Opening April

However, don't fall into openings in the road. Thank you.

Openings for Possibilities

Dear ,

The word April is from the Latin word "aperire" which means "to open." So here we go - creative associating, randomly and intentionally to open your mind to a different way to view April and the world of thinking differently.

"We all operate in two contrasting modes, which might be called open and closed. The open mode is more relaxed, more receptive, more exploratory, more democratic, more playful and more humorous. The closed mode is the tighter, more rigid, more hierarchical, more tunnel-visioned. Most people, unfortunately spend most of their time in the closed mode." ~John Cleese

"Creative experiences can be produced regularly, consistently, almost daily in people’s lives. It requires enormous personal security and openness and a spirit of adventure." ~ Steven Covey

Open a bottle of Anti-Aging Potion called Awe-vanced Inner Messages  briefly described in The Awe-manac explained in length on the next free Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching call THIS Thursday, April 9th, 2009 at 5 p.m. pacific (8 p.m. eastern). Sign-up here.

The Awe-manac lists April as Dog Consciousness Month. Hear a recording from yours truly about how "Dog Consciousness" can change how you view your life. It's only around 12 minutes long... I think.

Yours Truly,
Jill Badonsky


Still Life and Dust Pan

The Awe-manac Blog-Tour Concludes

Thank you so much to all who have participated, my heart is full.  I'm grateful for the opportunity to get the The Awe-manac message out and to talk about myself endlessly.  
Too much information about Jill Badonsky. Read in small doses.

Please visit these blogs and take a look at the great questions the hosts have mused. Let me know if you have any questions they haven't asked, I'll probably be glad to answer.

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March 26 Lisa Dieken's Tend to Your Soul

April 1 Anne Marie Bennett's Kaleidosoul

Blog Stops from the January, February and March Muse Flashes:
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March 3 Check it in the Evening  Koach Dare Kent's Kreativity Blog

Visit Creativity-Portal

Every wall is a door. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson


1). Open this link and make a piece of Bread Art. For every piece of Bread Art made, money goes to Feeding America.

2). Open to the idea that you can create yourself as vital, dynamic, funny and amazing over age eighty.

3). Be open to the fact that ANYTHING can be considered an art gallery and then attend it's opening.

4). Writing or/and Art Prompt
your dictionary to page 356 and pick a word,
a near-by book to page 42 and pick a phrase,
a recipe book and choose two ingredients and one verb (like stir),
open your imagination and add three adjectives,
open your eyes and look around your room and add three nouns,
open your innovation and add three verbs (e.g. not run, hop, or swim but verbs like conspire, meander, fold).
Open your journal and combine all these words and add more if needed to concoct a poem, prose, a speech, a letter, a journal entry, a how-to article. Extra credit: Begin with the unfinished sentence: "When I opened my window...."
your willingness and send me what transpires.  my result posted here.. add yours to the comments

Visit The Awe-manac Blog for regular prompts

Laura Hegfield listening for an idea

Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach Spotlight: Laura Hegfield

Laura Hegfield is a certified Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach and SoulCollage Facilitator dedicated to assisting clients in discovering YoUnique solutions to creative obstacles. Laura applies all she has gleaned in her varied areas of experience and study to gently guide artists in all genres and those just beginning to open to their own creative potential, as they gain trust in their broken or perhaps, still wet wings and learn to fly.

"Laura is gentle,  wonderfully intuitive, and delightful. The kind of coach you look forward to talking to." ~Jill Badonsky

Reveal Your Sacred Spark & Realize Your Creative Dreams
 ...breath by breath...moment by  moment...step by step.

Laura's Shine the Divine website

bye now

April Acronym from Dale Bowen:

A fternoon's
P itter-pattering
R ain
I nerting
L eaves
Happy New Home, Dale-now-in-Asheville.

Without further dew,
Jill Badonsky, Creativity Liberation Fighter

Founder Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching
and floating among the icons at
Recharge Your Emotional Battery

The Muse is In Classes


In This Issue

Openings for Possibilities

The Awe-manac Blog-Tour Concludes


Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach Spotlight: Laura Hegfield

bye now

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Happy Poetry Month
There's a manhole cover...
There's a manhole cover floating like a ufo,
covering the sun like a blanket…
I'm wondering what it's doing at that height,
who plucked it from the street and flung it
neither west nor east
but into the sphere of birds songing, 
into a black eclipse,
into the clouds making themselves
over and over
until the thunder in this dream
becomes a song track for the wondering
I'm doing at this height.
Who plucked me from the street
and flung me neither east nor west
but into a sphere of unseeing …?
…and who will fall into the hole left open in the street?
~jill badonsky
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