Build Your Own Buzz

Readers like substance.  If you find yourself lacking substance, it might be because you’ve run into the wall of “I don’t really have anything new to say.”  It happens. If you find yourself thinking that you don’t have any news to report, then it’s time to make news.  In short:  let your need for content drive you towards more noteworthy goals.

Substance can’t be faked. You’re going to have to have something real to talk about. Be warned, however: stocking up on newsletter fodder to email is a terrible reason to set goals. That’s like planning your vacations based on your annual holiday email or newsletter to the family instead of going someplace you’ve always wanted to.  The point is to actually go to the place you’ve always wanted to go or do the thing you’ve wanted to do.  If you can write about it in an email that’s just a happy bonus.
When is it time to take action?  Take inventory - when was the last time you, as a company, announced something that you were excited about, something you were proud of?  If nothing springs right to mind, chances are it’s even less likely to spring to the minds of your customers.  You don’t have to be complete in your goal to share it, either.  Starting a new venture, sharing progress reports, asking for feedback and support, and celebrating the little victories along the way all count as email-worthy news.