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Inspiration & Seeing * November 2007 Mary Yoga ENewsletter * Issue #23

Perception: Inner Seeing

My two previous ENews Issues #6 and #16 exploring Ajna, 6th Chakra, "Third Eye" of inspiration and intuition, are linked at sidebar.

This November ENews Issue #23 offers a Thanksgiving and Christmas wishlist of gift giving suggestions to practice Metta, loving-kindness, using the holidays' gift-giving generosity of spirit to enrich the world, and even as importantly, our own hearts and those of our loved ones.

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St. Lucia Yoga Vacation

Fly from wherever you are in February to join me for a week of luscious tropical sightseeing, relaxing, and Yoga on the hospitable island of St. Lucia, West Indies. Major airline routes include American's new non-stop from New York. St. Lucia's SLU airport is 15 minutes from Harmony Suites, and UVF airport is 75 minutes; retreat prices include transfers from either airport. Retreat details below ~ book your tropical escape now!

St. Lucia February 16-23 Vacation


Thanksgiving & Holiday Gifts

These are not only my suggestions for gifts. They are my Christmas wishlist.

(1) LOCAL: My town. Among many angels who deliver loving gifts to vulnerable teens, hungry families, and the chronically ill are these three select groups:
* ALI FORNEY CENTER: NYC has 3000 street youth. AFC serves the many LGBT street teens, forced from home, who face special risks of violence from youth and adults.
* CITY HARVEST: Hungry households in our rich glittering town receive food that would otherwise go to waste from this, the nation's first food rescue team founded in 1982, rescuing millions of pounds of excess food from all segments of the food industry - including restaurants, manufacturers, wholesalers, greenmarkets, hotels, corporate cafeterias, grocery stores and farms.
* GOD'S LOVE WE DELIVER: Not affiliated with any religion, this group delivers meals and medical assistance to homebound sufferers of HIV/Aids, Cancer, Alzheimer's and other chronic ailments.

(2) NATIONAL: My backyard.
* AMERICA'S SECOND HARVEST: The Nation�s Food Bank Network feeds America's hungry through a nationwide network of member food banks and engages our country in the fight to end hunger.
* HABITAT FOR HUMANITY: International OR Local, give money, time, or expertise. Hammer for one day, or build with a village for two weeks or more. Mind, muscles, money, are all welcome, in Jimmy Carter's program to end homelessness.

(3) GLOBAL: My neighborhood.
* HEIFER INTERNATIONAL: "Teach a man to fish"; "help hungry families feed themselves"; "passing it on" since 1944; I can't say enough for this my favorite of all.
* CHILDREN INTERNATIONAL: I've been with them since 1985 and proud of each of the dozen "children" I've graduated, with their families, from their local programs.
* WOMEN FOR WOMEN: "Helping women survivors of war rebuild their lives" with their communities. Sponsorship of a woman for her survival basics and for education.

The Giving "Google"


Do you See With Right Brain or Left?

From Leslie Kaminoff's e-Sutra, WorldWide Yoga List: "The Right Brain vs Left Brain test ... do you see the dancer turning clockwise or counter-clockwise? If clockwise, the theory is that you favor the right side of the brain and vice versa. Apparently, most people initially see the dancer turning counter-clockwise. I initially saw her spinning clockwise, but with a little practice, I was able to change the direction of the spinning at will. What is your experience?"

Comments from Yoga teacher Cathy Lilly:
"Counter clockwise was my first impression, then got it reversed by focusing on the hand that would lead the other way and also swishing her leg back and forth. What I like is it seems easier to read small print for a little while after this exercise."

My experience: stubbornly left brain until trying Cathy's tip. Amazing! Now I can swing her back and forth! Those who know Nadi Shodhana (alternate nostril breath) and Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain (Betty Edwards) should recognize the perceptual shift. Now lemme go read a vitamin bottle. Thanks Leslie, Cathy!

Optical Illusion~Fun Brain Viewing Exercise


Photo credits; Privacy

Photos this issue courtesy of Charles Lee, Gustavo Arce, Jonathan Culver, & me. I honor your privacy and never pass on email addresses. Please feel free to Forward, Reply, Subscribe (if you were forwarded this) or Unsubscribe. Shanti! Peace ~ Mary

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In This Issue:

Perception: Inner Seeing
St. Lucia Yoga Vacation
Thanksgiving & Holiday Gifts
Do you See With Right Brain or Left?
Photo credits; Privacy
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ENews #6: Evening Star of Perception, June 2006

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ENews #16: Transformation, April 2007

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Artists & the Right Brain

Betty Edwards' wonderful book is for artists and all people interested in exploring their creative potential. Fascinating exercises in the workbook; you can feel the perceptual shifts happening back and forth! See yourself draw from a totally different "seeing" perspective.

"Drawing On the Right Side of the Brain"


Scouts Sell Trees in Manhattan

Support Boy/Cub Scouts #1 in Manhattan by buying a Christmas tree or wreath through pre-sales or at one of their three sites on Saturday & Sunday Dec. 8 & 9 and Dec. 15 & 16. See Tree Sales Poster link at my web page, below.

Troop 1 BSA Tree Sales Sites

Ali Forney Center

City Harvest

God's Love We Deliver~Homebound Ill

America's Second Harvest

Habitat for Humanity

Heifer International~Read The History

Children International

Women for Women

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