thank you  for showing me how to channel my creativity into my dream job!" ~Danielle, Workshop Leader, Coach & Communications Consultant Vancouver, Canada
"The training was excellent, ... There was  tons of info, about the muses, how to run a workshop, lesson plans, marketing and logistics; I think she thought of everything!!" ~Suzanne Mc Grew San Juan Capistrano, CA
"I don’t think I’ve ever facilitated or taught a class that was more magical and empowering than last night. I’m so doing what I love. Thank you for creating this magnificent course / book!"
~Much magic, Janet Whitehead, Author of Beyond All Imagining, Workshop Leader, Canada
Rozy Walker has over 25 years of experience leading groups and supporting others in their creative journeys as an Occupational Therapist (BSc Hons OT),
Mindfulness Teacher (Oxford Uni), Kaizen-Muse Creativity Master Coach, workshop leader and educator (PG Dip Clin Ed).
Rozy is described by her clients as "fun, intuitive, and genuine"  - and that she is. 
She understands the importance of feeling part of a creative tribe as well as the power of compassion and kindness.  She has a cat called Tink, a journal addiction and curates her creative space like a gallery master. (I've seen pictures!)

Terry Way 
Terry is a Master Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach. He teaches workshops at FRAA in Florence, Oregon and pursues his interest in the philosophical  aspects of quantum science by working part time at the Quantum Activism Vishwalayam school based in Jaipur India, from which he holds a Master of Arts degree.
His passion turns to what is popularly referred to as “Art Brut”,  art that is made outside the academic tradition of fine art. Art Brut is more primitive, with fewer rules. His work explores the wonderful human urge to “make marks” and explore what it means to be human.
Jill Badonsky
Jill is an internationally known creativity coaching pioneer who has given hundreds of workshops, written four books on the creative process, is a multimedia artist, poet, and storyteller, and created Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Certification Training.
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The Muse is IN  •  Kensington  •  San Diego, CA 92116

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